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Now that we're finally free, I get why we fought so hard. The real gift isn't freedom, it's what we get to do with it. I don't know about you, but I could never just sit on a beach anyway.

When Sam was a baby his mother was murdered by Azazel the yellow-eyed demon. From that point on Sam’s dad became a hunter that went after supernatural beings hurting humans and started to hunt clues to the death of his wife. Sam grew up under the loving care of his big brother, Dean, even if his father was always busy hunting things. As a young child, Sam had no idea the supernatural existed, even though his brother did. Instead, he resented his father's constant absence while he was growing up. He looked up only at his brother, but never quite understood how Dean could feel respect and admiration towards their dad. Another figure that would become like a second dad was Bobby a hunter that was a friend of his dad. Dean was the one who told him the truth, and sometime later when he was old enough, his father started to train him to become a hunter. Much to the chagrin of the young Sam.

Sam started to rebel and question his dad. He felt his dad was too demanding and that he was unfairly placing pressure on him to follow in his footsteps. Finally, when he was old enough he left his dad.. and by extension his older brother. He needed to find himself, to live away from the crazy expectations of his dad, he needed to have a normal life. He managed to enter Stanford, and his new life as a normal person began. He had friends, a girlfriend and did the normal thing for a while. He was living with his girlfriend, Jessica, when his brother knocked on his door telling him their dad was missing. Even though Sam had sworn against hunting ever again, he allowed his older brother to persuade him to go with him. Soon enough he was back on the road, with his brother.

The case their dad had been working as a woman in white, a ghost that would go after unfaithful men tempting them and then killing them. The both of them finally lured the ghost back to her house where she was vanished by the ghosts of her children that she had murdered. Together they managed to guess their father went to Blackwater Ridge. Sam had decided to get back to his life now that he had helped Dean get a useful clue. However, shortly after his return… Jessica was murdered in the exact same way his mom had been and he walked in just to see her body pinned on the ceiling burning. Dean rescued Sam from burning himself to death in his shock. After that Sam wanted revenge, he wanted answers. They started to hunt together, trying to find their dad and know more about the murderous creature that killed both, his mom and Jess.

Every little clue seemed to bring them closer to an answer. However, as they traveled weird things started to happen to Sam. He developed abilities that normal people did not have, like precognition and seeing things in his dreams. He wasn't really sure what was going on and it scared him. After traveling for so long learning demons were real and facing one of them, Meg, persistently, they finally were reunited with their dad. He had some kind of plan to face the demon that killed their mother. Part of the plan involved a gun, the colt. This gun could kill anything but, 5 beings. But, between Meg, the demon interfering and their dad being possessed by the yellow-eyed demon. Everything went wrong, in the end, Dean ended up on the brink of death and John struck a deal with the yellow-eyed demon, Azazel, to save him.

He gave away the colt and his soul. After that point, Dean and Sam were left to grieve and to continue hunting hoping to avenge their parents' deaths. Eventually, it became clear that Sam was a part of some kind of twisted master plan the demon had. Even then, Dean was extremely reluctant to accept Sam could be dangerous. Sam wasn't so sure he wouldn't become evil, in fact, the prospect of lacking control over himself scared him. Sam was kidnapped and very quickly he knew why. He was with some other "special kids". All of them there for the same purpose; to kill each other. Azazel egged them against each other. The winner would lead the armies of hell. Sam did his best to try and stop the craziness.

After much struggle, in the end, it seemed like Dean had found him, for a minute everything seemed alright and the brothers were reunited. But, just as he walked towards Dean Sam received a stab in his back. Sam died in his brother's arms. Sam was dead so he had no saying or inference in what his brother did next. Dean went and made a deal he gave away his soul; in return, Sam was brought back to life. He was a little suspicious, but having a problem with Azazel and the special kid that killed him trying to open the gates of hell he was distracted long enough that he would not ask too many questions. They went and did the heroic hunting thing. Sam ended up killing the last survivor special kid that had killed him. After finding out what Dean did to save him. He decided he wanted to save his brother. They spent the next year trying to get Dean out of the deal.

