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Characters: Doc
Verses: Shanna the She Devil, Marvel, comic
Playbys: Brad Pitt, Doc
Length: Multi Para, Para
Genre: Action, Comic, Fantasy, Open, Romance,
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Doc got his medical degree at the University of Notre Dame, where he also served as the quarterback for the Fighting Irish. While working towards his degree, he served a clinical rotation in a Virginia prison where he saw some of the worst mankind had to offer when he an inmate slit another inmate's throat with a sharpened toothbrush like it was nothing. After graduating from college, he went into the military as a combat medic. After crash-landing into a strange, hostile land and wandering it aimlessly for over three years, Doc and the military unit he was part of came across a seemingly abandoned Nazi facility, filled with highly advanced technology and bizarre experiments. Among these were numerous glass chambers filled women who were apparently part of some kind of breeding farm for genetically enhanced human beings. When one of the soldiers hacked a nearby terminal however, the glass chambers activated and the woman inside one of them woke up. Desperate to get her out before she drowned, the unit's lieutenant opened fire on the chamber, only for his gun to jam. Doc then finally grabbed a metal pipe and smashed the glass chamber open, sending the woman inside crashing into him. Unconscious but alive, Doc and the lieutenant covered her in a blanket and laid her on a table. Checking the other chambers, Doc found that none of the other women inside them had survived. He also wound up finding the brutally mutilated remains of one of the facility's scientists. Shortly after the unit spread out to search the facility for supplies and weapons, one of the soldiers found the carnage's culprit: a vicious velociraptor. The raptor killed several members of the unit, including the lieutenant, and then set its sights on Doc. Just as he thought he was about the die though, Doc found himself saved by the mysterious woman from the chamber, who effortlessly snapped its neck. Doc and his unit took the woman and a rescued scientist named Dr. Elsa back to their base camp. The woman eventually got the name "Shanna" because of her uncanny resemblance to a certain comic book character. Due to the experiments performed on her, Shanna was shown to have extraordinary strength and durability for a human being, and proved to be a valuable asset in defending the base from the vicious dinosaurs and other creatures that wandered the area. Doc was somewhat concerned over Shanna however, due to her having been largely created to be a human weapon, leaving her sense of right and wrong rather questionable - especially after she nearly killed two men for leering at her. The men in Doc's unit began to think it was necessary for them to have a countermeasure against Shanna in place, but Doc tried to be adamant in his belief that Shanna still had a sense of humanity within her, even if she wasn't quite in touch with it yet. This discussion was immediately set aside however when several soldiers began becoming violently ill from a viral agent that they had accidentally taken with them from the Nazi facility. Having been infected with the disease herself, Dr. Elsa informed Doc of the nature of the disease, and how it would kill everyone it infected within eight day unless an antidote from the facility was administered. With the facility six days away and the survival rate of the virus dropping daily, Doc wasted little time to assemble an move out with a team of volunteers consisting of himself, Shanna, and two other soldiers. Shanna openly stated to Doc that she saw no chance of the infected people surviving, and while he admitted to the strong possibility of the grim outcome, Doc firmly told Shanna that they still had to try for the sake of all those people. Suddenly, a T-Rex appears out of nowhere and devours one of the two soldiers. Shanna tries to fight it off while Doc covers her with a rifle. In the end, Shanna's quick thinking and a well-placed spear allows her to send the T-Rex careening down a cliff.
On day three of the journey, Doc and company make it to the Nazi facility and are able to quickly find the antidote thanks to Dr. Elsa's instructions. Doc became rather concerned over Shanna though when she came across the lab where they had made her and other attempts like her. He worried how this reaffirming of her origins would send her farther down the path of being a human weapon, with her cold genetic programming possibly winning out over her inherent humanity. Through it all though, Shanna simply remained eerily still. Finding a Humvee and some dynamite for good measure, Doc, Shanna, and the remaining soldier headed back for camp. The Humvee unfortunately soon wound up being outmatched by the terrain and got stuck. As they attempted to get the vehicle moving again, the T-Rex Shanna had speared returned and now devoured the other soldier. Still suffering from the wounds of its last encounter, the beast attacked Shanna and Doc even more viciously than before. Just as the T-Rex began to overpower Shanna, Doc managed to come to the rescue with some of the dynamite, and he blew the beast's head to bits. By the end of day four, the Humvee ran out of gas and Doc and Shanna were forced to make the last bit of their trek back to camp on foot. Of course, they weren't home free just yet. Suspicious of something, Shanna scouted ahead of Doc and came back with the news that there were raptors going through the valley on the way to camp. Hundreds of them. Shanna suggested they backtrack and go around the valley to avoid the raptors, but Doc wouldn't have it. Going around would take them three more days, and the infected people didn't have that long. He stated that the only way to deal with the raptors was to go straight through them. Shanna found it a stupid risk, bit Doc assured her that all human life is worth the risk. All the risks even. Begrudgingly, Shanna followed Doc's plan. Blowing a hole in the raptor horde with dynamite, Shanna charged ahead with Doc right behind her. Having caught the raptors by surprise, Doc and Shanna were making good progress in crossing the valley, until Doc got clawed in the leg by a raptor and took a tumble. Another raptor then lunged at him, but Shanna saved Doc once again and cleaved the thing in two. She then threw Doc clear of the raptor horde and soon after caught back up to him. Doc and Shanna sprinted to make the last bit of the distance back to camp, but a step in the wrong place destabilized the cliff they were on and sent them both tumbling down in a landslide. The two came out of it relatively unscathed, until they saw that Doc's leg had gotten pinned under a massive boulder. Shanna tried her utmost to move the boulder just enough for Doc to get free, but even she couldn't budge it. As the raptors came closer to their location, Shanna was resolved to stand by Doc and fight them off. Doc wouldn't have it however, and he instead handed the antidote to Shanna and demanded she leave him and save everyone in the camp, but before she left him, he wanted Shanna to kill him. He'd wanted a mercy-killing rather than get eaten alive by the raptors. Shanna was hesitant, but Doc begged her to do it. Shanna just couldn't bring herself to do it though, and she instead amputated Doc's leg to get him free. She then carried both him and the antidote back to camp before the raptor horde could reach it. The horde was still coming however, and there was little chance for a group of men who were just now recovering from a deadly illness could fight them off. Thankfully, Shanna was able to come up with a plan in time, and destroyed the bridge to the camp, sending several raptors plunging into the raging river below, and making what remained of the horde unable to reach camp.

