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Aug 2nd 2020 - 2:54 PM

It almost seemed like ataxia of emotions riding a dangerous roller-coaster of turmoil since Wesley had broken Faith out of prison to save Angel from his alter ego, Angelus. She had originally gotten the sh*t beat out of her by The Beast; a demon that could only be killed by his own skin – something Angelus had figured out before she could. A feeling of incapacity filled the mind of the slayer in that moment. She didn’t feel worthy to even be given the title. To her, all she was … was just an ignorant bystander. Never she should had been given the title. However, her feeling changed when she fooled the brute into turning her into a vampire – a chance Faith was willing to take. Injecting herself with Orpheus, she knew the risks. Left in a stupor in the mind of Angel’s memories of trying to be good, fighting off Angelus’ strange persona of being trapped inside the hero. Now, she was ready to die; just like the time she had begged Angel to kill her. Yet, deep down, she never wanted to. She was always a survivor. From watching Angel go to the lowest points of his life with a soul, Faith couldn’t help but feel there was something much different. Even with a soul, there was a point Angel gave into the temptation of human blood. It took so much for him to find a calling – which, was being a champion and helping the helpless. And when Angel regained the upper hand in their mind melt with Angelus, his words allowed the slayer to pull through another coma; something she was beginning to become accustomed to. Springing into action to save Angel from his own son killing him. Also, whopping his ass not only once, but twice. Realizing she was much stronger than she could fathom.

With the help of Willow and her magic, they were able to fight off the master of The Beast and reinstall Angel’s soul. Plus, Fred calling Willow was a great strategy as well since she was the only one still alive to have done so. So, Wesley and Fred had it all planned without telling each other. Plus, it was good to see a familiar face besides Wes’ and Cordy’s. Ones she had tortured; another regret of her own. Something she had hoped they’d forgive her for at some point. Maybe.

However, this was the point everything had changed. Willow’s expression when she saw Angel and her only gave the gut feeling something was wrong. “It’s …”



Both Angel and Faith knew in their gut whom she was going to mention. It was no secret.

“We need ya Faith; we need the true slayer.”

“Whoa, I ain’t the true slayer. Can’t ya’ll do some resurrection spell or somethin’? I’m not a leader, by all means.”

"I think you are,” mentioned Connor.

“Kid, this doesn’t concern ya. Plus, I know you got some silly little crush, that ain’t secret. Definitely your father’s son. But, you’re not my type. So, again, I’m not a leader.”

“You are Faith, you’re ready for this,” spoke Angel.

“I mean, that’s cool and all, but I’ve spent the last few years locked up.”

“Yes, but you did just come out of a heavy dose of Orpheus, princess. You should be dead right now. You even got to the verge, buttercup," Lorne countered.

“Does he always use pet names?”

“Yes,” several of the Angel Investigation crew yelled.

“Look, ya’ll I’m flattered but …”

Before Faith could finish, Willow cut her off, “Faith, there’s a prophecy, you see, you’ve been the real slayer since Kendra died. Buffy … Buffy was just lucky. You’re the slayer that is going to make the difference and save the world. Plus, some big bad, is out there killing innocents. We need you. We can’t fight this fight without you. Look, there isn’t any hard feels to what happened in the past with me. I’ve gone all grrrrr scary too; even filleted a guy.”

“Damn, Red. Never would of saw that in you. Sorry you tasted darkness. But, like Angel says, we do have cookies on the redemption side. Oh, and he offers hugs.”

“No, I don’t.”

Faith bit her lip and crooked her head to the side, laughing. “Guess, I’m in, let me just say by to tall dark and broody here.”

Willow nodded, “Next time Angel loses his soul, call me first.”

“Thank you, Willow. Glad you were able to come at such a short notice,” Fred mumbled in her Texas accent.

“I’m seeing someone.”

Fred didn’t know how to react, and Faith couldn’t help but to laugh. “Alrighty then, Red, we leavin’?”

“Yes, right.”

Holding the door open for Willow, Faith followed her to her car. “Nice wheels, Will.”

“Oh, thanks. Nothing special really.”

“So, what’s goin’ on? Now that you mention someone killing potential slayers and Buffy got the boot; kinda makes me wish someone would have told me in prison … cuz someone tried to gut me, Red.”

“Oh, we kinda thought since you were in the big house that you’d been safe there.”

Rolling her eyes, “Right.”

The rest of their trek was about Willow turning to the dark side; Faith was still stunned. She never thought Willow would go evil; but the world was always full of surprises. It seemed like Willow and Faith had a myriad of things in common with one another – tasting the darkness, the first, loosing hope, and much more. Amid their trek, right before they entered Sunnydale, Willow slammed on the breaks … pulling the car to an abrupt stop. Willow got out of the driver’s seat and rushed over to the girl in the middle of the road.

Getting out of the car, “Definitely back in SunnyD.” Rushing over to the girl, Faith helped Willow put her in the back seat of the car.

“We need to get her to the ER.”

It took roughly ten minutes to reach the Emergency Room; Faith carried the poor unconscious girl through the double doors.
“Help, we need help!” The girl was dripping blood all over the floor and onto Faith’s clothes. One of the intake nurses pushed the emergency button and two men with a stretched came to their rescue. Running her back to surgery and then the ICU; Willow and Faith stood outside the room.

