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Basic Information
BIRTH NAME: Lydia Camille-Grace Martin.
DATE OF BIRTH | AGE: March 15, 1994.
ZODIAC SIGN | EXPLAINED: Pisces | This is why I'm hot.
PARENTS: Natalie Martin Mother | Mr. Martin Father
KNOWN RELATIVIES: Lorraine Martin Grandmother
LANGUAGES: English, Latin, French.

Physical Information.
GENDER| SPIECES: Female | Banshee
HAIR | EYES: Long Strawberry Blonde | Green.
HEIGHT | WEIGHT: 5'2 feet. | 116 lbs.
BUILD Petite/Curvy.
LIKES:Books, history, math, science, fashion, puppies, art.
DISTINGUISHING FEATURE(S): Strawberry Blonde Hair and Wide Green Eyes.
PERSONALITY: Very stubborn, protective of friends and family, very smart.
PHOBIAS: The ghost riders, losing someone she loves, the nogitsune
SECRETS: Why would I expose those here?
HABITS: Screaming?
TURN ON | TURN OFF (S): Don't tell anyone but it's Stiles | Misogyny.

Love Life

"When I kissed you."
Taken by:Stiles Stilinski
Sexual Orientation:Straight
First Met: 01-09-2002
First Date: 00-00-0000
First Kiss: 00-00-2011
Lydia and Stiles's relationship was purely one-sided at first with Stiles having a major crush on Lydia since the third grade and she had barely noticed his existence. Things started changing greatly in their high school years after their exposure to the supernatural world. Lydia wouldn't admit it out loud then but it had seemed like Stiles was the only person who actually paid attention to her and cared, aside from her best friend Allison Argent. Soon enough, Lydia started relying on Stiles heavily for the support she needed because she trusted him and knew he actually cared about her. They started getting even closer in their junior year and throughout spending so much time together figuring out things, Stiles helped her figure out what sort of creature she was when she had no idea what she was. He was the only one who understood. When Stiles's father was taken by the Darach, Lydia stopped his panic attack by kissing him. They shared a sweet moment after that but kept that kiss to themselves. Later after that, Stiles was with Malia and it was then that Lydia started realizing she had feelings for him and that was why she stopped dating other guys. Their senior was when they finally got together, it had seemed that Stiles had never lost his feelings for Lydia and when he confessed to her, he was taken by the ghost riders. Lydia did not stop for a second to bring him back and she was the most persistent about the fact that Stiles did exist. When he came back, she told him that she never said I love you back, and it seemed he understood because he told her she didn't have to and they shared a kiss after that signifying the official start of their romantic relationship. They are currently still together and are going very strong.

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Characters: Lydia Martin
Verses: Teen Wolf, Part of The Awakening RPG
Playbys: Holland Roden
Length: Multi Para, One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Crossover, Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural,
Member Since:June 06, 2017

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About me:
{Layout made by URBANdesigns: SJH} {Layout made by URBANdesigns:SJH} {Layout made by URBANdesigns: SJH}

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Who I'd like to meet:

Lydia Camille-Grace Martin.
Not all monsters do monstrous things

I'm psychic.

I'm something!

Lydia Martin is an only child with divorced parents. That's the normal side of her life anyway. Lydia used to be the most popular, meanest girl at Beacon Hills High who was dating captain of the lacrosse team. Things went downhill and changed very quickly when on the night of a school dance Lydia went looking for her boyfriend, Jackson Whittemore, and got caught in the crossfire of a war between Scott McCall and his then alpha Peter Hale. Lydia did see Stiles run towards her and scream at her to run, but she had been too late and too slow for Peter Hale who almost killed her that night had it not been for Stiles's begging and pleading. She was bitten, but she did not shift into a werewolf like Scott, and she was not healing as he had been, but she hadn't died either. The ones who knew about the supernatural assumed Lydia was just immune to the bite which was a very rare thing, but there weren't other explanations available for her situation then. It wasn't until she started the odd behaviour like running in the middle of the woods naked and her piercing screams that they started noticing that there was something else going on with Lydia. She wasn't immune, she had turned into another supernatural creature; A banshee.

