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About me:

Emrys Merlin

No young man, no matter how great, can know his destiny. He cannot glimpse his part in the great story that is about to unfold. Like everyone, he must live and learn.

None of us can choose our destiny, and none of us can escape it.


Stands Ready

Merlins Realm

I am the last Dragon Lord and it is my sacred duty to protect the last of the dragons

What of the future?.

The Special Ones


The Father I never got to know


My Mother, who gave me up to save me


The man to which I owe so much


The King who is my destiny


The Great Dragon, and friend

The History

Merlin is a multi-faceted figure- Druid, shaman, monk, bard, necromancer, magician, astronomer, youth and old sage. He was also known as a seer and a prophet, and his predictions supposedly always came true. In the legends of Arthur, it is Merlin the sorcerer, court wizard, and prophet who embodies the themes of magic and myth, and who acts as Arthur's principal advisor. It is believed that the story of Merlin originates in legends of a Celtic poet and prophet who lived in the 500's, a man named Myrddin. He lived in what was then a Cymric borderland near the Solway Firth. Fragments of poetry by and about him survive, and a man named Lailoken, a madman and prophet who figures in Scottish legend, may be the same man. Legends of Myrddin recount his creating unrest between British chieftains and causing the Battle of Arfderydd near Carlisle, which was fought in the 570's. As a supernatural punishment, he loses his reason and is sent wandering through the forest of Celidon in the Scottish lowlands.

He has also been described as a wild man of the woods c, 573 AD as mentioned in the Black Book of Carmarthen. This was compiled over a period of years in the latter half of the 13th-century by a single scribe and contains religious poetry, early praise-poems, and prophetic verse belonging to the Merlin cycle.

Merlin first takes literary shape in the writings of Geoffrey of Monmouth in the early 12th century. Geoffrey published some prophecies around 1135 that dealt with British and Welsh affairs over the coming several centuries. He ascribed them to a British prophet named Merlin, and soon afterwards included those prophecies in his History of the Kings of Britain. Geoffrey also wrote a Latin poem entitled Vita Merlini (Life of Merlin). Geoffrey's Merlin is the son of a demon, which had lain with his mother, a nun at Carmarthen in southwest Wales, while she slept. In Geoffrey's History, Merlin is credited with using magic at the request of King Aurelius to help transport from its supposed original site in Ireland to Salisbury Plain.

Medieval legends of Merlin credit him with the birth of Arthur. King Uther Pendragon was smitten by another man's wife, Lady Igraine, and although he wanted to lay with her, she refused. Uther called upon Merlin to help him gain access to the fair lady, and Merlin devised a magical deceit where Uther appeared to Igraine as her own husband. The result of this union was Arthur, and according to Sir Thomas Malory's Tales of King Arthur one of the conditions of Merlin performing this magic for Uther was that he would turn over the child to Merlin to nourish and educate him, to which Uther agreed.

As the stories of Merlin developed through the writings of various poets, he became associated, like Arthur, with places, roots, trees, and other natural magic’s. One of his many magical skills was the ability to change shape. His prophecies were held in great esteem, and commentators endeavoured to make sense of them. Romancers added to the mythology of Merlin by crediting him with the foundation of the Round Table and by giving him a major role in the mysteries of the Grail. Sir Thomas Malory, in his Tales of King Arthur writes how the seer secured Arthur's ascension to the throne by providing the sword in the stone where Arthur can prove himself. In Malory's tales, Merlin creates the Round Table for Uther Pendragon.

Merlin falls in love with Nimuae, (called Nyneve by Malory, also known as Vivienne) with disastrous results. She accompanies Merlin on a journey to learn his magic, though never does consent to be his lover. Although Merlin foresees the tragic end through prophecy he is unable to avert it. Nimuae grows tired of him, and turns one of his own spells against him to imprison Merlin forever in a cave, buried under a great rock. Some retellings of the tale have Nimuae trapping Merlin in a bush or a Hawthorn tree, from which his voice may sometimes still be heard; Tennyson's Idylls of the King is adapted from this version. Different versions of the story have Merlin variously living forever within his confinements, dying, or descending into madness. In the romance, Suite de Merlin Vivienne tricks Merlin into a tomb and forces him to die a slow death upon being sealed within.

