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Characters: Elphaba Thropp
Verses: Wicked the play/Wizard of Oz Verses
Playbys: Rachel Tucker
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Semi
Genre: Crossover, Fantasy, Open, Supernatural,
Member Since:August 09, 2016

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About me:

Oh hello there,who might you be? You want to know my story? Ok then I will tell it to you but just so you know this will be the untold story.

My name is Elphaba Thropp and I was born well...I think you can tell that part by just looking at me really...green! Any way my parents had the perfect life or so it would have seemed, but my father was away a lot because he was the mayor of Munchkin Land and that meant he wasn't around my mother much.

My mother met this other handsome and quite strange man who was just passing through and they fell in love so to speak. Everytime they made love he would give her a green potion to drink in hopes that it would make her happy and it seemed for a time that it was working or so I'm told any way.

Now you see that man was gone one day and when it was time for my mother to give birth she did so with her husband by her side but when I was born green he wanted nothing to do with me,naturally I mean come on who would right? Any way my mother was always kind to me though I'm not sure how much was out of pitty.

When my mother was pregnent again with my sister Nessarose she ate plants that in the long run caused my sister to be born wrong and because of that she couldn't walk and spent all her life in a wheelchair after that.

My mother and father both never let me forget that it was because of me that happened,because my mother wanted to make sure the child is born 'normal' this time.

I was the one to take care of my sister as a big sister should and I was fine with it really,though one day when I got angry strange things happened and that gave them more cause to hate me even though I didn't understand it back then.

I vowed to never use it again after almost hurting those I care for with it and so it was for many years until both my sister and I got accepted to school in Oz.

Back then I was an akward child with my hair in a braid and glasses. I was a very bright student but no one wanted to be my friend on account of the fact that I was well...green.

Our teacher was a goat who could talk and walk on two legs and a sweet one at that and he tought us all very important things. One time when I got angry I used my magic again and it was seen by another teacher who later became the headmistress by the name of Madam Morrible who took me on and tought me how to control my magic.

I first met Galinda as she was called at that time when I first got to school and we were put as roommates despite the fact that neither of us wanted it because she was a snob and I was well...a sweet person for the most part,shy but sweet or at least I tried to be any way.

We really couldn't stand each other for a long time and then one day Madam Morrible told me that I was to meet the wizard and that became the most wonderful day of my life,or so I thought at the time any way.

In the years that I waited for the wizard to meet me I almost got run over by Fiyero's carriage but he didn't care at the time because he was a snob like Galinda and so they both naturally fell in love.

There was a party and Galinda gave me a black hat saying it suited me and my sister got asked out by Boq,who only did so because Galinda asked him to so that he leavs her and Fiyero alone.

At that party is where things changed between myself and Glinda because she was told that I asked her to be added to the magic class with me even though Madam Morrible wasn't very happy about that.

Everyone made fun of me and my hat and so Galinda stepped in and danced with me which caused us to get closer,something I never thought to be possible really.

After the party I went to our room and Galinda came as well and we bonded,that is where I told her that it is my fault my sister is the way she is and Galinda told me simply that it's not true and Galinda herself told me that she likes Fiyero and intends to marry him.

Galinda then took it upon herself to make me look more beautiful and when it was done I felt changed both inside and out in a good way really.

One day at lunch my teacher the goat told me that animals in Oz who used to be smart are slowly becoming stupid and lost the ability to talk and I told him that the wizard will no doubt fix that when I see him and at the time I actually beleived that....I was such a fool.

Now I know what you are thinking, isn't the green witch the evil one in this story? Well you will get your answer soon enough because nothing is ever as it seems.

Back to my story,where was I? Oh yes, any way over time Galinda and I became very good friends...one might say even best friends and we were both glad about that.

One day in class our goat teacher was fired and dragged out of there replaced by a horrid man who put a lion cub in a cage and I got so angry that my powers acted up again and made very strong winds and the only one it didn't work on was Fiyero who in turn helped me get the lion out of the cage and free him,at that moment we both secretly fell in love but then Galinda showed up and said that her name was now Glinda because the goat teacher would call her that and after that Fiyero left with her leaving me upset and wishing things were different.

Then after a while we all grew up and that is when the wizard asked me to meet him in Oz and I naturally asked Glinda to join me...finally my dreams were coming true and I was in a place I belonged.

Galinda and I were in shock at the beauty of the city and everything there was to do in the city and then it was time to finally meet the wizard.

He showed himself as a big robotic face with a booming voice, though I knew it wasn't really him and so when everyone exept for Madam Morrible,Glinda and I were gone he showed his true self an old man.

I told him about the situation with the animals and he said he would take care of it,he asked me to read from a spell book and I did so thinking it would help but instead it gave monkies he had in a cage wings.

When the wizard liked what I had done I relized he wasn't at all what I had hoped for and instead was a coward and a lier. That is when I made a decision to defy him and his rule and naturally Madam Morrible took it on herself to call me a lier and the wicked Witch and that is how I got that title really.

Glinda came with me and we hid in the top of the castle and that is where I made my decision to learn to fly and help the animals of Oz. I did a spell in the old book and flew out of there leaving Glinda behind because she wanted me to, which made me sad but I also understood.

I spent all that time in the west of Oz helping those poor animals and became a fugitive and hated by all who lived in Oz exept for Glinda and Fiyero who knew the truth.

Fiyero himself had become captian of the guard so that he could find me and help me, but no one knew that really. Glinda told him they were to be married and he left her there to go and help me, because he really trully loved me with all his heart.

I went to get help from my sister who had become the new mayor because father was dead and she was crule as they come,though I didn't know it at the time. I helped her walk with the magic in the Ruby Slippers and to make Boq stay with her Nessarose said a spell wrong from the book changing him into the tin man and blaimed it all on me,which again everyone beleived even though it was a lie,then again they had already hated me so why not right? so pathethic and small minded if you ask me. Sorry I got off topic there,back to my story.

