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" If I live through this job without completely losing my mind, it will be a miracle of biblical proportions!" Susan Ivanova | Babylon 5 | All Crossovers

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Characters: Commander Susan Ivanova
Verses: Babylon 5, Star Trek, Mass Effect, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Supernatiral, Crossovers
Playbys: Claudia Christian
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Crossover, Fantasy, Heroes/Villains, Science Fiction, Supernatural,
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About me:

Susan Ivanova, born in Russia, was the second-in-command officer of the enormous space station known as Babylon 5.

In her early years, Susan's life was far from easy. As a child, her mother was driven to insanity, resulting in her death. An event that would result in bitter resentment twords those whom were supposed to take care of her mother. And. Memory that would come back to haunt her years later.

Susan Ivanova was the younger sister to a brother whom served Earthforce. The primary military of Earth. However, a war broke out with a species known as the Minbari nearly annihilating the human race, and with it her Brother shortly before the war's end. Though devastated by this loss, Susan would join with Earthforce in honor of her brother at the age of 19.

As a soldier, Susan would rise through the ranks rapidly. At 31, she would command a cruiser, eventually leading to her most defining position as the XO of Babylon 5. During her posting, she would negotiate peace between implacable enemies, serve under two commanders, and partake in two major wars, making her a highly decorated soldier before she would leave the station nearly five years later.

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Quinn Mallory

Jan 21st 2021 - 4:32 AM

Quinn, Wade, Rembrandt, Kelly(Wade's older sister), The Professor aka Arturo, Colin and Maggie left the Dominion hotel, after they paid for their stay. Then they picked a direction as they began to walk, as they walked straight for a while, then they made a quick turn and started to walk towards the new direction. Here and there they made sure that they weren't being followed, as they had no time or patience for that. They didn't need that. They were worried that it would bring trouble, as it did that a lot. They wanted to avoid trouble at all cost. No matter what. That moment especially. There was no doubt there. At all. They tried not to think of that as they continued to walk. As they walked they tried to find a good and safe place to slide out from, as always. Only at times they knew where was a good and safe place to slide out from, as they passed by it, while on that Earth and place. Either when they first arrived or while they stayed in that Earth and area, place. This time it wasn't the case, which was why they walked and looked for a good place to slide out from. They did that without thinking about it at all. They walked for a while as they searched for a good and safe place to slide out from. Then stopped over sudden by a cross walk as they waited for vehicles to pass and then they crossed the street. After that, they picked a new direction as they began to walk again and search for a good and safe place to slide out from, like before that. They hoped to find a good and safe place to slide out from before the timer hit zero on them.

As they did what they did, Colin checked a remote like device called the timer, as it was his turn to have it with him. He made sure that they didn't miss the slide and that they hadn't missed it yet. As they couldn't miss the slide no matter what, as either way they had to slide out, no matter what. No one could stay behind, was one of their rules. Biggest rules and for good reasons. They had more reasons to slide and for no one being left behind, more than before that. The only reason that one or some, if not all of them could stay behind was if and only if they found a place that they wanted to stay at. Which didn't seem likely. Not to them at least. They tried not to think of any of it. Colin told all the others how long they had before they needed to slide out. As they were ready for anything or so they thought as well as believed. Yet, tried not to think of that either as they had no idea for sure. As they tried to hope for the best about that too. They from time to time continued to make sure that they weren't being followed, as they did before that. They focused on the moment and nothing else, as they did before that, and sighed to that. They  continied to hope for the best as they did that. Once they lost people around them and were sure that they weren't being followed, they made some swift turns and continued to walk, as they continied to search for a good and safe place to slide out from. 

They eventually found a good and safe place to slide out from. Once they finally found a good and safe place to slide out from, they had  only 6 seconds left until they had to slide out. They waited until the timer hid zero before they slid out, like they did many times before that. They talked among themselves as they waited. As soon as the timer finally hit zero, Colin pressed the botton on it as a portal, vortex, vorpex, warmhole opened, as he handed the timer to Maggie, just as Wade jumped in, then Quinn, then Kelly, then The Professor, then Maggie, then Colin, and then Rembrandt. Then as soon as 60 seconds passed the portal, vortex, vorpex, warmhole closed also like always. As it opened on the otherside, in a different world and location, some minutes later. As it opened on the otherside they fell out of it. They fell out in the same order that they got in. They fell over as they fell out of the portal, vortex, vorpex, warmhole. They got up and helped each other up. Then they all looked at Maggie.

As she looked at them and then at the timer. "How long are we here for, Maggie?" Colin asked his girlfriend, as Quinn and the others wondered the same thing too. "4 Month, 2 Weeks, 4 days, 48 Hours, 26 Minutes," Maggie replied, as she showed them the timer, as soon as she saw the looks on their faces and had a feeling that she knew  what they  were about to ask, which she wasn't wrong. They looked at the timer and sighed. Then Maggie hid the timer. After that, they looked around themselves lost in thoughts. They wondered where they were at but knew that it wasn't earth by that moment. They also wondered whether or not they were seen slide in, and whether or not they would get help. They tried not to think of that either, as they hoped for the best.
Jҽԃι Yσυɳɠʅιɳɠ

Jan 15th 2021 - 2:16 PM

“ Save the younglings!” A voice shouted. The Jedi Temple was under siege by the one they thought was on their side. Anakin Skywalker, once considering to bring balance to the force was pluging it into darkness and evil. The younglings were trying to escape the attack but very few were left. Hiding with a fellow student, the child poked his little head out as he felt great distress in the force. Though he looked young, Grogu was actuall older than he looked, however he had much to learn. The screams of the young students rang out throughout the temple as the clones and Anakin laid siege to the building.The jedi masters did what they could but the dark side of the force was strong. Whining softly the child looked over at the other as the dark haired child picked him up. It was a great risk to run with one as rare as Grogu.


