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Full Name: Roy William Hrper Jr.
Nicknames: Roy, Speedy
Aliases: Arsenal
Date Of Birth: 1991
Place Of Birth: The Glades
Current Residence: The Glades
Race: Human
Ethnicity: white
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Weight: 150
Birthmarks/Scars: Various bullet, arrow, and knife scars
Mother: Unknown
Father: Adoptive: Oliver Queen
Other Family: Fleet
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status:Single
Languages Spoken: English
Occupation: Vigilante
Job Description: Kicking Ass
Verses Arrow, Comic, Custom
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Thug Life

Roy was born into the Glades the poor section of Starling City. Where scum isn't something you just wipe off your shoe. It's actually a living thing. Turn the wrong corner at the wrong time, and your staring down the barrel of a gun. Piss off the wrong people you're as good as dead. You become indebted early and struggle to pay off what you owe.

Lapse in Memory

Roys' Loyalty is based completely on gratitude and trust. In the past "The Arrow" saved him on multiple occasions.

I trust you, always
Memory Lapse

Roy Recently Roy was ambushed and brutally attacked by a highly skilled young man, his former friend and what some would consider his brother, his street name is "Fleet" Roy managed to make it to the foundry, but upon arriving in his injured condition, he staggered and fell down the stairs. The team quickly got to work patching him u and Roy soon woke up, but had no clue where he was or who Oliver and Diggle were. His body remembers his training, but Roy take some convincing and he and Oliver get into a heated debate which almost lead to a physical fight. After Oliver shows Roy his adoption papers the young man threatens to have himself removed from Olivers' care if he goes after Fleet.

Prone to Use

Drug use is in Roys' DNA His mother was an addict to Vertigo and with no father to guide him. His mother in rehab and struggling with the addiction. He does his best to avoid needles at all cost. Perhaps even being some what fearful of them.

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Quirks: A bit of a smart ass. Charming smile
Habits: Shrugging his shoulders, and rolling eyes in annoyance.

Normally Roy isn't one ot back down from a fight. Oliver used to think he was only good for taking a beating, but the young man proved himself by saving Thea, and others, even when his own life was on the line.

You, saved my life, you saved me.
I can help you save this city.

Roy aided Oliver in several dire moments, before he was given his mask, and later after being shot out of a plane, was given his full costume. In order to give him better protection. His weapons are bow and arrow, batons, throwing arrows, throwing knives, and of course his fists.

Roy is drawn to Oliver in a way that most people can'T understand. Orignally he wanted to be like the arrow. He then wanted to prove he didn't need him. Now a days He sees him not only like a brother, but also as a father figure. He respects Oliver, but also is not afraid to challenge his authority or stand up to him.


Roy is very athletic and acrobatic, much like Oliver he is fond of rooftops when persuing a target. Though he is also agile on the street level as well, able to climb small structures such as pipes with ease. He can Launch himself over cars and through railings.


Roy lacks patience at times and can be a bit too bold. Sometimes rushing into combat without thinking. He can be a bit of a hot head and often vents this physically on a training dummy or punching bag.

Who I'd like to meet:

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Jul 4th 2017 11:06

As Sara headed towards the building that Slade was she knew that it wouldn't be easy. Hell she was guessing that Slade was already waiting for her and once he had her who knew what was going to happen. But at the least she owed Oliver this much besides she wasn't planning on staying she was gonna give Roy enough time to get Oliver out of there and then she was going to leave as well.

As she heard what Roy said over the ear peice she nodded her head a bit. "Not much.. And no your staying out till you here the fighting going on. Then you get in and get Oliver and from there you leave.. I can handle myself."She said as she finally pulled the bike to a stop and stared at the building.

Jul 3rd 2017 12:38

Sara looked at Roy as she heard what he said and she nodded her head a bit."Yeah actually he does.. It teaches patients and other skills."She said and chuckled as she made her way over to her bike. She knew one thing and that was she wanted to get to where ever Slade had Oliver and fast. The sooner that they got there the better things would be not to mention the little fact that she knew what Slade was capable of.