I ran from there again and almost lost myself to the inner darkness and anger I had inside,though I got out of it because I knew Glinda was still my friend through it all.

I came to Glinda after that because I found out a house had fallen on my sister,though at the time I had no idea it was Madam Morrible's plan using her weather magic to make a tornado that dropped the house on Nessarose to get me to show myself and be captured.

Glinda and I slapped each other a bit and when we both felt better we hugged and I told her everything that I had been through and then the guards showed up but Fiyero defended me and that is when Glinda figured out he loved me and not her.

I flew off and in that time found Dorothy who had my sister's shoes on her and so I locked her up to get them back...not to be mean it's just what kind of brat steals from a dead person? I mean come on...really? Any way I did a spell to keep Fiyero safe not knowing I had turned him into a scarecrow...oops but hay at least it meant he would live forever so it did work in a way.

Glinda then found me in my castle to tell me they were coming to kill me and we had a very sappy goodbye where we told each other how our friendship changed us both for good and for the better and I gave her my book of spells and then left.

That is when Dorothy threw the water at me and I melted..well that is the story you know any way, because in fact I was pretending and I hid under a secret door until no one was there and Fiyero came for me and together we left Oz forever.

Glinda then put Madam Morrible in jail and banished the wizard after finding out he was my father...a fact I only later found out really and because of that fact and the things he had done she banished him from Oz making it look like he left because he wanted to.

Well now you know the truth and the true story,so come and get to know me if you like...I could always use new friends.

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Richard Kimble

Aug 17th 2016 - 7:20 AM

Richard walked around on his own, as he tried to find a motel to stay at. He was as careful as he could possibly be. Richard had no idea how long he was in town but he hoped that it won't be for a second or so and then he will have to leave, as he only just arrived in town. He held his bag close, as he did before and sighed to that. Richard was worried that he might not be able to stay in town for long, if at all, which wasn't a good thing due to him starting to run out of money again. He needed the job so that he won't stay on the streets, given that without it he would have no choice but to stay on the streets. Richard did sleep on the streets and ate from dumsters when he had no other choice, but he� always tred to avoid it as much as possible, and now wasn't any different, at least not to him. He refused to end up on the streets again, if he could help it.

Richard had no home and was on the run, but whenever he managed to earn money� he could afford food, drink� and a motel room, as well as� a nice shower which was a good thing. That in soe ways helped him deal with his situation. However, when he� run out of money then� that was the problem, because then he starved and was a homeless, as well as destroyed his health because sleeping on the streets wasn't comftable at all, escially not to him. Also, Richard was rather used to that by now. However, he was still rather not to go for it again.

Richard got that somoe people thought he deserved it, but truth be told he didn't because unlike what some people believed, he didn't kill anyone, as he was in fact, innocent as� he claimed. Sure, many murderers said that they were innocent and all, but with Richard it was different, with him it was the real truth no matter what. Whether people believed him or not it didn't change anything, at least not to him. There was no way that he was going to surrender and admit to something that he didn't do, as that wasn't like him and never will be.

Richard thought that it would dumb of him to turn himself in, and it would also make him look bad if he did that. Especially as it would mean that he gave up and he refused to give up, no matter what. Richard did felt like giving up at times, but even then he kept on going because if he gave up then he would litterally be dead and that wasn't an option, at least not to him, no matter how hard it was to prove that he was innocent.

Richard shook his head as he walked and stopped as he noticed how the weather, as he looked horrified and confused, not sure what to think of all of that. He had no idea what to think, as he made sure not to fly off or anything, as he held on to something that was stuck hard, and far way from the strange weather. Richard was surprised and confused that the strange weather only hit a certain place and no where else. Once it stopped he let go, glad that he had his bag still with him.

Richard then continued to walk, as he stopped as he� saw someone not to far. He was� surprised as well as confused that she was at the area the strange whether had hit, but was unharmed. Richard sighed as he looked around and back at her. "What happend? Are you alright?" he asked, still confused by what he saw, despite not knowing what happened, nor what caused the strange weather, but since she didn't seem evil he figured thatt he should check if she is alright. Despite the fact that even soo he asked her that, he tried to be careful as always just the same. It was easy to tell that he was reserved and all that,� however, with his situation and all, that surely wasn't surprising but even so he was reserved, Richard was still a kind and caring guy, which wass how he planned to stay, as that was how he was raised and frankly, he liked being that way no matter what.

He looked around, as he held his bag close and after that, he looked back at her and sighed to that. Richard waited for her reply, as he looked around again and back at her.� He wondered what her reply would be as he sighed once more. Richard had no idea what to expect but by the way it looked, she seeed fine but he wasn't completely sure. He had no intention of hurting her, just make sure that she was alright, as he hoped that she was. Richard looked around and back at her. "Did you by any chance seen what caused that and how did that happen? The strange weather and such" he added few minutes later.

Richard looked around, as he tried to make sure it wasn't a trap or anything, but the longer passed the more sure he was that it wasn't a trap. He did his best to be careful� just the same, especially bcause of his situation among other things. Richard looked down for a few minutes and then back up, as he watched her once more and� sighed to that. He then tried to figure out where to go next,as he was worried that the weather would turn the same again, and didn't want to get stuck in that kind of weather. Richard then froze as a cop walked by, but ironically the cop and those after that cop, headed for the guys that were out and left, as ir turned out they were after him them and all him. The cops didn't seem to want to know what happened to the guy's and seemed to tink that the guys� were drunk, which was fine by Richard as he didn't wan trouble or anything like that.� � �
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