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Following the Padawan Massacre of Taris, Zayne Carrick and Marn Hierogryph sought the aid of Camper, but was attacked by Jarael who bested Zayne in a fight using an electrostaff. Jarael ordered them leave immediately, and not to return for she had no interest in helping the fugitive. Annoyed by Jarael's demeanor, Carrick called her "Darth Sunshine". An arrest party arrived at Junk Junction, and she and Camper was forced to help Carrick and Hierogryph flee using the Last Resort to escape.

The group then hid nearby asteroid field. While Camper had a dizzy spell and Jarael went to help him, Zayne attempted to fly out of the asteroid field to make a holographic transmission to Master Vandar Tokare on the planet Dantooine to explain what happened. However Jarael arrived in time and knocked Zayne unconscious and flew the Last Resort back into the asteroid field. As Zayne gain consciousness, he realized that they were directly on top of the Rogue moon the site of the former Padawans' last training exercise. Jarael accompanied him to the surface of the moon, where they discovered the damaged T1-LB, the Jedi's bulk-loader droid. As they found the droid, Jedi Master Lucien Draay discovered them. Thanks to the Last Resort's repaired weapon systems, it allowed Jarael and Zayne to escape with the damaged droid.

Thanks to repairs made by Camper, Carrick and Jarael found a recording that revealed that the Jedi Masters had received a vision of a Sith Lord in red armor, killing Jedi and destroying cities across the galaxy. The recording was cut off when it was revealed that T1-LB (or "Elbee" which Zayne started to call him) was Force pushed off the cliff side by Lucien Draay. Soon after the revelation the Last Resort was attacked by the bounty hunter vessel Oroko and trapped by its tractor beam. Onboard the Oroko, they were detained by the bounty hunter Valius Ying. Due to Gryph's scheming, everyone but Zayne were allowed to go free since his bounty was the highest. Zayne pretended to leave with the bounty hunter, but was able to sneak on the Last Resort where Jarael was waiting. She told him to stop running away, and that, by giving himself up, he would save the lives of his friends. Zayne knew she was right, and tossed his lightsaber to a surprised Jarael, and decided to give himself up to the Jedi Masters.

Touched by Zayne's sacrifice, Jarael decided to rescue him. As Zayne was about to be struck down by his former master, Jarael crashed into the Council chambers disguised as the Sith Lord in a space suit which had appeared in the Masters' vision. she used the suit's rocket thrusters to send her and Zayne in the air onto the rooftop where the Last Resort was waiting. Together with Gryph, Camper and Elbee, they were able to escape and leave Taris.


Later, the group made their way on the mining colony of Vanquo to steal supplies. Zayne disguised himself as a refugee to get acquainted with the head of the mining staff while Jarael disguised herself as one of the Jedi Covenant masters, the Miraluka, Q'Anilia. In a holographic transmission on the miners distress channel, Jarael reported that the Mandalorians were invading Vanquo. The miners weren't convinced, but Zayne used a Jedi mind trick to convince them otherwise. As Zayne and the others gathered the supplies they needed, Jarael began to practice with Zayne's lightsaber.

Unknown to the group, the Mandalorians were actually attacking Vanquo under the command of Mandalorian Commander Rohlan Dyre. Jarael was then surrounded by Mandalorian warriors who mistook her as a Jedi thanks to Zayne's lightsaber. The Mandalorians captured and put her in their ship where she was then brought to a former Republic research station called the Flashpoint. There, she was put in the waiting room with other Jedi that was captured. She then learned that a Mandalorian scientist known as Demagol was doing experiments with the captured Jedi. A while later, a Jedi was brought back after being experimented on called "Squint". Jarael went to his aid and explained the situation with him. When Demagol appeared for his next victim, he took a notice to Jarael. Squint noticed this, and volunteered himself to take Jarael's place, knowing she was not a Jedi, however Demagol pushed him aside.

Soon, Rohlan Dyre had returned, bringing Zayne with him. In secret, Rohlan was working with Zayne and his friends to rescue Jarael. Rohlan brought the "captured" Zayne and insisted to Demagol that he be the next test subject. A while later, only Rohlan and Demagol came out, commenting on Zayne's death in the lab. Jarael then attacked Demagol, nearly strangling him, until she heard Zayne's voice and released him. Jarael then realized that Demagol was actually Zayne in disguise using the Force to talk to her in her head earlier. The real Demagol was locked inside a storage cabinet. Zayne then initiated his plan to escape by using the Force to throw mining charges on different parts of the facility while Gryph, disguised as a Republic fleet admiral, made it seem that Flashpoint was being attacked by the Republic forces. In response to the confusion, the Mandalorians fled the station. Rohlan and Zayne freed the captured Jedi, and during the evacuation of the facility, Squint and Jarael said their goodbyes to each other as Squint told him the next time they meet, she could just call him Alek. Following the evacuation of the other prisoners, Zayne and Jarael left with their friends on the Last Resort.