"Come on lets go."She said as she started her bike up and as she did she made her way towards the place that she knew Slade was at. She was just hoping that all of it worked out and that things would be alright and that Oliver was alright as well.

May 11th 2017 23:24

Sara glanced at Roy and could tell that he wanted to get answers. And she didn't blame him she wanted the same answers. Hell if she was being honest with herself shecouldn'treally understand whatSlade was doing she had a feeling that Slade was trying to make them all pay for what had happened on the island. And this was a way to get to Sara. She listened to what he said and sighed."Fine."She said softly.

She hanged up the phone and looked at Roy and sighed softly."He wants me to come alone... This is about me and Oliver... I am sure that Oliver told you about everything that happened on that Island... Well it would seem that Slade does not have a forgiving bone in his body."She said. She walked over to her outfit and grabbed it and looked at Roy."I would say that you need tro stay here.. But i have a feeling that you won't."she said.

She started to change into her sute and grabbed her staff and she sighed."Get ready.. But i am telling you though... You gotta do as i say.. IF we blow this then that means that Ollie could die and the last thing that i want is for that to happen. But i am trusting you to know when to step in and such."she said as she looked at him.

May 10th 2017 13:05

Sara raised an eyebrow as she watched Roy rush to the restroom that was in the facility. But she wouldn't hold that against him hell she knew that things were a bit crazy and she knew that things couldn't really had been easy for him to come and find the place like this and Oliver missing. After all she would have felt the same way she was sure. As she waited for him to come back she glanced around looking for anything that could give them a hint as to who did this.

Sara knew Oliver very well hell the two of them had dated for awhile there. So she knew that Oliver wouldn't have gone with out a fight and probably injuring the other person. As Roy came to stand beside her she nodded her head a bit."Trust me i know that the other person is probably hurting even if they got Oliver."She said as she knelt down. And she had to admit Roy was right there was only two people who really knew about that place. Malcolm and Slade. Though she had a feeling it wasn't Malcolmseeingas he was off in Nada Parbat trying to take down Nyssa from beingRa's.

"I honestly do not think that it is Malcolm.. He is currently not in Star City."She said as she raised an eyebrow."So that leaves me to think that Slade is the one that did this."She said as she picked up a broken arrow and looked at it."But from what i can tell Oliver put up one hell of a fight. I don't see a note ether but that only tells me that we will be hearing from him soon. I know Slade he isn't going toleaveus hanging and i know that he more then likely wants something."She said.

Just as she said that her cell phone started to ring. She pulled it out of the pocket of her leather jacket and looked at the screen. It said the caller was unknown and she glanced at Roy."Speak on the devil."She said as she answered it."Hello?"she asked as she stared around her."Miss Lance.. I would say that it is good to hear from you again.. But i would be lying. As you can see I have Oliver.. And if you want him back... You will do as i say."Slade's deep voice came from the other end of the line,"What do you want?"she asked.

May 9th 2017 12:52

Sara hadn't seen Oliver in a few weeks not since she had come back to life. Well she had always been alive but hadsupposedlybeen missing for a few years and in truth she had really just been with Nyssa AlGhul who had pretty much had saved her and turned her into the assassin that she was now. Not to mention once she had come back to Star City she hadneverreally been told to muchabout what had happened to Oliver once he came back.

She was working out keeping up in shape and such. Not to mention just taking out some issue which was something that she did when she needed to let loose. Left fist, Right fist against the bag. She felt the punching bag connecting with her fist and it actually felt good to do this and she was just relaxing a bit while she did it. The music was playing in the backgroundbut she could actually hearthe other sounds going on as well.

That was when she heard the sound of her cell phone going off. She walked over to it and saw that it was from Oliver which she had set up for like the cell,home and work. And since it was work she was expecting that they needed her for something. "Hello?"she asked but as she answered she heard Roy's voice on the other side talking. And she listened carefully to what was being said.

She honestly at first had thought that it was some kind of trick. Or some kind of prank but the more that she listened to him the more she could tell that it wasnetherof those things. She nodded her head abit and sighed. "I am on my way. Don't touch anything okay.. And you did the right thing."She said. Honestly she knew that Oliver had a lot of enemy's and anyone of them could have attacked him. Little did she know that the person that took Oliver was actually someone that she knew as well.

