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”It’s a survival thing. I made a lot of devil’s bargains and I stuck to them. As a result, I live somewhat dangerously and quite comfortably. I get up every morning, put on my game face and do what I have to.”

42 years old
Hermitage, Arkansas
United States

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▼I will reply in time. Get over it. ▼

Have you ever been in love? And I don't mean that feeling you get. When you talk to the guy the first time online. And his voice makes your ears melt. I mean you feel lost and empty inside. When you are not with this other person. And now you don't even know if they are still alive. And if they are if they even still have the time for this. But, ignorance is bliss at times. Do I really want to find Micheal, Rhett, and Andrew again? I realize now the timing was just off. Cause if I never assumed he was that fugly f*** from Flordia. Then two of us. Would never have any bad times. Only good times with all the trimmings of butterflies with lollipops. Everything sweet and nice. That makes life less like ice. And more like a tropical island that has shark-free waters. And watermelon. Please give me a slice

Sometimes you just gotta be a bitch

Wolfram & Hart
Lilah Morgan CEO

I am Lilah Morgan And thank you for choosing Wolfram and Hart, We will not let you down. And you should know. When we say our team is on it around the clock. We do mean that in a literal sense. No other firm out there can back that statement but us.

Now yes some may think Angel taken us down. But, listen I don't really read comics. Cause honestly if I have done so. Would I be in the middle of LA at a successful law firm? Likely not, therefore, Wolfram and Hart chooses to follow the events merely just slowed us down. But, stop us? Never cause as long as there are laws. There must always be lawyers. I mean where would the justice be? If we did not exist.

exta details
Want to be a Client?

I will take cases from any realm or universe. However, It may require additional cost. Also please note. Once we start the process. There really is no turning back. So really make sure. You want Wolfram and Hart to represent you. Cos we do not loose.

And what our Client ask for. Is what our Client gets. But, we are after all not Gods of higher plain. We can not just go back and undo what has been done. Please be sure your lawsuit is what you really wish.

The more you know
Life After Death

The one thing I can look forward to knowing. Is no suffering for me in the afterlife. Wolfram and Hart insure my soul. Will still be in service to the firms best interest. Even after my flesh has turned to bone. Most do not realize the soul is really everlasting. And let's face people. If not for this contract. We all know I would not be going to heaven any time soon.

With all the rules to get in. Very few will ever see those golden streets and endless holy Mansions. But, most will end up on the new earth. With no ocean. I wonder what never seeing an ocean would be like. I mean LA would likely have dessert if there was not one there. Even made a road trip Vegas? I am just saying.

family, friends & foes
This list could be endless. But, seriously I don't ever allow myself to hate others. Cause it is as consuming as love is.

TOBA TOBA TOBA DA Evil Violet Hersheys Blackfire KOE KOD DOR HOD BK

Lilah was sitting in her office. Thinking of what reasons all those. Who sought to stop her. Suddenly no longer cared.All that really came to mind. Was two thoughts. Thought one that finally realized Angel and Angelus were always two in one. Lets face Spike made a lot of same choices souless just as he did with a soul. Or it was option two perhaps Angel was just simply no more. But no matter if her wicked mindful thoughts where right or wrong. The parnters still wanted results. And she would make sure they got them. Since her being returned from death. Was not really the end game. That they had been after in the first place. She started making a few calls and sending a few emails. Eyes of the sky are always watching. And she would be here waiting.


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TOBA Lilah Morgan

Jamie I am little concerned. You might be a little
To into your roleplay Love interest.
Then again I of all people have no room to talk

Even I must admit when another Roleplayer comes across the country to see you it is amazing.
Thank GOD I got this crap off my page. TOBA Nate wrote all this when he coded for me. I do have an ex who passed away named Ryan though. Who I did meet and marry in real life. Though after he died. I found out he was cheating on me with girls he met on his X Box.
Youth is one thing that slipped away from me. I would not change a thing. Except perhaps spending more time with those who have now passed. It is so funny at times when I am giving kids advice. It is almost repetitive history. Cause we just never seem to listen to anything when we are young. Except for our hearts and minds.That both are already made up. No matter who tells us otherwise.