Along the way, a new demon introduced herself to them. Ruby, had a demon-killing knife. At first, the both of them were kind of wary of her after all, they spent the better part of looking for their dad dealing with Meg, the daughter of Azazel. The experiences with Azazel and Meg showed them how terrible demons could be. Their knowledge of demons had always pointed that there were no good demons out there. However, when Sam heard Ruby could be able to help him break Dean's deal he eagerly wanted to believe she could help. Lilith, a white-eyed demon would be their target as she was both a threat and the current holder of Dean's contract.

They made no progress and Ruby eventually admitted she had no way of breaking the deal. Things got worse when Ruby's vessel was possessed by Lilith and she sent her hellhounds to rip Dean apart. The hell hounds surely found Dean. Dean died and his soul went to hell. Sam thought he was about to join his brother in death when Lilith tried to hit him with her white light, but both of them discovered he was immune to her demon powers. Lilith vanished. Bobby Singer really wanted to give Dean a proper hunter's send-off and burn his body. However, Sam didn't want to lose his brother. He believed he could bring him back making a deal to resurrect him. Sam convinced Bobby and they instead buried his body. Sam tried to make a deal to get Dean back. Nevertheless, no demon wanted to make such a deal. In his frustration, he killed the first crossroads demon that said "No". Sam was heartbroken.

His brother was really gone and he couldn't save him. He started to drink, a very much constantly drunk Sam could not help Dean. But, if he couldn't save Dean at least he could avenge him. He started to track demons, to hunt them down his plan, simple, to kill Lilith or wreck her plans however he could. He almost got himself killed in the process, but Ruby saved him. She convinced him to work with her, to accept her help. Ruby and Sam started to work together and to have sex. Eventually, he too accepted to drink her blood to increase his control over his powers. Somehow, unbeknown to him Dean was brought back to life. Sam was surprised (and for a moment thought that wasn't his brother) and happy that his brother was back. They hugged and because Ruby pretended to be a girl Sam had seduced for one-night stand she left.

Sam told Dean a lie “You said don’t go that road so I didn't go that road.” A lie that would come back to bite him in the ass later. They started to work together again picking up cases. Not long after that, Sam was able to hear from Dean all about Castiel the angel that pulled Dean out of hell on Heaven's orders. San missed the encounter at the barn because he was too busy sneaking out with Ruby. Sam totally drank the kool-aid because he thought the angels gave Dean a real second chance, they would find out that was not the case. Lilith was breaking 66 seals to raise Lucifer; the brothers did their very best to stop her. Sam's facade of not using his powers fell quite fast when Castiel told Dean where to find him.

Luckily their argument was interrupted by a case and on the drive, back after killing the rougarou Sam told Dean he would stop using his powers. They kept trying to protect the seals, but soon enough, Sam was forced to use his powers again. As a part of the 66 seals, witches planned to raise the Halloween demon, Samhain. During their struggle to prevent the breaking of that seal, Samhain was brought back. The two brothers separated briefly. Sam tried to attack Samhain using the demon-killing knife, but the blade fell from his hands. Cornered, he used his powers to exorcise the demon. Sam's resolution not to use his powers was falling apart. Later on, Ruby appeared before them, once again with information. She spoke to them of a woman named Anna Milton whom she has heard was wanted by the demons.

Apparently, Anna could tune in angel radio in her head, for that reason she knew about the Winchester brothers and she too knew angels didn't like Sam. Not only demons wanted her, as it turned out Angels too were after her. They managed to get away, with their help she was able to regain her memories of being a fallen angel. The brothers and Ruby worked on a plan that helped her gain her grace again. After that, Dean finally told Sam that he remembered hell, all of it. Sam also learned that for him it wasn’t 4 months but, 40 years. Alistair would torture him and offer to let him off if he took to torturing other souls in his place. He told Sam his will was broken after 30 years of enduring torture and then he tortured other souls.