“Think I’m gonna go asking questions. Hit the graveyard or something. I can’t stay here, Will. Hospitals and I don’t mix well.”

“What if she wakes up, someone’s gotta be here.”

“You can stay, Willow. I need to blow off some steam or something. Maybe I’ll go say hi to the runt.”

“Be nice, Dawn has lost a lot. Her mother, now Buffy.”

“Damn, Mrs. Summers … wish I could have said that I was sorry. She was the nicest too me at first. Specially, that one Christmas.”

“Just be careful, Faith.”

“I will.”
Thirteen Skadoo

Jul 31st 2020 - 7:52 PM

The jungle air was heavy with the smell of vegetation and moisture. The double stars beat down on the canopy, the heat causing steam to rise from the underbrush. The afternoon stillness interrupted by laser fire. The birds fly up in a vail of rainbow colors as a woman comes crashing by their tree.

The woman had short blonde locks that currently were sticking to her from the humidity. Her clothes were of an odd variety as she had allowed a child to pick them out for her from a charity shop. Which was indeed what happened, except she was the child in question. She wore brown work boots with peeking blue socks, short blue trousers with yellow braces, a blue shirt with a rainbow graphic, and a light blue raincoat with rainbow trim.

Orange laser beams came over her head again hitting the tree she had been standing next to. She turned to look her hazel eyes were wide. “Bit close for comfort.” She said to herself, “Come on Doctor, keep up.” She said as she started to run again. In her arms, she was hugging a large brown book close to her chest.

Some steps away was a blue police box, that was sitting unassumingly in the jungle. As the woman known as the Doctor came close the doors opened and she flew into the space that was larger on the inside than the out. This was her ship known as the Tardis. The control room echoed the natural world the walls were patterned with hexagons was like a canopy of a forest. There were several large orange crystals that surrounded the room that had trunks like trees and bobbing finger extensions that marched in time with the crystal that gyrated in the center of the control console. The control console filled with dials, switches, and time turners. Steam came up over the control console which works as monitors when the light was projected on it.

She tossed the big book onto the control console and started to dance around it. She pulled up the outside cameras across the hexagon wall. Orange laser blasts started flaring and fizzing against the Tardis shields. “Wow, they are fast.” She remarked wiping the sweat from her brow. “Time to go.” She said as she pulled a lever with a flourish. The Tardis started to wheeze and tremble, and just as the blue box started to dematerialize a purple humanoid that was wearing a loincloth came from behind one of the trees and hit the ship again with an orange laser beam from a stick he was holding. Causing the ship to spin hard.

The Doctor yelped and held on as the Tardis violently spun and shook. Within moments she could not hold on any longer and slam into one of the crystal pillars. When the spinning stop, the Doctor crawled across the floor and took hold of the book she had taken from the planet. She pulled close and closed her eyes.

She was not sure how long she had been lying there when the cloister bells started to ring in the control room. She opened her eyes, “What’s happening?” She asked as she stiffly pulled herself up putting the book back on the control console. The back of her head was pounding, as she reached back to examine there was some dried blood. Probably from the spin-out, she assumed.

She furrowed her brows looking at the monitors that were projecting from the outside camera still. She was way to close to a giant red star. “That is not good.” She said as she ran around the console, “Turn those bells off!” she shouted at the Tardis, “I can’t think with all that noise.” the Tardis quickly agreed to silence the bells. “Not good, we are caught in a gravity well.” She put her hands on her temples and squeezed her eyes shut. “Come on brains, think.”

A moment clarity hit her, and she opened her eyes, “Oh, oh. Oldie but a goodie.” She said hopping into action. She ran to the back wall pulling open a panel that was full of a variety of things such as a pool noodle, a tent, a deflated canoe, and some random boxes, “I really ought to think about having a clear-out.” She mumbled to herself as she pulled open one of the boxes and dug through it until she found an ancient metal box that was the size of a pack of cards with a switch on it. “There you are.” She smiled.

The Doctor raced back to the console setting the box down and kneeled down and pulled off one of the panels exposing the wiring. She pulled out her steampunk goggles from her pocket and pulled them over her eyes as she started clipping wires and attaching them to the switch. “Ok, that should just about do it. Not going to be able to get this back to Gutenberg just yet. But once we’ve landed someplace safe we can worry about that then.” She said to the Tardis. She got on her feet, “You ready?” the Tardis hummed at her. She pulled the toggle switch and grasped tightly onto the console.

The Tardis wheezed as it re-entered the time vortex, within a moment it landed with a hard thud on the outskirt of a London graveyard. She pushed the goggles up on her forehead, “That could have gone worse.” She sighed as she detached the switch from the console. A warning alarm started to flash on the other side of the round console, “You are just trying to distract me.” She said to her ship as she walked around to see what the message was about. “Cyber signal? Are you sure?” she asked as it warning signal changed, “Dalek?” she shook her head and pulled up some diagnostics, “Looks like something has the sensors out of sorts.” She said silencing the alarm, her brow furrowed as she walked to the doors. She opened the police box doors the warm summer breeze flowing over her, she inhaled deeply looking up at the crescent moon. “London,” she sighed, “I really don’t like London something always trying to kidnap me or mug me or blow me up.” She mumbled as she took another deep inhale, “late 20th century with hints of early 21st.” Her nose twitched, “Something is not quite right…can’t quit place my finger on it though.” She said as she stepped out of the blue police box to have a look around.

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