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Formally POD Ethena Jo, but I would not be caught dead having that tagline anymore. I knew Four people when I was in that group. Jason, Britney, Kim and Johnny. At this point only interested in hearing from them. I Am taken which means you might only get lucky if I need feed. But do not count on it

24 years old

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November 23 2020

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Before all of this I never really liked how I was created. Since Dantanian and Gusion stole the genetics of two people. I never ever got to know to make me. As a gift for their maker. Which never even came back because their sisters' maker killed him or he thought it was Astaroth who been acting like him. And any hoot it all is a confusing story. I just know I am here and created from and named after Ethen and Joanna.
In beginning, things were such a blast. We had group gatherings and just all partied all the time really. I know Astaroth and Lexi had their issues with demon vampires and monogamy. Just not always be the best route for our kind to take. Since our blood lust and flesh lust literally, almost go hand and hand. And as often as our lovers hate to hear sometimes we can just simply lose control during a feeding. And one thing quickly turns into another.
But now these damn Demon Vamps or so called witch is acting like they are all in a damn nest. And drinking V laced with some kind of LSD. I never saw more sad, traumatic, confusing and scary shit. Than I have in the last month.
At first, it all started with this cute little wedding blog. And they both seemed so sweet and in love. So I had started checking the blogs daily. Then one day I noticed another old friend. At least I think it was them. By the things, it would say. Then it seemed like some type of parlour trick.
So now I am back no idea if I will stick around. I am just really trying to figure out what the hell is going on. And if any I once knew when I was part of this family are part of it or not. Just even still around to see what has been going on. Cause if this person is witch, crazy or both. It clearly seems they are attempting to get someone to just let them know they notice. So here I am letting whoever know. We see you and wish you would stop.
Thanks for reading my Bio. I am here to write but I prefer my RP to not be a strange vibe like its real. Just write with me. Like you are writing a book. That is how I enjoy it the most.

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