Sam wasn't sure what to say other than to be shocked. A part of him started to doubt Dean, but he kept those thoughts for himself. Sam started to experience even more doubts and resumed constant contact with Ruby. Part of him was drawn again by the possibility of ending the threat of Lilith, the breaking of the seals, the escape of Lucifer from his cage, and the apocalypse. He wanted the seemingly endless fight to be over. For that reason, Sam started to practice using his powers again. Sam was certain Dean would never approve of his actions so he again tried to keep it a secret. Sam did his best to keep Dean from knowing about him maintaining contact with Ruby, but even Sam could tell Dean was starting to notice he was hiding things.

A new seal had the brothers trying to save reapers from Alistair. When their struggle ended, one reaper had died, the other one started to reap again, the angels had Alistair in custody and Sam held a dying Pamela Barnes in his arms. Her last words whispered in his ear: "I know what you did to that demon, Sam. I can feel what's inside of you. If you think you have good intentions, think again." Soon enough, Dean would know too what was inside him: Demon Blood. Sam was locked in Bobby's basement to detox, but he was freed by Castiel. He went after Lilith and killed her. Lilith was the last seal the only one needed to free Lucifer and Sam had believed Ruby's lies. The end was near, but for now, the brothers escaped on a plane, thanks to God.

It would be revealed to them that Sam was meant to be Lucifer's vessel and Dean was The Archangel Michael's. They were supposed to fight the battle of armageddon. Sam said yes and he was possessed by Lucifer. Their plan was to have Sam regain control for long enough to jump back into Lucifer's cage, which he did with the help of his brother. Castiel broke his body out of the Cage, however, his soul remained behind. Sam's soul was tortured for almost a year and a half while inside the cage. All the while his body pranced around without soul-making bad choices until his soulless body was reunited with Dean. Dean was really unhappy when he found out Sam had no soul.

Thanks to Dean Sam's soul was freed, but he had endured so much torture that a mental wall was built in his memories of his time in the cage. They hunted together, seeing dragons, Jefferson Starships, and other creatures until they faced Eve. Dean tricked her into biting him, the phoenix ashes inside of him killed her. Sam's mental block faded a little bit more every day, the threat of his memories coming back becoming more evident as time went on. It was shockingly revealed to them that Castiel and Crowley were working together to steals the souls from Purgatory. Amidst their attempts of stopping Cas. Castiel cornered Sam and broke his mental wall. Sam's managed to remain barely functional between his memories and constant hallucinations.

He was at least, conscious enough to witness Castiel's new power when he finally stole all the souls he could hold from Purgatory. He announced himself as the new god. When they finally convinced Castiel to return the souls, it was already too late. The Leviathans, ancient monsters, possessed Cas and they spread themselves in the water supply as Castiel's vessels disintegrated Leaving nothing behind, but a coat. The plan of the Leviathans was to take over. To feed on people and rule the earth. The brothers started to work to brought them down. Beheading and Borax did the trick, most of the time but they needed a permanent solution. While they were working Bobby was shot, they took him to the hospital, Bobby died in his hospital bed and the grief-stricken brothers mourned him.

Sam's grasp of reality kept slipping to the point he could not sleep or help Dean much. Dean located a resurrected and very much amnesic Castiel. When Castiel regained his memories he apologetically tried to rebuild Sam's wall, when he failed he took on Sam's mental distress within himself which made him lose his sanity. Dean and Sam stole a bunch of clay from Dick Roman. It took them some time to find a tablet inside the clay, that they couldn't read. With the help of a prophet, Kevin they discovered the tablet revealed a way to make a Leviathan killing weapon. A plan was devised, their aim Dick Roman, as Dick was stabbed with the powered bone he exploded unbeknown to Sam Dean and Castiel did not die, they were transported to Purgatory.

