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Professor Severus Snape (9 January, 1960 2 May, 1998) was a half-blood wizard who was the son of the witch Eileen Snape (ne Prince) and Muggle Tobias Snape. During his lifetime, Severus Snape was Potions Master (19811996), Defence Against the Dark Arts professor (1996-1997), and Headmaster (1997-1998) of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (which he attended as a student from 1971 until 1978). He was also member of the Order of the Phoenix and played a very important role in both of the Wizarding Wars against Lord Voldemort. Despite Severus Snape's wizarding heritage, he was raised in the Muggle dwelling of Spinner's End, which was in close proximity to the home of the Evans family. He met Lily and Petunia Evans when he was nine, and fell deeply in love with Lily, becoming a close friend of hers. In 1971 he began his first term at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry where he was sorted into Slytherin. This put him in the same year as his true love, Lily Evans. Severus became the immediate enemy of James Potter and Sirius Black and was a frequent victim of their bullying. Snape developed a passion for the Dark Arts at a young age, and had followed the pure-blood supremacists in Slytherin House, despite his own half-blood status and his love for Lily, a Muggle-born. This put his friendship with Lily under great strain, until it was eventually broken in their fifth year. After leaving school he joined the Death Eaters along with a large group of his fellow Slytherins. Severus was made a member of the Slug Club, presumably because of his brilliance at potion-making, and Horace kept a picture of him as a student, clutching his copy of Advanced Potion-Making. Despite this, Horace did not have many hopes for Severus' future, as his photograph was kept behind many others.[4] Shortly before Lily Evans was killed by Lord Voldemort, Snape changed sides and became a member of the Order of the Phoenix and double agent during the Second Wizarding War. With tremendous difficulty, Snape was able to prevent Lord Voldemort from learning the truth about his loyalties. Despite the opinions of most others, Albus Dumbledore trusted Snape for reasons that were kept between them both until their deaths. Upon his death, it was revealed that his deep, strong love for Lily Evans caused him to redeem himself, joining Dumbledore's cause at the prospect of her protection from Lord Voldemort. The relationship between Dumbledore and Snape would be one of an unusually strong loyalty, so much so that Snape agreed to kill Dumbledore upon Dumbledore's own request. Before Dumbledore's death, Snape promised to protect the students of Hogwarts from the Death Eaters, who would inevitably take control of the Ministry of Magic, as well as the school. Snape later participated in the Battle of Hogwarts, but was killed by Lord Voldemort who mistakenly believed that Snape was the master of the Elder Wand, an immensely strong and powerful wand that Voldemort deeply desired, when in reality, Draco Malfoy was, unknowingly, the master of the Elder Wand because he disarmed Dumbledore.

Legal Information
NAME: Severus Snape
NICKNAMES: Sev, The Half-Blood Prince.
DATE OF BIRTH: January 9, 1960.
PLACE OF BIRTH: Spinner's End, Cokeworth, England.

Physical Details
HEIGHT: 6'1"
WEIGHT: unknown
SCARS: none

Family Ties
MOTHER: Eileen Prince
FATHER: Tobias Snape
SISTER(S): none
BROTHER(S): none
Other Family: none.


Traits: Cold, cynical, malicious, bitter and sarcastic, brave.
Disorders: none.
Addictions: Knowledge.
Likes: Reading, wining, learning, Lily.
Dislikes: James Potter, Sirius Black, and basically everyone else unless started otherwise.
Quirks: none

OCCUPATION: Potions Master.
EMPLOYER: Dumbledore.
STRENGTHS: Clever mind, and vast knowledge.

It may have escaped your notice, but life isn't fair.

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Apr 21st 2019 09:33

Kore woke up the next morning not really wanting it. When she came back from her 'business' it had been nearly 5am, and now it was 8am, which means she only had less than 3 hours of sleep. Everyone could see that. The bags under her eyes was very noticeable on such a pale and skinny body and skin. Either way, she had to get up, and so she did. She took a quick shower, dressed up her uniform [ https://imgur.com/a/bL9Lx ] and went on her way whilst all the other girls remained asleep for a bit more. 

As the red-head made her way to the kitchen, she passed by sister Mary who was quick to grab her by the arm. "Where do you think you're going with your jacket all open? Close it right now, this isn't a whore house and-" Kore shook her arm and Mary immediately let go of her before she could finish her sentence and closed her jacket all the way up. Mary smiled, seeing how tight it was on female, clearly a a size down. "Better that way, you little moll." She said, with a smirk, and made her way to wherever that was. The female took that chance to unbutton the top of her jacket. It really tightened her - in that moment, she made a mental note to herself to fix the issue later.  