Sara finally made it to what she called the Arrow cave. And as she got there she headed inside to find the place trashed."Whoa."She said and found Roy. "So he adopted you gotta say that i am kind of shocked. But it also makes sense."She said as she looked around and the frowned sightly."Who ever did this.. Knew the place."She said a frown across her face.

Dec 9th 2016 14:22

Sara looked at Roy and knew that things were about to get bad really quick. She had witness to many people infected with the mirkauru and knew what could happen. Had been there when Roy had first been infected with it. And knew that things would be bad but at the same time she trusted that Oliver had a plan and things would be different then last time. She glanced around as Oliver talked to Diggle through the ear peice and she nodded her head. "I'll head back."She told Oliver as she looked at Roy. "Hang in there your gonna be fine.. And Hey one of these days you'll get Ollie back for the arrows."She said and winked.

She then made her way over to the bike and got on staring it up and headed back to the Arrow cave. It didn't take her to long to get back seeing as she wanted to get there before the other's and fill Felicity in on what had happened. As she pulled the bike to a stop she hopped off and headed inside to find Felicity already there."What happened?"Felicity asked. "He got infected with the mirkauru."she told her. She shook her head."He was already feeling the effects as i left."she said as she pulled off the gloves she was wearing.

Felicity looked shocked but nodded her head."Well this time will be different. It has to be."She said. Sara nodded."I am hoping so... Now that he knows what to expect hopefully he will be able to handle it."she said as she leaned against one of the desk that held the computers. She sighed softly and shook her head."I thought we would never have to deal with this again. So much for hoping."She said.

Just as she spoke she heard the sound of the elevator coming down and she looked at Felicity."Be ready for anything."She said as she watched as the doors opened and out came Oliver and Diggle with Roy in their hands. She jumped up ready to do what she could to help them out as well as Roy.

Nov 8th 2016 12:11

Sara knew the risk that they were taking. Cryus was a bad guy and the last run they had with him they had all nearly been killed. But Sara waswithOliver and would back him up no matter what. Andshe wouldn't leave Roy there to be toruted and injected with the mirakuru. She had seen how Slade had been when he had been injected with it and had also been around with Roy when he was dealing with it. It had taken them a while to get him fixed and she would be damn if she would let him go through it again. She stood next to Oliver as he took aim at Cryus but something was telling her that he wouldn't hit him."Oliver.."she said softly but it was to late and she watched as the arrow missed."Crap."she muttered as she watched Cryus throw Roy across the room and he hit the wall hard.

"Be careful."she said as shetookoff running to get to Roy. Knowing that it probably was way to late forRoy but she wouldn't give up on him. As she got to the ground level some of Cryus's man were rushing to meet her. She had to be honest she was really hoping that they would. She needed to blow some steam off and as she was met with the first wave it didn't take her long to take them out. Using herfavoritestaff to knock them on their ass and soon enough she was free to get to Roy asOliver was fighting Cryus.

Part of her wanted to help Oliver but she knew that at least for the time being he could handle him. And she needed to get to Roy to make sure that he was okay. There was just one person standing in her way. She looked at him."You really want to take me on... I mean look at what i did to your pals."she said as she glanced behind her. What she didn't know was this guy was infected with the mirakuru."Oh yeah i want to."he said and actually started to charge her. As he did she grabbed him and they started to fight. He was a lot stronger then she was but in the end he was just dumb. Relaying on his strength instead of his mind and she was able to knock him out a little worse for the ware but she would survive.

Making her way over to Roy and knelt down beside him."Roy.."she said as she reached out and touched him. She knew that she had to be careful cause she knew that he had been injected or well at least she though he had because she had seen Cryus with the needle against his neck. She was honestly hoping that wasn't the case but she waspreparedfor anything to be honest.

