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April 24 2014

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Much need of sleep but glad to be back on. :)
Mar 29th 2014 03:50

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About me:
1.I'm here to RP not RL I don't mind talking to set your mind a ease but please keep to RP.
2.I mirror what you give me, if it's short dont expect my reply longer. Shorter the reply the more boring it will be. I like multiple para but really I'll accept less.
3.My Characters AREN'T WHORES(but they like to do it :P) If you cant rp with them to convince them its a great idea all for you but dont expect it to automatically skip to them getting frisky. It takes work and dedication.
4.If my character doesnt act the way you want them to, dont blame or yell at me. They're my character and they are pretty random but when it comes to protecting people they all volunteer they don't run.
5. I dont mind putting a character on reserve for yours just that goes both ways.
6. This isnt a rule but their histories arent in the blogs, if you wish to know more about a few just ask me. I didnt put them up because I dont want them stolen. I suck at edits but all of my characters are original, certain ideas got pulled from books and friends but they're mine.

Who I'd like to meet:

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Garth [Done Here]

Apr 14th 2014 22:00

-Garth snuggles back- If you say so :D

Yeah, some people get upset with me. :/ I just say whatever. I literally gave up here, lol. Especially on the really, really long RP most people like to do. x.x Just too much for this non-creative girl, ha.

Yay! :D I don't know about that. Your character is probably awesome. :D

Ah, it takes time, it takes time. I did like who I RPed with here but some people dropped the RPs with me without even telling me, some don't wanna wait for me, and others have fallen flat. Maybe I just have no luck? XD

Anyway, I added you on my Portgas profile. I got two others, and one more I'll be making. XD I'll add you on them too. I have this account - Problematic Pitch - that's who I'll add Garth and Murrugun on more than likely because my other profiles just stick to certain verses and that one is kind of just all over the place.

Apr 5th 2014 05:56

Sorry for the late reply~
Your welcome and of course I'll have a look and if you like any of my characters just let me know ^^
Garth [Done Here]

Apr 2nd 2014 01:33

-Garth gasped as he was glomped.- Glad you're happy. :D

Ah, I wish you could give me some of your motivation! I'm just not in touch with RP anymore... Haven't been since I was 16. O.o Don't know what's wrong with me, haha. It takes like forever, and I know people hate that... ._. So far, you're the only one with the good attitude toward it.

Um, I got a question. Do you use AniRPer and get on there? Cause I'm on there more and I'm seriously thinking of deleting here. Way too much drama. I understand if you're there, your characters might not e the same but if you want, I could add Garth and Murrugun to an account there - that is if you're on there. XD If not, I'll just stay here for a little while longer. :3 Just thought I'd ask though and okay, I'm seriously rambling now... >_>
Shɑɗɛs Ơf Ɠrɛy

Mar 31st 2014 15:43

Ooc; CHAOS?! You're as bad as the Opposites! xD You're gonna get dizzy. >w>;
LOL; Funny things are great. :'D
Baha, is she the quote master? :D
I'm glad you do! ;3; Some people yell at me for having too many.. :c
Multiple Personality Syndrome

Mar 30th 2014 14:59

Sorry for the delay. Any starter will work. He is the prince of Madeira. The kingdom is currently in a blizzard that has lasted for nearly 200 years. Those are really the only specifics.
Shɑɗɛs Ơf Ɠrɛy

Mar 28th 2014 17:07

Ooc; LMAO. That's why you put Amanda/Ken. ;D I'm two people, don't you know?! 8D
You shall see them soon~!
I love silly things too. :D But Isis is actually pretty unique, y'know? I don't RP with many people who portray characters like that. :3
LOL; Omigosh. She sounds entertaining. xD Zethiel and her will be amusing as he's quite the calm one. He'll be amused by her and try to help her gain better control of herself. xD!
Garth [Done Here]

Dec 24th 2013 23:57

Sorry it's taken me so long but... My edit of Garth and Lilith. :3 --->http://www.roleplayer.me/view_gallery_photo.php?gallery_id=204103&photo_id=2003195&member_id=491629

Nov 29th 2013 15:57

Oh, no no a geisha isn't a model. She's an artist, she dances and plays music for money and for the ability to visit certain venue along with being able to meet more high class personnel. Basically a geisha is a woman who is able to be hired or employed mainly by men, so that they can show off their social ranking. Typically they're woman who indulge in flirting, games and the like with men to keep them happy outside of their marriages / social lives. They make others feel good about themselves. Geisha are meant to be seen as the epitome of what being a woman is all about, being graceful, beautiful, like by everyone, accepting, etc.
Haha, I'd love to see Wing try and control a temper tantrum from Pan though.

Nov 29th 2013 14:23

Well in regards to Wing, he's the guardian of hell's gate, as well as a time traveler. Very stately, very wealthy. He's got an image to maintain however he comes across as a rather cold man when first meeting him. Wing is surprisingly gentle though, he's excellent in regards to family and friends. Though he can be quite secretive, and unwilling to involve people in certain details of his life, there are things he has yet to even mention to Yuka.
Ah, Yuka is really just a normal woman in regards to having any kind of powers and whatnot. Though she's a geisha she's very very very quiet when not in public view. Her actions will always speak louder than her words and she's a more accepting person than most. But she does have a temper, and even in Kaoru's estate she's been known to throw some very destructive temper tantrums.
Loli~Panda (Mcrp)

Nov 5th 2013 06:12

Reienna it shall be then. You can call her Rei for short if you'd like.
Stephen or Carla are the two I cannot decide between.

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