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Found my love interest:Warrior Princess⚔️ All others are friend zoned. Past lives are different character, no one comes before her. Looking for other connections now.

32 years old

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September 17 2020

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GeneralGabrielle used to be a huge fan of walking staves. She has since taken up daggers and other weapons as means of protection. She tends to like her hair short. She is not too keen on anything slimy but would do anything with or for Xena. She is Queen of the Amazons, so the Amazons are definitely near the top of her list. At the very top though, no one can take the place of her family, Xena or Eve.
MusicNow Gabrielle loves to dance (as was seen in "Tale of Two Muses.") Musical taste are more instrumental than sung. Although hearing Xena singing could stop her heart in a moments notice. She does love to sing sometimes when she is alone or with Xena. She uses a lot of moves when she fights that are reminiscent of dance moves these days.
MoviesMovies? Gabrielle doesn't really watch movies. She is not from this time. When she is brought into the future. That version of her watches mostly tear jerkers which annoys Xena sometimes, but she doesn't care about that really.
BooksGabrielle doesn't read books. She reads scrolls. She loves reading and rereading her journeys with Xena more than anything. In the future, she actually becomes a professor at a college teaching Mythologies.
Heroes Xena has always been her number one hero. She has learned a lot from her and becomes a great warrior after Xena dies. Although Xena is always with her even in spirit. Now Gabrielle does find away to bring her back. Though it does take years for her to do it. She remains determined to find a way that the others wouldn't have to pay for it. Instead, she offers her own soul to the other side in order to return things the way that they should have been.

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Orientation: Bi
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:No Answer
Status:In a relationship
Member Since:August 05, 2020

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About me:
So one day, Gabrielle was helping her mother with the chores in the house when she heard a commotion outside. She stopped what she was doing and walked over to the window. She saw her sister being dragged by some brutes. Being the kind of sister that she was, she dropped what she was doing. She ran out and started a conversation with one of them. She tried to convince them that they wouldn't make very good slave. Of course she got dragged into the mix.
Who I'd like to meet:
That is when she met Xena for the first time. She wouldn't admit it back then, but she could feel the air from her lung catch in her throat when the beautiful woman saved them. She had never in her life saw a woman more beautiful or strong as the mysterious warrior princess.

While Xena was gathering her things as she was asked to leave, Gabrielle stuck around wanting to get to know more about her. She wanted her to take her with her and teach her everything that she knew. Well she assumed that she just didn't want her getting hurt, but she had to follow her even when she specifically told her not to.

On the way to Xena's hometown, Gabrielle ran into a blind cyclops who was blood thirsty for the warrior woman. Once she let it slip that she knew her, she knew exactly what to say when he wanted to eat her. Therefore she escaped quite easily.

While in Amphipolis, Gabrielle and Xena start to open upto a friendship especially while the warrior princess is standing over her brother's sarcophagus. She tells her that she is not alone which showed a sign of happiness inside her friend at her remark.

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Warrior Princess ⚔️

Sep 13th 2020 - 8:58 PM

Xena chuckles some at Gabrielle's words. "I'm so bad,you say." A small smirk appears on her face as she looks at Gabrielle. "I didn't realize how red you got before." She tells her.
Warrior Princess ⚔️

Sep 3rd 2020 - 2:20 PM

A small smile appears on her face as she looks at Gabrielle. "I can help you use your hands." She says as she looks at her. "I know you would like that." She says to her.
Warrior Princess ⚔️

Aug 29th 2020 - 2:43 PM

Xena gives a small nod of her head. "Sounds like a plan to me." She says to her."Do you need my help?" She asks her as Xena looks at Gabrielle for a moment. "You know I could always help you out." She winks at her.
Warrior Princess ⚔️

Aug 25th 2020 - 3:45 PM

Xena smirks some at Gabrielle before speaking. "Think I will use my hands." She tells her. Where was the fun in using a rod? Xena is good with her hands, they are almost like a weapon. She isn't afraid to use her hands or even get them dirty. 
Warrior Princess ⚔️

Aug 22nd 2020 - 2:50 PM

A small smirk appears on her face as she looks at Gabrielle. " actually sounds like a good idea right about now." She says as she looks over at her companion.
Warrior Princess ⚔️

Aug 19th 2020 - 3:26 PM

Xena looks over at Gabrielle before giving her a small nod. "I am already happy." She looks over at Gabrielle. Xena wraps her arm around Gabrielle. She rests her head on Gabrielle.
Warrior Princess ⚔️

Aug 16th 2020 - 4:25 PM

Xena takes in the words escaping Gabrielle's lips. She tilts her head slightly to the side as she looks at her. She clears her throat some. "So you've been in love with me since the moment you have met me?" She asks as she clarifies some. Xena looks at Gabrielle before speaking. "I know that must have taken some courage to say the things you have.' she states as she looks at her more. 'Yes,Gabrielle I will be yours "
Warrior Princess ⚔️