Oct 29th 2016 13:27

A small grin fell across Sara's face as she heard what Roy said and as she twirled her staff. "No...Not unless i really have to do."she told him as shecontinuedto practice. Sara never in her life hadactually thought that she would be fighting crime with Oliver Queen the person that she had been having a fling with behind her sister's back. But because of that it was why she had become avigilant. But honestly she wouldn't change it for anything. She really liked the person that shehad become minus all the people that she had killed. Shecontinuedtopracticeas she listened toOliver and Roy talk. Raising an eyebrow she glanced up at them but for the most part she stayed quiet. She knew that Oliver wanted to protect Roy but at the same time she knew that Roy needed to do this.

She was glad to see that Oliver let him go. She knew that Oliver wanted to keep him safe but this was the only way that Roy would learn anything. As Roy left Saracontinuedto to train but the whole timeshe was she was keeping her ear on what was going on with Roy and Oliver. A frown crossed her face when she heard the sound of Roy being hurt. Putting her staff down she made her way over to the computer. She looked over at Oliver as she listened to what was going on. And to be honest she did not like the sound of it and when Oliver told her thatCyruswas back she nodded herhead."It would seem so."she said.

As Oliver asked her she nodded her head."Like i am going to let you do this on your own. Besides Roy is a friend i am not going to let that happen to him again."she said. Sara headed over to her area of the arrow cave and got changed into her gear. Where it used to be a black outfit she now wore a white one seeing as Sara's sister Laurel was the black canary. As soon as she was ready Sara looked at Oliver."Lets do this... We need to make sure that Roy doesn't go through that again."she said. Sara remembered the last time that Roy had been effected by mirakuru. She knew that he wouldn't be able to do it again.

Sara and Oliver left the arrow cave and headed to the last know place. As they got there Sara glanced around."He is gone... This is bad Oliver where could they have gone."she said. Felicity came over the com that they were all wearing."I am tracking Roy... All the outfits have trackers on them."she said."And listen Roy is close byabandonedbuilding a block away be careful guys. We all knowwhatCyrusis capable is."Felicity said. Sara looked over at Oliver."Come on lets get going."shesaid and made her way with Oliver to the building to save Roy or hopefully they will.
тwiттers |JLU|

Apr 20th 2016 18:36

The laughter that had been echoing amidst Ollie and Laurel faded to nothing upon seeing the woman tied to the chair in the Lair. Her footsteps faltered, eyes wide upon the gagged and bound unconscious woman, while Ollie moved to speak to Roy. As soon as the light came on above the woman she made her way over to her. "Jesus, Roy, she's a woman, not someone we're trying to interrogate," Laurel moved quickly over to her, removing the gag upon the woman's mouth. Though she left the blindfold, since they were in the Lair and not in costume. Hazel-green eyes fell upon Arsenal, eyes showing her disappointment in the boy.

Having recovered from addiction herself, pills and alcohol, she recognized the way the woman looked. She also understood the want to keep her incapacitated but, at the same time, she would have reamed them up one side and down the other if they had done this to her. "She is an addict," she spoke, standing up to her full height, "we need to move her out of the Lair though, Roy. It's too dangerous here. We..." Laurel sighed, rubbed her forehead then raked slender digits through long dishwater blonde tresses. "I can call my father, see if he..."

"No," Oliver snapped at her quickly, "this is a family matter."

"Yes," she retorted, "and I see us ALL as family, including those that aren't technically ON the team." She crossed her arms over her chest, glaring at Oliver for trying to berate her. "It is too dangerous to keep her here. We need to move her from here, or at least put her in a room where she isn't going to spot our gear."

Oliver scowled, which had been completely typical for him as of late. He knew she was right; he didn't want to keep Roy's mother blind folded the entire time either. She didn't deserve that. "Roy," his voice was unusually soft, "Laurel's right, we need to move her, so she can at least be able to see us all."

"Do you know what she's addicted to?" Laurel finally questioned Roy. "If we have an idea, it may give us a better way to help her."

OOC: Sorry, not great at dialogue sequences; they are always shorter for me. xD
Intergalatic Royalty

Mar 10th 2016 23:57

I know , I know , what you're thinking
great another Barry Allen
claiming to be the fastest man alive
well you would be correct
this is not your normal introduction
I will not be using gifs
for my introduction
I will simply say this
must write
so what do you say
are you game
or are you just gonna sit there
all purty and collecting
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