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Once I was a jedi knight... but now I lost all my trust into the force

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Blue Gap, Arizona
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Maybe it's fear that leads your rage

Maybe it's me, maybe it's you

The Twi'lek

I'm free

BIRTHDAY: unknown
Occupation: Smuggler
Birth Place: Ryloth
Current Residence: -
Ethnicity: Twi'lek
Hair Color: -
Eye Color: hazel
Height: 5 ft 6 inches
Scars: -
Traits: -
Disorders: none
Addictions: -
Likes: -
Dislikes: spiders
Quirks: find out yourself

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Orientation: Straight
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:No Answer
Characters: Ma'Khina
Verses: Star Wars, Crossovers
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Crossover, Romance, Science Fiction,
Status: Single
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About me:
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The Padawan

May the Force be with you

MaKhina was born on Ryloth into a slave family. Her parents, Shlara and Prikirl, never wanted any children as they couldnt give them anything else than a life in slavery. But still when the sound of MaKhinas first scream echoed through the empty streets of the small village, those two Twileks couldnt do anything but smile in happiness.

When MaKhina could just make her first own steps a small group of Jedis visited Ryloth. Sensing a strong force they came to the small village where the small family lived in, finding MaKhina there. A master with the name Jemrin consigned the small girl into his care with the promise, to educate her to a Jedi-Knight. Time passed by and the Twilek grew up to a beautiful woman. Always by the side of Master Jemrin she visited many planets and learned as much as she could about fighting, democracy and the force. With 15 she already got the honor of the title Jedi Knight. She was happy on her very own way.

But suddenly everything had changed.

Sent by the Order of the Jedi to Taris, Jemrin and MaKhina tried to avoid a new siege by the Sith. But they were short-handed. The empire had sent a small army while they stood against them with nothing more than 40 soldiers. It was a brutal fight and seemed hopeless but Master Jemrin didnt want to give up. Was it proud? Or was it just the fact that they tried to protect a small helpless village? MaKhina didnt know it nor was she pretty interested into the reason. Armed with her two blue shining lightsabers she fought down as many imperial soldiers as possible. Finding herself suddenly against an apprentice of the dark side.

They both were even in their skills. The male Sith was stronger but Makhina was faster and more flexible. Following her instincts and letting her led by the force she gave her best and could force him on his knees as shock suddenly shook her body. Turning her head aside she saw Master Jemrin falling down on his knees, injured. Turning half around she threw her left handed lightsaber towards the Sith, who was going to give the Jedi the last strike. A fizzling as both sabers hit against each other. Right as she led her saber with the force back into her hand, the Sith next to her jumped against her.

Everything turned black.

It wasnt that MaKhina lost consciousness. But the last thing she could remember was herself kneeling on the ground, the dead body of her Master, her friend and only family, holding in her arms. The Sith who had attacked them lied dead on the ground. The sadness of the loss of Master Jemrin and the fact that she had killed those Sith in her rage was deep in her heart. She left the Order of the Jedi and lost all her trust into the force.

The Pirate

"When will you see this is who I am?"

After leaving the Order of the Jedi and Coruscant, MaKhina started up a new life working as a smuggler now. Nothing more than a pirate. An outlaw.

Always by her side a blaster and a T7-01 droid. Her XS-Stock light freighter was nothing more than a very old dumb barge, holding together by repairing and MaKhinas hope.

Her two lightsabers were now in a small box under her bed, hidden from foreign eyes.

Doing different jobs for Hutts, Rodians, Humans and whoever crosses her way, she kept running away from her past and from her destiny. Each day in her life, she ignored the soft tingle in the back of her head, the sign that the force tried to attract her attention. But why should she listen to something that didnt exist? And she was sure that it didnt exist.

Otherwise her Master would be still alive

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FRIENDS.   childhood friends  /  work friends  /  family friends  /  recently friends  /  turning antagonistic  /  turning into something romantic  /  stable  /  falling apart  /  friendship of need  /  friendship of circumstance  pen - pals or internet friends  /  coworkers  /  partners  /  other.

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FAMILIAL BOND.   sibling bond  /  older sibling figure to your muse  /  younger sibling figure to your muse  /  parental figure to your muse  /  parental figure to my muse  /  guardian figure  /  legal  guardian  /  other.

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Anakin Solo

Apr 17th 2018 17:57

//hey there! Hope your day is going well. Also hope we can rp sometime 
Anąkın Ṧkywąlkər

Oct 23rd 2015 17:30

- the young sith lord look's at the young alien female, would you like to join the darkside of the force.
Anąkın Ṧkywąlkər

Oct 23rd 2015 17:19

- greeting's jedi
The Goblin King.

