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Orientation: Straight
Hometown:New Orleans
Body type:No Answer
Ethnicity:No Answer
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:No Answer
Characters: Alexander Corleone
Verses: Godfather like
Playbys: Kit Harrington
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para
Genre: Casual, Custom, Mafia, Romance, Supernatural, Suspense,
Member Since:January 11, 2020

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About me:
New to but not new to roleplay. I have rules and may have to post them but doubt that anyone here care. ----- Alexander is married to Gabriella Corleone (she ought to be here soon) and that to the mob. So friends and enemies only. Flirting will have you removed and blocked.
Who I'd like to meet:

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Alexander's Friends Comments
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Sep 26th 2020 - 3:44 PM

Gabi smiled as she heard Alexander's words and felt the way he embraced her. She inhaled his scent, and she hugged him even tighter; she wanted this specific moment to last forever.

Sep 14th 2020 - 1:22 AM

Gabi smiled as her heart beat faster when she heard Alexander's words. She muffled into his chest as she hugged him. "You are my everything, and I love you so very much." She said feeling so many emotions at the moment, but all good.

Sep 10th 2020 - 2:14 AM

Gabi smiled as she heard his words and felt his kiss on her temple. She then turned into his body and hugged him with a loving embrace as she mumbled into his hair. "Always and forever my love." She said with a smile upon her lips.

Sep 5th 2020 - 5:48 PM

Gabi smiled as she heard his words, and she gently squeezed his hand, as she looked at him. "No we don't know what the future holds for us, but I know we'll face it together."


Aug 25th 2020 - 10:13 PM

Gabi smiled as she looked at Alexander, their fingers twining together as they held hands. "Yes, the past will stay in the past, and we'll just continue to look forward."

Aug 20th 2020 - 9:31 PM

Gabi smiled as she heard Alexander's words. "Yes my love, we certainly can." She said as she moved towards him, placing her hands on his chest as she pressed her lips to his,giving him a searing kiss.

Aug 16th 2020 - 8:55 PM

Gabi looked at him and nodded. "That would be the case, however that will never happen." She said as she looked at him, in her eyes he looked slightly upset and hurt in his eyes. "That is how divorce works in the family, and since I am the Main Leader; if you wished for a divorce I would give it to you, because NO ONE can kill me. As for me asking for a divorce, that will never happen, because my love for you is so profound, that I DON'T want to live a life or existence without you. You Alexander are my entire world, yes I love my family, but YOU are the one I would keep alive, protect and love through anything and everything. Other people can be replaced; including my brothers. That may sound cruel, but this isn't exactly the nicest or sweetest job to be in. When it comes to you Alexander, I would do anything, because without you I am nothing." She said honestly and sincerely as she looked into his green eyes.

Aug 11th 2020 - 11:07 PM

Gabi arched a brow as she heard as she looked at Alexander. "It has TWO meanings. The first meaning is that though death is possible for you, it is not for me, so I will love you forever. The other meaning is divorce, which means you'll be killed." She said honestly. "As I said, this is a BLOOD IN and BLOOD OUT kind of family.

May 12th 2020 - 10:09 PM

Gabi sighed as she sat down with a glass of blood wine in her hand, and was looking at a picture of Alexander on her phone. A sad smile curved her lips.ย  "I know you'll return to me soon enough, and when you do I'll show you just how much I've truly missed you." She spoke softly as she took a sip of her wine.ย 

May 8th 2020 - 5:49 PM

"I cannot wait until you return home my love, my heart aches every moment you are gone." She said as she looked into his green eyes.
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