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Body type:Average
Characters: Luther Todd Braxton.
Verses: The Blacklist verse, selective with adds, crossover friendly within reason.
Playbys: Ron Perlman.
Length: Multi Para, Para
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama, Human, Romance, Suspense,
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𝕸𝖗𝖘. ℭ𝔩𝔞𝔲𝔰.

Oct 19th 2021 - 11:42 PM

I suppose I should get to know the man who saved my life.

 "Thomas wishes us to go back home to regroup. We need to get the cabal off our tail." She slowly slipped herself into his room. Her eyes looked about, taking note at how he kept his room. ‘Could use a woman’s touch.’
"As Thomas said, we’ve had run-ins with them before. One thing we know, they don’t like loose ends. We’re a loose end. Their main focus has been on us since they found out we’re after the tape as well. Their plan is simple; "take care" of us. Then, they’ll go back to looking for the tape exclusively." She turned to face him again. "I know my father. I guarantee he’ll have us set up a false lead ourselves as we leave." She giggled softly. "We pulled a similar stunt back in Miami, when were tailed by the big oil rig companies we eventually exposed." She gave a smirk. "It works like a charm every time. It gives us enough time to regroup at home. Once they realize it’s a false lead, we’ll already have the tape. Or, at least, I hope we do."

 She then noticed some blood coming from his arm. "You’re hurt." Immediately she came to his aid. Her hands reached out & quickly, but softly took his arm. She didn’t realize he was wounded before. She was impressed at his high pain threshold. "Here, let me." She slowly led him over to the bed & sat him down. Running into her room, next door, she grabbed her personal first aid kit. Into her bathroom, she grabbed a cloth & rinsed it with water. Rushing back to him she began pulling out items from her kit. Once back at his side she rolled up his sleeves, taking special care. It was apparent he had tried to work on the wound before hand. "Looks like this one’s going to cause you a bit of trouble tonight." She teased.

 She began to clean the wound, delicate with her touches. She couldn’t help a soft hum from escaping her lips. Once cleaned she pulled out a needle & thread & began to stitch up the wound properly. As she did so her eyes would occasionally look up at him. "I suppose I should get to know the man who saved my life." A soft, small smile crept onto her face. Curiosity quickly got the best of her. "So," She took in a deep breath & gave a slow sigh. "Where are you from, Mr. Braxton?" She tilted her head slightly as her eyes slowing moved to his wound & back up at him again.

𝕸𝖗𝖘. ℭ𝔩𝔞𝔲𝔰.

Oct 17th 2021 - 2:54 PM

I will vouch for that man.

 She gave him a soft smile. She hadn’t expected such a hard man to be so sweet.
Just then a black suv came screeching up the dirt road behind them. Sliding the door open Aramis called out. "Let’s go!"
As she got into the van her father Jack- also the driver -looked back at them. "What the hell happened?!"
"We were ambushed." She looked down. "False lead."
"Looks like the cabal knows we’re after the tape." Porthos shook his head.
"Damn it!" Jack slammed his hands on the wheel before abruptly taking off.
As they drove off she looked out the window back at the burning building; now completely engulfed in flames, smoke billowing into the night sky.

 Yes, now the enemy knew.
She knew it would be a matter of time before the cabal would send assassins to "take care" of them.

 Once they reached the hotel- a temporary base -they were greeted by the other members. MaryJane proceeded to tell them what had happened. Nana, along with Shay, tended to MaryJane’s wounds.
"We’re going to have go back to Colorado." Thomas walked into the room, Jack following behind.
 "We’re not cowards, Thomas. We can’t just go into hiding." Jack protested.
"We’re not hiding. We need to regroup. This ambush proved the cabal are smarter than we thought."
 "What I want to know is how did they know we sent MaryJane & Mr. Braxton to that place?"
There was an uncomfortable silence as they looked at one another.

 MaryJane knew what exactly what they were thinking. "No, it wasn’t him." She shook her head. "He’s been by my side this whole time."
"Are you sure?" Jack questioned. "Because he wasn’t with you when they caught you & held you at gun point." His tone let her know how irritated he was. She knew he was just being a protective father. He let her know how he distrusted Luther before. & although she didn’t like it, she had to admit, they had reason to distrust him considering his past.
"Can’t a man change, papa?" She sighed. "Many we have helped have."
 "& there have been others who haven’t." Jack added.
"Look, we went in together & got separated. That doesn’t mean he has conspired against us." Her brows furrowed. "I will vouch for that man."

 "Very well." Thomas interrupted. "But, I still believe it is in our best interest to go back home. Once we’ve left the cabal’s radar & regrouped we will continue, as a team."
"We don’t have much time." Porthos added.
 "We have just enough time." Thomas assured. "We leave in one hour."

 As they each began to get ready to leave & once she was bandaged up, MaryJane went to make sure Luther was alright & to let him know about their next plan of action.
She knocked lightly on his door.
"Mr. Braxton?" She called out softly.

𝕸𝖗𝖘. ℭ𝔩𝔞𝔲𝔰.

Oct 16th 2021 - 1:41 PM

Thank you.

 They stood, completely drenched, watching the building a few yards away from them burn to the ground. The lake in front of them the only thing that saved & protected them from the growing flames. Her heart beat like that of an Native Indian’s drumming. What they just went through was not only chaotic, but traumatic.
"Always expect the unexpected, be prepared to improvise when necessary." Her father’s voice echoed in her thoughts. Tonight’s mission had gone awry. As she was trying to catch her breath her mind flashed images of just moments before. She had found herself in front of the barrel of the enemy’s gun. If it wasn’t for him & his quick reflexes she would have been shot & killed.
As the wave of gratitude washed over her heart she turned & jumped up, wrapping her arms around his neck. Pulling him into her she squeezed onto him tightly.
"Thank you." She breathed softly into his ear. As she released the hug she looked up at him. "If you hadn’t have come, I surely would have died." She assured him. "I owe you my life."

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