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We've practiced. We've been through it over and over again. We all know the plan doesn't end this morning. That we may have to live in uncertainty for days, maybe more. That we have to keep our faith in each other. If we can hold on to that with everything we have, the future is ours. The world is ours. TWD Verse | Crossovers welcome.

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Do you have any final words? ou're wrong. I'm not ashamed Get the children back in bed. I made this decision... But this is not the beginning of something. I don't want to go through it again. Cut him down.".

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Rick Grimes (LI Needed)

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Hershel is the father of Maggie. The two have a normal, loving father-daughter relationship. Maggie's personality is much like that of her father in that she is strong, intelligent, brave, responsible, innovative, capable, and able to bounce back from the tragedies she faces without letting herself become devastated or weakened by them. Knowing that Maggie can take care of herself without his constant supervision, Hershel gave her the job of going on supply runs, a duty which she has kept throughout the zombie apocalypse. He also allows Maggie to engage in combat alongside the others. This is far different from how Hershel views Beth, who he keeps by his side as she is much more naive and fearful than her sister. However, Hershel is still very protective of Maggie and often worries about her, like any normal parent would. She was deeply distraught when Hershel was unconscious after having his leg amputated by Rick to stop the spread of infection after being bitten. While sitting by his side while still unconscious, she promised to her unconscious father that if he needed to die, she would protect and take care of Beth with her life. When Hershel is killed by the Governor. Maggie breaks down along with Beth, showing just how much they loved their father.

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Maggie Rhee History/Origins

Maggie is an intelligent, caring, and brave woman. She is shown to be a loving daughter, sister, friend, wife, and mother. Before meeting Rick Grimes' group, she had trouble adapting to the true nature of the apocalyptic world as her family initially believes that the walkers were simply sick people. Her mindset changes after an almost death experience with a walker. After this occurs, she becomes more invested with the core group, now understanding the need to fight for survival despite this initially putting a strain on her relationship with her father, Hershel. Devoted to her husband, Glenn Rhee, and the people around her, she constantly looks out for the best interests of the group and becomes a strong contributor to her group after the destruction of her father's farm. Maggie was shown to be religious to an extent,she appears to be an atheist. It is possible she has repossessed her faith.aggie, like everyone else, had become battle-hardened after surviving the entire winter on the road, although she still retains her kind side. She is shown to become slightly suspicious and untrustworthy towards different survivors, such as Axel and Oscar, although she, like the rest of the group, eventually accept them. After an invasion of walkers into the prison as a result of Andrew, Maggie is forced to perform a fatal, emergency C-section on Lori Grimes to deliver her baby, an act that visibly traumatizes her for a short time; however, she quickly moves-on and becomes dedicated to keeping Lori's baby alive. Maggie's strong bravery is shown after she and Glenn are captured by Daryl's brother, Merle, and taken to Woodbury where she is interrogated, threatened, and humiliated by the Governor, but does not crack until the latter threatens Glenn's life. Maggie is clearly traumatized by this ordeal for a short period, but overcomes her grief and actively takes part in the war against the Governor and Woodbury. It is evident by the season's end that Maggie is very much capable of committing murder to protect the people she cares about from danger.

❝"I don't want to do this. But people need to understand that at Hilltop, the punishment fits the crime.❞ Present Day

She is the daughter of Hershel and Josephine Greene, stepdaughter of Annette Greene, older half-sister of Beth, younger stepsister of Shawn, and the last known surviving member of the Greene family. She is the widow of Glenn Rhee and the mother of Hershel. She is the former leader of the Hilltop Colony, and was one of the four co-leaders of the Militia, along with Rick Grimes, Ezekiel, and Cyndie before its disbanding. At some point after Rick's assumed death, she left the Hilltop alongside her son to join Georgie's group and search for new communities. Now Maggie is back to help her family out with the fight of their lives where she saved the priest and she was bending down talking to Graice when she, heard Judith and she looked at her and getting up and hugs her. That she and her son walked the family back to the safe zone where they were all at once.