Aug 22nd 2015 13:35

Scorpius doesn't have any part in the breeding program, he is the product of one. His mother was attacked , kidnapped and used. She gave birth to him and he is the only one that survived out of 91 attempts to cross Sebaceans with Scarrans. He despises the Scarrans. Don't worry, he isn't the type to attack a female in that way. Consentual only.
< br/ > What kind of things does she smuggle? Or does she only smuggle people? Scorpius is always in need of supplies and safe passage through certain sectors of space so he is not detected by his enemies. He and the crew of Moya go to random planets and places for supplies and recreation. It gets mentally straining to be stuck on a ship for months on ends.
The Goblin King.

Aug 22nd 2015 12:35

Ooc:Scorpius is a half Sebacean and half Scarran Peacekeeper. The only one of his kind. A Scarran is a reptilian like species that is power hungry and thinks all other races are inferior and must obey them. If a species doesn't stand up to their standards, doesn't obey their rule or does not work in their breeding program; they attempt to annihilate the entire species from the universe. They love the heat and have a heat gland that produces a great of scalding air. They are tall with skin that is nearly impossible to penetrate without excessive blows or amount of force. They are abnormally strong with heat sensing eyes. Sebaceans are similar to humans in appearance and physiology. They have one main difference of an intolerance to heat. Excessively high temperatures put them in a state of heat delirium that is usually fatal if not treated in the first two stages. They go insane and their brain melts. They are a warrior type of people where they go into battle to protect inferior and less advanced people, for a price. Be it loyalty or currency. With Scorpius being part of both of them, the product of the Scarran breeding program(a male rapes a Sebacean female, she is kept in captivity until the offspring is born. If it lives the woman is used again. If it dies they kill her and capture another. Out of 91 tries Scorpius was the only one to survive) his own body is a death trap. He has a mutated heat gland that cannot be removed which keeps his body temperature elevated. He created a cooling suit, hence all that leather to regulate the heat. In order to keep from going into heat delirium he also created a cooling rod system the is directly in his brain. He inherited a lot from the Scarrans and he hates it. When he had a moment where he gets angry and exposes his superior strength he gets embarrassed and apologizes to those around him. He does growl a lot when frustrated, annoyed or angry. He also greets those closest to him by locking from the tip of the nose to the forehead. Scarran form of hugging a friend. He is extremely intelligent, cunning, resilient and polite.

I typically write him when his command was stripped from him by a Sebacean/Peacekeeper member of high council called Mele-On Greyza. She had a gland implanted that produces a drug that if breathed by males they become her slave. She is bent on signing a peace treaty with the Scarrans too naive to know that it is only signing a Sebacean death warrant. Since her implants drug does not work on Scorpius, who is immune to a lot of things, she had his own science crew created a rod to take pkace of tge cooling ones that took away his own ability to control his functions. She put a collar on him and paraded him around his command carrier with a leash like an animal. She then took him to a desolate planet and had his friend/second in command Miklo Braca, shoot him at close range in the back and buried him. She thought he was dead, everyone did. One blast from a pulse pistol is no where near enough to kill him. He had survived torture from birth until 12 year old. Then had to endure it again after he was recaptured in his 20's and survived Grayza's attempts at torture. They were quite stupid to think a single hot in the back would do it. He fled the planet and is bent on regaining control of his command by exposing Greyza and stopping the peace treaty.

I can write him traveling pretty much anywhere, on his own or aboard Moya. Moya is a living ship called a Leviathan. It was a prison transport until a group of prisoners freed the ship and fled the Peacekeepers. There is a Luxan named D'Argo, Hynerian named Rygol, Kalish bioloid named Sikozu, Sebacean named Aeryn Sun, human named John Crichton and a Nebari named Chiana aboard Moya.
The Goblin King.

Aug 21st 2015 21:34

Ooc: Greetings! I wish to convey my thanks to you for accepting my friend request. Would you be interested in discussing a storyline? A brief character description will be provided is required. I am a flexible, mature, seasoned, literate, no nonsense and no drama writer. I do anything from para to novella and because I use a tablet do all writing in messages. I hope that is acceptable. I look forward to hearing from you.

Scorpius' human counter part.
Speckles The Tyrannosaurus Rex

Jul 22nd 2015 11:27

well hello there how are you he roar's
Speckles The Tyrannosaurus Rex

Jul 9th 2015 06:34

- Let's go for a hunt
Speckles The Tyrannosaurus Rex

Jul 6th 2015 02:58

how are you friend he roar's
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