After the escape on Flashpoint, Jarael decided that she and Camper should leave saying she didn't want to get involved anymore with Zayne's troubles. In order to do that, they needed credits. Marn Hierogryph came up with a quick scheme to gain access to his bank account on the banking world of Telerath. Camper and Jarael disguised themselves as, "Baron Hyro Margryph" and "Chantique" and explained to the bank that somehow made a mistake and froze their account. The account was reopened, but while looking out on the balcony with the banker, the Moomo Brothers, second rate bounty hunters consisting of Dob and Del, appeared and took the banker. The banker, as it turned out, was none other than Arvan Carrick, Zayne Carrick's father. Camper, Zayne, and Gryph developed a plan which allowed them to rescue Zayne's father while Jarael wanted nothing to do with it due to what happen on Vanquo when she disguised herself as a Jedi. Instead, Camper took her place disguising himself as a Jedi. Gryph convinced Dob, one of the Moomo brothers, that Zayne was on the planet and was willing to trade his life for his father. As they met at the designated spot, Gryph was with Camper who was in disguise. Zayne secretly made his way in the Moomo Brothers' ship and rescued his father. Once his father was rescued, he help transfer the money needed by both Gryph and Zayne.

After the rescue of Zayne's father Arvan, Jarael, thanked Zayne for all his help, and hoped he could clear his name. She, Camper, and T1-LB left on the Last Resort. While traveling in space, Camper and Jarael was attacked by an assassin droid called HK-24. Camper was injured in the attack leaving Jarael to face the droid alone, when Rohlan came from behind and disable the droid. He revealed that he was hiding in the ship's smuggling compartments after the events at Flashpoint. As Jarael tended to Camper, she notice that Camper's injuries cause him to have a serious "spell" not like the other in the past that cause him to go into a coma-like state. With no other options, Jarael decided to travel to the planet Arkania, the homeworld of the Arkanians to find a cure for him.

Because offshoot Arkanians was despised by "pure" Arkanians, Jareal disguised herself as a pure Arkanian and went to the city of Adascopolis to find a cure for Camper however, the officials quickly noticed her disguise and was force to leave. As she left the city, she met a young Arkanian offshoot named Zadawi. Zadawi explained to her the history of the offshoots Arkanians and how they were being forced to work in mining camps. Zadawi then decided to let Jareal stay with her and her grandmother for the night. Jarael then decided to going back to Adascopolis again with a better disguise of a true-blood Arkanian with the help of Zadawi. While she managed to reach the medical room in Adacorp, the authorities soon found out her plans after they found out that the blood sample of Camper was that of an offshoot. Jarael tried to escape, but she was apprehended and taken to Lord Arkoh Adasca. Adasca took a immediate liking of Jarael and offered her help with Camper. She agreed and called Rohlan telling him to bring Camper to seek help.

Daze of Hate

While Camper was getting the treatment he needed, Jarael was treated as a guest of Lord Adasca. While on his ship, the Arkanian Legacy, Adasca informed Jarael that Camper was actually a scientist who worked for Adascorp until he caught the Balinguar's Virus, making him insane and left. However, Camper did not have any virus, and little did Jarael know, she was actually a hostage while Camper was forced to finish a project that he had started at Adascorp. Jarael continued to be informed about Camper's condition with images of him being in a quarantine while Adasca invited her to dinner in the Arkanian Legacy's observatory. As they had dinner, Adasca informed her of his plans to to make Arkanians the center of the galaxy using the the mysterious creatures called exogorths. It was Gorman Vandrayk who discovered and found a way to control these creatures that ate anything on site. He also wanted Jarael to be his wife and have his children with her. Jarael begin to have doubts about Adasca however, Adasca noted that the scientist who discover the exogorths was actually her friend, Camper leaving her without a plan of escape.

Later, as Adasca's other guests were arriving, he then revealed another part of his plan to Jarael that involved auctioning off the exogorths to the highest bidder. Jarael decided to make a run for it leaving Adasca to send HK-24 droids to capture her. However, managed to destroy them all holding Adasca at gun point. Adasca then told her that she could have Camper killed if she did not give up. With no other options, Jarael surrendered. As she joined him in welcoming his guest, she then noticed her old friend Zayne along the guest. Jarael then rushed over to him and kissed him, leaving everyone including Zayne surprised. However, Jarael secretly whispered to him information on what the situation was. It was with Zayne that Adasca had another pawn to use for Jarael to do as he says. Soon, Jedi Knight Alek arrived as well and before she could talk to him, Adasca restrained her. Later, the final guest arrived her was none other than Mandalore the Ultimate.

Somehow, Jarael was able to contact Camper using the transmitter she still had on her bracelet. Jarael then apologized to him about everything and Camper forgave her telling her to escape using the Last Resort. Jarael told him that she would not leave him and told him that Zayne and Alek was on board as well. Soon, Adasca found her and took her bracelet. Using her bracelet, he contacted Camper telling him to finish his work or he would feed Jarael to the exogorths. Meanwhile, Zayne was able to escape with the help of his former master, Lucien Draay who was also captured by Adasca. Together, they managed to start a brawl between the Republic, Mandalorians and Adasca's droids. During the ensuring brawl, the exogorths went berserk, causing them to start consuming the Arkanian Legacy starting with the observatory, killing Adasca. Jarael, Zayne, and Rohlan, managed to get to a different part of the ship, while Carth and Alek managed to escape in their respected ships. While in the hanger, Elbee displayed a holographic transmission to Jarael from Camper stating that he was going to take the Last Resort and jump into hyperspace to lead the exogorths away. Jarael tearfully said her good-bye to Camper as he jumped into hyperspace. While still on the damaged Arkanian Legacy, Lucien arrived and offered Zayne a ultimatum to turned himself in, and he would allow his friends to live. With no choice, Zayne agreed, but then the Moorno Williwaw crashed into the hanger. Appearing from the ship was the Moomo Brothers and the Trandoshan, called Slyssk who then revealed to Zayne that Marn Hierogryph was still alive on Taris and ask him to look for Zayne. As Zayne and his friends boarded and made their escape, Zayne asked Jarael for help in facing his masters. Jarael did not give him an answer right away after losing one of her closest friends.

