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Full Name: Michael Shurleybr> Pronunciation: MIY-kəl Sh ir LEEbr> Nickname/Alias: Michael Demiguros, Mikey, Mika, Buttercup, Assbutt, Wrath of God
Meaning: The name Michael is a boy's name of Hebrew origin meaning "who is like God?"
Title: Viceroy of Heaven
Pet Name: Servant (by Lucifer), Angel (by Maze)
Gender: Male
Gender Role: masculine
Orientation: Bisexual
Real Age: Thousands of years old
Age Appearance: 35
Birthday:The first day of creation
Deathday: TBD by Death
Birthplace: Heaven
Species: Archangel
Ethnicity: White
Preferred Hand: ambidextrous, perfers to use right hand
Facial Type: Oval
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Hairstyle: Short hair, slightly jelled for volumebr> Skin Tone: Pale-to light tan
Complexion: Fair
Body Type: (Endomorph, Ectomorph, Mesomorph, or somewhere in between?)
Build: Musculer build
Height: 5ft 10
Weight: unknown
Cup Size: 32D (when in a female vessel)
Facial Hair: Light facial scruff, generally well groomed
Birthmarks/scars: None that are visible
Distinguishing Features: Intensity of his eyes
Health: Health conditions don't affect Michael unless he is low on grace.
Energy: Michael's grace burns with the intensitiy of a few thousands suns which results in super stamina.
Memory:Can recall things from the beginning of time and every moment in history
Senses: Precognition
Phobias: Enraging God, the Father
Addictions: Smiting
Mental Disorders: Bipolar Disorder

Whom: Devil's Advocate
First Date: 05/03/2020
Bonded: 05/09/2020
Married: 00/00/0000

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Sinful Union
Whom: Lucifer
First Date: 05/29/2020
Bonded: 05/29/2020
Married: 00/00/0000

Our's is a connection dating back to long before we knew what we had was a love unlike any other. From the moment my eyes landed on his perfect form I was drawn to him in a way no words can describe. From the day you were born I swore an oath to be your everything, elder brother, guardian, best friend and now I am your lover... and devoted servant. Long story on that one. As I did then I renew that commitment to be by your side. I love you with all my being.


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Body type:No Answer
Ethnicity:No Answer
Occupation:Commander of the Holy Host
Characters: Archangel Michael
Verses: Supernatural
Playbys: Matt Cohen
Member Since:June 30, 2017

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About me:
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Archangel Michael

First born, Wrath and sword of the Almighty

Michael is the first and oldest of the four Archangels created by God, making him the very first angel ever created, as well as one of the oldest and most powerful beings in creation in the universe. During the War In Heaven in the distant past, Michael banished Lucifer from Heaven on God's command, later restricting him to a Cage bound by 66 Seals. He was the Viceroy of Heaven in God's absence, and commanded the Heavenly Host before he fell into the Cage with Lucifer. As the highest-ranking Archangel, he issued the commands, which went to the higher-ranking angels to disperse the orders down across the angelic chain.

Michael is a rather complicated being, having many sides of his personality. He is a strong but strict leader, having set up a rigid and sturdy hierarchy in Heaven, along with strict rules and harsh punishments; likewise, his rule was described as by Castiel as "corrupt," although it wasn't exactly oppressive. Despite this, he kept his brethren in the dark on many important matters, including God's leaving, and punished any who displayed disobedience with death.

To his father God, however, Michael is fanatically loyal and blindly follows God's orders without question, as sees himself as a "good son", and that is what matters most to him. He loves his father dearly and, despite having not seen him in thousands of years, never lost his faith or his love for him. Due to his zealous trust in his father's commands, Michael doesn't believe in free will, not even for himself, believing everything that occurs is how his father planned it.

Michael also seems to think of himself as magnanimous when he promises to leave Dean intact after having him as a vessel and erasing the memories of his parents of Anna's attack. He was also shown to be a relatively forgiving person, as he forgave both Uriel and Zachariah, even after Zachariah's constant failures, implying that, despite being strict or even cruel with them, he does not enjoy killing his own kind. Michael could be wrathful, particularly with anyone who interferes with his destiny.

When it comes to humans, Michael seems to be somewhat uncaring; he does not care if or how many he kills. Despite this, Michael also doesn't seem to hold any true hatred for humans, never specifically going out of his way to harm any, or even really bothering about them before the Apocalypse occurred. Unlike Lucifer, he was not angered by God's love for humans being greater than for him, and when asked to bow before them by God, Michael bowed.

Michael is in fact in many ways a tragic figure, as both the people he loved the most either betrayed or abandoned him, and all he ever really wanted to do was to prove to his father, God, that he was a good son, the one thing that he never actually managed to achieve.

Confessions of The Devil

Elder brother, guardian, best friend.... There are many ways to describe how we began. To now add lover to that list is a gift I never once anticipated. The gravity and potency of our bond will forever be challenged simply given our divine duties. I can promise this much... I will always come back to you, fight with you and remain by your side. We were once destined to destroy each other. May we continue to defy all expectation and forge our own path together. I love you with all my being.

Devotions of A Demon

Michael, so many things have happened since our first meeting and back then I never knew we’d end up where we are today. A demon isn’t supposed to love, not the way I love you. With you it’s about happiness and the way you make me feel. The butterflies from just a look or a touch. You took a chance and opened your life and your heart to me and for that I will be forever grateful and blessed. The best thing is knowing that for my existence I will be by your side and I will love you. I will always believe in you and believe in us. Being your demon you’ve given me a soul and the ability to feel and even though it hasn’t always been easy it’s something that i’ll always cherish. I promise no matter we face what you have me and you have my love.

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Divine Weapon

Jul 6th 2020 11:22

Warrior Nun at your service.
Never expected that coming out my mouth.

