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Watch your step

Full Name Thomas Camper
Pronunciation Tom-us, Cam-per.
Nickname/Alias Tommy, Tom.
Meaning Greek form of the Aramaic name תָּאוֹמָא (Ta'oma') meaning "twin". In the New Testament this is the name of an apostle.
Origin In England the name was introduced by the Normans and became very popular due to Saint Thomas Becket, a 12th-century archbishop of Canterbury and martyr. It was reliably among the top five most common English names for boys from the 13th to the 19th century, and it has remained consistently popular to this day.
Title None.
Pet Name Little Tom.
Signature His handwriting is quite quick and sketchy. Like he writes things in a rush.
Gender He is male.
Gender Role He generally acts masculine.
Orientation Thomas is bisexual: relating to, or characterized by a tendency to direct sexual desire toward both sex.
Age 24 years old.
Birthday August 6th, 1996
Birthplace San Francisco, California, USA.
Zodiac Sign Leo - People born under the sign of Leo are natural born leaders.

Species Human.
Ethnicity Caucasian
Blood Type His blood type is A-positive.
Preferred Hand He is right-handed.
Eye Color Soft Brown.
Hair Color Dirty brown.
Occupation He is a Pet-Co employee.

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Characters: T. Camper || LGBT + friendly
Verses: Real Life || Mild hints of criminology and mafia with crossovers being highly welcomed.
Playbys: WARNINGS APPLY: may contain triggering themes.
Length: Multi Para, Novella
Genre: Crime, Crossover, Custom, Horror, Humor, Supernatural,
Member Since:July 15, 2020

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Sleepless in Seattle

we were born sick, you heard them say it.
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Thomas R. Camper

It wasn't an accident. That would imply I would have done it differently if I had a second chance.


Thomas is a quiet, soft-spoken parkourist with a surprisingly clumsy disposition and sheepish nature. He prefers the company of his mother and pet tarantula he has affectionately named Sabrina. Among the clutter he attempts to hide emotionally, there is a dark secret behind name change documents and a shaken demeanor. It revolves around the death of a dangerous man: John Davenport.

Casey R. Davenport was born on a warm Saturday, August 6th. He was raised in California under an abusive roof. Between a very strong spoken father (John Davenport) and the man's unabashed leadership with heavily questionable people, Casey and his mother, Lisa lived in a constant state of fear of the man. On a clear mid-April Monday morning, John Davenport was found dead in his home, head caved in and body left mangled at the bottom of the stairs. Lisa and her eight-teen-year-old son Casey were missing.

It's no secret among a rather dangerous cartel that Casey murdered his father in aims to protect his mother during her violent beating and in "good graces" offered safe protection and relocation under the circumstances that Casey and his mother would be in their debt. At the time, Lisa and her son saw no other way out and took the offer that would further ensnare them into John's world. They opted for name changes in hopes to better their life. All this became was a hopeless cosmetic to them.

Living as April and Thomas Camper, Casey struggles with his mother to pay back these people and has learned the hard way what happens should they miss a payment.

You treat a person like an animal,
don't be surprised if you get bitten.
< < x > >


Some deem Thomas socially awkward with strange habits that include his struggle to maintain eye contact and fidgety mannerisms. It's small manners like theses that highlight his social anxiety and suggest his abusive upbringing. While his part-time job at Petco has helped him in this front, he is more relaxed with the animals his customers bring in than the customers themselves. Regardless of the tension that is induced by people, Thomas is rather polite and gently sarcastic at times.

Animals are honest.
It's rare to find that in a
< < person. > >

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