As a banshee, Lydia's abilities include being able to find dead bodies without actually intending to look for them. She would just head out to go purchase something and then she'd end up standing in front of a corpse. At first, it all horrified Lydia and she would panic almost every time she did that, but later on, she accepted the fact that that was her life and what she had to do now. It was her job to follow the voices in her head and the things she felt so that someone like Scott with super speed and strength could do something about it. She wanted to help, and accept the fact that she was a supernatural being now, and had to do her part in helping with keeping Beacon Hills safe.


I just have voices in my head.

Lydia had been sort of possessed for a while by Peter Hale when he used her to bring himself back to life. He had recently been burned by Scott and killed by Derek Hale, his own nephew. Peter had a link to Lydia because he was the one who had made her a banshee and so he got into her head to get her to do his bidding. He threatened her that if she did not help him out, he would kill everyone that would attend her birthday party which meant most of her classmates and friends. Lydia had no other option but to give everyone a drink that would make them hallucinate so no one would notice that she was gone. She had to do the process of bringing him back to life that night when the moon's light would hit his corpse at a certain angle. Lydia had been forced to use Derek Hale and was able to bring Peter Hale back to life. That was when he left her alone because he no longer needed her. He did need her again later on when he wanted to know what memory his sister, Talia Hale, had taken from him, so he offered to help Lydia understand her banshee abilities even more if she helps him figure out what Talia took from him. And it was then that Lydia discovered that Malia Tate was actually a Hale and she was Peter's daughter.

During the time that the Darach was there, who also happened to be their Literature teacher Jennifer Blake, Lydia was still trying to understand what she was. They were having a hard time pinpointing what she was and what was the name of the species she was. They were beginning to think she was just somewhat psychic and that was why she could tell if someone was going to die and find the dead bodies first. It wasn't until she was starting to figure out something and was getting close to finding out who the Darach was that she was then lured into a trap by Jennifer Blake herself. Lydia wasn't going to be a sacrifice, but she was going to be killed because she knew too much. She was strangled that night, and just when she was about to be killed, she screamed, which caused Jennifer to stop in surprise. She called Lydia a banshee and a wailing woman. It was then that Lydia realized what she officially was.
Allison Argent
Allison Argent was a very big part of Lydia's life. She was her first true best friend, someone she actually cared about rather than just the taste of her fashion or her experience with boys. It had seemed that their relationship started off a little shallow at first, but then it was evident that the bond these two formed was sisterly. Lydia loved Allison so much because she thought she was a genuinely good person and sometimes she was envious of her; she wanted to be good like her. Lydia and Allison only got closer as the days went by and as they were both exposed to the supernatural world. They were both very protective of each other, Allison was a little more protective because she had means of protecting them both and fighting for them. It wasn't any different when the Nogitsune took Lydia and Allison went with the rest to save Lydia. That night still haunts Lydia. She knew someone was going to die and so she had asked them to not come find her, but they did anyway, and it cost Allison her life and Lydia her heart. She never got over Allison's death and it still haunts her to today. Lydia was devastated to lose her sister, and she earned a hole in her heart for it; a hole that could never be filled.

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⟨ iron snake ⟩

Jan 10th 2019 - 3:36 AM

Isabelle Lightwood.

Thank you for accepting my request.
I was wondering if you would be for discussing a storyline or just chat? Anything is fine.
I hope we can build a connection/friendship/anything and don't end up as strangers when we could have so much more fun.
Thank you for reading this.

xo, Izzy

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( angelic ᵐᵃʸʰᵉᵐ )

Sep 7th 2018 - 8:00 AM


Hey Lydia,

well we figured out already that we love each other,
that we are probably sisters or at least related xDD

No but seriously i would love to write with you,
maybe we could do something crazy AU and
let them be at least cousins or so?
But i'm only brainstorning
Hope to hear from you soon,

Friendly Giant

Jun 6th 2018 - 6:29 PM

Sam smiles as she moves her books and mentions how he'd hate hearing what she was working on.  They both know that isn't true. He takes a drink of his coffee. 