Kore then walked to the kitchen. She was all alone today since it was her day to cook. To spoil the girls a bit, she decided to prepare a rich and proper English breakfast. She opened the French doors to the garden, and went to pick up whatever ingredients she need, from vegetables to fruits, and placed all in her basket, taking everything inside once it was all done. The female begun by preparing all the vegetables and then making some fresh fruit juice. Using the stove next, cooked some eggs, tomatoes, bacon, beans and mushrooms. However, because of some people, she cooked sausages instead of bacon. Once she was done, she went to prepare the tables, and serving everyone, including the nuns and the priest, who slowly begun to fill the inside the canteen. Once that was done, she prepared her own plate, drink, and took it to the table, where she sat next to Rose, who was beaming today. That made the red-hair smile. Of course, before everyone was to eat, a silent pray was in order. And, even though Kore bowed her head, she didn't pray whatsoever. It would be cynical from her. 

Once everything was done, everyone begun to eat. And after they were done, they would take the plate and the glass into the kitchen so that Kore could clean everything after. Unfortunately, when Rose was taking her things, she tripped on her shoes, and fell, letting everything crash onto the floor. The sound itself was horrible - from her scream to the crack of the china. Kore went running to help her get up. The little girl cried so hard, her face was getting red. "It's fine, it's fine! Don't worry sweetheart, I'll clean everything, alright? But no more cries." She smiled, as she cleaned Rose's tear, who whipped, but begun to gently smile. That is, until a rough male voice came from behind the female. "Oh, you poor Rose..." He smirked. "It's time for your punishment now, you know how it's here..." No. Kore knew all too well what that meant. She wouldn't let that happen. "I'll take her punishment." Kore said, getting up and looking at the priest straight in his eyes. "But Kore, my child, she was the one who broke the dishes, we can't let that go unpunished, It's God's will." He replied, with a nasty grin still on his face. Rose crying yet again. Without so much as a second thought, she grabbed the nearest tray with dishes and threw it all into the ground, right in front of the priest. He even took a couple of steps back, but with an angry look, he grabbed the red-head by her arm, tightly. "As you wish then." And with that, he took the female to his office. 

Inside said office, both the priest and the nuns had access to an array of instruments of abuse. Either whips, belts, whatever that could make even the mightiest scream in pain. And yet, the orphanage only had girls. Not monsters, nor creatures. Not even boys. And yet, such violence was needed to correct girls. The priest sat Kore and chair, demanding her to reveal the palms of her hands, which were still covered in injuries from last time she was canned. "My my, you've been a very naughty girl Kore. I'll make sure you learn your lesson today." And it wasn't even nine in the morning. He grabbed the nearest belt and begun to whip Kore in her hand, which caused her to wince in pain. It did hurt like hell, not only because it was on her palm, but also because her hand was still scarred from the last beating. She endured it anyway, for the sake of Rose. And after he was done with what seemed like a thousand lashes, the priest was panting. That piece of trash was turned on from that. Kore shut down, letting numbness settle within. "You...You were a good girl, Kore." He said, placing his hand on the female's leg, stroking it up and down, almost too close to her groin. "You were a good girl..." He whispered, into her ear. Once he reached the red-head's intimacy, she got up, so fast that even the chair fell. 

"My, Kore. Don't be like that. You don't want to go Hell, do you?" The priest smirked, looking at the her, as he quickly grabbed her by her arm. "Let me go!" Kore shouted, trying to release her arm from his grasp. "I can cleanse you from your evilness, just like when you were younger." That touched a switch inside the red-hair female. It froze her for a second. And a second was all it took the priest to hold the red-head against a wall. "That's it, be a good child now..." He whispered against her ear, sending a cold shiver through the female skin. That's right. Ever since she was a child he would touch her, caress her and sometimes even more. But what could she have done to change it? She was just a child back then, scared and hopeless. If she were to go against the priest, wouldn't she be homeless? And worst - all alone. At least in the orphanage, even though she went through Hell, she wasn't alone at the end of the day. 

