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Apocalyptic Addict.

Mar 25th 2018 - 2:23 AM

"I like hanging out with you too," Nick smiled down at Lyndsey. He had always gotten along well with kids. Hell, he was still sort of one himself. Had things turned out differently, he probably would have made a great father.ย 

After the Geary family, Nick didn't really expect to see kids again. He had tried his best to save the kids, but in trying to prove what was going on, Willa had caught on to where the pills were. Pills that her father said would "keep the family together." He had tried to save them, not wanting anything bad to happen to them, but he failed them. Willa died, and their older brother came and took Harry away. Nick had no idea what happened, or what happened to the rest of the family. He was glad that the same had not come of Lyndsey. He was glad they were able to save her, and he planned to continue to keep her safe.

Nick laughed as he listened to her story. "Yeah, she's never been much of a morning person," he grinned. Although her next words caught him off guard. "You want to learn how to handle a gun?" he asked, c o c k i n g his eyebrow. He didn't like going behind his sister's back, but if she wanted to know, he felt that she should learn. It was better than her being in danger. However, if Alicia caught him, he knew that he'd be in big trouble. His chocolate hues checked out the knife she held out to him and he sighed. "I can try to talk to her. You should learn just in case... you never know when it could come in handy," he sighed. He knew how stubborn Alicia was, he doubted even he could change her mind. "We will figure something out, you should learn how to fight and protect yourself."

Although Nick understood why Alicia did not want Lyndsey having weapons, he felt she should. The way the world was now, it was too dangerous not to. If she got caught somewhere alone, she would need to know how to protect herself.

Taking her hand, Nick began to walk along the fence to check the perimiter. He knew that she just wanted to help, and this was something that she could do that was safe enough that Alicia wouldn't really complain. As long as Nick didn't bring her anywhere too dangerous; not that he would. He wanted to keep her safe too. He smiled down at her. "She doesn't like them now huh? All the more for us then!" he grinned playfully. However, the grin disappeared at her question. He stopped walking, kneeling down in front of her. "Of course I will, Lynds. I'm not going anywhere. I will be here to protect you and your mom," he told her as he flashed a smile. "As long as you are my neice, I'll be your uncle."

In the distance Nick could hear the growling of one of the dead. Straightening his legs out again, Nick's eyes scanned the fence. Not too far up there was a walker, arms stretched out and trying to push through the fence. Nick laughed lightly, shaking his head. It was just one, so he wasn't worried about it, knowing that it would be an easy fix. "You want to help me get him?" he grinned at Lyndsey. Even if she was to help him, he was not going to let her get hurt. He'd be there to make sure she was alright.ย 
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