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Jan 26th 2021 - 2:32 AM

Taken aback, Rick listened intently as Maggie finally spoke up in what had felt like weeks since the siege on the prison. He goes dead quiet in attempt to take in her words, though his eyes fall to the wooden floorboards beneath his feet, settling on the littered trash from the house's previous occupents. Not his fault? It was explicitly the opposite. Rick should've made the first strike. Should've shot the one-eyed son of a bitch where he stood. Instead all he had to speak for now was a disjointed group- his son and baby girl lost. He wouldn't dare think of any other possibility. 

And Hershel. Rick had seen men die before- but not like that. Decapitated infront of his very eyes- his daughters watching. It was Rick's responsibility to protect his people. There was no situation wherein their predicament wasn't his fault. 

He wrings his hands together anxiously, wanting to hold Maggie's gaze- to believe in her forgiveness, but knowing he's not deserving of it just the same. And then Rick feels her lips press against his cheek and a hand firmly on his shoulder and Rick forces himself to meet her eyes with a smile twitching on his face, too uncertain if he's allowed that much. "Alright." He simply mutters. For her sake, he relents. He can see the fatigue in the dark circles around her eyes, and as the Greene daughter moves away to grab up some of their river filtered water, Rick leans over to retreive his last can of sweet peaches. 

"Here." Rick rises from the crate and sets the can of syrupy fruit beside Maggie's makesh*t sleeping spot. "In case you wake up feelin' hungry again." Rick gestures out the window where the soft pale moonlight pours through, highlighting the pair. "I'll keep watch. Can't sleep anyway."
The Samurai

Jan 18th 2021 - 10:53 PM

Well im glad your better and yay! Lol. Hmm im not sure what season as of yet. We can do season 9 or earlier.
The Samurai

Jan 18th 2021 - 10:09 PM

Hello Maggie. I would love to be mains. I hope you are feeling better. Im still getting used being back here after a long haitus but its good to be back. Im looking forword to getting a storyline going with you.
The Samurai

Jan 18th 2021 - 9:53 PM

Greetings. Not sure if i sent a greeting to you yet or not. 
the name's Michonne. Im one of the many survivors that live in Alexandria. Im a semi-para rplayer and looking for all Connections/Mains except for 2. I hope all is well and we can get a storyline going soon. 

Jan 17th 2021 - 11:12 PM

It was a gentle dawn that day. After residing in some abandoned house overnight, they absconded back to the forest course that led them toward the nearest town. Hopefully where the remaining others had fled. Light quickly gaining on them, the pair met a relatively well lit and clear path so far. Two walkers dispatched-easy. No rainbursts or heavy Georgian sun hot on their backs. Least not yet. Rick knew to count his blessings, sparingly as they were afforded to them.

Maggie he heard trailing somewhere behind. Soft, even steps smacking wet against trodden muddy trails or pavement. Always lagging a few feet behind. He didn't question it-Rick understood why.

He didn't have the words to fix what'd been ruined, but he was trying.

He silently toed at a half-salvageable shipping palette on the road-side. Remnant of some truck accident: not too far off, the charred skeleton of some 18-wheeler. Upturned, laying in a ditch, scraped of whatever had it's uses. The pair had managed by on some scavanged wild berries and a few canned fruits from their last house, but late at night when Rick kept post and Maggie took to sleep, he'd heard the roar of her stomach.

He managed to lift the wooden crate an inch off ground, inclined his head with narrowed eyes to peek under the clearance. Milky white eyes met his, and a gnarled hand lazily reached out for his figure before Rick let the pallette fall back into place.

Throat dry from disuse, Rick cleared it before drawing his gaze up to stare at the Greene daughter. "Maggie..." Maybe it'd been the lack of food, or the frustration of losing the prison and not knowing the whereabouts of his people, but he stalked forward suddenly and with purpose to stand before the young woman. Desperate.  "I'm sorry. But I..I need you to be present, here. Talk to me."


Jan 17th 2021 - 10:55 PM

So for anything Zombies, I do more of a Supernatural AU style. Her parents were killed by vampires and she was adopted by a hunter. But then something came about to cause zombies to walk the earth, which lead to anything else either being killed or going into hiding. So now instead of looking for demons and the like, she tries to protect what is left of the humans from walking death. 

Jan 16th 2021 - 11:16 PM

Thanks for the add
I'm Jericho Singer!
Hope we can write soon.
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