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Name abigail montgomery.
Aliases sister abigail.
Species witch.
Birthday | Age may 8th, 1897 | immortal (presumably 29 at time of death.)
Place of Birth new orleans, lousiana.
Current Location unknown; said to be off-the-grid.
Occupation former brothel madam, matriarch of the wyatt family.
Sexuality pansexual.
Height | Weight 5'3" | 130 lbs
Affiliations the wyatt family, firefly funhouse.
Personality elusive, poetic, powerhungry, sadistic.
Appearance blonde, porcelain skin, green eyes, pouty lips, curvy figure.
Likes singing, writing, gardening, overseeing, velvet materials, whiskey.
Dislikes mortals, ignorance, being made to feel inferior, tight spaces.
hear my sinner's prayer. Alignment a neutral evil character does whatever she can get away with. she is out for herself, pure and simple. she sheds no tears for those she kills, whether for profit, sport, or convenience. she has no love of order and holds no illusion that following laws, traditions, or codes would make her any better or more noble. on the other hand, she doesn't have the restless nature or love of conflict that a chaotic evil villain has. some neutral evil villains hold up evil as an ideal, committing evil for its own sake. Most often, such villains are devoted to evil deities or secret societies. neutral evil beings consider their alignment to be the best because they can advance themselves without regard for others. neutral evil is the most dangerous alignment because it represents pure evil without honor, and without variation.

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Characters: sister abigail montgomery. ▹ she who guides them home.
Verses: world wrestling entertainment; don\'t fret. always open to x-overs.
Playbys: partially selective— prefers literate inquiries only.
Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Open, Wrestling,
Member Since:August 08, 2020

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About me:
Who I'd like to meet:
Sister Abigail

could you pull me out of this alive?

The pinnacle of one's absolution; the freedom they seek. A woman who has lived through many decades with a series of faces and stylish flair. Her loyalty has rested within Bray Wyatt The Fiend and his allies for many years, watching over them in hopes that they would continue her wrath and envy towards mortal kind. She serves as a loyal guide, a voice of reason to the lost and the broken. Many still assume that she is long since passed after her being burned at the stake many moons ago by angry mortals, though, this is not the case. She remains unseen by those who detest her cause, roaming within the shadows in hopes that her loyal followers will seek her out once more, continue to listen to her wandering voice in times of need. full history Abigail Montgomery, born to Jonathan, a dedicated beer salesman, and Marianne Montgomery, a pianist. Their little girl, jubilant and full of optimism, was ever-so insistent on making a name for herself. With such a celestial demeanor and angelic presence, many a man would fall to her feet in hopes of catching her gaze. However, Abigail did not busy herself with the attention of romantic hopefuls. Instead, she worked hard to commit to her crafts; including poetry, singing, and performing. She was a natural at all of them, much to the surprise of her parents, and they did everything in their power to ensure that Abigail had the most fulfilling upbringing that she could possibly have. However, it was no secret that her father's drinking habits were slowly spiraling out of control. It seemed to become the primary topic in conversation whenever it came to Abigail, and eventually, things took a turn for the worst. Her mother fled completely, unable to put up with his abusive behavior any longer and left poor Abigail to fend for herself, much of which she could barely tolerate. With their relationship strained, Abigail was compelled to allow her own world to crumble, doing whatever she could to make ends meet and eventually leading her to become a madam at a local brothel for several months. These would become some of the most excruciating months of her entire life, slowly but surely losing her sense of passion and drive to achieve her goals. This would all seem to shift, on one fateful night. just a holy fool. Her father had gone too far, put the final nails into the coffin once he'd found out about Abigail's career, to the point where he'd essentially put her entire life in danger. And in a moment's breath, something miraculous had happened to her - a rush of power, the ability to completely dismantle someone in a matter of seconds. With just the flick of her hand, her own father had met an untimely death, one of scorching flames and burning heat. Something had went off like a switch within that mind of hers, and that sweet, broken woman had felt a sudden desire to take her life back into her own hands. Sensuous, beautiful and deadly, Abigail had once again become the name on everyone's lips, a woman who devoured the attention of those around her and made heads turn in an instant. A decorated performer, an alluring siren, many begged and pleaded to be in her presence. She had told them of her insatiable want to create a new world, one of pure harmony for all in existence, and many had taken those words to heart, desperate to help her vision become a reality. However, not everyone could see the purity that still resided within Abigail. In fact, once rumors had spread of Abigail's potential abilities, many had become infuriated, failing to find any acceptance within their hearts for someone whom they presumed was a monster. On the night of August 18th, 1926, Abigail had been abducted from her home and burned alive at the stake by vicious mortals, forced to witness the celebration of their crimes before her life had been stolen once again. The other side; nothingness, darkness forever. judas is the demon i cling to. March 10th, 2012. Risen from the Earth and soil once again, the day of resurrection. After decades of committing her power in the afterlife to bringing herself back into the mortal world, she had finally accomplished her mission, but this would not come without an extensive amount of grief and trauma left behind by the humans who'd killed her. It had brought upon her unshakable rage and even a new goal — to destroy the mortal race and take it over for herself completely, but whether Abigail liked it or not, she could not do it alone, not without help. As if the Gods above could hear her plea, it would be just ten days later that Abigail would encounter a man by the name of Windham Rotunda, and although she had been initially hostile with him at first, he did not fear the power that she possessed. A man desperate for absolution who had allowed her the privilege of confiding in him about her past life and to be met with no judgement in return; she could hardly believe it. It was then that Abigail knew that he had been bestowed upon her, something that she could shape and mold into the perfect carrier for her message while she remained in the safety of the shadows. With their bond strengthening by the day, Abigail would pronounce him as Bray Wyatt, a blood pact made between them that would tie them together until the end of time itself. From there on, she would monitor Bray and help him to recruit able bodies willing to spread their message, creating the Wyatt Family compound together and providing a shelter to the lost and the broken - of course, not without a price. It had become Abigail's world to tame entirely with everyone else simply a cog in her grand machine. Ultimate power. personality Abigail is a complex character, one that most often find difficult to read. She is initially a kind and gentle spirit, one that is willing to offer her services and guidance to whomever needs it. However, once she is given indication that the person she encounters is in opposition of her message, she will immediately compare them to most mortals she's encountered and become vengeful. She feeds off of loyalty and is willing to string along anyone that buys into her words, regardless of who they are. Though she is not an active competitor within the wrestling world, her presence continues to remain felt, a dark shadow casted high above to consume all that lurks within it. She is very musically inclined, having been taught to sing and play piano by her own mother. Abigail has a tendency to be naive due to her overall disregard towards the modern times, thus igniting a sense of stubbornness in her system.
i was like you once. scared, broken, full of rage. and then, my rage became my greatest power, the very thing that would eventually lead me into becoming a matriarch towards the lost and the fragile. ask yourself - is your pain really worth it if you're not making something out of it?

