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23 years old

United States

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December 01 2020

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Here for:Dating, Relationships,
Orientation: Lesbian
Body type:Slim / Slender
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:High school
Characters: Jaiden Jolie Chapman.
Verses: Orange is the new black, Svu, Criminal Minds, and more.
Playbys: Miley Cyrus.
Length: One Liner, Semi
Genre: Crime, Crossover, Drama, Open, Psychological, Romance,
Status: Single
Member Since:November 13, 2020

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Jaiden's Friends Comments
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Ms. Second Grade Detective®

Nov 22nd 2020 - 4:07 AM

Ok cool, Did you want me to start or would you like too?
Ms. Second Grade Detective®

Nov 22nd 2020 - 4:00 AM

That's so weird, I swear she looks familiar to me and I've heard of the show, but never have watched it before.
But that sounds like a good idea, but I wouldn't want you to have to change your story, because of me. :/
Ms. Second Grade Detective®

Nov 22nd 2020 - 3:50 AM

That's true, it just upsets me, sometimes, but what can you do?

Why does she look so familiar? Have I seen her before? Did she ever guest star on the show?
Amanda originally is from Georgia though, so do you think them going to school together will work still?
Ms. Second Grade Detective®

Nov 22nd 2020 - 3:39 AM

I know hon, it's so sad that some people can be so rude and hypocritical.

Where is Jaiden from though, because Amanda transferred to Manhattan New York.
Ms. Second Grade Detective®

Nov 22nd 2020 - 3:29 AM

I don't get why people got to be rude, it's like you don't like how I play the character although it's my character, you know? It's f***ed up and I hate that.

Anyway it's one of my favorites too. So how do you want to play them as best friends like maybe they went to school together.
Ms. Second Grade Detective®

Nov 22nd 2020 - 3:02 AM

That's cool that Jaiden wants to become a detective, and wow 4 children, how does she do it? That's awesome that she owns a club too. I think how you want to roleplay is your choice and whoever doesn't like it they can skip rocks.

She was recently promoted to Second Grade Detective. Also she can be very Stubborn 
sometimes, and Independent, but also 
Friendly at times, and Trustworthy,
sometimes she has a tendency to be a little 

Amanda loves being a mom, and she likes 
her job, also she loves her dog Frannie Mae and her friends.

She doesn't like her Old Chief, and 
she's afraid of losing the people she cares 

Amanda had a Gambling problem, but she 
got help from her Captain, also she likes 

She is good at computers, and her weakness is coffee and donuts, 
and also she can be cold at first.
Ms. Second Grade Detective®

Nov 22nd 2020 - 1:58 AM

OK I would love to discuss a storyline with you and you can be My Best Friend that would be great to have a Best Friend.
Ms. Second Grade Detective®

Nov 22nd 2020 - 1:32 AM

Do you want me to send you a starter or would you rather come up with a storyline together, and OK sounds good. 😉
Ms. Second Grade Detective®

Nov 22nd 2020 - 12:53 AM

You're welcome Jaiden, and for connections I am also in need of everything, but I have a blog, so you can see what I need. What kind of stories do you like to do? I'm up for any kind of storyline.

Ms. Second Grade Detective®

Nov 22nd 2020 - 12:30 AM

Hey Jaiden, That's a really lovely name, anyway I would to start a connection or a storyline with you. What kind of connections do you have or don't have?
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