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18 years old
Mcalester, Oklahoma
United States

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June 06 2020

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About me:
Poppy Mcentire was born, December 25th,2001.in McAlester, Oklahoma, She was born a Redhead, Blue-eyed, freckled Face little girl, her mother, Reba Mcentire, Her Father Nick Thompson, as she began to grow older, the mother and father would get into many fights cause of being mean, he would treat the mother badly, but as time grew on he started being around his daughter more, watching her, she was now 8 years old, and Reba and nick got into huge fights, so bad they decided to split and they went to court battling full custody of their daughter, but thanks him having a mafia father. his father had powerful high connections and the judge granted full custody of their daughter to nick, Reba was Desvisted, they came home and the father packed up all their stuff including Poppys, she didn't understand what was going on and then was told, and they hugged then the dad yanked from her arm and as he put her in her seat he turned to Reba and gave her a smug smirk, and they left..they left to New Jersey, where the swamps were, he had bought a run-down house, that was two bedrooms. and one bathroom. So if one of them had to go to the bathroom, they would have to wait..but her father walked in on her, even if she was in there...She was now 15 and began going to high school, she was blossoming into a beautiful young girl and as she hit the age 17, she began dating older guys that had tattoo shops, Giving them pleasure to get tattoos, she had her arms tattooed...When she would spend most of her time away from home, either at the men's house, she dated or at her girlfriend's house, they were like sisters, one night. she got home late and her father grounded her, and as she laid in her room, he started trying something with her and thanks to the tattooed guys, they had taught her through the time of dating them, how to make a hard punch that would do damage to the face, She gave him to socks to the face, breaking his nose and kicked him off the bed, he realized he could no longer do the things he could do to her as he did before, so he got so angry he shipped her back alone without anything she owned and sent her back to her mother's house and when she arrived Reba was shocked to see her, and without any of her stuff and alone. but she brought her in and Reba took nick back to court, this time with a different judge and his father had found out what had happened with his daughter and the things he did, so he told his son, he won't be getting into this one, he'd have to do it on his own, so he went to court and the judge sentenced him to 15 years in prison, Reba won full custody over her while she was 17, so she stayed with her and she continued to hang out with older men and dating Bad boys, As she hit eighteen she told her mother, she decided to go to college, in new york at one of the huge Colleges. and she left arriving at college, she had a male roommate, cause males can room with women at this place, so he was a tattoo guy named, David..once he saw he started flirting with her, here and there. Then one night as they went to sleep, he quietly got into her bed and had his way with her all night..though, she had to get another roommate cause he wouldn't leave her alone, so she moved into the room, with a gothic muscled man, they became good friends, real fast. She had big plump round firm perky breasts, a great big plump round firm ass, blue eyes and red hair, long legs. and white skin...She has begun to do adult modelling and wrote adult stories that she would film with all kinds of different men, She's been successful So far... She is a very loyal and fun-loving person, she does love to drink and party and she is also known to dip into the drugs a bit, She has Oklahoma Accent, being she was born, and semi raised there...She works out and goes to a lot of parties and she attends to giggle, when excited and she loves older men, they attract her the most...She works as a waitress at a famous high-class bar that pays very good money, She is 5.7 and has a curvy body, she loves flowers and bees..hates spiders..haves a fear of spiders...And certain bugs...She loves to play wrestle..and being rough and aggressive in the bedroom area...She Has to meet many famous stars, thanks to being known as Reba Mcentire's daughter. and has partied at famous V.I.P clubs and hanged out with many rock bands and Rappers and heavy metal bands and is very good friends with Marilyn Manson and Rob zombie a few other singers. she is mostly at the bar or doing modelling or some nights, party with Marilyn Manson, or logic...Or other many rapper singers around including Country singers and other types of singers..and continues to do modelling and waitressing at the bar and hanging and partying, making movies.
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