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Characters: Jonathan Rhys Meyers; JONNY BOY
Verses: OPEN AF/Triggers apply
Length: Multi Para, Para
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ɴᴇᴡ! 1998 - Brian Slade/Thomas Slade - United Kingdom/United States • Failed Pop Singer from the 60's/Drug addiction

ɴᴇᴡ! 2010 - David/Adam/Wesley - United States • Multiple Personality disorder turned into an old priest from the '50s that was cursed to carry the souls of his victims after the massacre of his children as he was part of an evil cult rather than a man of God

ɴᴇᴡ! 2007/2010 - Henry Tudor III - United Kingdom • Henry Tudor, the King of England from early days of his reign to his unfortunate and unexpected demise

ɴᴇᴡ! 2013/2014 - Alexander Grayson/Dracula/Vlad Tepes - London, UK • After his resurrection by Helsing himself, he is forever in debt with the hunter. Plotting to take down the order of the Dragon, that killed Dracula's wife and Helsing's family, they disguise Dracula as Alexander Grayson, an American entrepreneur working to create wireless electricity as a disguise to grow closer to the order to take it out

ɴᴇᴡ! 2016 - Bishop Heahmund - Greenland/England • Priest at Eastern Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church. Sworn to celibacy as also a warrior of God often goes against his religion and has sex with the females who approach him during his time in the Church and the battlefield


1996 - Rudolph - Texas, US • Prostitute/Living in a whore house

1999 - Chiron Titus - 90's Future Grunge • Poor and dirty young man turns Rich when his mother marries the president, instantly turning him into a spoiled brat

2001 - Noah Jameson - United States • Struggling College student addicted to pill-popping

2001 - Alan Hammond - United States • A young man in a polyamorous relationship with his girlfriend and his brother

2003 - The Father - Backroads of Oklahoma • One of the first vampires to be bitten by Dracula himself, creating a cult following of new vampires, seeking to create a harem of vampire women and men to create a family

2003 - Davey Lion - United Kingdom • Party animal, late-night drunk, drug addiction. Older brother part of an elite group of men which backfires when he becomes the main target of these men and raped by three of the group's leaders which causes him to attempt suicide

2003 - Chamberlain Smith/Chambers - Goth Victorian Style Grunge • Butler of a small rich family vowed to celibacy

2004 - George Osborne - London, UK • Part of a Rich family in London, victorian years

2005 - Chris Wilton - United Kingdom/Ireland • Struggling with climbing the corporate latter at work, he just found out his girlfriend was pregnant which meant to him the end of his achievements so he takes a shotgun to her to end the burden that is the baby inside her

2008 - George Hogg - the United Kingdom/China • A young British journalist who with the assistance of a courageous Australian nurse saves a group of orphaned children during the Japanese occupation of China in 1973

2010 - James Reese - United States/Paris • A young employee in the office of the US Ambassador, finds out his fiancee is part of an upcoming terrorist attack on the city of Paris, ends up having shoot her himself before she can blow up the capital building

2010 - David/Adam/Wesley - United States • Multiple Personality disorder turned into an old priest from the 50's that was cursed to carry the souls of his victims after the massacre of his children as he was part of an evil cult rather than a man of God

2011 - Vicount Yarrell - Victorian Style London, UK • Rich from a young age, spoiled by his mother. Almost completely open to the fact he is Bisexual. One of the very few popular rich men in London that openly parade his sexuality, sleeping with men, women, and sometimes both at the same time, leans more towards men

2013 - John Meyers - Ireland • A sub teacher for drama class, that ends up dating a students mother and ends up falling for the student instead

2015 - Trevor Murphy - Alabama, US • Openly gay rights activist

2017 - Reese Christ • A very well known psychiatrist that works closely with patients that have night terrors and vivid dreams

2017 - Jack Gillispie • A man on the road traveling the countryside, believed to be wanted by the authorities takes the helping hand of a passerby driving back home to his cabin out on a stretch of land down a long windy back road. After helping fix up the cabin, he discovers the man's wife buried beneath the house in the basement

2017 - David Harbour • A lonely photographer from the city falls in love with a young pig farmer from the south

2017 - Ari Ben-Sion/Hans Hoffmann - World Wide • A spy navigates the precarious terrain of love and survival during an undercover mission in Syria

2017 - Kurt Stage - Germany • A ruthless Nazi General that tracks down prisoners of war, to kill them or return them to their imprisonment

2018 - Morton Vint - the United States, Victorian Style • A writer that learns the existence of letters sent by a poet to his mistress. Polyamorous

2019 - John Doe/Shane Frost • Wakes up in a hospital bed with no recollection of who he is, learns that he's wanted by the police for committing a series of murders

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ᴸⁱᶜᵉⁿˢᵉ ᵀᵒ ᴷⁱˡˡ

Oct 23rd 2020 - 11:47 AM

Greetings and Salutations.
Diana Schade-Renard.
Hexenbiest Princess of the Royal Family.
Verse: Grimm but will crossover to the other supernatural verses
I would really like a storyline with you.
Comment back, message back—etc. Etc.

License To Kill
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