AGE: 30 Years
EDUCATION | OCCUPATION: Degree from Notre Dame | Military Combat Medic.
PREVIOUS OCCUPATION: Quarterback for Notre Dame
EYE COLOR: Chocolate brown.
HAIR COLOR: Chocolate Brown.
Significant Other: Shanna
POWERS/SKILLS: Gadgets Intellect Leadership Longevity Marksmanship Weapon Master

Status: In Love

Layout and Pictures By cryptic Vietato at Sinful Misfortune

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Jungle Queen.

Jun 21st 2020 12:57
Becoming a parent is a life changing experience, I know that since the moment I found out I was pregnant with our baby. Everything changed for me and I realized what's really important, the things I have to care about and whom I have to protect and care for in this world. I know all that not only out of instict, I know it because you taught me, because I'm following your example. You took me under your wing, protected me best you could and guided me when I didn't know anything about the world around me. That's why I know you're going to be a wonderful father to our baby. I wouldn't want to do this with anyone else but you. I'm looking forward to the day we can hold our baby and have it here with us, when I can see you kissing his or her little feet and teach me so many things I have yet to learn about babies. That's why in this day I want to celebrate you and wish you the best Happy Father's Day. Only a couple of more months. Our baby is almost here. I love you!
Jungle Queen.

May 11th 2020 13:56
I can't wait for the new chapter in our lives, my love. I am very excited to be a mother, I just hope I can be a good one for our baby and a good wife to you. Our little family is very important to me. I never knew happiness like this existed, but I'm glad I found it with you. I love you, Doc, forever.
Jungle Queen.

Apr 24th 2020 15:47
You are everything to me and without you I'd be lost. Language still cannot describe how much I love you, how much I desire you, and how much I need to spend every waking moment next to you. Doc, if I never thanked you for all what you've done for me, allow me to do that now, as well as say, from the bottom of my once cold heart, I love you so much.
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