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About me:

The name's Eve, you want to know about me? Alright then I will tell you what I can since my life is still something I am getting to know myself at the moment.

Unlike most I wasn't born in the normal sense of the word, I was created in a lab from the egg of a woman who gave it to them on her own free will for money, though who that woman was I do not know nor do I care all that much.

When I evolved into a baby with the help of the lab's genetic material they had added D.N.A to my human cells so that I would grow and not get destroyed on them like the others before me had.

When I was a baby they branded me on my hand with a V and started the injections. They experimented on me injecting me with different D.N.A from animals of all types but only two of each type for example I have both Tiger and Leopard D.N.A in me and others as well from a different type of animal.

I grew faster than they expected and at the age of 10 my body had gotten used to the D.N.A inside it and blended them together giving me many abilities that fit the animals they injected me with.

I am genetically engineered to be the perfect soldier and that is what they trained me to be from the age of 12. They taught me to be a killer with no mercy or emotions at all. The lab kept injecting me with different strands of D.N.A testing my body's limits to the max so they would know just how powerful I had become and which strands fit my body and which ones my body rejected.

I had almost died on them many times during the experiments but they didn't care because to them I wasn't even human since I wasn't born but instead created by them. They would always remind me of this fact and they would tell me that they gave me life and could take it away if I misbehave and so I never did for fear that they were right.

when I turned 16 I had a new caretaker and she was a sweet person full of love and life, she showed me what it was to have emotions and know how to shut them off if needed.

The woman's name was Marla and she loved me like her own daughter and I started to feel like she was my mother as well. We kept that between us of course and when ever anyone else from the lab was around she pretended to be cruel to me so that they wouldn't suspect anything.

One day the head of the lab saw her treating me with respect and so he dragged her out of my cell and ordered me to come out. I was programmed to listen to commands and so I came out with no question.

The man then put Marla on her knees and put a gun in my hand "shoot her, she is a traitor...do it now" is what he had told me and I tried to fight it but it was no use and I was forced to kill the one woman I actually felt like family around and at that moment all my emotions shut down and I was sent on my first mission.

I killed many in my time as a soldier and because of the way they created me the commands I got were all that I cared about.

When I turned 24 I was the perfect killer and knew how to control every one of the abilities given to me by the animal D.N.A they put in me all my life.

when I turned 30 I was on a mission as always and suddenly I was attacked by a group unknown to me and they took me to their base. I stayed there caged like a wild animal for a while until they let me out, and after a while I started to feel like they were my family.

I stayed with them for 2 years until the lab that created me found where they were and had them all killed. I ran off on that day and have been on the run ever since. I took out my tracking device once I discovered it and found my way to a barn.

the family that lived there took me in and called me Eve and so that has been my name ever since then and I like it really. I am still on the run from the lab though without my tracking device they were not sure where to look for me. I am the perfect killing machine, but I have turned my emotions on again and so I have now become their worst nightmare.

The D.N.A that I have in me are:

Tiger and Leopard- These two blended together give me the ability to see clearly at night, change my eyes to that of a cat, jump to high places and from high places without getting hurt, super hearing and of course sharp claws if I so desire them.

Frog and Chameleon- ability to blend into my surroundings, hide from infrared cameras and regenerate lost limbs.

Black Bear and Polar Bear- Strength, speed, agility, ability to be in freezing weather and not get cold, advanced smell and heightened senses.

Wolf and Coyote- Sharp Claws, fangs and yellow wolflike eyes when I choose to have them.

Eagle and Halk- Enhanced eyesight, ability to have wings come from my back that allow me to fly and advanced speed in the air.

Crocodile and Alligator- Tough armor like skin and ability to see very well under the water.

Shark and Dolphin- Swimming under water, breathing under the water, fast swimmer and extreme intelligence.

Scorpion and Spider- Crawl on and up walls, Tail that comes out when needed like that of a scorpion and web slinging.

I can also shape shift into any of those animals at will and that comes in handy when I need it the most.

I am Eve and that is my story, so you dare try to learn more?

