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One day a teenager named Jayden Thomas Ryder and his older sister by nine months, Erika Chang Ryder, lost their parents when they were mysteriously murdered. The siblings stuck together for some time until they both grown into adults, and a still depressed Jayden always wondered what happened to their parents, causing him to one day leave and go on his own investigation since they didn't hear much of anything from the cops.

All they both knew was that they were murdered by something that was never seen before, or some type of vicious animal that did something no one expected. Overall, it's still unknown. Luckily, Jayden remembered what his Dad's occupation was when he was alive. His father used to be a scientist for a corporation called NFASFT, which is short for 'National Federation for Alien Studies and Future Technology'. His mother used to also work there as well, but she went into "retirement" after she had Erika and then nine months later, Jayden.

They somehow got a hold of an alien created symbiotic armor known as "G-Unit 1", also discovered to be called, Guyver One. When Jayden arrived at the NFASFT Factory located some where in Los Angeles, CA. When he arrived there, he saw that there was three creatures known as Zoanoids there, who destroyed the place, coincidently, the day where they thought they found The Guyver Unit after years of searching, Jayden just so happened to be there as well.

Long story short, Jayden came across a dying scientist, who was wearing gloves for some reason and was trying to hide the Guyver Unit inside of a briefcase to protect it from the Zoanoids that were trying to get it. Jayden told the scientist who he was, who he was the son of, and why he was there. Overall, he was told about The Guyver unit, got some answers on what happened to his father. He was told that his only way out of the building alive is that he has to become The Guyver and fight off those Zoanoids causing chaos in the building.

Jayden grabbed the briefcase, obtaining the Guyver Unit inside and feeling something slimy on it. "What the hell?" He said as he looked into the big metal area of the unit, which reacted on it's own and jumped on to Jayden, then it began to form the Bio-Boosted Armor. Once complete, he felt as if he was a lot stronger, far beyond human levels of strength. And his fight with the Zoanoids? He took down one, two of them escaped. And from that day, he's been on a quest to find out the history of The Guyver unit and more.

A few years later...

Jayden had returned home with his sister, Erika, after being on his quest for quite some time. Is it over? No, but the most comfortable spot to take a break and relax at was with his sister, who spent years building up her magic in wiccanry. That was something she started to build up before they both went to high school and through the years, she became incredibly strong with her powers. Before Jayden donned the alien bio armor known as The Guyver unit one, she used to use her powers to help him when they were younger, but with what he became...it was obvious that it wasn't needed much anymore.

While staying with his sister, Jayden took notice of how differently Erika was acting all of a sudden. He would often ask his older sister what was wrong and if she's okay, she often answered saying that she was alright or that she hasn't really slept much, but never answering why she hasn't slept, usually only following up with that she'll get back on track. Jayden tried not to constantly bug her with the same question over and over but he always tried to help her regardless, and always taking her word that she was alright.

But one day, they both felt the house shake. It is also the very house that they were raised in by their parents when they were alive. Jayden's first thought was an Earthquake, but that went away when the back of his neck started to beat rapidly like a heart, that is what happens when trouble is near. But this was different, it usually starts off a little bit slower and throbs harder when he is getting closer to the trouble, but this time, it started heavily throbbing in an instant. Jayden peaked outside of the window and noticed a horde of creatures coming, but they definitely weren't the alien creatures he usually fights against when he transforms into The Guyver.

Jayden went to go alert his sister, but before he could tell her, she already knew what was going on. "Erika...what's going on?!" Jayden asked his older sister as the demons drawn closer to the house, hell, some was already bagging on the roof due to them having the ability to fly. "They're trying to intimidate us!" Erika said, before saying something Jayden could not follow. "Jay, you got to hear out of here while you have the time. Something is about to go down and I didn't want you hear for this!" Jayden's eyes widens after hearing that. "I AM NOT LEAVING!" He shouted. "Now, tell me what happened, why is this happening?!" Erika then sighed and took a look outside, seeing demons fly circles around the house as the horde came closer. "Baby bro...I met someone...who was what those creatures are, but not fully. He was a half-breed. But he wanted to live the life of his other half...human." She explained. "Me...and you as well, protect those who are in need, and don't need deserve to be targets by what they can't exactly handle. So I agreed to help him, but in doing so, got me involved in this."

