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Humanity is my depression, music is my cure. Seeker of knowledge. (Multi-LI lies ahead.)
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GeneralReading, singing, listening to music, swimming, jogging, nearly anything to do with musical theater, drinking copious amounts of tea, and honey, thunderstorms, movies, books, the occult.
MusicMozart, Vivaldi, Bach, Nightwish, Sabaton, Delain, Epica, Andrew Loyd Webber, Vienna Teng, Ingrid Michaelson, Paramore, Apocalyptica, Ellie Goulding, Mary Lambert, Emilie Autumn, and so much more...
MoviesInterview With the Vampire, Dracula Untold, Bram Stokers Dracula, Pitch Perfect 1, and 2. Jurassic World, Anything Disney, Phantom Of The Opera, Love Never Dies. Anything with a great musical score!
TelevisionThe Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Queer as Folk, The L Word, The Originals.
BooksAnything by J.R.R Tolkien, Lord Of The Flies, Othello, Julius Caesar, Romeo and Juliet, The Wars, Harry Potter, The Vampire Chronicles, Bram Stoker's Dracula, The Sookie Stackhouse Novels, Susan Kay's "Phantom."
Heroes Anyone who can authentically live their dreams, and doesn't let self-doubt get in the way.

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Orientation: Bi
Hometown:She roams, and never stays anywhere for too long.
Body type:Average
Education:In college
Occupation:University Student
Status: Single
Member Since:March 24, 2015

Why.. Why am I awake? I need a pumpkin spice chai tea latte, stat. Caffeine!
Sep 16th 2019 10:00

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About me:
Dawn was born rather abruptly at six in the morning on November 14th, 1994. Her life was a flurry of activity from then on. First words, steps and laughter gave way to hospitals and monotone grey rooms when she was just eight years old. She was a very sick child with a terminal brain tumor and she was dying because the tumor could not be operated on, due to it being too deep. She took a turn for the better around her twelfth birthday when her brain grew two cysts inside of it and upon surgery to remove the cysts, her brain had spread just enough for them to get the tumor out. Of course, it had also split the lines between the two cortex and as such, Dawn is readily able to switch the sides of the brain she's using at will. This makes her a keen and observant problem solver with an artistic temperament to match.

She was a prodigy, they said. Music flowed from her very soul starting at the age of three, and it never stopped. Her parents bought her a grand piano, and there her talent soared. She was taught and told to flourish. Having been pulled out of regular school to be homeschooled was to her benefit because her parents soon found out she was very smart. By the time she was fourteen, she was just finishing high school in it's entirety. That is until one day, her father died of a heart attack when she was fourteen. Her mother turned bitter, and to alcohol to ease the pain. She resented the fact that before his death, her husband had spent all his time with Dawn. Teaching her music, and the ways of the world. Dawn's life came crashing down when her father had died. After her father had passed on, her mother had her boyfriend, Malcolm, move in the next week. Dawn has never questioned their relationship, but she knew that she had been cheating on her father with him. Malcolm started out nice, a pastor at some mega church in Louisiana, but he soon turned dark, doing unspeakable things to her and her siblings when her mother was not around. Instead of being treated like a family member, she was made to be a slave under her mother's whim. Her mother didn't even want her to go to University, but her father had set aside money for exactly that, and Dawn fled the family home at fifteen to attend university. Her mother is condescending emotionally, physically, and mentally abusive. A few months after Dawn's father had died, they had gotten into an altercation about Malcolm, and her mother pushed her down the stairs, causing her spine to seize, and Dawn had slipped a disk in her back. A year of physiotherapy later, she was living with it, but it still acted up every once and awhile. She tries to limit the time in contact with mother, having a strained relationship with her.

Her parents wanted her to be a doctor, but Dawn's main passion was her music. So, she decided to study Music Composition and Anthropology, the study of culture. It was around this time that Dawn would start to have prophetic dreams, knowing things were about to happen. She would be woken in the middle of the night to voices that weren't there, and she started to trust her intuition more, seeming to always stay out of trouble with it. She started to research things on clairvoyants, psychics, and generally, the occult.