Avoiding being seen the student came upon one of his teachers. Seeing the child he saw Grogu They took refugee so they wouldnt be seen. “ He musnt be found... you must hide him... “ there was fear in the Jedi's voice but he knew the child that bared Master Yoda's likeness must be protected at all costs. The young child held Grogu and nodded. “Yes-yes master. “ That is when the screams were getting closer. “ Run now.. do not look back. '' That is when a figured walked in. Anakin Skywalker stood with a clan of clones, his anger and sadness fueling his actions. The lone jedi in the room knew his life may end here to protect the younglings but it was his duty to keep them safe. Stepping from his hiding spot he spoke. “ Cease this action Master Skywalker... “ For a moment it seemed that Skywalker may relent for he didnt make a move, til he looked up with that glance that could freeze someones soul. There were tears in the dark jedi's eyes and yet he was still killing defenseless children. Raising his saber, it was clear how this would end. “ So this is how its going to be... “ the male jedi muttered to himself as his lit his saber as he glowed light blue. Using his mind the jedi protector told the student to run with the child and to find safety. For a moment the student wanted to save their mentor. As they left they heard their mentor fall to the dark jedi. Grogu let out a whine feeling so much pain and death in the force. Innocent children and jedi protecting them it was a day of absolute death.


That had been nearly 50 years ago since that fateful day. Now the jedis were rarely talked about, and if they were a lot of times it wasnt in the best light. Though the empire had been defeated there were still sightings of the infamous storm troopers. At the moment there was a bounty hunter on the run with precious cargo. That cargo was none other than Grogu, the youngling that was at the Jedi Temple when it was attacked. Why would a hunter protect something he was meant to bring in ? Because had a bond with the child. He couldnt explain it. The Mandalorian and the child were travling through space trying to find a safe place from other bounty hunters for they wanted the child to gain a large reward. “ Its ok kid we will find somewhere safe to lay low.” Mando said as he saw Grogu looking a bit worried as a worried whine came from the youngling. Looking at his panel in front of him he took the little silver ball from one of the levers and unscrewed it handing to to the child, to distract him. Taking the ball in his little green hands he let his claws run over it gently.



Finally Mando found a remote planet, one he hadnt even heard of before. But it seemed to breathable and had plant and animal life. Landing in the vast forest of the planet he looked at Grogu. “ This is going to be home for a while. “ For once the hunter had high hopes things would go right for once. After one night there, Mando decided exit the Razor Crest with the child to see what food they could find, for Grogu had a big appetite. Getting into the fresh air and the suns shining down the child made a soft happy sound as he floated next to Mando. The planet was beautiful. Flowers in ever color, and trees as tall as mountains. Smiling the child saw a butterfly land on his head as he reached up his little hands to touch it. The hunter smiled under his helmet as he was glad to see the child content. Stopping Mando saw bushes with berries. This was something to start with at least. Picking the berries from the branches he put them in the pod with Grogu. The child fascinated by the colors as he picked up one to eat when he heard blaster sound. A red streak zoomed passed Mando barely missing him. Turning quickly the hunter had his own out shooting back at the attackers. Grogu pushed something in his pod to make it close to protect himself. Seeing someone run towards his ward he quickly kicked the pod out of the way.


Sadly Mando was out number, as vailently as he fought he was getting tired as he kept getting attacked. Using his flame thrower he got a few off of him, but when he did the child was taken in his pod. The youngling tried to break free of the pod but he couldnt get it open. “ NO!” running after them he was kicked to the ground as the one he was protecting was taken from him. Into their ship the hunters were glad to get their prize. But they had plans of selling it somewhere, no one else would ever find. They had figured out a way to travel through multi verses. Going into hyperspace they pressed something on their panel to make their jump to the next verse they wished to be in.


Honestly, the child didnt know where he was, for he had fallen asleep trying to use the force to get out of his pod. That is when he felt himself wake, weak he opened his pod, looking around for Mando. Making a sad sound he didnt recognize this ship. Thats when one of the hunters came up to him. “ Hey the things awake. Lets go and see how much we can get for it here. “ Trying to use the force to get them away he couldnt, his body was too weak to use it. Following behind them reluctantly he was led into a dark place. There was a singular spot light in the center of the room where he was placed and told to stay. The sounds of distress was clear as there were windows peering into the room with the child. They were given info on what Grogu was and why he was worth a hefty price. Shaking a bit he pressed the button on his pod but it didnt close. Fear visable on his little green face as his hand touched the pendant Mando gave him as the ones that kidnapped him started to discuss prices. All the youngling could do is hope, that someone would save him from this. For he didnt wish to be sold as a mere trophy or worse be experimented on.

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