Afterwards, Merlin's tomb becomes known as the 'Perron de Merlin' or Stone of Merlin and there the Knights of the Round Table meet to begin their adventures. Thus, even in his withdrawn state, Merlin may be said to influence the activities of the world of Arthur.

There are many tales of Arthur and Merlin; some even contradict each other, so no one really knows the full story, part of the mystery I guess.

My tale

Greetings, I am Merlin, and welcome.

Sent away from my mother, in order to keep me safe, I arrived at the gates of Camelot looking for an old man named Gaius who was to be my guardian and later father figure, having not known mine up till then. He was the Court physician, and a past believer in the old ways of magic.

Now magic was something I had, I was born with it, and as I grew I could perform more and more spells, so much so that it was hard to keep it quiet any longer, especially as King Uther had outlawed it and those found practising it would be severely punished.

I was put to work as Prince Arthur’s manservant, which was not what I had set out to do, but it allowed me to get to know Arthur, the man and thus realise what a great King he would become. According to the Great Dragon, Kilgharrah, who was kept chained deep beneath Camelot, I was sent to help guide Arthur towards Kingship, to protect him and unite the land of Albion again; it was my destiny.

King Uther was a good man at heart, but his view towards magic is what poisoned him, having tragically lost his Queen, Igraine, in childbirth with Arthur. She was unable to conceive, so Uther turned to Gaius to help, who in turn asked those of the old religion. Of course Uther was not told of the price, and to save a life, another must be taken to keep the balance.

Uther had a ward, the Lady Morgana, who was kind and beautiful but later this was to all change.

So welcome to Camelot and let the adventures begin.


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I do not claim to be the person in the photographs. This page is for role play purposes only.

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Merlin's Friends Comments
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Fironna Thovannahel ~FOS~

Sep 26th 2020 - 1:19 PM

Fironna smiled as she swam in the water, it has been a long time since she had felt this free within the depths. But here with Merlin she felt completely free, as he wrapped his fingers around her ankle she almost jumped out of her skin but when she remembered who it was her skin began to tingle at the touch on an area that was not always seen. As he pulled her to a stop she turned to tread water and look at him. 

The movement around them caught her attention as the sun rays caught the silver of the scales of the fish swimming up to them. The fish formed around them, almost a sphere besides the space above them at the surface of the lake. Looking back to warlock before her she felt a little embarrassed that the fish were watching them. Fironna couldn't do anything of the such for him, like the magic he performed for her so instead she placed a kiss upon his lips in the water before kicking up to the surface. 

once she broke the surface her hands reached up and brushed the water and hair back over her head and out of her face. "I have missed our swimming days." 
Fironna Thovannahel ~FOS~

Aug 22nd 2020 - 12:45 PM

Fironna watched as Merlin slipped into nothing but his under leggings, a small shy smile slipped across her lips as she looked away remembering them swing together as children. When she had been caught she had been reprimanded and punished for swimming naked, let alone naked with a servant, now they were free to do as they wished. Taking his offered hand Fironna stepped into the water.

It was chilly, the sudden coolness travelled across her body and rose goosebumps from her skin. Her arms prickled until she became accustomed to the temperature. Her slip clung to her legs as the hem got wet and she did not care, letting go of his hand she took his arm tugging him into the lake further.

"Let us go a little further in and then decide." She could feel the vibrations of the fish and other animals in lake. Once the water reached her thighs and the water soaked up across her stomach. "Might aswell go swimming now." Fironna grinned splashed water at Merlin before diving under the water and swimming into the depths.
Fironna Thovannahel ~FOS~

Jul 26th 2020 - 1:39 PM

Listening to his words Fironna knew he was speaking the truth, she had heard of some of his future from her momma and she did not fear it only that it might take him from her. She did not know her own destiny and what the future held for her besides being in Merlin's life in anyway possible. 

As they drew near to the lake she dipped her toe into the water and watched as the ripples formed from the movement, still walking around bare foot she dipped more into the water. "And would we be getting our clothes, undergarments or just our naked bodies wet?" Fironna asked boldly, her ice blue eyes bored into his as she watched his face with a little amusement upon her lips. 

Letting go of his hand she raised both of hers to start unfasten the clips on the front of her dress, normally she would not mind but the dress she wore was heavy and silk and she did not wish to ruin it or be pulled under the surface as it got too wet. The clips all unfastened and then the small ties holding the outer dress over her undergarments, draping it over the top on a branch her white slip fluttered a little in the breeze as both her feet now stood in the water. Holding out her hands to Merlin to join her. 
Serenity Fairfoot ~FOS~

Jul 20th 2020 - 2:54 AM

Even though it was short notice Serenity skipped around all of her friends and posted an invitation through their doors.