Dean was gone, Cas was gone, Bobby was pretty dead and the prospect of asking Crowley for help was utterly repulsive. No, Sam decided to quit hunting. He wandered without having a place to go until he fell in love with a woman, Amelia. Their relationship was good until her husband turned out to be alive. Sam left her to reconnect with him. He mostly kept an eye on cases around the area, he avoided getting involved as much as he could after all there were other hunters. It wasn’t until a case of a hungry kitsune attacking children pushed to get involved. It would be just one hunt, for the children. He ended getting hurt that how he would meet Emma Jameson. They quickly became friends.

Legal Full Name: Samuel Winchester.
Nicknames: Sam, Only Dean can call him Sammy
Aliases: He is a con artist and can have any names he wants
Date Of Birth: 2nd May 1983.
Place Of Birth: Lawrence, Kansas
Current Residence: The bunker Physical Race: Special Child
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Height: 6'4
Weight: 183 pounds
Birthmarks/Scars: Anti Possession tatto on his chest Family Mother: Mary Winchester(deceased)
Father: John Winchester(deceased)
Sister(S): -
Brother(S): Dean Winchester, Adam Miligan(half-brother)
Other Family: Samuel and Deana Campbell, Henry and Millie Winchester. Christian Campbell, Gwen Campbell, Johnny Campbell & Mark Campbell. (All deceased) Relationships Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Current Relationship(S): - Abilities

Sam's supernatural abilities are the result of him being fed Azazel's demon blood while he was an infant. Sam exhibits signs of precognition throughout the first season, manifesting as dreams of others' deaths and later as visions. Sam has also shown signs of sensing spirits, once displayed telekinesis, and immunity to certain demonic powers. Sam states that his abilities are connected to Azazel and anything related to his actions, such as the other special children.

This argument was further proven after Azazel's death, as Sam stopped having visions of both the demon and the other psychics, however, according to Ruby his powers were simply dormant. After training with Ruby, Sam develops new abilities, such as exorcising demons with his mind, and his telekinesis becomes more potent.

By drinking demon blood Sam's power become stronger, to the point where he can outright kill demons and even torture them while in their human hosts; by drinking at least three gallons of demon blood, he can kill demons just by concentrating and willing it to happen.

After being affected by the Horseman Famine, Sam uses his powers to defeat him by attacking the demon spirits that Famine had recently consumed, although Dean and Bobby were subsequently forced to lock Sam in the panic room to detox. In addition, with the training given to him by his father, Sam is a skilled fighter, proficient with firearms, shotguns and melee weapons. Like his brother Dean, he possesses many abilities that are frowned upon by law, including but not limited to: lock picking, computer hacking, disguised conning, and carjacking.

Throughout the series, Sam has been shown to be highly intelligent with reading and recalling Latin incantations, which can be used to summon, exorcise, and vanquish demons; typically, when the two brothers are working together, Dean is the superior physical fighter while Sam's expertise lies in carrying out research and recalling information to determine the nature of the threat that they are currently facing.

Through Ruby, he knows how to make hex bags to cloak himself from demons and angels. Sam also displays the ability to read one's "poker face" and has a great sense of direction and time, at one point being able to find a vampire's nest while blindfolded by keeping track of the time and the turns of the car. Employment Occupation: Hunter, Dean's nanny
Job Description: Hunting monsters and demons
Employer: Self Employed Likes ❤ Eating Healthy
❤ Reading books
❤ Lecturing Dean
Dislikes ✗ Clowns
✗ Being called "Sammy"
✗ When Dean poorly chooses food

Sam is smart and capable. Dean and him butthead about a lot of issues but, in the end, they both care for each other. Dean is almost the only person who can get through his thick head when he is dead set on an idea. Sam occasionally holds strong views and it's difficult to make him see other points of view. Sometimes he is quick to judge. Sam likes to be politically correct and tends to hold a much tighter moral view of some subjects compared to his brother. He places high value on the people he cares about. Sam likes to think of himself as an analytical type of mind, but he is actually quite emotionally driven, most of the time how he feels about something will affect his decision-making process. He is smart and very good at research.