" Research? And books. I could help."  He was the researcher after all. The one who thinks before acting. Most of the time. The one plans. 
" Did you say Arcaiac Marian?" He perks up and grins.  When she asks about why he was here, he doesn't hesitate about being honest. This is Lydia, so he can tell her how it actually is. 

" I'm looking for Dean, mostly. I haven't heard from him. " He didn't have to say he was worried sick. It showed. 

"  I heard about a case this way. I'm working it,while I look for him." The hunter needed to keep busy. Besides, the monsters and such still lurk and kill people. Demons do not really take vacations. 

" How's school? Not taking too much on at once?" Knowing the strawberry blonde, she too like Sam, usually took on too many things at once. Muli-tasking is a middle name though, they could handle it. At times though even Sam needed to step back, slow down  and ask for help. 
Friendly Giant

Mar 27th 2018 - 6:19 PM

Sam wouldn't have bothered her if he had known that. Maybe he would wave as he walked back out the door.  Another long swig of his coffee. The guy might need another one, though he did get an extra large. That was a good thing. 

He glanced at the book she was reading. The guy wasn't a math nut but he did get a 174 on his SAT's, so he knew what the book was and meant. The dude might have had to take a class on it. He was pre-law. Was being the keyword. Obviously, he never continued.  Family business all that stuff. 

" Thanks," Sam said with a smile as he took the seat across from her. " Are you doing some homework?"  He had asked with a curious brow. It was college break, right? Who was he kidding he had done homework on breaks too. 

The man shrugs. " Getting to know the neighborhood.The usual." He says before raising the cup to his lips and takes a long sip. 

Lydia knew the drill really. He didn't have to hide the hunter side of things. She was a big help a few months back with a job he and Dean had done in Masschutes. The strawberry blonde was a student at MIT, where the job had been. It had been a pleasant surprise to see her here in Beacon Hills. 

Friendly Giant

Mar 26th 2018 - 4:46 PM

Sam roamed the streets of Beacon Hills. The man needed to get used to his surrounds, get to know the businesses and such. One always should be vigilant, especially a hunter. 

Where was Dean? He wasn't at the motel yet. They always had a plan when separated for any reason may be. The first hotel in the phone book. Sam thought he'd be here by now. Guess his big brother was stuck somewhere between there and here. 

Man, he needed some coffee. There is a cafe up ahead. It's not like there was a lot of coffee shops to choose from. Hey, whatever, he needed some java. He made his way to the shop and once inside and his turn at the counter he ordered a coffee black two sugars. Not in a half-caf decaf frappuccino today. 

When he turned around as he took a sip, he spotted a familiar face. There, not a few feet away the strawberry blonde sat at a table near the window, dressed as always trendy as ever. 

" Lydia?" He greeted with a smile as he made his way over to her. 
Platinum Baby

Mar 22nd 2018 - 4:15 PM

Spike here. The only other vampire with a soul. It stings.  Looks like I'm moving to Beacon Hills, another bloody awful Sunnydale. Another hellmouth or not, Goldilocks needs help finding ol grandsire and Fred is there, mister fudy dudy told me so. Yes, Winnie not Fred Sonja. The blue ox is somewhere still learning to be less merciless and more humane. I'm still adjusting too, so if you pass me in the streets and I'm not over joyed it's nothing personal.  I won't bite if you wanna to discuss. 
Single Thread

Mar 14th 2018 - 7:07 AM

"Thanks, I really appreciate this." She smiled at her as she took the address and number. Kaitlyn glanced down and picked up her apple then just held it not sure she wanted to eat it. With her free hand she opened up her book bag and place the number inside where she wouldn't lose it. Kaitlyn took a small bite into her apple then closed the book bag. "I'll be there at six."