A few days later, Zayne went to look for Marn Hierogryph on Taris. Because of losing Camper, Jarael felt depressed for sometime and without a sense of purpose. Rohlan took notice and told her that she spare with Alek to feel better. In the cargo hold, Jarael spared with Alek and won. Afterward, Alex confessed to Jarael that he would like to pursue a romantic relationship with her, despite the Jedi code. Jarael, surprised by this asked that she be given time before she could give him an answer, but Alek was unconvinced, and told her to ask herself whether it was really just the timing or because it was just him she didn't want to be with.

While on Taris, Zayne managed to call Jarael for assistant as he requested her, Alek and Rohlan to take two children, the children of Constable Sowrs to their father on Alderaan along with his friend Shel Jelavan while he stayed on Taris. A couple of days later, while on Alderaan, Jarael received another message from Zayne to come to the ice planet Jebble for pickup. On arrival, they found the planet swarmed with Rakghoul-turned Mandalorians. Though rescued, Zayne ordered the Williwaw to turn around to pick up a friend of his, Celeste Morne who was put into a oubliette. Before they were able to, Cassus Fett had arrived and fired off nuclear warheads, effectively wiping out the entire Mandalorian force and apparently killing Celeste. Jarael, Alek and Shel reassured Zayne that they could count on them to help him clear his name. Zayne started his plan of clearing his name by first heading to the planet Odryn using the key Celeste gave him to find the Sith artifacts the Jedi Covenant had.

At Odryn, Jarael disguised herself as Celeste Morne in order for her, Zayne and Marn to sneak in the Sanctum of the Exalted on Odryn that was guarded by the native Feeorins and their leader, Borjak. After defeating Borjak, Jarael convince Borjak to take her to the Sanctum of the Exalted in order to place the Muur Talisman in the collection of Sith artifacts. Borjak showed her the temple and explained how only Jedi Covenant member Feln, may enter along with any guest. After Borjak left, Zayne and Gryph immediately started to record all the artifacts the Covenant has been storing. Jarael and the Moomo Brothers left for the rendezvous point and after Zayne and Gryph had a confrontation with Feln which left to his death, the group headed for Coruscant to prove Zayne's innocence to Jedi masters Vandar Tokare and Vrook Lamar.

When Coruscant was protected by Admiral Saul Karath commanding the Swiftsure, Jarael decided to allow Zayne, Gryph, Slyssk and the stolen artifacts from Odryn to escape while she, Rohlan, and the Moomo Brothers allowed themselves to be captured though Zayne was hesitant to allow Jarael to do this for him. Jarael took the Williwaw and crash landed it in the hangar of the Swifisure. While Admiral Karath detained Jarael and the group, Zayne, Gryph and Slyssk managed to sneak on the planet.

After Zayne and Gryph were cleared of the murders, Jarael thought about going to fight the Mandalorians with Zayne safe, but decided that Rohlan needed her help to find the answers in his own quest. During Saul Karath's speech, Gryph gave Jarael Zayne's Padawan braid, wanting him to give it to her. Unknown to her, Zayne turned down the offer of being promoted to a Jedi Knight and opted to partner up with Gryph while protecting the little people who slip beyond the Jedi and Republic notice.

One month after Zayne cleared his name, Zayne took some time off to visit his family. Meanwhile, Gryph created a new scam with Jarael and Rohlan Dyre. On Metellos 3, planetary exchanges were being made for money. Jarael disguised herself as Captain Brackel, captain and owner of Gryph's new ship , the Hot Prospect, and Rohlan, disguised himself as a disgruntled native speaking an unknown language, and stormed the area and holding up the Chev Cipiter. As Jarael explained how the natives of the planet Italbos were disgruntled with their planet being claimed and sold off by the auctioneers, Gryph, disguised as Gryphomarn, a professor of law, volunteered to represent the natives of Italbos in a new auction where the natives would get paid a large sum of money for their supposed mineral-riched planet.

The plan didn't go exactly as planned, and the trio were ambushed by a task force of Sentinel droids. Rohlan and Jarael managed to hold off the task force while Gryph managed to sneak away, but Rohlan and Jarael were captured in the end. Restrained with energy leashes, the two met Cipter's master, the Chevin, Nunk Plaarvin of the Raff Syndicate. Nunk had both Jarael and Rohlan strung up in an observation tower that glass was meant to magnify and incinerate anyone in the room. Left to their fates by Nunk, Jarael and Rohlan watched as the sun began to shine on the edge of the observatory's lens. As the heat built up, Rohlan revealed his suspicion to Jarael that she might be Force sensitive. He encouraged her to reach out with the Force and break the chains that bound them. Despite an initial protest that she did not have the power, Jarael did her best to call upon the Force to break the chain. After breaking the chains, she later, met up with Zayne, with Zayne telling her how he save Gryph and help with the plan. After finishing up the plan on Metellos 3 Rohlan told Zayne about Jarael's Force powers and that he would need to instruct Jarael in the ways of the Force.