"Involved in what?" Jayden asked, Erika turning away from the window to face her brother who started to rub the back of his neck due to the pain the throbbing causes. "I don't exactly know how to explain, Jay, but the leader of those demons warned me that since I got involved, they were going to come after me and everything that I loved. You're the only family I got...I don't want to anything to happen to my baby brother even though I know since you became The Guyver, you can protect yourself, but these things I believe are different from what you usually face off against...so please, we're running out of time, get out, I can come up with a plan so they won't see you!" The beatings on the house suddenly increased. "Sh*t! No! It's too late now!"

Jayden paused for a second and then saying one word. "Guyver..." He transformed into alien created bio-boosted armor. "I wasn't going to leave regardless." Erika stared at him after he said that. "There's been many times that you helped me before. You also said that since I became The Guyver, I can protect myself." He said. "But we also protect those in need, I'm pretty sure I can handle some demons, because I can't let you take them on alone...we'll do it together!" Erika put her head down after hearing her brother say that, then raising it back up and nodding, accepting his help. The demons finally made their way into the house by breaking multiple parts of the building, and then charging at their targets upon entering and sighting them.

Both Jayden and Erika quickly fought for what may be the battle of their lives. Jayden using his abilities as The Guyver to do whatever he can do to fight off whichever demon that came his way and Erika using all the powers she gained after many years of practicing her magic, it is shown that she has come a very long way from being a rookie, having to read a book multiple times to get it right to now knowing everything by heart and able to access her powers in any moment.

Suddenly, what looks to be the leader of the demons shows up and Erika spotted him. "Oh no..." she said when she noticed him. But that didn't exactly break her focus fully, she quickly went back to fighting and defeating some of the demons, Jayden doing the same as well, but he didn't notice the new demon showing up. The leader took notice of the blue creature fighting off his demons, figuring that he must be one of Erika's friends. ".....Perfect..." He said in a very low and very deep voice before flying at full speed towards The Guyver.

Erika had then put her attention back on the leader of the demons when she heard him say the words 'perfect' because she was closer to him. Taking notice of who he was going after, Erika rushed over to get in between them. "NO!!!!!!!!!" She shouted as she leaped in front of Jayden and spread her arms out to make sure whatever the leader was doing didn't touch her brother. However, this caused the demon to enter her body, thus causing her to shake down to her knees. Jayden took notice of this is quickly jumped to her side, shouting her name, but getting no answer. Now he tried to make sure that none of the demons came them, but they started backing away for a reason that Jayden doesn't know. He went back to his sister's side, shaking her to get her attention.

She then stood up, Jayden kept his eyes on her as she looked at him. He noticed something was very different with her eyes, it was completely black, no whiteness like human eyes, something is wrong but Jayden called her name one more time. But then something happened that he did not expect ever in his life, she attacked him by rushing towards him pretty damn fast, grabbing him and throwing him with ease. He got back up and shouted. "ERIKA?!?!?!" Noticing a wide grin forming on her face, and then a voice from her that wasn't her own. "No...." It said, before rushing towards the bio-boosted warrior again, but this time The Guyver used a bit of defense by pushing her. Enough to cause her to fall, but hopefully not enough to cause a great deal of damage. "Erika, please!" He said after pushing her.

Her head hit the ground, which would cause pretty much everyones brain to rattle a bit. She got up slowly, holding her head. "Jayden?" She said out to him as she continued to hold her head. "Erika?!" He said back, taking a step closer to aid her, but she stopped him by putting up her hand. "I don't have much time." She started to struggle with her words. "But...you...you have to kill me! That's the only way to stop all of this!" Not believing her words, Jayden refused. "NO! You're my sister! I can't do that! There has to be another way!" He shouted, it was something he couldn't do. Erika is his sister, they only have each other left, that order is far beyond crazy to him. "Jayden, please! You have to bef-AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" She fell to her knees again, not even being able to finish her statement.