She set the apple back down on the tray, not wanting to finish the rest of it. Kaitlyn picked up her schedule from off the table and looked at her next class. "I have Ms. Collins next. Is she pretty good?" Kaitlyn had amazing teachers before transferring her and she was wondering if the ones here were any good or if she was going to be relearning what she had already been going through at her old school due to the teachers not keeping up at a decent pace.

Kaitlyn stood up and dumped the food on her tray into the trash then placed her tray on top of the trashcan where many other students had left there. She could only assume that they were supposed to be left. "Would you like to head in that direction me?" She noticed the boys had already left and didn't want to just leave Lydia sitting out here since she had been so nice to come over to her when no one else had.

She walked back over and grabbed her book bag, ready to walk in the direction of her physics class. "I'm hoping this class is interesting." She said as she stared down at the schedule that the office had printed off for her. "They put me in some pretty easy classes." Even though she didn't know it most of the classes came easy for her due to having repeated high school over and over again. While she may not remember each time some things lingered and what she learned was one of them.
Friendly Giant

Mar 7th 2018 - 12:45 PM

It was nice to have someone to be there in times of trouble, of need or guidence.  The girls seemed to have that. Allison really needed someone even just to sit in comfortable silence. Not many people come back from the dead, unless they are a Winchester or something like  Frankenstein 's monster  and made again by the Dred Doctors,Allison was one of the few who had.

Sam was unable to attend the funeral for Victoria but he had sent a card,flowers and had phoned. He had also made sure to call more often.

Now he was here for a visit. (And hopefully meet up with his brother somehow )Chris had called and when he had called back the older man had told him of his daughters return and he would tell him more when he got here.  The yonger hunter left as soon as he had packed his bag. 

After he was greeted with an eyebrow raised,  in a silent question, that could rival his own that followed with a charming smile.

"Well it's nice to meet you,Lydia Martin." He gave her a friendly smile back.

When he heard the young Argent girl come bounding down the stairs. He chuckles a little at her excitement. It had been such a long time and he had to take another moment to take in the fact she was indeed a live.

"The more the merrier." He said as almost as cheery as he had been greeted. This night was more for Allison after all. If she had wanted and needed her best friend he wasn't going to argue. Besides he was guest not the host.

Friendly Giant

Feb 27th 2018 - 7:41 PM

The youngest Winchester had gotten in last night. He booked a room at the first motel in the phonebook. Just like he and his brother used to do when they were seperated for hunting reasons or personal ones. However, they always kept in touch. Sam has not heard from his older brother in over a week. This makes him worried. That's what brothers do. Well the Winchesters anyway. The brothers winchesters are also fiercely protective of each other.

Sam had gotten word from Argent and decided to follow up on it. He would help them, it's what most hunters did. Not all but most. Not to mention the opportunity to put feelers out for Dean would be good as well.

As he parked the car in front of the Argents house, he got an alert on his phone. The man checks it. No, it was not Dean. This makes the feeling in the pit of his stomach worse. With a sigh he climbs out the cruiz.

Before he makes it to the door he realizes he's empty handed.
" oh crap, the pie." A quick 360 makes him head back to the car to get it.

Pie in hand, he finally makes it to the door to knock. When it opens though it isn't Chris nor Allison ( though he only knows of her when she was a child and playing in the yard) to open it. A ginger gal dressed to kill in designer wear does. The wrong house? No, it was the right one. He checked his GPS twice.

"Hi,I'm Sam. Would Mr. Argent or Allison be home?" He inquiers.

They should be but Chris could have been delayed by something. Sam did have the time right. He wasn't that early.
Friendly Giant

Feb 23rd 2018 - 2:39 PM

The name's Sam. Not Sammy. Sammy is a chubby twelve year old. I only really let one person get away with it but only like 95% of the time. I'm like a health nut who travels like a lot but if you see me picking up a pie, it's for my older brother Dean. Why do I feel like this is a profile for a dating site? It kind of sounds like that, does it not?
Speaking of Dean he went on a hunting trip in California and has been missing for over a week. I'm a worry wort so I'm out looking for him now. Feel free to hit me up with any story line ideas. I love making new friends.

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