After Metellos 3, Gryph went off to the planet Pantolomin to set up their next scam. Meanwhile, Jarael and the Hot Prospect came across a lost luxury vessel, the Chancellor Fillorean. While exploring in the ship, the crew discovered that all the passengers were dead, except a Bimm named Toki Tollivar and his droid, Kayo. Toki informed Zayne and Slyssk that pirates had attacked the ship while he hid. While Zayne left to call a Republic vessel, Jarael came across a strangled Slyssk in the galley. While Zayne was trying to use the Force to clear Slyssk's throat unsuccessfully, Jarael begged Rohlan to save him. The Mandalorian surgically implanted a breathing tube into Slyssk's throat saving him.

Zayne noticed Toki had been witness to the surgery. Toki claimed that he had been in his cabin to rest and sent Kayo to get his food. Zayne and Demagol rushed off to apprehend the droid servant while Jarael remained to guard Toki and Slyssk. However, while Kayo was believed to be responsible for the murders and the attempted murder of Slyssk, Toki Tolivar was the real strangler or better known in Republic space as the Corellian Strangler. Toki revealed himself as a Sith as he put Jarael into a Force Grip. Before he could crush Jarael's windpipe, Zayne shot Toki. The blast however only wounded him and he attacked him. Toki overwhelmed Zayne but the timely arrival of Kayo saved him. Kayo grabbed Toki and electrocuted him while Toki screamed. Rohlan then shot Kayo in the back, resulting in an explosion that killed Trolivar. After Zayne argued that Rohlan didn't have to kill them, but Rohlan retorted that he was no use to him if he could not protect Jarael.


Upon arriving on Jervo's World, a large network of swoop-dueling arenas above Pantolomin owned by Lhosan Industries, Gryph had a scheme that involved using a small delay in the feed from the secondary dueling arenas to place bets on the winners before the result of the race was revealed to the audience. However, Zayne had entered the dueling games himself to win a replica swoop bike of his hero, Goethar Kleej while Jareal found herself unable to place the bets due to her being uncomfortable making wagers on brawls.

Later, while resting aboard Hot Prospect, Jarael experienced a Force Vision. In this vision she was back on Taris in the Jedi Tower, at the time when she rescued Zayne, but instead of Zayne's Masters, she saw the men who played significant role in her life over the past few months: Malak, Rohlan, Demagol and Arkoh Adasca. The four men who expressed interest in Jarael in reality, told her that the reason for that was hidden within herself, pointing to her clouded past and mysterious destiny. Behind her Zayne appeared, bound in chains and blaming Jarael for betraying him. A mysterious woman who held Carrick's chains told Jarael that he now belonged to her and left her at the mercy of the four men. At that moment Jarael woke up and unwillingly overheard Zayne Carrick speaking to, what appeared to be, Elbee. Realizing that Zayne was concerned about Goethar Kleej, Jarael showed him the non-edited version of his retirement speech which Hierogryph had lifted from the broadcast center and decided to help Zayne.

Jarael disguised herself as a blue skinned species and flirted with the composer for the games. She managed to switch his data cube containing musical scores for the duels with one that had the full version of Goethar's speech as well as a statement by Jervo Thalien concerning the illegal funding for the races. Afterward, Zayne offered his help to help Jarael with her Force abilities, Goethar came to thank him for saving his son, but when he saw Jarael's tattoos, he recognized her tattoos as being the Flames of the Crucible worn by members of the same organization that provided the slaves for the duels. Goethar told her to stay away from him and his son, and stormed off with Aubin telling Zayne that that a person like him should never be around someone like Jarael. Distressed, Jarael fled from the scene to her quarters aboard the Hot Prospect while Zayne went after her to ask what Goethar had meant. Jarael confessed that she was once a slaver herself before meeting Camper..

On the planet Wor Tandell where Zayne was going to meet up with representatives from the Republic. Jarael took to riding a tandreed in the forests in the area. During the ride, the creature stumbled and fell, throwing her off, though she was kept afloat by Zayne who was passing through. Jarael finally opened up and revealed how she ended up with the Crucible and how she attempted to help the slaves. While Zayne asked to help her in bringing the organization down, Jarael angrily returned to the Hot Prospect demanding that he simply help her run from it as she helped him during his run from the Jedi Covenant saying that the Crucible was too large to take down.

