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About me:
Quote: "Drop your weapons and stand down! Killing is beneath me." Function: Defender Tech Specs Strenth:8 Intelligence:8 Speed:6 Endurance:8 Rank:5 Courage:8 Firepower:5 Courage:8 Skill:8 Character Info. Name: Sabreonyx Age: 4.5 Million years old. Gender: Male. Species: Cybertronian. Faction: Former Neutral. Now Decepticon. Original Occupation: Defender of the Cybertronian Forests. Occupation/Specialization: Defender/protector of the Forests of Cybertron. Appearance: Sabreoyx appears to be a 25ft tall robot with a average build, he is also white, gray, and tan colored frame with green colored optics, even in his alternate form. Altmode: Cybertronian Dire Wolf Pertinent History: Sabreoynx was assembled near Iacon by the group called the Neutrals, he is apart of the lower caste of Cybertronians as he main primary function was to protect and guard the forests of Cybertron. While resting against some trees, he had noticed a lone fembot named, Rosa walking along the trails, enjoying the views. Sabreonyx wathced her for the moment until some outcast thugs tried to attack her. Sabreonyx, not liking what he was about to witness, jumped in the conflict, scaring the thugs away. Once they laid eyes upon each other, they instantly fell in love. By the time the Great War had started on Cybertron. Rosa and her family sought refuge upon the Planet, Praxa for those who wanting to escape the war and begin a new life, she had given him a precious amulet for him to keep. It has been sometime since he had heard from her, so he hijacked a private ship and sought her out. However, a solar wind storm knocked him off course as he crashed landed on Earth, around the Viking Age, 793 AD, he remained in stasis until the Decepticons discovered him, misleading him to think that the Autobots were evil and the promised to help him reconnect with his beloved, Rosa. Personality: Sabreonyx is a tranqual, calm robot that distains violence and tries to avoid if he could often times, he would rather break away and spend time with nature alone. He is found of doing monitor duty as he doesn't worry about fighting too much. Sabreonyx is caring and loyal those those he cares about and will go through great lengths not to see them unharmed, no matter the circumstance. Likes: Sabreonyx is found of nature and endures long hikes when he has freetime during the wilderness long Earth as he is nearly found at woodland setting. He feels comfortable when around the wildlife as well. Sabreonyx is also fond of protection nature as best that he can as he wishes for all life to remain unharmed. Dislikes: Sabreonyx distains violence and fighting, only when it comes as a last ditch effort and/or self-preservation, he finds it difficult to function properly when he is too focused on needless conflict. He can use firearms, but chooses not to use them, doesn't trust them. Strengths/Weapons: In his alternate mode, Sabreonyx can track origanic or robotics due to his various tracking sensors, has the ability to leap 8 miles. He is also armed with claws and fangs, that can tear through the toughest of materials. In his robotic form, he also claws and teeth with the same abilities, but his also a exceptional swordsman as well. He is often scene with a sword and shield, which strong and durable, able to slice through the thickest of metals and his shield can block most basic attacks. Weaknesses: Due to his actually nonviolet nature, he is prone to frequent brinary shutdowns if they come overwhelmed with confusion. He is also beholden to Rosa's amulet and he will plead with anyone that takes it from him. Often is a loner by choice as he also yearns to find his beloved, Rosa, which sidetracks him from his assignments. Sabreonyx's reluctance for using firearms and being a frontline fighter, can cause problems with his fellow Decepticons. Special Skills: Sabreonyx has the ability to track and follow organic and robotic scents as soon as he gets their scent, he can track his targets effortlessly when need be. He has the ability to learn things fast, such like his swordmanship for example. Sabreonyx also has a unigue ability to self-repair his frame once he sustained injuries to himself, even life-threating to him, this abilities is something that he tries to keep secret from Megatron. He can speak six different languages, English, Icelandic, Norweigan, Swedish, Finnish, and Danish
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Jul 2nd 2020 14:22

((Thanks for the add. If you ever want to rp or chat let me know.))
Sky [Warped]

Jul 1st 2020 12:21

ooc Thank you for the add/request. I would love to get a story going with you. No rush, whenever you are ready maybe we can discuss and/or I can send a starter. Either way, let me know what works best for you. Thank you again.