I was the first recruit to get out. I'm going to make certain I'm not the last.
Copyright & Disclaimer
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"You're too precious for this world." "I lost my shoe." "'Insane' is kind of what we do."  "Why do you keep talking about my shoulders?" "I think the fourth kind is a butt thing."  "Yesterday was Tuesday...", "If it bleeds, you can kill it." "It's spectacu-lacu-lar."  "Dude, I'm not using this ID. Because it says 'Bikini Inspector' on it." "You're bossy, and short." "Wait, there's no such things as unicorns?", "listen lady, if you want to add some glitter to that glue you're sniffing, be my guest. But don't go dumping your wackadoo all over us. We'd rather not step in it." "Jerk." "We don't have time for any of your blah blah blah blah..." "Dude, when have I ever forgotten the pie?" "Boop." "No drinking, no gambling, no pre-marital sex. Dean, they basically just outlawed 90% of your personality."

Connection Name

Dean Winchester (b. January 24, 1979 – d. 2025) was a human and hunter as well as a member of the Men of Letters with his younger brother Sam. He and his brother are members of the Winchester and Campbell families. Through his father, Dean is the older half-brother of Adam Milligan. Dean is also the destined vessel of the Archangel Michael. He and Sam are also the surrogate sons of the late Bobby Singer. Dean is best friends with the angel Castiel, close friend to the late prophet Kevin Tran, and reluctant ally of Crowley. Dean has an ex-girlfriend, Lisa Braeden, who he lived with for a year when he thought Sam was in Hell. She has a child named Ben, who Dean acted as a father for during that year. 

Connection Name

Castiel, often shortened to Cass, is a powerful angel of the Lord who was responsible for saving Dean Winchester from Hell, on the archangels' command. It was his job to help prevent Lilith from breaking the 66 Seals that, once broken, would release Lucifer from his cage in Hell. Once Castiel learned that the angels wished to free Lucifer anyway, he defied his angelic brethren and died trying to help Dean prevent Sam Winchester from breaking the last seal. After he was killed by the Archangel Raphael, Castiel was resurrected by God and joined Sam, Dean, and Bobby Singer in a quest to prevent the brothers from becoming the vessels of Michael and Lucifer. Castiel would later be killed by Lucifer but his actions allowed Sam to trap both Archangels away. With the Apocalypse averted, Castiel was again resurrected by God with new powers, being promoted to Seraph. He then started a civil war in Heaven to prevent Raphael from restarting the Apocalypse.

Connection Name

This spot is reserved for Sam's girlfriend. He would love and protect her when he finds the right one.


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~Sword of Heaven~

Oct 21st 2021 - 12:16 PM

Like any of that would scare me off Sam Winchester. I can relate to all your heartache over your family situation. Once again long story but I'm sure we will get to that in good time. You have always been the more reasonable one so I appreciate you not waving a angel blade in my face which wouldn't do much good anyway considering. 

I certainly look forward to discussing something with you. 
~Sword of Heaven~

Oct 21st 2021 - 10:35 AM

Thank you so much for accepting my request.
It's always a pleasure to meet new people and develop new connections.
Allow me to introduce myself.
My name is Victoria Shurley, and I'm the daughter of the Archangel Michael.
Long story actually... sometimes I can't even believe it.
Not sure what you have heard about my family but I can assure you i'm not a monster.
I look forward to talking with you and discussing a storyline.
I'm also always up for a good banter if that is more your speed.
Feel free to reach out anytime. I don't bite.
Until that time, take care of yourself.