A laugh escaped from her mouth, but it was the deep demonic voice again. "So, you're her family, huh?" Jayden answered back, shouting. "RELEASE MY SISTER, YOU BASTARD!" After that was said, another laugh was made by the demon. "This is going to be easy!" The demon controlling Erika's body launched her body towards the alien armored warrior, who tried to stand his ground and stop the body of his sister from what it was trying to do. But with the demon possessing his sister, her strength has increased greatly, enough for her to over power The Guyver and tackling him down the ground. The demon takes notice of the metal object located on the forehead area of The Guyver. "Shiny..." It said as it poked it. This causes The Guyver to react against Jayden's will and punching his sister off of him. Getting back to his feet. "Erika, I didn't mean to do that! I'm sorry!"

The punch was with enough force to send the demon rolling quite a few feet away from Jayden, crashing into a wall, cracking it. However, the demon was in control of Erika's body still. The attack didn't really do much damage for it's back hit the wall first, not the head. "Oh? You're a pretty strong one!" It laughed as it started to fire some type of red energy orbs towards The Guyver who tried to dodge some of the blasts, but not rolling out of the way. He didn't want to take his eyes off of his sister, he wanted to keep going until he got his sister back. However, some of the blasts hit him, pushing him back but he stopped himself from falling, but one however, hit his forehead which is where that metal is located. This staggered The Guyver to where it temporarily knocks out it's host and starts to defend on it's own.

The demon launched itself towards The Guyver, but with it's hyper senses, it reacted quickly when a blade extended from it's forearm and performed a defensive attack where it aimed to slam it's blade through the mid-section of it's current attacker. Soon as the attack was finished, Jayden had regained consciousness and noticed something he did not want to see. He stabbed his own sister through the stomach. This caused him to pause his shock after he removed the blade from her stomach and instantly went back to his human state and fell to his knees as he continued to watch his sister. "I didn't mean to....." Was the only words he said.

His sister's eyes went from black to normal, the demons that surrounded them both in and out the house faded away like dust. Erika put her hand over her stomach before falling flat to the ground. Jayden's tears quickly formed as he rushed to her side. Still speechless, he can't seem to piece together what just happened, even though the attacks has stopped, this felt like his worse nightmare as he looked down at his older sister as he held her in his arms. "I'm sorry..." He said as he closed his eyes. But he felt a very soft touch on his face, wiping away his tears. He opened his eyes and looked down at his sister, noticing a smile on her face.

She spoke out reassuringly to him. "Jay, it's okay. This needed to happen. If you hadn't killed me, that thing would have killed you and it would have destroyed everything that we've fought so hard to protect. None of this was your fault. I love you always, Jay, and I'm so proud of you. I know our parents would have been proud of the man you've become. You helped rid the darkest and most evil of demons from this world. So don't cry and don't mourn too long. I know I'm leaving you in a safer world." She said as she put her hand on his cheek.

"Keep protecting the people you love and remember, the path we were brought into may be a hard one but we do it for those who can't protect themselves. Stay strong baby brother. I'll always watch over you." She now layed there lifeless, as Jayden continued to cry and hold his sister, pulling her body into a hug. She's gone, joining their parents in the sky.

Now? Jayden is back on his quest. He buried his sister right next to their parents, often visiting their graves any chance he gets. Although the words his sister said sticks with him, the feeling of beinng alone has also hit him as well. But he always tries to keep his head held high, as he pushes on to protect the ones that can't protect themselves, or help the friends he has made whenever he can. But the quest he's on has mostly been him on his own.
Powers and Devices

Biological Enhancement: This is the primary ability of the G-Unit. It has been stated that the organism that composes the majority of the G-Unit (and by extension the Guyver itself) was engineered to adapt, conform, and enhance the physical characteristics of the host lifeform as to maximize their full genetic potential. By comparison, the Guyver-equipped Creators were vastly inferior to the equipped humans (who were engineered as weapons themselves). In this fashion, the powers and capabilities of an armored organism dictated by their host genetics. In general the armor will most likely boost all of the physical capabilities of its hosts without distinction and raise the strength, speed, stamina, endurance, and reflexes of all its hosts. The armor will also protect any host from harsh environments that could hurt or even kill the host.