Instead of finding Slyssk waiting for her at the ship, she was greeted by Malak who had come to officially recruit her into the joining him against the Mandalorians. Malak had also confessed that he has fallen in love with her. Gryph accidently mentioned her recently discovered Force talents which overjoyed Malak though Jarael was still reluctant to go with him. While Malak continued to try and convince her, Rohlan was enraged of the idea and the fact that Malak was attempting to take her away. A brawl between the two began, and ended when Captain Telettoh and Zayne arrived. Malak explained how he simply wanted Jarael to join him claiming that the Jedi would welcome her. Zayne could see that this was not what Jarael wanted and, in an attempt to get Malak to leave, Zayne kissed Jarael and claimed that they were in love and were going far away from the war. The ruse was successful and Malak, rejected again by Jarael, left along with Ferroh and Telettoh. Zayne later promised to Jarael to use the resources, which he acquired during his vacation and that he had kept a secret from Gryph, to destroy the Crucible.

basic information.

Name: Edessa
Nicknames: Edessa (birth name), Jarael (by the Slavers), Snow-hair (Aliases), Celeste Morne, give me one.
Age: 28 | 175
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 157lbs.
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Blue
Species: Arkanian
Status: Alive


Jarael, born as Edessa, the Arkanian language meaning "Triumph", was born from a male and female Arkanian offshoot research couple. She was the first of a group of children created from the DNA of Jedi master Arca Jeth thanks to the Zeltron scientist Antos Wyrick, who was trying to create a race of Mandalorian warriors with Force capabilities. With the success of Edessa, more children were created. Wyrick turned his research facility into an academy for the children that developed their skills. During her time as a student, Edessa developed a strong student and teacher relationship with her teacher Wyrick and became his top student. However, Wyrick was doing business with a slave organization called the Crucible that looked for slaves. The Crucible attacked the academy while Wyrick was away led by Dace Golliard. Golliard burned the academy down and took the settlers as slaves. Edessa, was forced to run away. She was then discovered by Golliard who decided to go with him and became a slave of the Crucible.
While in the Crucible, Edessa was forced to fight against other slaves like her as part of training. She later became a subordinate to a Zelton woman named Chantique. Sometime later, Edessa challenged Chantique for control and won, becoming the new trainer and slaver. As the new trainer, she made life a little bit easier for new slaves under her watch, which in turn called her, "Jarael" which meant, "Protector" in Crucible language and no longer went by her birth name. At some time, Jarael received the mark of the Crucible, a tattoo on her face which showed she was part of the Crucible. At some point in time, Jarael met an older Arkanian called Camper, who help her escape the Crucible. Jarael decided to travel and protect him as an attempt to return the favor. Eventually, the pair made their way to the planet Taris, where they hid in the Lower City distant known as Junk Junction and lived in an abandon space ship known as the Last Resort.


While in the slaving organization known as the Crucible, Jarael became witness to the horrible treatment of slaves. As a slave herself and wishing to improve the lives of the others, she challenged the Zeltron, Chantique, and defeated her resulting in Jarael becoming a slave minder and doing her best to improve the lives of the slaves she tended to. However, she could not bear it any longer and fled, hoping to hide away from the Crucible forever. Years after her time with the Crucible, she would still carry an immense amount of guilt of working with the Crucible despite her best efforts in helping the slaves.

Jarael was a fierce and hot-tempered Arkanian Offshoot, passionately devoted to the older man she only knew as Camper. While living in the lower cities of Taris, Jarael was emotionally defensive, not allowing anyone to see her true self. Despite Jarael's fierce temper, a softer side of her emerged upon traveling with Zayne Carrick after he had sacrificed himself to the Jedi Covenant in order to spare her, Camper and Gryph. When captured by Mandalorians, she felt more concern towards others, notably the Jedi Alek when she witnessed the wounds dealt to him by the sadistic scientist Demagol. When she was led to believe Zayne was killed by Demagol, she lunged at the scientist, enraged by the death of her friend, although, she soon discovered that it was Zayne in Demagol's armor. When Zayne and Gryph parted from her and Camper's company, despite her distaste for Gryph and initial feelings of Zayne, she felt saddened by the loss of their presence.

Jarael's letting her guard down around others proved to be an undoing when Camper fell ill and she was forced to travel to Arkania to get him aid. She unexpectedly found help in the very company Camper was running from. Lord Adasca charmed Jarael by granting her a suite to stay in and a vast wardrobe, though she was unknowingly being used to further Adasca's agenda, until he revealed his plans of making her children purebloods. Learning from this experience, Jarael became distant from others again, turning away from the romantic relationship sought by the Jedi Alek Squinquargesimus and later again when he came to recruit her for the Mandalorian Wars.

Even with Camper gone, Jarael found herself now in the assistance of her friend Zayne in his quest to bring the Jedi Covenant to justice—despite Rohlan's attempts to stop his foolhardy quest, going as far as throwing herself in front of the Republic fleet to allow Zayne to make it to Coruscant. After Zayne had cleared his name, Jarael became torn between her friends in Zayne, Rohlan and Alek. She could not abandon Rohlan, a Mandalorian stuck in Republic space, but did not wish to part from Zayne and Gryph's company. During this time, she was exposed to the slavery and brawls of Jervo's World and disliked the usage of brawlers and slaves for entertainment value due to her own past as a slaver.

After she was discovered to have the ability to use the Force, Rohlan constantly spoke to her to learn about how to use it from Zayne. Though she did not appreciate what she defined as nagging, she did appreciate that Zayne did not concern himself with her previously benign ability and let her ask him for training herself, though he still opened himself to her if and when she ever needed help. Still fierce and hot-tempered however, she snapped back at Zayne when he became angry with her for her past actions in the Crucible slave organization, finding that he had too high of standards, and ended their partnership in bringing down the Crucible.


