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GeneralThough there was no attempt to hide the fact that Betelgeuse was not meant to be a nice character, even the heroes who summoned him knew that he was, pretty much, a demon. Despite his malicious nature, Beetlejuice also acted as a benefactor of sorts to the heroes. He was still used as a force of (relative) good, as his chaos was directed largely at a group of human antagonists, though he was still rude, obnoxious, and hostile towards the heroes as well. He shows an interest in Lydia during most of the movie, and at nearly the end of this movie, he tries to force her into marrying him to fulfill a contract. He almost succeeds until he is stopped by Adam and Barbara Maitland, as well as a sandworm.
MusicBeetlejuice used advertisements (such as flyers, business cards and a commercial, where he said some questionable things about chewing and swallowing) to get the Maitlands to hire him as a "bio-exorcist" to rid their house of the Deetzes. They thought it was odd that the business card and flyers contained no address or phone number. The Maitlands summon him when they learn that he can be summoned if his name is said 3 times in a row. Things go bad when Beetlejuice starts scaring the Deetzes in ways that seriously harm them, and even worse, plans to marry Lydia as his way of "escaping" the Neitherworld so he can wreak further havoc. Fortunately, saying his name 3 times can also be used to get rid of him. In the end, Beetlejuice ends up in the waiting room for the deceased, where he is last in a long line. Beetlejuice gets his comeuppance when he steals the Witch Doctor's ticket, then makes a boastful remark. The Witch Doctor sprinkles some powder on Beetlejuice, which causes his head to shrink. However, Beetlejuice, with his higher voice on account of this, remarks this may look good for him in a supposed underwear modeling gig.
MoviesBeetlejuice differs from his film counterpart, as he is more of an anti-hero, but still retains much of his dishonest ways. Actually, this is the least of his problems; according to Lydia, he "hasn't changed" since the day he met her, as made obvious by how filthy he tends to get (and prefers to be), and how annoyed he gets with the fact he has the same problem as he did in the film: when he wants to leave the Neitherworld, he can only enter the Outerworld partially, unless someone calls him there by saying "Betelgeuse" 3 times. Also, you don't have to say it quickly, or really in a row. Proved by the fact that Adam interrupts Barbara when saying Beetlejuice 3 times. Unfortunately for him, sending him back is done in the same fashion. He really likes to eat bugs (Especially beetles, which may be why his name is Beetlejuice. [It might make more sense if his name is Beetleblood]).
TelevisionHis favorite activities include pulling pranks and scamming people, though as the series goes on, we learn that his most frequent prank victims - his neighbors and Lydia's parents - are individuals of whom he's secretly rather fond of. He rarely pranks Lydia herself; he cares for her above any other person, and will often go to great lengths to ensure her safety, well-being, and happiness. (This contrasts with Beetlejuice's interactions with Lydia in the movie, in which he forces Lydia to marry him as a condition for agreeing to help the Maitlands regain their non-exorcised, non-decaying forms.)
BooksBeetlejuice is able to fly and walk through walls like most ghosts do, but also possesses a variety of magic powers, which he usually uses to transform himself, Lydia, his surroundings, and/or other people. He often uses this power to make visual puns and jokes. (A few examples: when he says he'll train someone, he'll turn into a train and run over the person he said he'd train. When he says he's tired, he'll turn into a tire. On one occasion, he says "This literal translation stuff slays me", which causes giant letters reading "Literal Translation Stuff" to fall from the sky and crush him.) Sometimes, he can use these powers to make himself a "Master of Disfiguring Disguises". When he says to Lydia "Okay, you be the judge of that.", he transforms her clothes into a judge's robe and wig for a few seconds. Despite his bad habit of acting stupid he seems to be, as Miss Shapen said, "A Regular Albert 'Slimestine'!" He's chemically inclined, due to the fact he was champion stinkbomb maker for at least a half-century straight with his childhood chemistry set, and in later years made the "New U" cologne. His sense of humor also gives BJ an edge with every thing he does, scam or not, plus it helps him "crack himself up" when "frozen stiff" in fear. Having been around for centuries, Beetlejuice has caught every ailment from Black Plague to Werewolf Disease (claims to still be recovering from that one), giving him a stong immune system (if being dead didn't do that on his own) and aside the extra serious Neitherworld ailments that weaken him, BJ can re-summon some diseases at will... he even makes sure to always carry a case of the common cold with him, resurfaced by blowing his nose harder then usual, which used to create a computer "virus" on Scourge while trapped in cyberspace (Vidiots).
Heroes Powers and abilities Reality warping Invulnerability Levitation / Flight Regeneration Shapeshifting Teleportation (Himself and others) Can conjure / summon objects Possession Can mimic people's voices Ventriloquism Telekinesis

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Orientation: Straight
Body type:Average
Education:No Answer
Occupation:Bio-Excorcist and A Ghost in Both Worlds
Characters: Beetlejuice
Verses: Beetlejuice 1988 and Beetlejuice Animated Series
Playbys: Michael Keaton and Stephen Ouimette
Length: One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Cartoon, Comedy, Fantasy, Humor, Movie, Television,
Status: Married
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About me:
Name: Beetle Juice Profile: Self-Proclaimed "Ghost With the Most." Status: Deceased Catchphrase(s): "It's Showtime!" Identified by: Intolerably rank body odor; angry mob usually in pursuit Beetlejuice is the epitome of antiheroism. He's a snake-in-the-grass, a real stinker, a professional liar, and he cheats at anything and everything. He'd send his own grandmother to NeitherNeitherLand if there was a cash reward involved. But we love him anyways. Let's face it: Beetlejuice is cool. His clothes beat out any other outfit I've ever seen on any other cartoon, and he was wearing his hair long way before that was the cool thing for guy 'toons to do. He's as (if not more) powerful than a certain Semi-Phenomonal, Nearly-Cosmic Being, and he was saying "Show me the money!" long before that guy in that one movie was. And--I'll say it--he's not bad-looking, for a corpse.

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Who I'd like to meet:
Beetlejuice is a very rude, crude, and perverted ghost. He also gets a little crazy at times. Though he seems fun on screen, it is clear he is not a pleasant person to have around in real life, as he constantly invades people's personal space (even to the point of sexual harassment), does disgusting things like spitting in his own coat and makes rather rude gestures. Also, he likes to use, well, unpopular words. Not only that, he seems to love to scare people out of their pants and pull pranks on them. He also seems to be quite selfish, as his main goal in the movie is to lift his curse and escape no matter who gets hurt in the process. He has the attitude of a sleazy used car salesman. Ironically, he is a corpse who eats insects, including flies and beetles. Beetlejuice could be 600 years old as derived from his line after scaring the Deetzes as a snake implied “I'm feeling a little anxious, if you know what I mean, It's been about 600 years.” Although his age has never been officially confirmed this line could be the best approximation of his age, which would make his birth at the time of the movie somewhere around mid 1300 A.D if he died in his 30’s.

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he's only 2 years old he shouldn't be thinking about that

remember the pic i said that i made that pink dress for clare it's after the one i told you about a plan
Lydia Married to Beej

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Yeah i don't know we never had to deal with this before
Lydia Married to Beej

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Yeah i don't know we never had to deal with this before
Lydia Married to Beej

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Ok but if i fall asleep you sit on your dads lap cause if i wake up i would scare you
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Ok turns the tv on to a non scary movie puts you on dads lap
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Ok turns the tv on to a non scary movie puts you on dads lap
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Why don't we watch a non scary movie as a family
Lydia Married to Beej

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Yeah strange and usual love birds laughs
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Yeah we have a few videos of us together
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Yes it is
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