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October 12 2021

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basic information

Full Name William Pierce
Title Lieutenant
Gender Male
Gender Role Masculine
Orientation Straight
Age Early 40's
Birthday July 13th
Species Human
Ethnicity Caucasian
Preferred Hand Right handed
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Hairstyle Long and curly
Skin Tone Light
Height 5ft 8 ½ (174 cm)
Weight 165 pounds (75 kg)
Phobias Drowning.


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Body type:Slim / Slender
Ethnicity:No Answer
Characters: ⚔- William Pierce (an OC)
Verses: ⚔- Napoleonic wars, age of sail, nautical, maritime, royal navy, historical, 1800\'s
Playbys: ⚔- Paul McGann as Mr. Bush
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Action, Crossover, Fantasy, Gore, Romance, Suspense,
Member Since:September 20, 2021

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About me:
Who I'd like to meet:

Hello there! How kind of you to stop by. I'm a serious & literate writer who loves doing crossovers. However, I'm quite selective with whom I write with, but let this not scare you off.

Genres: Napoleonic wars, age of sail, nautical, maritime, royal navy, historical, 1800's, romance, adventure, action, drama, fantasy.

Writing length: Multi-para to novella.

William Pierce


The Story of the Damaged Mariner

(Not yet really satisfied with this writing so might edit it soon, but the story itself will most likely remain the same. Hopefully it gives you an idea of William's life and his personality. Also, actual names will be added soon when I have fleshed characters out, so excuse the boring labels.)

It’s the early 1800’s. Napoleon Bonaparte is waging war on the United Kingdoms of Great Britain and Ireland. William Pierce, a Commissioned Officer in His Majesty’s Navy, is appointed First Lieutenant on HMS Indefatigable, a frigate under the command of Captain Nelson.

William is a man in his early forties, with long curly brown hair, which he wears in a pigtail, and frank blue eyes. He’s best known for his good nature, loyalty, honor, courage, stolid outlook and sternness. The latter is especially towards the men of the crew. Having spent most of his life at sea starting from the age of fifteen, William has worked hard to get himself up through the ranks, becoming a hardened man.

However, his life has not always been as successful and fortunate. His childhood seemed to be perfect at one point. Until it got all broken down by one single man. When he was around the age of twelve, his mother, a whore, met a French lord. They fell in love, and he promised her she would never have to sell her body again. She became his mistress, for he already had a wife. However, he gave her lots of gifts and looked after her and William like he was his own son. In return, William looked up at him. The lord led them stay at one of his estates, and he visited them often. William and his mother were happy, very happy.

But a perfect life cannot last forever, not for them anyway. It was on a gloomy November’s day they received a letter from the French Lord, requesting, no, it was more of an order really, to pack their things and leave. They never saw him again, but they learned soon enough he fancied another and had gotten tired of William’s mother. Forbidden to take the gifts they had received with them, they were forced to find lodgings, and his mother to work once again at a whore house.

She was never the same after, for she had tasted the freedom, riches and happiness of that different life. She was no longer the kind and lively mother William had known, but had become broken, depressed, cruel and addicted to alcohol. Living on scraps because his mother spent most of their money on liquor, William was forced to work for his own food, and sometimes hers too. Sadly, his mother died of an overdose on alcohol when he was seventeen. His uncle, who is a renowned blacksmith, took him in after that. It's because of his uncle's teachings he became a true gentleman and got himself in the Navy.

From the moment his mother died, he started to hate the French. For it was a French man who had brought this misery on them, just because he had gotten tired of his mother and took everything away what they had had. He does not know if the French nobleman still lives ‘till this day. But when his path crosses with his, he will recognize him immediately, and we can only hope William will be strong enough to resist vengeance. For once vengeance is in one's mind, the career might suffer the consequences.

When he was twenty-one, he met an Irish girl two years his junior. She worked at an inn in the port of Plymouth. With her long red curls, striking blue eyes, porcelain skin, and kind personality, William soon became smitten by her. And so did she with him. They became close friends, and later lovers.

Never having met his father, it was at this time he felt the urge to go search for him. Being the smart girl she was, she helped him in his quest to find him. They had nothing much to go by but the last name son and father shared; Pierce. However, they found old letters in his mother’s remaining belongings which were addressed to a man named John Pierce. They set out on a journey to find the man. It was a time of peace, and William had earned enough money by working for his uncle in the smithy.

It took a few months to trace John. Eventually they found him imprisoned in a dungeon. There were multiple terrible crimes on his name. One of them was murder. William realized his father was, or had become a lunatic, and he was very disappointed by this. He wasn’t surprised why his mother and him had taken separate ways. However, he tried to get to know the man. It was the least he could do, for one has only one father by blood.

John was good with words, very good. He soon got the trust of his son, and William got him free by paying a large fee in exchange. Now almost all of his money was gone, the money he had worked so hard for, which he spent in vain, for John was a treacherous man. One night, William found his Irish girl gone. His father told him she had run away. But in truth he had sold her to some beastly men, just to have some money again.

William, not believing his father, because she would never do such a thing so suddenly, got the truth out of him by getting him drunk. He immediately set out to get her back. He succeeded in finding her, but when he did, he found her dead, her body broken and raped multiple times. It was the first and only time he cried as an adult man. He had been about to ask the girl to marry him. But now his world was shattered.

Journeying back to his father’s lodgings, he was so filled with rage, sadness and pain, basically not himself, that he shot the man dead in cold blood. This was the only crime he ever committed, and luckily got away with.

His beloved was gone, so were his parents. However, he did not lose the will to live. But he was a changed man, nonetheless.

He became a man who you can call ‘married to the sea’. The women in his life were gruesomely snatched away from him, and he blames himself for it. He thinks there is some sort of curse on him that makes the people close to him, especially the women, have tragedy. He told himself then he would remain unattached, for the fear of causing the death of yet another. He hardened his heart over the years and learned to control his emotions. And now, in his early forties, he remains unmarried. Until, perhaps, a girl comes his way, captures his heart and talks some sense into him.

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I am ever grateful for your generous gift. Surely, I am entirely undeserving of such kindness, though I thank you—sincerely—from the bottom of my wild and wolfish heart for your generosity.
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