Jarael became an exceptional fighter both with melee weapons as well as her bare hands as a result of her early training in the Crucible. Using her skills, she challenged and managed to defeat her own minder, Chantique, who was sold off due to the injuries she had sustained. Jarael's skills in fighting would later enable her to fend off bounty hunters, multiple law enforcement agents, and extremely dangerous assassin droids.[1] Even when fighting proved useless, such as when she was surrounded by many Mandalorians, Jarael fought viciously and tenaciously. She was also adept in riding beasts through rough terrain though it was not her strongest ability: she was flung from a tandreed on Wor Tandell.
Jarael demonstrated an advanced mastery of disguises. In the course of her travels with Zayne Carrick, Jarael disguised herself as a Sith Lord, twice as a Jedi, as a wealthy official and as a pureblood Arkanian, only blowing her cover when she desired or when her actions caused suspicion. Her most successful disguise was during her infiltration mission on Odryn when she disguised herself as Celeste Morne, using face paint and black hair-dye. Thus disguised, Jarael managed to slip in and out of the Sanctum of the Exalted without arousing the suspicions of any of the Sanctum's Feeorin guards. Even after clearing Zayne's name, Jarael would disguise herself twice: as Captain Brackel, a space pirate, in order to rip off the Raff Syndicate on Metellos 3; and as a Crucible slaver, so as to release the slaves found on a mining facility in the Koornact Cluster.

Despite carrying the DNA of the Arkanian Jedi Master, Arca Jeth, Jarael herself possessed only a minimal affinity for the Force. At the urging of Demagol, she believed she had used her natural affinity with the Force to break her chains on Metellos 3, without Jedi training. It was later revealed that it was in fact Demagol himself who had broken the chain. Jarael had what was either a Force vision or a simple dream when her fears concerning her mysterious past manifested themselves. In this vision, she saw Malak, Rohlan, Demagol and Arkoh Adasca—all of whom wished to reveal her past—and finally Zayne, beaten and chained, being pulled into the shadows by her old foe, Chantique.

After separating from Zayne's team, Jarael and Demagol left for Osadia to release the former students of the New Generation Academy of Crucible's slavery. On the planet, the sadistic scientist gave her the double-bladed lightsaber of the Sith Lord Exar Kun, a deadly weapon that she had no trouble mastering. Jarael used the saberstaff against Chantique to great effect, slicing the dozens of sharp objects that the Zeltron sent flying at her before they could make contact. Following the revelation that her connection to the Force was only minimal, and that all of her abilities were in fact the result of years of training her body, it would seem as though any prospect of training Jarael as a Force-user seems to have ended.

I Felt Hope.

Status: Single.
To Whom: No one.
Since: --/--/--
Engaged: --/--/--
Wed: --/--/--
Children: Children here
Songs: 01. 02. 03.
Memories: 01. 02. 03.

The Destroyer.

Using Zayne's sources, he and Jarael were able to discover that the Crucible was still operating with the Sungrazer Cooperative on comets in the Koornacht Cluster. Hoping to ruin the Crucibles relationship with the Cooperative and free the slaves forced to mine thorlide, the two disguised themselves as Crucible officers. Jarael and Zayne forced the Koorivar officer in charge, Sariyah Budan into handing over a portion of the Cooperatives crystal harvest or else she'd be collecting the crystals herself. Budan obliged and granted the two stay in a cabin while they wait for the harvest to be transferred over to the Hot Prospect. While Zayne went to go find the slaves, Jarael went to find a shuttle to transport the slaves out. Budan soon discovered that the two of them were not sent and ordered them to be detain. With their escape ruined, Jarael and Zayne were forced into environmental suits and onto the surface of a comet, pursued by security forces while enduring on a slowly breaking comet.

After making it to the Hot Prospect, Zayne opened all the airlocks on the vessel and he used the Force to transport all eighty slaves on the comet inside, much to the chagrin of Gryph who was unaware of Jarael's past involvement in the Crucible and unaware of the scheme Jarael and Zayne was doing. During the rescue however, the Crucible vessel called the Gladiator arrived under the command of Fleet Captain Dace Golliard who had dispatched Skyreaper drones. Jarael was taken by a drone but quickly rescued by Zayne and Rohlan who hauled them back into the Hot Prospect. The Gladiator began to fire on the Hot Prospect, preventing it from turning it's thrusters and allowing Jarael to blast it with the cannons on the Hot Prospect that were on the other side. However, Zayne came up with an idea using the Hot Prospect's array of drills and hooks and cables to create considerable damage to the Gladiator and then eventually, by jamming one of the ships main components, which the Prospect to spin wildly and allow Jarael to fire upon the Gladiator and escape into hyperspace.

At a transit hub near the Koornacht Cluster, the released slaves were unloaded and taken to a refugee center. Jarael finally came clean with Rohlan and Gryph regarding her past as a slaver and made a resolution to stop the Crucible. While Rohlan did not hesitate in agreeing to assist her in anyway, Gryph was reluctant in crossing the Crucible though agreed when Zayne informed him he was going to work his next con alone. Zayne decided to disguise himself as a Republic navy officer, by the name of "Carth Kamlin" and infiltrate the Crucible on the planet Volgax. However, Chantique discovered his true identity as Zayne Carrick and revealed Jarael's birth name and the meaning of "Jarael" as "destroyer".