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𝚂𝚘𝚞𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚗 𝙶𝚎𝚗𝚝

Sep 14th 2020 - 8:15 PM

Well, well.

You’re a bit livelier than the usual but I suppose we shall make do…

My name is Tobias Lawton. You may call me ‘Bias should the aforementioned not be sufficient. And you are? A question I admit I am not used to asking but seeing how you don't seem to have an accompanying toe-tag. Or do you?

daddy deville.

Sep 6th 2020 - 11:14 PM

me when we polish off a bottle of whiskey, even though
we weren't supposed to drink any in the first place but that's
my favorite thing to drink to get wasted with you so we just
eep drinking all night anyway after eating an ungodly amount
of your homemade pasta also while i'm trying not to look at
all the things hanging up on your wall that are your form of
decoration because i swear one time i saw something looking
at me with three heads and four eyes but that really could
have been the whiskey talking because i honestly hate that
god damn sh*t but i drink it with you.

and i realize that was one of the longest run-on sentences in the history of literature, but deal with it, abs.
daddy deville.

Sep 3rd 2020 - 3:19 PM

(iMessage sent —> Abigail): sos
(iMessage sent —> Abigail): my head feels like it’s cracking in half
(iMessage sent —> Abigail): no more whiskey ever again

Aug 31st 2020 - 3:17 AM

« baise garçon »

Aug 18th 2020 - 12:07 AM

Bonjour! Je suis Xavier de Rosnay.
It is a pleasure to meet you.

Thank you for adding/accepting me.
I am terrible when it comes to
greetings so I will get straight
to the point before I end up
rambling. I would love to get
a storyline going with you.

I am open to discussion or we
can just dive in and build
the story up as we go along.
Either route works for me so
I will leave the choice to you.

Hope to hear back from you
soon! Take care till then.

Aug 12th 2020 - 2:15 PM

Hello there new friend, My name is Salem Levesque or simply Brie / Angel
since both are short names for my two middle names lmao. I know - - long name.
Anyway, I would love to discuss with you at some point when you are free to do so.
I am a multi-para, para and Novelist so anything works except for semi or anything lower than
semi especially.  Okay welp I hope to hear back from you soon, thanks.
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