Refer to Interest
The Bitch who never quits

If you really have no clue who I am. I don't know what to tell you at this point. I worked my way on doing this. Backass wards. Now that is a southern word if I ever said one. But, I don't think of myself as evil persay

I see myself as a woman who did what she needed to do. Become one of the most successful Law Firm CEO's. In this country. And I dare to say even in this world. That is breaking any laws. But, do know I am not one to hold a blind eye. To those who just think. I am one wicked bitch. And I say we are all entitled to our own opinions. And let us agree to disagree. getting like the far left and the far right in a DC riot okay? How does that sound to you?

the present
Little things to know before we write

I don't know what else to say except

Watch Angel

Oh I have not read the comics since 2006 so I am clueless to what has occurred and would rather write my story. As if Wolfram and Hart went back in time. And stopped Glory from opening the portal in Sunnydale. And Buffy never died. And in doing this, it caused Angel to never take a position at Wolfram and Hart. And it also caused Cordelia to still be alive. But, she ends up getting back with Xander after Anya is killed. But, hey that is just in my universe, not yours.

So do not come at me screaming and shouting. You can't do that Lady. Cause guess what this lady just did.

the future
Call this a prelude to The lifetime of Ros RIP I miss you so much

More to come in time

As I think of it

Or you ask to see it here. Which would be like marking your terrioty if you did. And that might give me the creeps. If you are like Lilah put a story about us on your page. And I will ask you why. Then you may or may not say something to my liking.

Fate Leads us where we are meant to be Its up to us what we do with it

Come to me
Live one more time for me

Status ---
Whom Name
Dated 00/00/0000
Engaged 00/00/0000
Married 00/00/0000

Comments Thank you Jamie I have no LI as of now. But, I did have a crush on a fire god named Theon once. And I always wanted to date him. LOL So I stuck his picture on here. But, I also hope to find Alex again. Cause he probably has no idea Ros has passed. And I really want a chance to make things right with him. No matter who he is or is not real life. At this point and time, I don't really care about that anymore. Cause it does not change the fact I loved him no matter who he was or wasn't.

Your days are numbered No matter What, That is life Come on Jamie sheesh

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King of Devils Dom

May 5th 2020 - 9:47 PM

Hi yea of course i can help who is this whack job you speak of
Angel-Your Champion-

Jan 27th 2020 - 5:47 PM

He arched a brow and smirked " Hmm.. Oh? A cat and mouse game perhaps? "

Jan 14th 2020 - 10:15 PM

I am getting hungry, that is quite true... I wouldn't say no to a dinner or two before we pay a visit to the slayer.
She doesn't slay anymore, you say? Wonderful. That's just going to make it easier, though we shouldn't underestimate her yet. She was always a tough nut to crack... which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Makes things more fun.

Jan 12th 2020 - 5:24 PM

My plans are to raise some hell and have fun. Though finding the Slayer and putting an end to her life does sound tempting. She doesn't deserve anything else for even trying to curse me with a soul again.

Jan 12th 2020 - 9:16 AM

Oh, I'm nowhere near torn. Life without a soul is where it's at.
ρsүcнσcι мαηιαc† |TO|

Sep 1st 2019 - 4:21 AM

You obviously, don't know what the Hell you are talking about. Everything you had just said? Is all wrong . What information was brought to you, you have it mixed up. Comments like these? Will do in messages where OCC belongs.

May 12th 2019 - 3:37 PM

I'll read your profile a little later, family just got here.

May 12th 2019 - 3:34 PM

That drives me crazy lol, I'd love to discuss something with you.
ρsүcнσcι мαηιαc† |TO|

Mar 2nd 2019 - 1:38 AM

Yeah me too. It does suck that they ended it. Same goes for The Originals. I wished there was some way, they would have allowed Klaus and Elijah to have lived. Well Elijah's choice was of his own. Still. Now it is only, Rebekah, Kol and Freya for the adult versions of the Mikaelsons. Marcel too I suppose, and Vincent. Then Davina . Maybe we will see the ones who are a live and willing to make guest appearances. You did? What was the name of the Caleb? I was active on myspace with mine. I also had my Caleb Danvers  crossed over with the Buffy/Angel verse. Lol. His bloodline was the one of the oldest and most powerful. Me being from Salem, if the Danvers were existing they would have been the oldest. It is true families from England  did migrate over to the US. Massachusetts mostly. Salem was there home at first, then Ipswich. However Danvers, is the actual town of Salem Village. They changed the name to Danvers to keep a privacy for the locals. To kind of divide themselves from the public who like to get into the Salem Witch events we have out here. I missed the old myspace. Picture uploads were free lol. This place charges for premiums. Its nuts. They make money off the adds. Yet want more. 
The Covenant was more popular it seems. The Craft was a good movie though. I think because of the whole Salem, Massachusetts and Salem Witch Trials connection too. Plus i am sure the women audiences welcomed the male warlocks . Lol. It had a lot of special effects too. More of a 'horror' vibe to it too. Which Steven Strait show? He had Star City, which is done now. But his new show on Syfy, where he plays the role of James Holden? That is a good one! I recommend watching it. It is also a book series, James Holden is the main character. He does a great job in it. The Expanse is what it is called. Taylor and Steven were more into the Films then. Maybe that it is why they were unable to get into Gossip Girl. Both Tayler and Steven are selective when it comes to roles. Not because they think all are bad. It is just  I think they like to connect with characters and storylines. But they are down to earth kind of guys though . Steven Strait has music out there too. He is really good. You should listen to him. On youtube there are songs. 
It would have been neat to do a Craft and Covenant crossover. I know they did intend on making a Covenant sequel. But as you mentioned how everyone did not make the deadline for the Gossip Girl, the same went for the Covenant sequel. It should have been a television series. 
True. Or when the television shows come back from their vacation. lol characters pop up out of nowhere. Then disappear. I do too. Wish that myspace was back. the old myspace . I think because this site charges for premiums, that scares some off. This site does do a lot of adds to get money. They just need to do more promoting for itself. 