With Zayne's tracker discovered, the crew of the Hot Prospect had no means of locating Zayne. Jarael became desperate for help finding Zayne even asking Malak for assistance. Despite this, Malak could not help due to his cause to the Revanchists. Remembering Zayne talking to Elbee about his contracts, Jarael pleaded with the droid in help finding him. Elbee established a connection to his contacts who turned out to be Shel Jelavan on Coruscant. With Shel's help, Jarael and the crew were able to locate Zayne on Volgax, stranded in the pouring rain. However, Jarael found Zayne disgusted with her and miserable from his experience with the Crucible where Chantique made him witness to the torture by melding minds with a Caamasi slave known as Ralthar Sitan and then informing him of Jarael's actions in the organization when she was a teenager. Jarael attempted to defend herself by explaining that she was merely trying to help the slaves, but Zayne rejected the idea in favor that she could have done more for them instead of simply running away from the Crucible and then keeping her name which he still believed to mean, "destroyer". Jarael, sadden by Zayne's attitude toward her, declared that it was time for the two to part ways. Before she left with Rohlan, she informed Zayne of the true meaning of her name, that Jarael meant, "protector" instead of, "destroyer". Before Zayne realized he was deceived by Chantique, Jarael already left.

The Protector.

While traveling with Rohlan to Wor Tandell, she lamented that there appeared to be no way that they could bring down the Crucible. However, Rohlan told Jarael that he had learned the Crucible had a power base on the planet Osadia. He also believed that Jarael's kidnapped schoolmates were being held captive on Osadia. Rohlan plotted a course for the planet, then revealed his true identity as Antos Wyrick. Jarael was happy to learn that her old master was alive and well. Wyrick informed Jarael what happened to him after the school fell. However, Wyrick kept the Rohlan Dyre persona claiming to have taken the name Rohlan Dyre when joining the Mandalorian Wars and constantly running away to find her.

Arriving at Osadia, Antos express to Jarael his wish to be the students' salvation and for her to be his redemption. They found the school guarded by security forces led by Bar'injar. Wyrick gave Jarael a weapon stolen from the cache of weapons brought from the Jedi Covenant's artifact storehouse on Odryn: the Sith Lord Exar Kun's double lightsaber. Jarael used the weapon to wound the guards while Antos killed Bar'injar. Wyrick then told Jarael to search the training hall, while he looked for the students in another area. As Jarael investigated, she heard a familiar voice taunting her, that of Chantique, whom Jarael had presumed was dead. The Zeltron used the Force to send spears flying toward Jarael, who easily cut through them with her lightsaber. Chantique taunted Jarael on her successful attempt to turn Zayne against Jarael, implying that she would attempt to get him back to the dueling pits. This provoked Jarael into charging at Chantique and overcame her. As she stood above her, ready to strike her down, Zayne Carrick fell through the ceiling and crash landed on top of Jarael. The distraction gave Chantique an opportunity to seize the double-bladed saber and engage Zayne in a duel with her own Force powers being amplified by the dark power of the saber itself. Chantique saw into Zayne's mind and discovered her father, Wyrick, was also at the academy. Chantique fled from the battle to search for her father, allowing Zayne and Jarael to escape. while escaping, Zayne explained that he realized that Jarael was telling the truth about her name and that the real Rohlan Dyre was drugged and took the place of Demagol who was Wyrick all along. Jarael also confessed to not feeling anything odd or cold when she was wielding Exar Kun's lightsaber. Chantique soon returned, using the Force to throw Jarael and Zayne around the room, and took Zayne's lightsaber and declared that she no longer needed the Crucible. However, her father stabbed her in the back with a dagger. Wounded, Chantique told him that the children were in the back. However, when he looked around he soon realized that she buried them alive.

Despite the loss, Antos stilled believed he still had hope for his Mandalorian Knights plan with Jarael. Zayne however revealed that, due to Jarael's inability to feel the dark side from Kun's lightsaber, that she was only minimally Force sensitive and that he and his daughter, whom he believed was no use to him, was the one strong in the Force though he didn't even realize it till now and the events back on Metellos 3 was his doing instead of Jarael. Suddenly, Chantique lashed out at her father with the dagger he put in her back. Antos to use the Force to grab both of lightsabers: Kun's double-bladed saber and Zayne's lightsaber, but due to Zayne's presence, he accidentally grabbed Kun's saber and activated both ends at the blade going through both him and his daughter, killing them both.

Afteward with the help of the Rohlan Dyre, Zayne managed to track down Jarael's parents and arranged a meeting between the three as an anniversary gift for their meeting. Jarael decided she would stay on Coruscant to get to know them. Later at Marn Hierogryph's restaurant, Jarael staged a meeting with Zayne with the help of Gryph. She suggested that Zayne wasn't like the other Jedi: to be free of emotional connections and physical contact to which Zayne agreed he wasn't. He and Jarael shared an kiss and began a more romantic relationship.