Oct 19th 2021 - 3:35 PM

Hello! :) Thank you so much for the add. I just wanted to give you a quick description of what I can do as Baby. Yes I rp as Baby the Impala :)  and I can rp her in four different ways depending on what you prefer. 1) Simply a car, descriptions less feelsy.2) A little more feeling, where Baby seems to have some kind of spirit inside her. 3) She is virtually alive, talks and feels but only trusts Sam and Dean and a few others to reveal herself. 4) Baby has a human form she can use if a situation calls for it, given to her by some sort of angel spell. I am still toying with the details of this option but it is there if you are interested.You can decide which, I am perfectly okay with any of them. I hope to rp with you soon

Oct 17th 2021 - 1:32 PM

Heat of  the  moment
Attn: Freya Labonair & Sam Winchester
ft: Kansas Nerd
Freya's life was never easy, being orphaned at three years old was only the beginning of it when her parents were killed by hunters which she killed by her own hands out of self defense, her brother and twin Bellamy was no where to be found and Freya was raised by the Mikaelsons themselves. Being the Labonair blood which she was, she knew well she had to keep that part of her hidden, the hybrid wolf inside her never once had she imagined she would meet someone who would quite understand her as equally. 

It was the morning when she awoke she had been in the Bayou away from the Mikaelsons, away from the chaos which followed always and forever enjoying the time away and being among the werewolf pack which was the Crescent Wolf Pack, Home sweet home she knew all too well. Smiling at Jackson Kenner her closest friend before heading into town, into the city of New Orleans from the bayou territory which she cherished being among but the city music always caught her interest, the festivals in the streets which played in celebration she felt nothing more like home then that watching the joy on peoples faces but the deep secrets which loomed was the Witches which celebrated there own parties with it too. 

Moving within the nearest bar, she smiled at the bartender requesting a drink "I need something strong please, thanks" She raised her hand, her index finger pointing at the bottle "That one the top shelf over there" She slowly moved taking a seat, her blue hues watching the bartender make there move which she requested at for a drink pouring herself one after buying the bottle paying for it, with a glass placed upon the table for the whiskey placed there before taking a drink from it. She was a regular customer sometimes, of course Klaus normally compelled the bartenders to give her anything she wanted but now she wasn't going to allow it, she liked being solo and on her own.

Sure she had a couple drinks, her phone tucked within her pocket as her eyes glanced over, spotting a tall gentleman coming.. a new face she never saw before until that moment but he sure was handsome, tall with dark features of course but she kept silent while sitting there at the bar stool, her glass she slowly placed it down upon the table, the unique crescent birthmark for the Labonair family showing upon her right shoulder blade while she wore a tank top and a pair of jean shorts upon that skinny body of hers.

She was only twenty five years old, glancing her hues up at the tv screen before turning her hues right at the new guest arriving at the bar "New guy hey?" She smiled "Welcome to New Orleans" She raised her hand signaling a drink for him too "His drink is on me alright, whichever he chooses" of course the bartender didn't argue, she was on Klaus's payroll and any word otherwise they would handle even her short temper as a werewolf too.

But even as she turned her hues to him, she noticed how good looking he was but simply smiled "It's nice seeing some new faces in New Orleans, in fact this evening we're having a festival among the streets, music and such if you would like to attend" She knew the offer was too good to refuse but she was curious if he would accept also even if it meant them getting to know one another better too.
“It's nice seeing some new faces in New Orleans, in fact this evening we're having a festival among the streets, music and such if you would like to attend”
credit: james kriet
Ꭰꭺꭱꮶ Ꮖɴꮪꭺɴꮖꭲꭹ

Oct 16th 2021 - 11:48 PM

Emmalin Marie Stonem.