Regeneration/Rapid Accelerated Healing: The organism that composes the majority of the bio-boosted armor is capable of repairing and regrowing any part of itself or it's host at an extremely high rate. So extreme is this ability that it was able to completely regenerate Guyver I from only a few cells attached to the control medal. Even when a only a part (Guyver I's hand) survived it still regenerated into a full independent organism.

Vibration Globes : The two orbs at the Guyver's mouth that produce highly destructive sound waves known as the Sonic Buster. At full power, the sound waves produced by the weapon do not merely batter or shake the object, but in fact "hone in" on its molecular resonance frequency, causing it to literally disintegrate into a cloud of disparate particles. The sonic buster has also been seen to be able to focus in on particular objects and destroy them without devastating the immediate surroundings, and has been seen to reverse Noskov's Sonic Eraser.

Mega-Smasher: Two, high-powered, directed energy emitters located beneath the Guyver's chest armor. Considered, in Guyver canon, as the most powerful particle beam weapon existing on Earth, it possesses tremendous destructive capability; gouging through Mount Minakami in an instant. Fired together or individually, both emitters project an ultra-high energy stream of energized atoms and electrons that disrupts the atomic and molecular structure of a material target. Analysis from Chronos estimated the power output of this weapon to range in excess of 100-megawatts, comparable to the energy needs to power an military aircraft carrier. In Gigantic form, the power of the Mega-Smasher is improved a hundredfold; and is appropriately dubbed the Giga-Smasher. The Mega-Smasher consumes an enormous amount of energy and will be rendered inoperable after firing until appropriately recharged. Proficient users have adopted the practice of using one emitter at a time, reducing their energy expenditure by half; reserving using both sides only in extreme situations. Given the nature of the weapon, the particle beam can be deflected with the appropriate energy shielding, such as Neo-ZX-Tole's electromagnetic field emitter. Beings of substantial power, such as Archanfel, have proven quite capable of not only resisting, but reflecting the beam back at its source with much greater power.

Head Beam: A multi-directional laser mounted just above the Control Medal on the Guyver's head. In the 2005 anime series, Lisker explains it utilizes excess body heat, concentrated under one single point and expelled through a laser generator. Since the Head Beam uses body heat, rapid fire is obtainable and it is often used over the Mega-Smasher which requires a substantial amount of time to charge.

High-Frequency Swords: Also known as "Sonic Swords". These are multi-faceted blades that protrude from the Guyver's forearm and are reinforced by a powerful alternating current and resonated at extremely high frequencies when extended. This oscillation weakens the molecular bonds of most solid objects within inches of the cutting edge, effectively increasing its cutting ability. While striking, cutting, and thrusting attacks are the usual uses with the blade, proficient users were also able to wield the blade with such accuracy and speed that they were able to deflect bullets. They also possess elastic properties and can extend up to a meter-long. Though remarkably efficient, they have their limitations. The placement of the blades limit their effective range and utility to elbow strikes and swings. Also other vibrational weapons of equal frequency can disrupt the sword's oscillation, often resulting in explosive feedback (often referred to as high-frequency lock or high-frequency clash). Another flaw lays in their durability, as corrosive liquids and explosions can easily destroy them, despite oscillation.

Gravity Controller: The Gravity Controller orb siphons gravitational energy from a higher dimension. Two main uses include giving the Guyver the ability to fly and to unleash destructive gravity waves that are compressed into a circular shaped ball and fired in the form of a directed Gravity Launcher, also known as the "Pressure Cannon". This cannon could also be used to block attacks like a small temporary shield.

Pressure Cannon: A powerful gravity attack that concentrates high level of gravity within a single point between the palms of the Guyver's hands. The gravity is manipulated then forms a small ball and begins to spin in a circular rotating motion, both vibrating and absorbing nearby sound waves. If something happens to come into contact with the ball, the ball will immediately begin to suck everything into it's own core, even at the molecular level, until it can no longer maintain itself before exploding violently and causing devastating damage. This process is done incredibly quickly, unlike Richard Guyot's Quasi-Black Hole, usually taking only a few milliseconds for the Pressure Cannon to explode upon contact.

