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Without fear there cannot be courage (Mysace veteran 05, High-Fantasy, Lord of the Rings, Skyrim, Game of Thrones etc.)

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Swords, Dublin

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About me:
Aurican was born in the highlands of Scotland long before the English rose to power and before the Roman Empire sought to carve out its conquest in what was then known as Europa. Back then the country was simply known to those that lived there as "Thaczil di wer kornari" or in common tongue as, "Land of the heart" but to most just Heartland. It was home to dragons and for the most part lived in peace with very little to worry about in terms of man. The first men to arrive in the Heartland were nothing more then just simple nomadic people who lived in various tribes in the remote forests that dotted the countryside. Most of the dragon's didn't take too kindly to their arrival and took every oppurtunity to either steal their livestock or to raid them for riches and other valuable treasures. Unlike most Dragons of the land however Aurican's family chose to help raise and protect the villages from other raiding dragons. His family came to be known as "Ethereals", a term given to them by the chieftains of the villages for what seemed like a divine intervention from the gods. It was appropriate considering that his family consisted entirely of silver dragons. For many years they educated the people, healed the sick and when needed defended them from other villages or against the vile raiding dragons namely the red dragons of the North. It was a time of prosperty for both species having formed a deep bond with one another, but it wasnt to last. Nordic vikings from the North landed upon the shores of the the North into the territory of the red dragons that would raid the same people the Ethereals protected. After a series of bloody battles resulting both sides suffering staggering loses the head viking chieftain called a truce with the leader of the raiding dragons, in exchange for riches and the blood of Ethereals did the dragons allow the vikings to reside in their territory. Tribes that had once been friends to the Ethereals were systematically exterminated one by one or gave into the promise of power and wealth and sided with the viking hordes. Soon the enemy was at the Ethereal's doorstep and rather then leave their friends to their fate many chose to stand and fight. As noble as the sentiment was Aurican's mother and father, the leaders of the Ethereals were skeptical. They had forewarned their species that the hearts of men were easily corrupted by the promise of power and wealth and when the vikings came to their lands did their forwarning become true. Like from day to night the very people that the Ethereals had sworn to protect and has raised since their arrival had betrayed them, in a night that would forever be known as "Thurkear di iejir vur krikvlic" The night of blood and tears. As the dragons slept the villagers crept into their dens and cut their necks in their sleep, including the hatchlings as they slept in the arms of their mothers. Only Aurican's family had survived the slaughter but their little survival was short-lived, as they made their escape a red "Alpha" dragon by the name of "Sepa Sonear" or soul eater followed them to their secret refuge. Seeking revenge for robbing him of his prize which was the blood of the Ethereals he sought to hunt down the very last ones. Within the halls of their home Aurican's mother and father fought to protect their beloved son from the wrath of the red monster but they too succumbed to the fate of their species. After allowing Aurican to escape the pair brought the temple where they lived in secret crashing down upon them and the red into a fiery heap that tumbled down the cliffs and into the ocean. Since those fateful days Aurican had been the only survivor of his species living off the land but true to their nature he lived up to their namesake. Gentle at heart he roamed the forest still aiding the villages that had not been subject to the savagery of the viking hordes.
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