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Ronnie Raymond firestorm

Apr 27th 2017 16:13

Ronnie had been reading a book then he here avoice then says yes i wanted to see what you was like as most people call meRonnie Raymond or fire storm but i can not just let you go around killing people for nothing true every one has theresecrets but someone always find out and they end up looking like they had aheart attackbut killing people is wrong and they should be sent to jail for there crimes. i know who ever you work for is working on something big even if i die saveing the city and the world i can not just sit by and not people get hurt as for staying out of your way. right now me and my friends are too busy with trying to stop someone with same powers as the flash. so you can see i am too busy with other things to stop you there is something you should think about why do you let people tell you how to live your life there are a lot of places you could go live the life you want just keep that in mind.i am too busy with all this crime in the city to even go after you right now. as he got a book by his bed.so you can tellreverse flash or zoom that the heroes will stop him from what ever he is up to. he thought she was part ofLegion of doom. but as he was about to get in bed. he got a phone call from oliver queen someone was looking for theSpear of Destiny, he said i will be right there. he hangs up then says sorry i have to run but you could use your powers for good just think about what i said as he left his house fast he thought this could be bad if it ends up in the wrong hands he got in his car and started to drive to star labs.
Ronnie Raymond firestorm

Apr 25th 2017 12:24

firestorm had left star labs after he could not make the guy talk so he took him to the cops. as he had had other things to deal with firestorm as he thought i think its time we start thinking outside the box.of things there is too much crime in the city. so thisProject V will have to wait i think zoom reverse flash have team up just to keep us from learning the truth about something that there planing just as flash and firestorm was about to go check every lab that had closed down last few mouths we cant just sit around and let people go around killing people for nothing. as firestorm was flying around the city so he went back to the park he was ameta-humanmerged Ronnie with ProfessorMartin Stein, they became firestorm as he was walking around the park. as he started to walk over to the one the bike. to see if they saw anythingstrange around the city. firestorm was called back to star labs for he did not know what was going on as he walked into star labs there was anexplosion. that knocked them out but firestorm had left a note by a tree saying if you saw anythingstrange around the city. the heroes had been busy trying to stop savitar who had the same powers as the flash but he was no hero they did not have time to worry aboutProject V but in his note firestorm said i think we should talk just name the place and time when your ready to meet face to face he said where he could be fond . as he went home for the night he locked the doors and head for bed for the night.
Ronnie Raymond firestorm

Apr 24th 2017 15:41

Ronnie Raymond had got some sleep; as he got up as him andMartin Stein. was working on other things that was happen in the city butRonnie Raymond was married toCaitlin snow and had all of his friends there they was his family always looked out for them but he had worked to do as there was always something going on so he had become fire storm as he fly into the city. as he looked around the park as he saw the bike he saw that same night before but he had to stop the gang war but he thought he should check out who ever was on the bike but this time he had barry allen the flash put a tracking thing on the bike with out being seen so he could talk to them as he flys away into the city to stop the crooks who had powers and had a lot to say about killings going around he told firestorm to look up something calledProject V one of his friends told the guy and where to find him at home before that guy was locked up at star labs. so he went back to the park as he was watching the kids most of them looked up to him as he there was times he had fun in life as he walked behind the bike he saw then says nice bike looks like the one i saw before as he stood by the tree next thing he was hit over the head as he looked around ran after the guy and took him back to star labs to find out everything the guy new about thisProject V he was told about. as he stood there.
Ronnie Raymond firestorm

Apr 23rd 2017 15:27

firestorm was walking around the park as he seen the cops going to a house. team flash told him they think they know who was going around killing people but it could be someone like him and the flash that has powers so he thought he would check out that bike he saw before. but he got to one guys house. but he thought this guy had a date or he crossed the wrong people or something when he saw someone going inside the house before with there face covered. as he started to fly around the city. its time to find out why and who put a hit on one guy he saw that had aheart attack but the cops had fond a note that had a list of places that he worked at but he was going tofollow the bike he seen but was called back and told flash tofollow the one on the bike for him he had to get back to star labs and help with a few things he need to get some sleep anyway before he head out into the city later that night.
Ronnie Raymond firestorm

Apr 22nd 2017 14:54

firestorm was calledRonnie Raymond by his friends at star labs was out flying around the city. just thought it was a nice day outside but he had watched the news wondering how any one could kill some one with out being seen but he thought it could be any one but they must be stop as he was talking to team flash in his com link and there wasMartin Stein and Ronnie Raymond that made firestorm when they where together as one but he would joke around about things as he lands in the park to save some kids from a falling tree when he used his powers. as he told them to be careful. as he had thought everything he had in his life and his close friends that where like family to him as he started to fly. he thought he saw crooks trying to rob a bank as he stopped them people would thank him and the flash as he saved most people and thought it was time to get something to eat but as he turned his head saw that the cops was after someone but he was just to busy and hanging out with his friends as he got done. firestorm thought he should walked around the city. just to rest up before his next fight but he cold do what ever he wanted when he thought he saw someone on a bike he thought they was out for a ride he did not think of it at the time but he keeps walking he stop at the park to sit down before he went any place else that day.
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