The name is Ava Silva.
My life has been...
Well interesting.

How you make ask? Where do I begin.
I became quadriplegia at the age of 7.
My mother died in a car accident that I happen to be in as well.
Cause she was Catholic I was sent to St. Michael's Orphanage.
12 years later I was killed by Sister Frances.

I know  who would have thought a nun, out of all people, would kill someone.
It was to be expected I suppose, she did mentally and verbally abuse me.

Now day that I died was also the day I came back alive.
A second change right? No or kind of. 

I was brought back to life by the divine chakram that is also known as 'The Halo'.
Giving me ability to make shock-waves if under stress, phasing through walls and objects, Healing my body faster than an average person and having enhanced strength. Oh and I can see demons that my fellow sisters can't see. 

care to discuss a storyline/connection
~Divine Weapon

Jun 17th 2020 21:11

that’s such a old person thing to say uncle
αngєlíc αmвítíσn

Jun 7th 2020 12:14

Gabriel didnt flinch as he narrowed his eyes. “ Impressive blade impostor. But I will not have you pretending to be my brother. I am Gabriel twin brother of the archangel Michael. Its bad enough my father has left. Im not going to allow you to pretend to be someone you're not. “ with that massive wings sprung from his back and though they looked soft they could be very sharp and had the ability to kill.

αngєlíc αmвítíσn

Jun 6th 2020 21:11

Gabriel took out his blade. " I heard people call you the archangel Michael which I know to be false.. Because the real archangel is my brother and my twin... so why are you trying to pretend to be him? And speak not before you lose your wings or worse your life." 
αngєlíc αmвítíσn

Jun 4th 2020 18:15

.... You are not my brother... you are an imposter.. 
ᗪ乇ᐯ丨ㄥ'丂 卂ᗪᐯㄖ匚卂ㄒ乇

May 6th 2020 22:40

Thank you Michael! There's gonna be a part 2 and he will definitely get his 😈

May 5th 2020 15:19

Thank you Michael. I appreciate that but I should have figured out a way back, maybe things would have been different. But I guess it's to late for what it's now.
ᗪ乇ᐯ丨ㄥ'丂 卂ᗪᐯㄖ匚卂ㄒ乇

May 5th 2020 14:57

Every word was true. It was an absolutely brilliant piece of work Michael. 

Apr 6th 2020 11:26



Have you ever laid eyes upon those advertisements with the white picket fence, and the happy couple, and children happily frolicking in the yard? Our family was once that. Only the parents were the creators of life itself, the white picket fence, the stars, and the yard and children were the various celestials helping create the brilliance you now see as the vast universe. Lucifer was the Lightbringer, and had a positive disposition, and would marvel at their Father's works. Contrary to popular belief, he didn't object to the creation of humans, he only questioned why he was asked to love them, more than his own Father. "How could you ask of me something that you won't even ask of these mortals?! I don't understand!" His answer only upset his Father as he would then assign his brother Michael to exile him to Hell. A dominion specially designed for the punishment of the guilty mortals he questioned Him over.

There was a brooding betrayal he never fully let go of as he ruled this horrific wasteland. His family, denied him, abandoned him and all went along with Father's plan. No doubt as a result of his being made an example of! He instilled love, but he also planted fear. This was something the humans would only find out in dire moments of peril. They would pray to him, and what would He do? He would vanish all together. The mortal world ran amuck with chaos, war, destruction. Certainly there were a few rays of 'hope, love and happiness,' but they were few and far between. Fast forward to the modern times...

Social media, the news, streaming images of gore, lust and sin all held a super glued grip on the souls of Father's toys. It was a playground for the one banished and assigned to rule over these dullards and fools. Yet Lucifer held a soft spot for the squishy cretins. They, too were abandoned in their times of need. Much like he was when asked to do what was impossible for him. All for what? Love...

In his usual impulsive fashion he grew tired of ruling the underworld and would make his way topside. It was so easy to manipulate and tempt his way to the top of the proverbial food chain. He was highly regarded by many who encountered him and his 'deal making' had earned him the street cred of a socialite Godfather. Los Angeles, the destination of sin itself and countless opportunities of those seeking to dig themselves out of the ruts they know deep down they can never truly get out of.

The owner of a prestigious night club known as 'LUX', the king of Hell would reside comfortably with Mazikeen his top torturer from the pit at his side ever watchful and observant. She had delivered word that his own Father had gone AWOL and as the humans would phrase it, "..cause a disturbance in the force." He knew of the Winchesters, he waved it off as typical incompetent human hunters thinking they have the power to save the world. Failing miserably because this family in particular were much like a bull in a china shop when handling delicate matters of such peril and strife. He was expecting a visit from at least one of his siblings , he knew it was only a matter of time.

As the blissfully oblivious humans danced and drank their woes away, he sensed a powerful presence. He would make eye contact with Maze as he watched from above for anything untoward or suspect. Scanning the crowd it wouldn't be long before his most trusted was by the entrance with one of her Hell-forged blades held at the neck of what looked to be Michael. With a flick of his wrist and moving to meet him at the base of the stairs, he would beckon him upward to the quiet of his penthouse above all the revelry. Not a word exchanged between them as he knew whatever Michael was here for required unadulterated and devoted attention.

As he motioned him into his private elevator, the bass thumping against the walls would create the ambiance of urgency as he turned to him after it faded. "I certainly hope you are not here to smite me.. I am pretty sure we had this talk once before..." His tone was in jest and his candor the usual savvy slick cavalier and nonchalant attitude. The door would open and the bell would ding to indicate their arrival, he would make his way to his private bar and offer his sibling a drink. "Pardon my pun, but.. you look like Hell brother..spill the beans won't you?"


gσldєn rhαpsσdч

Mar 8th 2020 12:47

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