Making friends was extremely difficult, because no one took her seriously, and to say nothing of the anxiety, and depression that followed that, she was in hell when she was in college. Everyone was at least four years older than her, and extremely threatened by her talent. So she spent her four years rather isolated, with no comfort other than her books, and her growing, and her love of music. Four years later, she graduated with a Bachelor of Music Composition, and was freshly eighteen.

As she grew into a young adult, she moved to New Orleans, and eventually decided to pursue a double doctorate in Music Composition and Anthropology through the University there. Her research never stopped, and neither did her clairvoyant tendencies, or her piano playing. Ghosts, witches, occult practices, paranormal encounters, werewolves, vampires.. She became obsessed with it all and it often consumes her thoughts and nights when she is not studying.

Different. She always knew she was different, but how different? Now just about to graduate from a University in New Orleans with her Master's in Music Studies and Anthropology, she roams the town, loving the French Quarter, and the city's undeniable mythology for all things paranormal.. Or is a myth..?

Who I'd like to meet:
OOC: Dawn is a blood doll, now I play them a bit differently than most. Blood dolls are born, not made. Their blood holds power. Blood is really the key to our realm, and her kind was rampant about a thousand years ago. But the vampires grew greedy, and because of the addictive quality of the blood, they nearly wiped the entire race out. When a vampire drinks from a blood doll, they taste what they haven't in years. A fruit, that was their favorite. Of course, it could be anything that was their favorite, but I like to stick to fruit. It's also, as I said, addictive so one bite will make you a junkie. Their blood regenerates quickly, but you can kill them if you're not careful, it's just they have a much higher survival rate due to the nature of what they are. When a vampire feeds from her, they form a blood bond, which is just a way for them to keep tabs on each other. They feel each other's strong emotions, have a telepathic bond, and can sense if the other is in danger. It also makes it so it's harder for her to be killed, really. It forms an emotional bond between vampire and blood doll and leads to the vampire being somewhat protective usually. This is an evolutionary trait. It's used so they don't just die. Their blood makes the vampire stronger, faster, their senses more sharper. They are more powerful, which is why they are coveted. They do explore some pretty neat clairvoyant/psychic abilities, such as prophetic dreams, and visions, using tools of divination, that sort of thing. They often know by a feeling whether someone's good or bad, and if they are being fed from regularly they don't age. Dawn has no idea that she is special, and she has no idea that vampires actually exist. Currently Seeking RP! Feel free to send me a message on here, or... AIM: missbaileydawn@gmail.com Skype: bailey.coty She can also be used for other roleplays, too, and not just supernatural. Please don't hesitate to contact me!

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Sep 13th 2019 22:09

“She seems trapped to me.” He said taking her body language in. “Why doesn’t she?” A question so simple, but yet almost impossible to answer. Closer, he sits next to her. “ It seems to me she knows what she wants, she is just scared to go after it.” His head is turned to her waiting to see if his words will encourage her rebellion or cave her further in her doubts.
𝙃𝙚𝙡𝙡 𝙁𝙞𝙧𝙚 .

Sep 13th 2019 03:42

Stefan Salvatore.
Attn: Playing With Fire.
Mention: Hell Fire.
Hello, I'm sending out a greeting to appreciate you for requesting or even accepting. I hope you don't mind writing with another Stefan, I know there's a few around but more the merrier right? I'm not just here for another number, I intend to write if you would do the honor of creating / sharing ideas with me..

To save you the trouble of asking, There is no changes to my Stefan apart from him not dying. I do have a little story on what happened / to do with the hellfire between himself and Katherine. With them understanding they wouldn't survive, something happened.. once the hellfire hit, somehow they both ended up in another world, both alive and well but this new world could be the death of them. A world where they have to survive, some kind of disease spread. With the rest thinking they were dead, Stefan has to find a way to get through to Bonnie and dot dot dot..
credit: james kriet

Sep 11th 2019 15:44

"you are catching up, young lady." he taps his chin. "Now tell me. the deepest desire that Sarah has?"

Sep 11th 2019 14:56

He loves it when he gets under people's skin. "Did I now?" a casual smile accompanies his words. "I do not recall saying such a thing, Dawn Elizabeth."
new god.

