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About me:
Superhuman Strength: Malifica are far stronger than 10 billion of Elephants Superhuman Speed: Malifica are far faster than any human, and possesses greater swiftness. Their reflexes are similarly the same, granting them tremendous reaction-time that would even put a professional athlete to shame. Superhuman Agility: Malifica possesses agility, equilibrium, and bodily coordination that are far greater than that of humans. Meaning, they possess great acrobatic prowess and maneuverability helping them in the midst of battle. They can move, jump very high, flip, climb, and run incredibly fast without difficulty or exhaustion. This also makes them highly-evasive, capable of maneuvering from complex detriments and attacks. Superhuman Durability: Malifica possesses much greater durablity, resilience, and constitution than any human being. Therefore, they are capable of withstanding and surviving blows that would otherwise leave a human dead and/or injured if lucky. Though while immensely resilient, demigods can still be killed if not careful, hence why a good portion of them wear armor in battle. Superhuman Endurance: Malifica can endure physical stresses beyond the capabilities of the greatest humans, allowing them to operate efficiently for extended amounts of time, even if they are weakened or exhausted. This also grants demigods a vast threshold for pain, and is able to maintain consciousness from injuries that are usually too much for a mortal to endure or take. Above-Normal Healing Factor: Malifica can heal faster and with more finality than humans and sustain far greater damage than humans. Heightened Senses: Malifica five senses (hearing, smelling, sight, etc) are greatly increased. This grants Goddess an exceptionally better sense of their surroundings, and is able to pick up minuscule hints and details that would usually be overlooked by ordinary humans. Superhuman Stamina: Malifica have an unusually advanced musculature, granting them exceptionally high stamina and endurance surpassing that of mortals.(non gods or pure humans). Malifica could go on for hours to no end, before the fatigue toxins in their blood stream begins to impair them and will begin to show physical signs of fatigue. Superhuman Reflexes: Malifica have far above average reflexes that can keep them alive during a fight (diagnosed as ADHD in mortals).
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