Oct 14th 2021 - 3:50 PM

of course

Oct 14th 2021 - 8:24 AM

Ever since she had found out that she was a hunter she wanted to learn more. She wanted to go on more hunts and experience more things. She didn't want to be stuck in Beacon Hills going to high school. As much as she did enjoy high school once it was over she wanted to explore things and to kill different creatures. She knew that there was a whole world out there filled with different creatures and bad things. She wanted to help people and get rid of those things that went bump in the night. Now that she knew about them she couldn't go on without taking them out.


Her father taught her everything that she needed to know about hunting. He was a natural at it and she watched everything that he did. Even though she was a little hesitant at first she got better at it. She believed in herself and that's what made her better. That's what made her want to keep hunting and killing creatures. That's when she knew that she was destined to do this. So she made a promise to herself that she wouldn't stop killing creatures.


Her father was proud of her and taught her everything. He would teach her day and night until she remembered everything. Until he knew that she was ready to go out on her own. She would fight monsters with him anytime he would go out. Even though she would get hurt a lot he still knew when she was ready. That's when he sent her off on her own. This was the first mission she was doing by herself.


She was to hunt some vampires that were being found in Los Angeles, California. She'd never been to Los Angeles, California so she was a little bit worried. This was the first time on her own in a big city. However, she had faith in herself that she could do it. She was going to make it work and she was going to find this creature and kill it. She knew she had to have a different identity if she wanted to get the facts that she needed about the kills. So she got everything ready that she needed for the hunt.


She finally made it to Los Angeles and to the hotel she was supposed to be staying at. She got her stuff into the hotel room and unpacked everything. She then looked at everything that her dad have given her about the case. She looked at all the files that had all the kills and everything on it. She was supposed to go to the location that had the previous kill on it. She had to talk to some of the people who had witnessed what happened. She was hoping to get some information while she was there.


She picked up everything she had with her and left the hotel room. She left the hotel and then got into a cab that she called. She told the cab driver where to go and then waited until she got there. She could see there were still a few people left around the scene. She was happy about that because it meant she could talk to some people. The more people she could talk to the better. It would give her a good idea of what she was dealing with.

As she got up to the scene she got out of the cab and paid him. She walked up to where all the people were and stopped at one of the guys. "Hey, I'm agent Keller. I was wondering if you could tell me what's going on here? I was called on the scene but they didn't give me much about the case. They said it was a gruesome murder but they couldn't tell me who did it except for that it was some type of animal."  Allison told him as she tried to make small talk. She was hoping to get something out of him if he knew anything.
— 𝔪𝔬𝔬𝔫𝖑𝖎𝖌𝖍𝖙

Oct 13th 2021 - 6:43 PM

No I have seen supernatural, I was just trying to go for the shock factor, but never mind.
mentioning coming to Beacon Hills, if you want to them to know about Beacon's supernatural off the bat or ease into it.
coild be in the middle of the pack facing some "demon" or "monster".
ℍ𝕚𝕘𝕙 𝕍𝕠𝕝𝕥𝕒𝕘𝕖⚡️

Oct 13th 2021 - 5:26 PM

Nice to meet you, Sam. Yes I do know all about Dean and Sam winchester. So no need to go any further into his background. Though I will ask, is there anything different or anything you have changed about how you write as Sam? If not then great. If so I'd love to hear your changes you've made to him.
With that being said, as you noticed from my greeting I'm a multi-muse profile. I hope that doesn't bother you? I know it does for some, hence why I ask. If that doesn't bother you then awesome, I'd love to discuss further with you on a storyline. Also, before we do so, I have a list of muses I write as under my blogs if you would like to take a look at them, if any strikes your interest let me know. Some of my muses are OC's which they have their own backgrounds to them. I'll be glad to send you their backgrounds if interested in knowing about them.
So yeah, just get back in touch with me whenever you are ready to discuss and have chosen a character. :) I look forward to writing with you.
ℍ𝕚𝕘𝕙 𝕍𝕠𝕝𝕥𝕒𝕘𝕖⚡️

Oct 13th 2021 - 5:03 PM

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