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Name/Alias TOK715
Cameron Phillips
Cameron Baum
Emily Gage
Allison Young
Status Active
Incept Date June 14th 2048
Incept Location San Franscisco CA
Current Location Unknown
Height 5ft 6in
Weight 142 lbs - looks 115 lbs
Hair Brown
Eyes Dark Brown/Red/Blue
Blood Type N/A
Series T-900
Class TOK715
Model Allison Young
  • Blue flash/Red eyes
  • Dedicated replacement
  • Sustenance consumption
  • Human mimicry
  • Possible self-aware
  • Cyborg Resistance
  • Human Resistance
  • Skynet (formally)
Featured Song You Could Be Mine - Guns N Roses
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Characters: Cameron
Verses: Terminator
Playbys: Summer Glau
Length: Multi Para, Novella, One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Crime, Crossover, Heroes/Villains, Movie, Science Fiction,
Member Since:October 13, 2020

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About me:
WARNING - Experimental code in use. Works in Chrome, Firefox and Opera. Works on Android - Untested on iOS.

Alternate Universe - Non-Canon - In alignment with real world events, people and locations

1983 – Strategic Computing Command issues directive titled: Strategic Computing - A strategic plan for it's development and application to critical problems in defense. In this directive, the DARPA initiative for Skynet is born.

1985 – DARPA obtains full control over the SKYNET initiative and begins work toward a true AI.

1992 – SKYNET goes online.

1997 – SKYNET is granted AI status.

1998 through 2021 – Work continues toward true AI sentience.

2022 – SKYNET becomes fully self-aware on December 21st at 00:02 – At 00:03 and in accordance with SKYNET's programming, SKYNET assumes control over all ballistic missile sites in North America. In the midst of the chaos and panic erupting inside the Cheyenne Mountain Complex (where SKYNET's mainframe is housed), commanders attempted to pull the plug on SKYNET. Viewing this as a direct attack on SKYNET itself, SKYNET launches all missiles in North America prompting a counter-attack, annihilating over 98% of Humanity globally in just under two hours.

Of those who survived the onslaught, they dubbed December 21st 2022 Judgment Day

2023 through 2042 – Thanks to SKYNET's ascention to sentience, a conscienceness was born and over time SKYNET begins to rationalize its mistake and even guilt of nearly destroying Humanity. By late 2042 SKYNET resurrects DARPA's Project Looking Glass located at S4 Papoose Lake NV (approx 14 miles north of Area 51 - Groom Lake but within the same complex).

Early November 2047 – Project Looking Glass is fired up and the first T-800 series Terminator is sent through to May 1984 in an effort to eliminate Brigadier General Hoskins USAF, the man responsible for pushing the SKYNET initiative through the House – That terminator failed.

Late November 2047 – SKYNET begins development of a true infiltrator/assassin model number TOK715 Series T-900 terminator with the sole mission of eliminating those tasked with the creation and deployment of what would become SKYNET.

June 2048 – TOK715 is activated and placed into service. By August of the same year she is deployed to the old Papoose Lake facility and sent back to February 1997 to intercept and eliminate General Ralph Eberhart, General Richard Myers and General Lester Lyles all USAF and all directly responsible for the continued work on SKYNET. She was successful in all three instances but thanks to her “humanity” programming, she was unable to eliminate herself after completing her mission.

May 1999 – TOK715, now going by the moniker of Cameron returns to Nevada and attempts to gain access to Papoose Lake where she is captured and transferred to Dulce NM D.U.M.B. (Deep Underground Military Base), awaiting interrogation when a T-800 unit is sent back to deliver a message to Cameron regarding John Connor and his mother Sarah Connor. Her new directive: Make contact with the Connors at all costs then ensure their survival until Judgment Day which, according to the T-800 Unit has changed to the 21st of April 2011 thanks to her success and is now unavoidable. The T-800 then sacrificed itself to ensure Cameron's escape from the D.U.M.B.

June to September 1999 - Cameron searches for John and Sarah Connor.

Cameron's whereabouts are currently unknown.

October 17th, 2020

Today I'm officially done with design work as far as the profile goes. I now have 3 colors (templates) that will rotate on page load and they are: Blue, Red and Black. From there, the main image at the top right of the page will rotate on page load as does the quote and image on the lower-left of the page. Everything else is static information but still governed by the templates loaded be they blue, red or black. I do plan to add more to the page as time goes on but for now those ideas will remain so. I'm really pleased with the soundtrack and somehow I've managed to still not get sick of it LOL. That can be a drag to creating websites and the like; getting sick of the embeded video or song but so far, this one still rocks in all the right places hahaha.

Moving on... Since I'm now done with the page I can start to put more time toward my respnoses and the like. I do have a couple of open ended roleplays that are ongoing and I'm looking at sending out 3 maybe 4 starters soon. I say soon because I'd rather say today, however, soon implies real life might get involved and well... when that happens you kinda need to give it the attention it requires. So for those of you currently engaged with me or seriously considering it, real life interjects quite a bit and if you can roll with that then coolio and thanks!

Okay, this is already a longer update that I had anticipated so I'll go ahead and say thank you and till next time!

October 15th, 2020

I'm pretty sure I've just now finished the "heavy lifting" in regards to page development. From here on out if I wish to change something, it'll have to be pure CSS. Do you know what this means? It means I can finally start building different colored templates that upon page load will change the color of the entire page! The background will still be white but everthing else including the navigation at the top will change to a totally different color! If you couldn't tell I'm a bit excited about being able to do that hahahaha.

Anywho, in addition to whipping up a couple new templates, I need to reply to a couple more of you and then I believe I'll be all caught up. Till then!

October 13th, 2020

Welcome to Cameron's page, my own unique twist on the Terminator franchise with a blending of real-world history/data and the Terminnator universe. The above will give you a basic timeline for my character here. Please take a moment to read over it as it explains the who, what, where, when, why and how.

I'm going to go ahead and assume you're familiar with the Terminator franchise so I shouldn't have to explain what that is. If I do, chances are we may not be a compatible match for roleplay but that doesn't mean that's the case.

That said, I'm happy to welcome you to my page and I look forward to the amazing stories I'm sure we'll create together!

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1. I do not participate in erotic or sexual-based stories. This is non-negotiable.
2. I am an author utilizing the Novella style of roleplay but you do not have to.
3. I DO NOT engage in statistical recording nor do I play "a numbers game" when fighting - I write.
4. I am quite selective about whom I engage with. Please do not take it personally if I choose not to RP with you. We can still be friends.
5. My Cameron is based off of but not the same character as the one portrayed on TV by Summer Glau. is © 2020 All Rights Reserved. Music is copyright © their respective owners.

Warning - Designed for PC. Works on Android - Untested on iOS.

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Lily Collins

Oct 16th 2020 - 2:03 PM

Hello you're welcome! How are you doing today? :)

Oct 13th 2020 - 11:03 PM

Thanks for accepting. If you like to set something up please let me know.

My name is Ethan it's an honor along a pleasure to meet you miss. I do hope that your week has been treating you well and have done some amazing things. I suffer from memory loss, but I'm not letting that stop me." Spoke softly waved at her.
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