-Admin for Sky
𝕃ady 𝕊ound 𝔹arrier(Decepticon)

Jun 30th 2020 23:41

Analyzing the male, Sound Barrier kept her weapon close to her as the mechanical tail behind her moved slightly. Golden optics stared at him only to shake her head as he relayed the message to her. “What does Megatron want with the former Qu….” She fell silent as the memories were ‘gone’ in a way that all that was left was a few images that flashed into her mind. Shaking her helm once again, Sound Barrier sighed a bit only to look back at the sparklings. “I have to keep these children safe. They’re the future of Cybertron afterall. They need me and I have to get them to the shelter nearby. I don’t even have the insignia on my armor like you do.” She stated as she pointed to her chest and shoulders that didn’t have the logo upon her.

Jun 30th 2020 21:54

Raven chuckled happily as she looked at the mech who was questioning her

It was a seeker who deserved to get knocked down a peg or two. Now who are you? I don't think we've met before.

Raven was in mid sentence when her optics happened to glance out the window. The femmes optics widened.

Um....I don't know if that blast rattled me but....what is that coming around bay 6? that?....Is that a giant tenticle?....

Ravens optics then narrowed a bit as she tried to see the creature better.

Yep! Pretty sure....thats a tenticle....are there space Krakens and no one bothered to tell me? Hit the base alarms! Lets move!

Raven shot a look to Sabreonyx to tell him to speed it up, they needed to rally the troops to fight.
Reconnaissance[Decepticon Medic]

Jun 26th 2020 21:23

[ooc; There is nothing wrong with being passionate about something you enjoy. :) ]
Reconnaissance[Decepticon Medic]

Jun 26th 2020 00:18

[ooc; Hehe, that is true. it's always good to have a passion. ^^ ]
Reconnaissance[Decepticon Medic]

Jun 26th 2020 00:18


Quickly grabbing a Praxian who was offline, Reconnaissance threw it around one of the bigger bots only to headbutt this one several times before it went offline. Energon dripped from her face with a grin of dark humor as the Shadow of Iacon enjoyed seeing enemies fall. “Together we are strong! Together we will fight!” Yelling, Reconnaissance threw Dark Drinker towards a seeker that flew towards them only for it to have its wing sliced off. “Personal? Heh, maybe when it’s all done, you could tell me over some energon.” She stated then ran towards the seeker that was scrambling to get away only to meet the same fate as their fallen comrades in the field. 

Looking up towards the sky, a slight annoyance growl escaped her lips as she saw the Praxians make a retreat. Placing Dark Drinker upon her back, Reconnaissance fired up her boosters and quickly took after them in the air. “Not if I can help it.” Words stated towards the other before taking off in flight only to pull the blade back out even if she fired a few rounds from a hidden arm cannon which she called Perfect Paradox. A few blasts were made at the seekers as some air support was shot down. One grunt laid motionless on the ground who was shot as Reconnaissance watched as the army retreated. Growling, she touched the ground only to walk towards the soon to be offline Praxian. “Who sent you…” She asked, walk slowly, walking towards the soldier.

Skywarp =Alliance=

Jun 25th 2020 23:40

Skywarp warped next to Sabreonyx, wiping some of Dirge off of him. " Oh that one got away from me, meh ,he'll live. Sabre! Whats going on? Why are you so stiff? How is it possible ? You make my bro Thundercracker look like a rebellious academy kid in comparison to you. That hurts me right here. " Warp pointed to his own spark. " Don't tell me Megatron because yah I work for him too and nah, no seriousness here. "

Jun 25th 2020 14:07

~Aurora's father Thundercracker taught her a long time ago to never leave home without a weapon.If you didn't need it, great, if you do, you will be happy you brought it. She hides her rifles away in her subspace pocket and smiled at Sabreonyx. She walked with him to the drive and nodded up to him as he asked her if she was ready. Aurora hoped they would find the answers Sabreonyx was looking for. The best case scenario, that the path they were taking lead them to Rosa, the worst case Aurora did not want to think about.~
𝕃ady 𝕊ound 𝔹arrier(Decepticon)

Jun 25th 2020 04:55

With caution in her steps, Sound Barrier slowly approached him only to motion the sparklings to stay put for now. “Yes, what is it that you want?” She asked only to lower her own weapon to the side but still kept it close just in case of being attacked. “Why do you wish to seek refuge? Do you have a motive for being here, Decepticon?” The words Decepticon triggered old memories within her mind chamber of long ago only to make her fall to one knee and grip her head in slight pain. “A-A pleasure I said, I’m Lady Sound Barrier…” She winced in pain only to shake it off and stand once more. Hearing that he wanted to talk personally, Sound Barrier gave him a slight nod only to agree upon the terms. “Fine, but the sparklings will stay with me as I am their guardian. Though what does a Decepticon want with a refugee like me?” She asked as the wind blew between them within the ruins of the Cosmodrome.
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