Head Sensor: Each Guyver displays two metallic orbs on either side of its head. These orbs give the Guyver the ability to sense electromagnetic fields outside of their direct line of physical sight. The manga often displays this as an outline of whatever body the Guyver is sensing. It also appears to have some thermal sensing properties. This ability was demonstrated early by Guyver I and has gone unnamed until its recent usage by the unknown female Guyver. It also allows the wearer to hone in on sound waves and pick up on vibrations within the atmosphere, allowing the wearer to locate individuals from a distance or sense incoming attacks. The Gigantic exhibits two sets of these organs.

Control Metal: It is located on the Guyver's forehead, this medal button-like sphere regulates the energy flow between the organism and the host's body, as well as preventing the alien parasite that the Guyver system is based on from literally eating its host alive. It also stores the genetic structure and memories of its host, so that if the host is injured or killed, it regenerates that host from even the smallest bits of genetic material (even regenerating scars made by past wounds). It can also be assumed that it is because the control medal stores the mind and memories of it's host that the host is immune to telepathic control/manipulation. This memory storage feature is also why if the host is brain damaged or almost destroyed, when the host is regenerated they regain any memories that would be lost due to brain damage. If the control medal is destroyed, the Unit absorbs its own host. The control medal has tentacles that reach into the host's brain and is the hard wiring of the Unit that allows the host to use the systems of the Guyver.

Guyver Bio-Organs: During the joining with the Guyver, the host's body is changed permanently. The Guyver leaves two growths on the back of the host that act as a form of 'transceiver' to the Guyver while also being able to sense other Guyver hosts nearby. When the host calls for the Guyver, a signal is sent and the Guyver is activated. When not needed, the armor is stored in what can best be described as a sub-dimension; it follows the host constantly so as to be instantly available when needed. When the Guyver is called by its host, its appearance causes a destructive burst that damages anything within a few feet of the host's body.
OOC: So, this part is kind of like rules, more so notes. So, if you see this on my profile, let me know by messaging me that you understand these, thank you.

1. The Guyver I will mainly portray is mostly based on the live action adaptions of it. Which is quite a bit more toned down.

2. Continuing from number one, the powers and devices part was pretty much copied and pasted from the Guyver wikia, I was lazy, lol. It may change in the future or remain there, if it was changed, this part will be updated. But overall, don't take the powers and devices too serious if you think The Guyver is too powerful, repeat, the version I MAINLY play is more toned down. This may however vary due to certain storylines.

3. I may not be on here all the time, reasons being, I have more profiles. Those closest to me know of my pages, and some of you may be able to figure it out. I'm going to be honest, my focus can switch and I end up paying less attention to certain pages. But I never fully abandon them. If this in the future causes an issue, please remove me from your list.

4. This is pretty much the same as three, more so an add on. Maybe I'm just putting this here for more numbers, lol. But we all have real lives, so if I don't get to someone in time during an RP, do not come at me saying that I wasted your time. I'm free to do what I want, so if I end up getting a bit slow, or more than a bit...please be patient with me. I don't mind reminders every now and then, but don't bug me about it. You'll know what that will lead to.

5. Most of the time, my character will be pretty serious, my character's backstory should explain why. But his goofy side may start to show a bit if certain people manage to break through his lonely shell, which will cause him to start getting a bit comfortable around those certain people. With that being said, out of character, i'm...not very near the word serious. And you shouldn't be super serious either, whomever is reading this! Be cool, have a sense of humor, overall, have fun!

6. My home verse is Power Rangers, so you may see quite a bit of them around me. But I am open to other verses, Sailor Moon, Kamen Rider, Comics, Ben 10, Other Tokusatsu stuff, Transformers, Supernatural, etc. Even Hollywood verse if I'm allowed to bring some noise. Doesn't really matter. I'm pretty open.

Back to number five, I really mean that. RP as a whole, do what you feel is fun, goof off out of character as well, it adds to the fun when you have an upbeat communication. That is all. And if you read this! Send me a message or comment saying..."He is not The Guyver...he's a giant Chicken!" in spirit of The Animaniacs! Thank you for reading.