A party, finally a party all for her. Yes it might not be her actual birthday as it always seemed to be missed but this year it did not matter. The theme was Alice in Wonderland so she would have a Unbirthday Party.
All would be invited to the Shire for the festivities, she just hoped that they would come.

"I hope to see you then.."

The Shire, 26-27th July 2020 8pm GMT (3pm EST)

"Don't forget your costume, there are lots to choose from but only one Alice. Me.. Hehe."


Fironna Thovannahel ~FOS~

Jul 4th 2020 - 3:15 PM

Fironna smiles at him as he spoke, she watched as the words were formed with his mouth and his fingers traced her ear taking his hand a placing a kiss upon his palm as she understood his words. Feeling his lips upon her own, she caressed his with her own enjoying the feeling of them pressed together. A fluttering feeling was felt deep within the pit of her stomach. As they separated she head him say about telling Arther and her momma and she had to agree. "But maybe just not yet, let us enjoy this first for a while."

Looking our at the lake for a moment her eyes drift back to his and she could see that he was thinking hard.

"I am not going anywhere, we have both already been through so much that nothing in the future worries me. Especially now, having you by my side we will be able to get through anything." Fironna lifted her free hand and traced his cheek turning his to look back at her as she tilted her head to the side, her gaze holding his for a moment before she studied him once again, her other still wrapped in his. The young man she had known nearly all her life had become someone she would, Valar have it spend the rest of her life with. "As we can not run from the past we can not avoid the future. It is coming Merlin and now you will not have to face it alone with your knowledge, allow me to share in that burden with you." 

Jun 28th 2020 - 3:27 PM

She watched him.  She felt his power and knew that he had at last harnessed the great gift within him.

Verity smiled and nodded to herself. Or was she nodding to an unheard voice?  

When Merlin turned the skies dark, she looked up and closed her eyes. 
Verity loved the power in a storm, the rush of adrenelin that came with a flash of lightening and roar of thunder.

She loved how the wind picked up and blew forcefully across her, pushing her hair back to float upon the currents of it's might. As if the wind were saying, "I am thy master!" 

She bowed to it and then focused her gaze upon Merlin as  he quickly allowed the storm clouds to roll away and replaced them with a blue sky filled with fluffy white clouds.
The birds sang once more as if in relief. They too had felt the power within this young wizard.

There were no voices or people now. They all ran to seek shelter from the sudden storm. 
It was just Merlin and She.

"There are some questions to which we should never know the answer."  She replied in response to his question about one having so much power.

"The fore-knowledge of such would turn your heart fearful and even cause you to give up on life."

Verity knew the reason Merlin was given so much power. But, it was not for her to reveal this to him.  He would lose dear friends and gain new.  It was to be his lifelong  quest to seek this answer.

"As you travel this journey to find the answer to your question, Merlin, you will grow and learn and discover much about the human condition.  They are really quite fragile these mortals. They need us." 
Fironna Thovannahel ~FOS~

Jun 23rd 2020 - 8:16 AM

Fironna nodded along with Merlin's plan, seek to divert and loose anyone who deems them worthy of following. Looking out over the flowers, plants, trees that they passed she couldn't help but reach out and brush her finger tips across them, she had always found beauty in nature, always been attracted to it as if pulled to feel their touch.

Hearing Merlin speak her attention snapped back instantly as she turned to smile at him, he asked how things would progress now that they had admitted their feelings for one another and for the first time Fironna was possibly at a loss. She had thought about this happening but having it come true was something different. Watching as he bent down and spoke to the plant she did not understand his words but she herself knew of talking to the plants and animals but as he took the most beautiful bloom and passed it across with his compliment she beamed and placed the flower in her hair, just above the points of her ear where it could be seen. 

"Thank you Merlin." Fironna smiles brightly and continued to answer his other question.

"Perhaps we just go on as normal only we don't have to hide anything anymore. If we would like to reach out and take a hand." She did so as she spoke. "Or if we wish for a kiss, be it an innocent one." She placed a kiss upon her cheek. "Or something more." Fironna leaned forward and captured his soft lips with her own for a moment before pulling back, a slight embarrassed look upon her face realising what she had done. Looking down she finished what she was saying. "Then we can and not be scared of what will happen because of if."