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Jan 7th 2020 - 6:49 AM

    Chaos comes in many forms.  Chaos inside your home, chaos inside your job.  Chaos, inside your head; Chaos can adapt to any situation, always evolving, always changing.  What one would deem chaotic, a other may deem a slight inconvenience   But what all humanity could agree on, is that chaos breeds war, and unlike war?  War never changes.  It kills without favoritism, takes without mercy, and plunders hope to its very core.  War saws hope to the bone, and leaves very little flesh.  


    Ringing and screaming echoed.  The sounds of blaster rifles had a hymn of the devil;  a ring of beauty.  The colors of red screaming in the air, taking the lives of so many.  Bodies dropping with heavy thuds, all of them falling down like toys in a childs room.  The sounds of clips ringing, over and over.  The sounds of laser bolts.  The screams.  The pleading.  The guilt.  But despair?  No.  Not until the roaring thrusts from a space craft, descended onto the soil did despair latch itself to those bellow.  


    When the spacecraft had finally landed, a devil cloaked in black with a reforged mask slowly descended.  Each step, falling heavy against the steel plate form.  Thud, thud, thud.  His boots clanking against the steel before he made it to the grassy meadow.  The First Order had taken complete control of the rebel base.  Why was it so important you may be wandering?  "Kylo Ren. . ."  One of the two men spoke, the third being a female, all of which had ropes tied behind their back.  Each one of them, having blood, and injuries all across their body.  Scraps, bruises, cuts, blood.  "Or should I say. . .Ben Solo?  It's been a while."

    Kylo didn't answer as he looked at the man before him, at least not at first.  You could tell the hate that he felt in that name.  The hurt, the pain and conflict.  It was all exposed when he spoke.  "You're stupid to say that name in front of me.  James.  The last time I heard you say that name, was before I burnt the temple, before Luke. . .I thought you were dead."  His mask distorting his own voice.  The man nodded, his eye sown shut from blood, stinging with sweat.  Yet he still kept his eyes on kylo, not daring to blink.    "Yeah.  Back then, I called you a friend.  But look at you now?  A husk to the darkside."  He added, the other two remaining quite.  James looked over at them, only to turn his head towards kylo once more.  "I know you want to kill me.  That's why you came to this planet.  But release the other two.  They have no part in this.  This is between you and I.  Please, Ben.  Don't do it."  The women and the other male looked at kylo, fear in their eyes.  The very same fear that kylo had seen oh so many times.  

    Had the man known as James finally get in touch with Ben?  The Ben that he knew so well, growing up in the Jedi temple?  After Ben set flames to Lukes temple, James escaped, along with a few other surviving jedi's of lukes hand.  In his case?  He tried to rebuild, what Luke taught him.  That is what he was doing on this planet.  A secret order of Jedi, was his goal.  But alas, his goal was ashes beneath his feet.   "You need me, Ben.  You need us.  You came to this planet, for us--" 

   "I did not come here for you, regardless of what you might think." Kylo replied, taking off his helmet to expose his face to the man that he once called a friend.  The man wasn't much older than Kylo, but older than the the women, and the other male sitting beside james, awaiting their fate.  Holding his helmet underneath his arm, his lightsaber in his other hand, Kylo continued.  "I came here, for someone else.  You happened to be at the right place, at the wrong time."  Kylo would look over to one of his soldiers, speaking right after.  "Kill the man and the women, and bring James to the ship."  The Soldier would respond instantly with a yes sir, positioning their guns.  

  "Ben, no!"  James would scream in agony, looking over towards his lightsaber in the distance, for it to fly into his hands, instantly cutting the rope and allowing him to be free.  His glorious blue giving that jedi hum as he went straight for kylo, using force speed to almost instantly appear in front of him.  It took little to no effort for ben to ignite the lightsaber of his own, heaving a vertical blow against the others lightsaber, cracking it with sounds of lightning.  The man known as james would follow up with a side step, trying to find some kind of open spot, some kind of path to victory, but it was no use.  Kylo had bested him time and time before.  He knew his movements.  He knew what he was going to do.  Kylo parried his sift action with a heaving cut upward, knocking the lightsaber out of the mans hand, only to impale him with the red glow of heat.  The other two would instantly scream, seeing their master slayed by kylo.  The last moments of james life, was seeing his students, shot to death by blaster bolts, and Kylo whispering into james ear:  "Ben is dead."

     "Supreme Leader.  The person(s) you were looking for, have escaped."  One of the First Order soldiers explained, coming up to Kylo, moments after the events had passed.  Kylo, out of sheer anger, would instantly look at the soldier, force choking him, and slamming him into a nearby tree, dying instantly, his body making a sick cracking sound from his death.  Kylo, still trying to process everything, looked around him, and the flames that covered the planet.  Looking at the burnt houses, the dead, the hurt and screaming.  Those who were barely still alive.  It was almost surreal to him.  Even now, he could feel some kind of pull towards the light.  Some kind of hope.  Was this guilt? His teeth almost cracking from grit.  Speaking through his twisted face of anger he said "Find him/her.  Whatever you have to do.  If they left this galaxy, I want to know.  If they are still here, I want to know.  Find them, and bring them too me, now."  

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