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I will roleplay the actor or actors of my characters but only with celebrity roleplayers.

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Characters: Oliver Queen
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Length: One Liner, Para, Semi
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About me:
This page is a MCRP (Multiple Character Role Play) page. I will be writing as several different characters in different verses. I'm also willing to take suggestions as long as a face claim is provided. I will also take female suggestions but they will be genderbent. These are the characters I have so far for each verse. Arrow: Oliver, Diggle, Roy, Tommy, Theo (Theo is a male Thea) The Originals: Klaus, Elijah, Kol (So far) The Flash: Barry, Cisco Supergirl: James, Winn, Mon-El Legends of Tomorrow: Mick, Behrad, Nate, Constantine, Ray Riverdale: Archie, Jughead Jason Blossom (So far) Supernatural: Sam, Dean, Castiel, Jack, Lucifer 13 Reasons Why: Clay, Justin The Order: Jack, Randal, Hamish Pretty Little Liars: Caleb, Ezra, Mike, Spencer (Spencer is a male version of Spencer) Legacies: Raphael, M.G., Sebastian, Landon Vampire Diaries: Matt, Tyler, Jeremy, Stefan, Damon
Who I'd like to meet:

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Jan 8th 2021 - 12:05 PM

//Greetings are usually so awkward so I will keep this as brief as possible.Thank you so much for the add/request. My character is open to all verses, if I have some knowledge of the verse you like then I will happily throw her in. Preferred verses however are Action based,Espionage,Military,Supernatural (show and/or themes) Discussions are great but so are random starters and banter. Don't be a stranger,I hope to hear from you soon.
~Writer for HellCat Aka Julia


Nov 24th 2020 - 3:18 PM

Get I have to say I love our rp so far and can’t wait to see what we build with it
Sonic Siren

Nov 18th 2020 - 9:19 PM

Dinah still couldn’t believe that Oliver is here with them and entangled her hand with her husband, “Motion second on that statement!” She replied with a smile as she looks at both Oliver and Olivia, “I didn’t think I would ever see this again; us being a family again. Birdie and I would go lay flowers on your grave at The Manor. Wishing you were still with us, but here you are in the flesh.” The woman stated her truth with a broken voice than clearing her throat and kissed him on the lips.

“Yeah, what Mom said. Me too,” The young woman stated as nodding her head and a smile to her lips. Olivia takes a few steps to take hold of her father’s hand. She joins in the hug for all three of them to have.

The two canaries' hearts are filled with joy knowing the missing piece to the family is now complete.

A cellphone rings loudly in the air and it was coming from Olivia’s jacket.

“Sorry about that,” The young woman apologizes for the phone call and getting her phone from her jacket pocket. The name Moira Queen (Grandma) appeared on the screen knowing the news got around real quick. Olivia looks up to see her parents, “It’s Grandma Moira and I have a feeling that she’s not going to stop calling until she hears your voice dad,” She looked up to face her parents.
My name is Human (MCRP)

Nov 18th 2020 - 1:30 PM

Thank you for adding me :) 
Hope to write amazing stories soon :) 

Nov 18th 2020 - 11:45 AM

look at my pfp i made my about me and stuff on it if you want to know my name and stuff about my seft
Sonic Siren

Oct 20th 2020 - 5:50 PM

Dinah couldn’t believe to see Oliver alive and walking up next to her, “You’re going to have a hard time explaining this to Moira and Tommy not to mention Thea too,” She stated a fact with a smile rose to her lips.

Olivia took a few steps to be by her mother's side. The young woman smiles to see her parents having a moment together; it warmed her heart to see both her mother happy and reunited with the love of her life. Her father is very much alive and holding her mother close to him. Olivia joins them with her arms on both of her parents. “We missed you more than you will ever know,” The young woman replied honestly. She looked up to see her father, “The withdraw sucked, but I feel better than ever and,” Olivia laughs at his words along with Dinah then continues, “Oh hell no. I’m not ready for a kid; I’m ready just to live life and that’s it.” She finished her words.

“Even though Liv and I live together, I still make sure that she’s alright and everything she needs. Besides, we’ve been fine not having anything to do with your family’s money. If you want to go back to your lifestyle then we totally support you,” Dinah said being informative yet supportive to her last statement. “I’m only a few months away before getting my degree in law and really can’t wait to do justice in a courtroom.” The older woman replied being proud of her accomplishments.

“And I’ll figure out what is it that I want to do. I mean, I do have a degree in business management but haven’t found the muse to start searching,” Olivia stated as she shrugged her shoulders.
sмaʀᴛass waʀʀɪσʀ

Aug 16th 2020 - 9:13 PM

Hello there,
Thank you very much for accepting my friend request
I'm Allison Mary Winchester
I'm a Human and a Hunter
Little sister to Bulletproof and Coulrophobia 
Her only ture friend is her angle friend named Castiel
She loves and adores her both of her brother
She prefer using her bow and arrow then her gun
She loves and dogs
She is caring, smart, stubborn and friendly

I would love to discuss a storyline or brain storm ideas so, go ahead send a message or a reply to comments i look forward to talking to you.

Aug 8th 2020 - 2:27 AM

If you ever want me to age her up just say so

Jul 26th 2020 - 3:08 AM

Sonic Siren

Apr 12th 2020 - 6:56 PM

Olivia stood in between her parents and knowing that her mom took her father's death the hardest out of the two of them. Her brown eyes travel from her father to her mother. Dinah was completely lost for words on how she dreamed of seeing her husband again, "Y-y... Oliver, you're alive!" The older woman she shouted being in complete shock. Dinah slowly walks over to Oliver, "I read the engraving every night. When me and Livy heard about your passing; I collapse and I couldn't do anything because I lost." She stated the truth with tears running down her face.

"I started to go clubbing BIG time, drinking, and a few drugs," Olivia confused her guilt came out since her mother was telling the truth on the party girl mode that happened five years ago.
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