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Out by sixteen or dead at the scene, but together for f***ing ever! Ginger Snaps Verse/Horror/Supernatural/Werewolf Verses/Crime/Open

20 years old
Bailey Downs,

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January 27 2023

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Here for:Friends,
Hometown: Bailey Downs
Body type:Average
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:High school
Status: Single
Member Since:October 16, 2015

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About me:

You want to know my story? why the f*** do you care? Alright then sit down and I will tell ya...not that is matters really since it aint a happy story.

The name's Ginger Fitzgerald and I was born in a small town called Bailey Downs, a hell hole in my mind but whatever. I hated my parents and I hated school,the only one that I cared for was my little sister Brigitte.

We made a promise when we were 12 to always be together forever as sisters which basically went out by sixteen or dead at the scene but together forever and we kept to it for the most part. We were always the outcasts of school and the ones people always thought were too weird to care about.

We had a thing for death and even did a school project showing us dead in so many different ways...the teacher's reaction was epic if you ask me.

Then one night we were walking through the park to play a prank on the most annoying girl in school and that was the night that changed everything for me.

We were on the way with the fake blood when a wolf came out of no where and attacked me,it had me by the shoulder but Brigitte was able to hit it off me eventually and it ended up getting hit by a car go figure.

We ran home after that and I was in pain bleeding from the cut,but then the next morning it was healing so we left it be.

My behavior then started to change as did my style in cloths and I didn't pay much attention to my sister anymore. This worried her of course and so she went behind my back to some guy named Sam who said he could help.

She tried many different ways but none of them f***ing worked for me. I was changing and fast every day more and more as the full moon came around. I had sex with a guy at school and infected him by accident,but we took care of that eventually.

When I became full wolf I came at my sister almost killing her but she stabbed me and she thought I had died in her arms on that night but Brigitte herself had mixed my blood with her own when I made her resite the pack we had so long ago and thus she has the curse now as well.

I was in fact not dead and my werewolf side healed me and so I got up in human form. I can now control when I change into the wolf form and change to it even if there is no full moon around.

Well now you know my story, come and get to know me if you think you can.

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Jun 10th 2022 - 2:41 AM

Jordan was getting some training from his grandfather, which got interrupted when his mother found out that her father was training his grandson behind her back. That didn't end well for Jordan, he ended up getting grounded and his phone taken away. Which sucked because he couldn't text Sarah and she was his best friend. Then his dad was training him how to use his powers and it was so frustrating because things were different than when Clark was learning his powers. Both were frustrated and decided to take a break for a few days and clear their heads. 

He knew that he needed to keep training otherwise he would start back at square one with everything. His powers had minds of their own, they decided to manifest at different times and they were painful. The most painful one was when his super-hearing kicked in. The headaches were torture but thankfully he got that under control. Jordan really wanted to get his heat vision under control. Now he missed his target most of the time and he wanted to be able to hit more often and show his dad that he was serious about his training. 

Jordan made his way into the woods that wasn't too far from his family's farm. He felt like he was being watched, he couldn't place it. He shrugged it off and figured it was wild animals just watching from their hiding places. He set up the ten soda cans along the fallen tree trunk then walked back about twenty-five feet and started to practice his heat vision. The first can, he missed. "Dang it. Focus Kent." He muttered to himself each time he missed. Out of the ten cans he set up, he only hit like two of them. Jordan walked back and started to place the cans back up along the tree trunk before he would try it again. He at least wanted to be able to hit at least half of them. He thought he heard another heartbeat and someone breathing around him, his brown eyes shot around his surroundings. "Hello? Anyone there? Jonathan that better not be you trying to be funny." He called out as his eyes scanned the area. 
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