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Dark Huntsman

Aug 11th 2017 - 11:56 AM

Kate herself looked around at the fallen gang members and sighed to this "Gangs,they always think that because they have control over some people in this ares that they have control over them all" she then shook her head again "Foolish mortals with their foolish ways though not everyone is like that in this city just some of them" she then shook her head to this again.�

When she told him to keep up she smiled and jumped from one roof top to the other with ease as if they were close together and she liked it that way. She then smiled slightly seeing him on the streets and so she jumped down next to him and smiled again "Keep up,we are almost there" she then keptt going seeing him behind her and that made her laugh but not in a mean way really.�

Kate had no intention of attacking him because he wasn't her enemy after all and she knew that all too well though if he ever lost control and attacked her that wouldn't end well for him mostly becaus she was strong but also because the shadows were like attack dogs or unseen bodyguards to her and would take out any threat they thought wanted to harm her unless she said other wise that was.�

she then got to her house and smiled as she went up the steps and opened the door walking through and putting the keys to the side in the usual place. she then turned on the lights and walked by the staircase leading up to the next floor and walked into the livingroom waiting for him to follow and smiled again slightly.�
Dark Huntsman

Aug 9th 2017 - 1:46 AM

She looked at him and watched what he was doing as she smiled to this and attacked the men that came her way with no mercy tsking teir arms off and legas as well as their heads,they were enemies after all and as such she didn't mind doing so.�

Kate watched the ruthless way that the alien dealt wih the men and smiled to this "now that is impressiv" she smiled to this again and the shadows took the bodies away making sure they would never be found. Kate herself didn't mind it really aince she was glad to see someone else that fought with no mercy as she had.

Kate had been trained since she was 1o to be a ruthless killer and her ability only made that easier for her to do now. sh then felt one of them shooting her as she looked at the hole "That was my best shirt" she told him and then attacked him full force and tore him apart with her swords as she smiled to this and sighed looking at the shadows and putting her hand up as they came to her and crawled up he arm and to her shirt where the hole was and when they moved away the hole was gone and she smiled to this her wounds healing as well.�

She looked at him when he changed back to human and smiled to this "follow me then Jayden and try to keep up" she smiled as she walked away out of thr ally toward her home taking off in a slight run and smiled to this again.
Dark Huntsman

Aug 8th 2017 - 12:36 AM

She watched him and smiled slightly and when it was back to normal she watched him again seeing that it must hurt or something because he was rubbing his neck "that must be hard on the body when that happens and you are lucky that you both can get along in a way" she shrugged to that again lost in thoughts not sure what else to say about that.�

she looked around and sighed knowing that this wasn't the best place to be talking about such things "We can talk more in the place that I live if you like perhaps it will be safer there because here you never know who is watching and who is listening to what you are saying" she then sighed to this and watchd him again "Do you think the shadows are my army? Well the truth is I do have their leader in me that is true but we work as one...we are equal in every way and they respect me like I respect them as well" she then smiled to this looking around and back to him.�

Kate then smiled when he said his name "It's nice to meet you Jayden and I think that your unite will want to handle the men coming our way" she smiled to this and when the men showed up she smiled "shall we have some fun and take them down to be found by the police?" she then waited for te answer and watched the men with guns and knives and things like that ready to go into action when he was.�

Kate herself was a warrior and so she went into battle taking out her swords and attacking those with the knives knocking them out with ease as she then turned her attention on some of thos with guns putting out her hand as a shadow shield showed up and she smiled attacking them though some of the others attacked Jayden and she let it happen knowing the unit would keep him dafe and come to action.�
Dark Huntsman

Aug 6th 2017 - 3:56 PM

Kate looked at him when she asked this and she could tell she was lost in thoughts because of the way that he was looking at her, though what those thoughts were she didn't ask at least not for now any way. Kate had no idea about the things he had seen and done just like he didn't know anything about her really, though she did at times miss her day and age mostly because things were so much easier back then.�

Kate thought about how mortals had taken the story of Ravenna the Evil Queen and Snow White and changed it all together making snow white someone that needed help? Well now that was funny though it is true that before she met Eric she was slightly less of a warrior but she had killed the Evil Queen herself...well with help of an army but still she had given the final blow and even though it hadn't killed Ravenna completely it was enough for that moment.�

Kate also knew the true story of the Ice Queen after all she had been taken from her family at the age of 10 and raised by Freya herself...the younger sister to Ravenna as well though Freya herself wasn't as cold as her sister in the end and they both died in a battle against each other...or so Kate hoped any way since Ravenna seemed to be one that just refused to die no matter what happened.�

She looked at him again when he said this and was taken out of her own thoughts as well "I would imagine that you do your best,after all you did run here when you heard something was going on" she then smiled to this slightly her Irish accent still clear as she spoke though it was slightly less harsh as it used to be because of all the centuries she had seen come and go.�

Kate looked around and the shadows moved slightly though she put out her hand and they went back to being quiet once more and she smiled to this though when she heard someone coming and the shadows told her he had a knife out she reacted fast and moved her hand as there was a black light comung from her hands again and she created a net out of the shadows as it went around the man who couksn't move now as she walked over to him and her hand stopped glowing "That wasn't a smart move boy" she told him though she sighed and simply knocked him out after which the net let go and he fell gently to the floor "Foolish mortals" she sighed to herself slightly looking back at Jayden again "oh yes I forgot to tell you my name sorry about that" she laughed at this and looked at him again "The name's Kate and who might you be then?" she waited for the answer and smiled again
Dark Huntsman

Aug 5th 2017 - 12:35 PM

She looked at him and sighed slightly though she didn't feel the wound much and it healed like it always had because of her being immortal and because being one with the shadows allowed her to do so after all she had bonded with them long ago. She looked at him and his reaction to the shadows and smiled again "Ya sorry about that it's a long story but they keep me safe and I help them in return as well" she then shook her head slightly thinking about how they had allowed her to become immortal and in return she helps them in the shadow realm a place that no one but her could walk through unless the shadows allowed it.�

She looked at him and how he reacted to the question that she asked him and that made her smile though she didn't react to that for now and when he started the change she watched this with interest really knowing that this must be something he wasn't used to sharing and in fact she had no intetion of anyone seeing what she could do and yet he had so she figured he saw that as a reason to show her this.�

She saw the changes and smiled slightly since this wasn't something that she had ever seen before and that was saying something because she had seen so many centiries come and go and so many things that most wouldn't think possible after all the abilities she had was half of what she was born with Shadow Magic and the other was the onding with them and that is what made her immortal,but she always could influence the shadows when she needed to in some way like shaping it into a net and things like that.�

When it was done she looked at it and then heard his voice and smiled slightly "Well now that is impressive, I have never seen anything like that before and it is interesting as well" she then looked around and back to him "I would imagine you use this to protect others am I right?" she waited for the answer and looked at him with no fear just interest and sh was curious how it worked mostly because it was like magic but she knew that it wasn't the case mostly because sadly this day and age had forgotten what real magic is and that fairytail creatures as thry have come to call them were real once and still were in many ways though they sadly were in hising now because mortals had forgotten what it was like to accept anything that is different and also they have forgotten the supernaturel even though it was very real and some were a danger to mortals as well.�
Dark Huntsman

Aug 5th 2017 - 2:34 AM

Kate looked at the one who spoke to her and sighed moving her hand as the bodies were taken into the shadows as if they had never been there before and when he asked this she laughed slightly "I am immortal,well int e terms that people put it in this day and age any way since what i really am not many can understand" she then shook her head to this because in truth she was immortal but she was also one with the shadows and she heard them speaking to her in some ways as she looked at him again.�

She sighed and checked the place that the bulliet had gone through "Damned it I liked that shirt" she then shook her head to this slightly and put her hands over the hole and when she moved them it was gone "That's better" she then shook her head and sighed like it was no big deal because to her it really wasn't.�

The swords were hidden for now and she sighed slightly leaning on the wall sensing the shadows moving all around her and that made her smile "It's alright,he is a friend at least for now" she told them though to him it would seem like she wasn't talking to anyone "They can be a bit over protective at times" she then shrugged to this slightly speaking of the shadows of course.�

The men were dead but she held no regret for that because they had attacked her foolishly and so they had it coming though she was curious about the one in front of her because she sensed something different about him as well "Who and what are you then stranger? you are not like the other mortals around this place" she then sighed to this again knowing that most would see her as a hero in some ways but in truth she didn't feel like that and hated it when they thought that of her... she simply was a warrior and when there was a battle or something of the sort going on she would step in.�

Kate had done things in her life that most would concider to be evil mostly because when she was working for the Ice Queen Freya she had killed many for the woman who raised her along with others to become her army after taking them away from their parents thinking that she was saving them that way though Kate was glad for one thing....that she was tought to defend herself and become a warrior like she was today.�

Kate had done many things after that even that most would think of as dark and evil and that is why her nickname was Dark Huntsman because she was a huntsman like all her fellow warriors so long ago and she was indeed dark at times not caring about those she kills in battle and had been a killer for higher in the past as well, though now she was just trying to live life the best way she could.�
Dark Huntsman

Aug 5th 2017 - 1:26 AM

Kate looked at the man that showed up and sighed slightly as those she had been fighting looked at him as well "Beat it kid this ain't your problem" they looked at Kate again and took out their guns as she sighed to this rolling her eyes and holding her swords that she took out fron under her leather jacket.�

They laughed at this and when they shot her she moved fast though one of them hit her and she fell hard as they laughed "We got her boys" they all laughed at this again but then she stood up and moved fast attacking them all and when they shot her again it bounced off like she had an unseen armor on and in truth she did for the shadows had protected her and still were now.�

Kate then sighed and moved her hand as it glew black and her eyes became pure black as well "That wasn't a smart move boys" she then laughed and moved her hands as the men were pulled into the shadows and she smiled looking at the others left and she moved her hand as a giant hand came out of the shadows and pinned them to the wall and the others she knoced out.�

When it was over those on the wall fell knocked out as well and her hand stopped glowing as her eyes went back to the usual green color and she looked at the one standing there again with a sigh "stupid men" she then put her swords under her lrather jacket again and shook her head slightly not sure how he would react to everything that just happened.
Dark Huntsman

Jul 15th 2017 - 5:54 PM

Kate had been taken from her family at the age of 10 to be trained as a warrior like others of her village and yet she held a secret deep within her because she had magic, the ability to control the shadows and use it in any form she wished to and that saved her life many times in battle once she had found oit about it.�

Kate's parents had both been magic users and because of this she got the ability she had. Growing up under the Ice Queen Freya's rule wasn't always easy but when they did things right they would be rewarded for doing so and yet every day they went out to kill more of the queen's enemies to claim more lands and take more children for her and Kate hated it at times though she never let it be seen.�

Kate was now free of all that because the Ice Queen herself was dead though instead of going back home if there was anything to go back to really she kept training herself both with her warrior skills and her magic.

Kate had survived through the centuries because of the darkness inside her the power of the shadows keeping her young and she was getting used to that by now really. She was now wearing a black leather jacket with her hair down to her shoulders and black pants as well though her shoes barely made a sound when she walked along the streets.

She was then pulled into an alley by some men and sighed "Walk away boys if ya know what's good for ya" her voice was calm and sounded slightly Irish as well "Well look what we have here boys,nice try girly" the leader said and took out his gun and she sighed "you really do not want to do that laddie" the man then laughed "oh I think I do" she then sighed and when he tried to shoot her she put up her hand and a shield made from shadows came out on her arm blocking the bullets and sending them into the wall.�

Kate then sighed to this and put out her hands as the shadows grabbed the guns and the men stood there confused "Walk away now and ya might live to tell about it" �the men then attacked her and she sighed using her warrior skills to knock them down breaking the arm of one of them though she was knocked down when she heard footsteps that got her attention "Bad move boy" she said to the leader and grabbed him with her legs flipping him to the ground and breaking his neck and then she sighed letting go and standing up waiting to see what the other men would do and who was coming toward them
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