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63 years old
Frienship, Maine
United States

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November 30 2020

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I talk with Amelia, Kat dances with human Casper & I met the ghost form of Casper
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    {Hiatus}James S&L's Interests
MusicStinky is the brother of Stretch and Fatso, as well as the uncle of Casper. Stinky's special talent involves supernatural halitosis and body odor, which he prefers as his means of frightening "fleshies" who cross his path. He is also an inventor. He, like his brothers, cares deeply for his nephew and enrolled him in Scare School so he can learn to be scary and doesn't get banished to the Valley of the Shadows. He sometimes appears at Scare School to make money.
MoviesCasper was born in 1938 to Catherine and JT McFadden. He always wanted a sled, but his parents forbade it. However, one day, Casper found the sled down stairs, a gift from his father to him. He spent out in the cold too long, and later died of pneumonia in 1950.
TelevisionStretch isn't a very nice guy. He is usually shown to be a very aggressive ghost, but is not necessarily ruthless. He used to be afraid of Humans and scared them, but later learned to tease people, most notably the Harveys. He used to be caring as a human, but forgot all about it because he became a ghost. Only Jade would remind him of her mother, Catherine, mostly because he was in love with her. He has also shown a strict side such as not allowing Jade to go to a party with a senior friend and because she was only a sophomore. Stretch used to be a human known as the name, Steven. He grows up close with his future sister-in-law, Catherine who bears his niece and nephew. Before his death, Steven was Casper's only father figure because hsi brother JT was never around. Later he became cruel in the future and forgot everything about his life until Jade shows up and lets her stay home.
BooksFatso is dim-witted, he has a passive personality and often follows Stretch's plans and ideas, his favorite hobby is to scare "fleshies" but he loves eating as much as scaring humans, despite being a ghost Fatso is known for his intense appetite. Like his brothers he disapproves Casper's friendly behavior and tends to act mean towards him, like the other members of the ghostly trio he isn't especially fond of Humans which he calls "fleshies" as a derogatory term, Fatso, just like his brothers, tends to treat Casper as a personal slave, however sometimes he shows some signs of true love and caring towards his nephew. He is the least intelligent member of the Ghostly Trio.
Heroes Amelia Harvey (1963-October 1993) was the wife of James Harvey and the mother of Kat Harvey. After death, Amelia became an angel, watching over her husband and daughter. One Holloween night, she came to Jade and Casper and let Casper become human for one night before seeing her husband one more time before she descended back to heaven.

     {Hiatus}James S&L's Details
Here for:Dating, Networking,
Relationships, Friends,
Orientation: Straight
Hometown:Fernfield, Washington
Body type:Athletic
Education:Grad / professional school
Occupation:Paranormal Psychology
Characters: Dr. James Harvey
Verses: Casper. Supernatural. Buffy. Once Upon a Time. ANY!
Playbys: Bill Pullman
Length: One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Horror, Movie, Romance, Supernatural, Suspense,
Status: Single
Member Since:October 28, 2020

   {Hiatus}James S&L's Companies
Paranormal Investigation
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Title: Ghost Therapist
Division: Paranormal Ghost Therapist

Date Employed Forever

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About me:
James has always missed his wife Amelia but now that he has seen her as an angel & not a ghost he was able to hear what Amelia told him & he heard Amelia mention that he could bring her back if he made the elixir that Casper father made for the machine called The Lazarus in which he learned can bring ghosts or angels back to life. James knew it was time to bring Amelia back home to him & Kat but he heard her tell him not to tell Kat until he & Amelia knew it would work. James made sure that if Kat asked him what he was up to he lied about what he was up to. James soon enough met Amelia ghost in the McFadden lab to work on the elixir for The Lazarus & it was time to make sure that Kat never came down to the McFadden lab while he was busy making the new batch of elixir & James made the machine The Lazarus rise from under the water as he was working on the elixir mix & it was complete. James was able to complete the elixir with Amelia help & he had made sure to load The Lazarus with the elixir before letting Amelia enter The Lazarus. James met his wife Amelia who was an angel while Kat was dancing with human Casper who told him that he could bring her back with the recipe for the elixir for the machine The Lazarus that was in the McFadden lab & James knew he had to bring his wife back but he was told by his wife Amelia not to tell Kat until they were sure that it would work. James had gotten the recipe for the elixir from his wife Amelia & got right to work on the elixir right away & refuses to tell Kat what he was doing for his wife Amelia & why he was so very busy so he would send his daughter Kat shopping & he would send Casper with Kat to keep her out of the Manor for the time being cause he was going to be the successful at bringing back his wife Amelia so Kat could have her mother back & they could be a family again plus he wanted to make not only one elixir for The Lazarus but two cause he knew Casper wanted so badly to be with Kat & he had to do it. James started right away.
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Nov 5th 2020 - 1:14 AM

With a ghost who protects me at no costs, I'm doing good dad.
it's really good to see you.

Nov 4th 2020 - 12:18 AM

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