ρsүcнσcι мαηιαc† |TO|

Feb 27th 2019 - 1:34 AM

Shane West was in the show called Salem right? I think he played John Proctor. It was a good show. Reminded me of a television version of The Crucible. I am currently, living in Salem . Well a town that is kind of mashed into Salem. Salem Mass , that is.  The movie The Covenant was done out here. I actually RP a Caleb Danvers lol from that movie. I still have it, just haven't been on it in months. I am not sure if it was Rebekah ? Maybe who was helping Klaus in the books. Because it was said Elijah was not in the books. It could have been Mikael or Esther. If either one were in the books. Well not Mikael, because he hated Klaus on the show. So I would assume in the books the feelings would be mutual.

Who knows? Maybe they will introduce him in the books. Never know. Then again there might not be any more books. Just what there is of the series that have been written. The world Kai was stuck in was funny. Only because Kai brought some comedy to the SL. Wished they would have touched based more on the world Damon and Stefan's mother was trapped in. Not so much the world, but the heretics. Maybe we will see more of those in Legacies. Damon and Bonnie were more or less good as best friends. I mean maybe later on try something else. But nah. Would not want them to ruin the good friend ship that they did build up over the seasons. Damon and Elena were not that rushed. It took 3 seasons...not even 4 seasons for them to be together. They developed them really good. They started hating each other, to becoming friends, to then being in a relationship. They were built up . But then again, they could have had more scenes together as a couple. I suppose they had to share the screen time with all the other characters too.  Katherine was the main villain  throughout the show. Right through to the end. Remember? She brought on the devil in the last season. Even though Klaus was the villain in the start on TVD, Katherine was the queen. Especially after Klaus left for New Orleans. 

I do  wished they did keep Liv and Luke around. A little longer at least. 

When Elena left? It  did give other characters a chance to come to the face of the show. We were able to see more Alaric, Enzo, The Heretics, ect.  We ended up with Lizzie and Josie. Something good was brought out of the last two seasons, prior to Elena returning. We got to see Damon grow more and develop more as a character. WIthout Elena, and he became a better person for her in the end. For them all and for himself. Plus Matt did get more screen time too. We were able to see him become the Sherrif. Now he is the Sherrif in Legacies. I think the ratings were decent. Still. The actors, some did want to go on to do other things. That had a factor in the show ending at a high note. Rather then being canceled. The Originals too. They ended up with Legacies as the third sequel to the shows. Plus vampires don't age, lol Paul, Ian, and Nina, would eventually start to surpass their character's ages. Now we get to see the next generations continue on their legacies. 

SPN lol! Is an unsinkable ship.  The CW owner said they don't intend to end SPN. They want the show to keep going, even after Season 14. Long as the actors will do it, there is a lot of story to tell. It is fresh and new each season. Jensen and Jared do a good job at what they do. Misha too. What do you think about the new character Jack. He is a nice fit. Lot of comedy from him. Plus it is nice to see Castiel be the parent when it comes to him.  Probably because of the age . That is why the Mikaelsons were able to withstand regular stakes. They've lived the longest. Developed tremendous strength. It could also be something Esther did. Or what mother nature did. Nothing can be completely immortal. So the white oak stake was , what could be the thing to take down an original. Good question about whether or not Kol's bloodline he sired, would come back ,after he returned back from the dead. Maybe when he turned vamps after that? When he came back. But then again , Davina changed him, so i dont know if he would willingly turn someone now. Not like how he use to. 

Lol! I agree. all in all it was good enough to keep watching. 
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