Sep 10th 2019 23:39

A small smirk began to once more form along his lips as he watched her stumble, the soft melody of her voice as she seemed to struggle to comprehend what was currently unfolding before her, and it filled Lestat with a sense of pride. To not only see but hear, her stumbling over herself caused him to give a soft laugh, almost inaudible, before the sounds of a vehicle soon reached his ears. His eyes snapped away from the redhead, twigs snapping beneath heavy feet before he vanished, leaving the policeman and the woman alone.   

And yet, the vampire could not allow himself to stray too far.   

Her scent consumed him, and he found himself craving more, fighting with himself to cut down the officer that dared to interrupt, but he dared not risk the possibility of chasing such a creature away. No, he would need to play this safely; the last thing he wished was to lose someone as unique as she. Even if he knew not just how special she was, there was no question that with only a small taste of her blood, it was enough to pull him even closer. As though he were terrified to let her out of his sight.

And perhaps, deep down, he was. But, of course, the proud vampire would never dare admit such things. Instead, he watched for a moment longer before returning to his loft, his children all seemingly excited for his arrival. Each took turns voicing their excitement - each one eager for the screams of their fans to fill their ears, feeding into their already large egos. The one thing Lestat would take credit for in his immortal life.
---------------- x ----------------

Already the screams of his fans drowned out the rest of the noise that caused him to scowl; the whining of children, the bickering of lovers. Sounds Lestat luckily never knew, and quite frankly, never wished to experience. As the stage neared completion, Lestat hid within the shadows, watching the large group inch their way ever closer to the stage. The sweet metallic scent of blood danced its way into his senses, and it woke the beast within as he lured a fan away, his lips meeting hers before slowly moving to her neck. 

It wasn't long until a soft moan left her lips the moment his fangs pierced her flesh, and the sweet taste of blood flooded his mouth. He growled as he pressed himself further against her lithe frame, her hands moving to tangle within his dark curls while her once racing heart slowed to near death. The sound of one clearing their throat snapped Lestat out of his trance, pulling away with a guttural sound before black eyes landed on his manager, evident signs of discomfort, yet pushed through. 

It's almost time... you should get ready.

Lestat narrowed his eyes for a brief moment, his gaze flickering to the female he still held within his arms before slowly setting her down upon the cold earth and moving to leave his manager, as well as his meal, behind him. Lestat watched as the buses pulled up, and a large number of fans that flooded around them, their hands pounding against the cold metal.

Lestat slowly moved from behind one of the buses; a napkin clenched within his hand as he began to wipe away the blood that nearly stained his lips, ❝Ladies, please, I would much appreciate you all not to destroy my things.❞ His voice was soft, yet loud as another wave of screams caused a wicked smile to twist itself upon his lips.

His curls moved slightly in the wind that washed over him, and once more, that scent caused him to tense. Did he feel a twinge of... annoyance? He quickly shook it off as his cerulean hues moved to rapidly scan the group before they fell on the same redhead he had met - the same one with the blood that drove him wild.

❝Well, what do we have here,❞ his voice was but a whisper, moving into the crowd as hands all moved to touch him, elegantly slipping through the cluster before he found himself standing before the female. ❝Usually, I would question whether you were following me... but, after last night, I don't think that'd be such a bad thing.❞ Lestat reached out to grab hold of her wrist, pulling her against him as a smirk twisted itself across his features. ❝I've already eaten, but... if it's you, I think I could have another helping.❞

Without waiting for a response, he began to pull her behind him, moving closer toward the buses, occasionally glancing over his shoulder, his eyes lingering for brief moments until they would return reach the bus, swiftly pulling her inside and closing the doors. Silence settled, muffled screams the only thing shattering the air between them until he slowly turned his attention to her, inching closer. ❝Who are you? What are you?❞
new god.

Sep 10th 2019 22:02

Lestat continued to watch her every move as she spoke, the way she held herself before him; and if this strange woman knew exactly who, and what, he was, she was bold to remain within his company for as long as she has. Part of him was feeling concern; however, that was quickly washed away upon hearing her blurt out a second time, that she was okay. This outburst caused the vampire to merely raise a brow in response, his head tilting ever slightly while dulled cerulean hues narrowed in her direction.  

How peculiar, indeed.   

