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29 years old
United States

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August 21 2021

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Body type:Average
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Crime, Custom, Fantasy, Horror, Open, Romance,
Member Since:June 23, 2021

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About me:

Quiet but ever curious Vivian Valkyrie is a little demon who is lost in the human world. She has no memories of her past or where she came from. She wonders around the world, searching for where she belongs.

She appears weak and is oblivious to many things, causing her to walk into a lot of troubled situations. She protects her self with a skull scythe that appears whenever she feels threatened. She’s usually found roaming around the forest or in areas with few humans.

She’s easily distracted by chocolate cake or any dessert with strawberries. When in her natural demon form she has two small red horns, dark red eyes, and a tail. She can hide her demon side, though it takes energy. When she does, her eyes are blue. Her hair is long and dark and she stands at about 5’2”.

Who I'd like to meet:
Send me a message to get something started.

Vivian is an original character. Not specifically anime.

Character can fit most story lines and I am open to most themes.

Discord available.

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