Aug 15th 2020 - 9:05 AM

"I take it that you are both nervous and somewhat afraid?" She asks her as she looks over at Gabrielle. "Are you afraid that I am going to judge you or something among those lines?" Xena isn't going to stop questioning Gabrielle any time soon. "Is there something going on?" She asks her as she nibbles on her lip some.
𝖘𝖐𝖊𝖑𝖊𝖙𝖆𝖑 𝖗𝖔𝖘𝖊

Aug 8th 2020 - 8:55 PM

Livia was a force to be reckoned with. Destroying those who refused to pay tribute to her legion, She killed them. Slaughtering them with dogs with no remorse in her eyes. Only anger, let alone, wanting power of the weak. She thrived on the victory of anyone who feared her. Those who tried to fight back, merely impressed the Roman leader. Livia wasn't ever in the mood for games, If you refused to obey and or chose to follow in the hands of Eli's word, would be killed on the spot. She didn't care, it was as if, she didn't have a heart. Livia was evil and enjoyed it, a little too much. Following in her mother's footsteps, she made sure the reign on all good would cease to not exist. With Xena's evil side and the darkness of Callisto foreshadowing her. At this point of time, Livia was untouchable, or so, she thought. In her eyes her mother's reputation was being tossed underground. She kept hearing stories about how Xena was this powerful warlord then turned good. But, the only mother who she sees to be hers, in Rome. She didn't care about anyone or anything, just as long as she was respected and or feared. Nothing could bring her down.

Next, Livia took on the Amazons. Her army attacked at dawn, killing those who tried to fight back. The rest, well, she would sell them into slavery. She could tell by looking into their eyes that they were not timid, but, yet, they were disgusted by her rage. All Livia did was smile, and ordered the troops to take them away. A long time ago, she was in this very spot, As Varia attempted on stabbing her from behind. As Livia's sword drew a young amazon came into play to protect the next. It was Varia's younger sister. Without any firm hesitation, Livia shook her head, giving that sly little smirk that she used very well and killed her. Blood splatters everywhere, as if she were standing up close. Livia looked down at Varia, then walked away. Who knows what truly happened to her. But, who cares. Livia had a name to live by, she was the Bitch Of Rome and nothing nor, anyone would ever stand her way. Those who tried, well, they met the ends of her blade, and their bodies resting in the soil to rot for all eternity with no burial ground. She felt as if they didn't even deserve that.

Livia continued on, making her mark everywhere she went. Leaving nothing but destruction and chaos everywhere she left and touched. Like her mother, she could always tell when someone was watching, yet, for some reason, She didn't mind. Who would ever be dumb enough to take her on, all who had, died within seconds of trying. Such a waste. Yet, she had always dreamed of having someone who could really take her on, no holds bard. Livia was well aware of those true warlords out there who fought for what they believed in then perished. Apparently, those people were weak and they couldn't handle the deed that needed to be done. Livia was well ready, with not with her army, she was well prepared to handle it all on her own. She was content with that. Besides, everyone else would just be getting in her way, so why not. Livia has heard tales of the Warrior Princess herself. She was in deed, impressed but soon became a major eye roller of her good side. When she heard about the death of the Warrior Princess and the Battling Bard, too a point she was upset, she would of loved to of killed Xena herself. As of now, Livia wished her a happy death in the great beyond of wherever she went off too.

"BURN IT ALL DOWN!" Livia demanded, with her hands held firmly on her hips, the smell of wood burning was her favorite thing. And killing was her favorite sport. As many innocent people were locked in houses then set on fire, for those who tried to escape and or tried to attack Livia, they too died of tragic deaths. With blood coating her sword she continued to look on, as the flames danced within her hues, She pushed the biggest smile across her lips, this was something she enjoyed, the sounds of screams and hands busting through the windows, as bars held them in, the screams soon echoed through the air as Livia walked over, head tilted to the side as she looked on, slowly stepping closer as hands began to reach out for her, she was just inches away, but, remained out of reach. Livia rested her sword down by her side.. "May you all rot in hell and tell Xena, that I said hello" She spoke in a tone that no one could ever forget. As she soon walked away from the carnage that she and her army bestowed upon the innocent as she walked back and stood where she was standing beforehand as she enjoyed the sounds of the screams and the flames reaching up into the night's sky, as if they were touching the stars from above.
Warrior Princess ⚔️

Aug 7th 2020 - 4:43 PM

Xena heads over to Gabrielle, excited to see what was written down. She leans down as she looks at Gabrielle then at the writing. Xena gulps for a moment before clearing her throat and speaking some. "Gabrielle .." she starts off. "Is this true?" She asks her.
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