Becoming distracted by movement up a head Fironna's eyes darted to the approaching lake, seeing the water lap at the shore due to the soft breeze across its surface. It reminded her of the shores of Gondor, somewhere she had not returned to in quite sometime now. 

Turning back to the man at her side, her eyes looking into the pools of his own and knew wherever he was she would feel at home. "Unless there is anything you wish to change?"


Jun 16th 2020 - 2:02 PM

She nodded to his words with slow movements of her head. Deep in thought herself, she also smiled as the boy went by wanting to see the caves.

"You should have seen how I felt when I first came here.  So many differences from my world. People here on earth have such passion. They are so strongly opinionated and each one feels their thoughts are the only correct ones."

Verity stood up and stretched, arching her back.  She was not really tired, just restless.  

Looking out at the view before them, she took in a deep breath of fresh air.  It gave her peace.  She shut her eyes and focused on the sounds that were familiar.

Turning to Merlin she took his hand in hers and stood him to his feet, pulling him to stand beside her.

"Close your eyes Emrys.  Are they shut?  Take a deep breath in and let it out slowly. "

She glanced over to see if he was doing what she asked.  He was  a very adept and willing pupil.  Easy to teach, easy to love.  And she did love him.  Somehow her destiny was bound up with his.   Verity smiled softly and continued.

"Now listen.. really listen."  

The sounds of the people in the distance could be heard.  They heard laughing, some cursing, some just talking. 

A child laughed happily.  That sound pleased Verity so much she hoped Emrys heard it too. 
She focused on other sounds.

There was traffic in the distance, but also birds singing. 

A small grove of aspen and coniferous trees were right behind where they sat on the bench. She heard the sound of wind rustling through the tops of the pines. 
She felt it upon her face as it ruffled through her hair.    It was peaceful and restorative.

She opened her eyes and took Merlin' s hand once more into hers.

"Do you feel that?  Can you hear those sounds?  They are the connection through all ages of men, Emrys.  Life is complicated for these mortals.  But, all around are gifts to make it bearable.  If we stay in tune with those forces: Wind, Earth, sea, birds, life, laughter.  They will always be music to soothe our souls when we are vexed or puzzled."
Fironna Thovannahel ~FOS~

Jun 10th 2020 - 10:17 AM

Fironna watched as Merlin got up and walked around the table to help her to her feet, rising as he moved the chair she stood and shuffled her dress out. The man from the shadows appeared and the way he looked at her sent a shiver down Fironna's spine, her eyes cast down so that her hair fell forward covering her ears and her face the same as she had used to do as a child hiding.

When they were ready to leave Fi nodded her head agreeing. "Yes I do not trust he is heading to Camelot, perhaps we should hurry to be away before he can catch up." She raised her face to look into the face of the man she had grown so very fond of and took the offered hand. 

As they stepped outside Fironna pulled her cloak up around her self trying to blend in as best she could. "Mayhaps we should take a little detour to distract our new 'friend' in the hopes that he might give up." Fironna offered the idea as they left the confines of the pub and the eyes following them around. She did not glance back but she could feel Maisy glaring at her, well at them both now and she felt sorry for Merlin as she knew he would still probably frequent this place when she was not around and she did not wish to make things uncomfortable for him. 
Fironna Thovannahel ~FOS~

May 29th 2020 - 11:39 AM

Fironna tried not to turn around and look in the direction of the man watching them instead she smiled brightly at Merlin in the hopes that they were but a looking fancy for him. Nodding her head to his suggestion Fironna picked up her tankard and drained most of it one go, no it was not becoming of a young lady especially one such as herself being of Thranduil's court but if they were to go she was going to enjoy the cider. Giving Merlin's hand a small squeeze to reassure him that she was infact fine.

"Everything will be alright, once we are finished here we can head on our way and enjoy our own company once again." Tucking a few strands of hair back behind her ear she was reminded that he had hidden the pointed tips from view but she showed no inclination that they were still there.

"You know momma will be married soon, you did say you would come to the wedding did you not? I would very much like for you to come along. You can keep me company while all the others are dancing and drinking." She laughed a little knowing what her family was like at such occasions. Picking up her tankard she took the final few sips before placing it back down empty and ready for them leaving.
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