❝I didn't say anything,❞ Lestat spoke in a low voice, his body slowly beginning to move toward her in an attempt to overthrow the consciousness that demanded him to stay. Fists clenched once more as he took a few more steps toward her, the sweet scent having since faded the moment she slid her hand within her pocket. The sounds of his bones cracking were like drums within his ears, and it caused him to give off a low hiss - before he eventually caved and swiftly moved to stand just a few inches behind her.

Lestat's eyes darkened, fangs extending, though still, he fought against himself. He refused to subject someone with blood that reminded him so much of home, of his life before vampirism, to the pain often inflicted upon feeding. And yet, no matter how hard he tried to defeat the beast that screamed to be released, the hunger always won in the end.

In the blink of an eye, Lestat had moved to firmly wrap his digits around her wrist, pulling her hand from within her pocket as that same grape vineyard smell took him back to a life he had nearly forgotten. Blackened hues slowly moved to study the cut upon her palm, raising her hand closer to his lips as he drew in a deep breath. The scent of her blood nearly possessing him before his tongue slipped past parted lips to sensually glide across her red-stained flesh.

He dragged his fangs across her skin, slowly pulling back as his gaze rose to meet hers, a soft smirk tugging at the corner of his lips while he straightened himself, his grip upon her wrist never loosening. ❝You should be much more careful with blood as sweet as yours. Next time, you may not have someone with such high restraint.❞ Lestat slowly allowed his grip to loosen, before eventually, his hand fell to rest at his side, ❝your scent... it's unique. It reminds me of back home. But that was a long time ago. I'm curious as to why you have such an alluring scent.❞
new god.

Sep 10th 2019 20:38

❝ so, i can never be known?❞
❝you must be d e a d to the w o r l d.❞

Those words still to this day haunted him, making his skin crawl and the blood the coursed beneath ice-cold flesh boil as pointed fangs pierced and tore into his lower lip. Knuckles cracked as fists clenched, though just as quickly, fell to rest peacefully at his side before allowing his gaze to drift over the city of New Orleans. The laughter and shouting of the helpless mortals that danced and drank the night away were music, as well as discomfort, to the vampire's ears. A mixture of pleasure soon reached his ears, which caused a smirk to tug at the corner of his lips, his eyes slowly closing as he took in the sweet melodies that went unnoticed to all but him.

Eventually, Lestat had his attention torn away as the sounds of his band calling him reached his ears, reluctantly tearing himself from the sounds that rose from the heart of New Orleans. Though, that would have been easier said than done once an old, and still very familiar scent reached him. Immediately, the vampire froze in place, his eyes slightly widening while slowly turning his gaze back to the city. They could wait - this scent, however, could not. Who knew when he would have the pleasure of such nostalgia, if ever again?   

Surroundings came and gone in a flash, moving in and out of the herd or mortals that reeked of a mixture of things; though what stood out the most, were alcohol and lust - the latter being something the vampire knew intimately well. The way they would grind against one another, their desire dripping forth as they caved to animalistic intent. The scent he had found himself stalking slowly faded, and he was left standing motionless as people would brush into him, some even attempting to converse with him. A few hinting at more dirty things, and if it weren't for the sharp scent once more slamming into him, intensified, he'd have allowed himself to indulge in the monster that resided beneath his quiet demeanor.

Adrenaline coursed through every fiber of his being the closer he got to the scent, and part of him was almost concerned that he would be unable to resist temptation - to bury fangs into whoever gave off such delicious scent. Memories of a mortal life flashed before his eyes, and he had to immediately halt all movement as he clenched onto his dark locks, curls clinging to his cold flesh before a voice rang out, nearly startling him.

❝Fantastic!❞ The voice sounded soft, and yet it was clear there were mixed emotions that lay hidden beneath. And just like that, the scent washed over him, and before he could even process what was taking place, his body moved, the sight of an outstretched hand as she gathered her belongings. Her blood seemed to almost glisten beneath the white light that covered the cemetery, engulfing it within a nearly pure essence - he drank in every inch of her, studying her before his gaze once more drifted to the blood that stained the palm of her hand. 

❝You appear to be having a rough night...❞ Lestat blurted out, forcing himself to remain still despite every ounce of him wanted nothing more than to lunge at her, his tongue dancing across soft flesh before sinking his teeth into her warmth. Every muscle tensed, screaming as he drew in a sharp and quaky breath, ❝is everything all right?❞
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