What do I do? What do I do? She thought, in those seconds, before the vile man placed his hand on her leg and went all the way up. She brought this to herself, but had it not been Kore he was doing this to, it would have been Rose. A sweet innocent 8 years-old child. The red-head would not allow that, so she was in disadvantage in this fight. "Don't do this, please... please..." She pleaded him, but he couldn't care less, as he kept on caressing her, and kissing her neck. She felt disgusted. Her stomach ached, and she couldn't handle it. She vomited right on him, making him walk away, disgusted. Without his grip, the petite female fell to her knees. She vomited again, this time on the carpet. The priest cursed in the best of the British slag and went away probably to clean himself. When a nun showed on the room, she shouted at Kore for her behavior and told her to clean up everything. She didn't even ask the girl how she felt, just that she had to clean up everything. Once she was all alone, she shed a couple of tears, but smiled. At least, she was able to dodge him, this time.  

She stayed on the floor for a moment, but then got up, and went to brush her teeth first, and then grab the things to clean the everything, and headed to the office yet again. Once she was done, she went to her class, and just sat on her seat, paler, tired and weak from all that had happened in just a couple of hours from being up. In her mind, the words it will all end soon were all that kept her sane that moment.  

– X – 

Kore woke up, sitting straight as she tried to catch her breathe again. She held on for dear life to her covers, as a couple of tears stream down her face, as she quietly sobbed. Life wasn’t fair. Not by one bit. But some truly suffered far more than they could account for. Kore was one of those – and the nightmares were but evil consequences. Once she finally got up, the redhead walked to the girl’s bathroom in the Gryffindor Tower and took a warm shower. Once she was done, and finally took notice of the time, 6AM, she dressed her black and red robes, and just exited the Tower. She didn’t feel like sleeping anymore, so she made her way to the Covered Bridge and walked all the way to the Gatekeeper’s Hut which was now currently being used by Hagrid, whom Kore considered a good friend. Kore knew, from her strolls, that sometimes Hagrid would wake up early and walk deep in the Forbidden Forest. The why she didn't know. But she didn’t care either.

After she arrived the place, she took a turn to the west side, walking a couple of meters, she was greeted by a couple of red and green leaves that stood on the floor in what seemed like wings. With the wave of her crystal wand, a fairly small green house, on the outside, revealed itself before her. Inside, however, the space was relatively large, adorned with white and red roses all around, and then berries bushes to the end and, of course, endless magical plants. Dumbledore himself had given this green house to Kore during her first year, given her permission to do as it fit to her. Kore decided to plant her favorite flowers and her favorite fruits. In the middle, laid a table with cabinets, where all was perfectly stored and organized. From inside one of the cabinets, she retrieved a small bowl and then picked some strawberries and blue berries. Then, with a cutter, she took a couple of white roses that she would take back to her room, in the Gryffindor Tower, and adorn the side table. The scent of fresh flowers helped her sleep better.

Without bothering to enchant the green house, Kore exited and walked deep into the Forbidden Forest, where she met a herd of Thestrals – her favorite beasts in the world. And best of all, they had babies! Kore tried to feed them some of the fresh berries she had picked whilst in her green house and fed them to the baby Thestrals. Though they didn’t like it as much, they ate it well, and it was good to help them grow stronger. With her heart filled again, she went back to the school grounds, with a bowl of berries still in hand, and a some white roses on the other hand.  What she didn't notice, however, was the slender figure that was right on the Courtyard that almost looked like it was waiting for her. But the berries were good enough to distract the redhead.   
here to win, bítch.

Feb 14th 2019 12:14

ℭнєяυв ℭнαямєя🖤

Dec 20th 2018 23:08

Great! We could discuss some ideas now if you would like.
I certainly love Severus. 
He is my favorite professor. XD
ℭнєяυв ℭнαямєя🖤

Dec 18th 2018 23:37

Hello new friend!
Super glad that you accepted me.
I hope we can be the best of pals and get a discussion going.
I am very much looking forward to it. ♥

Oct 2nd 2018 08:01

thanks for taking part in the Paramour Railway murder mystery!
to start: tomorrow, 3rd of October
participating writers, count: 12
soon . . .

𝔩𝔦𝔬𝔫 𝔥𝔢𝔞𝔯𝔱,

Aug 18th 2018 01:49


As Lily listened to him speaking about his father in answer to her question she just kept her eyes on the Alice Cooper poster in front of her, not wanting to make him feel uncomfortable or nervous. She knew how often Severus broke into a flush of embarrassment at some of her questions, as she was a rather observant girl who tended to ask just the right questions to get the truth, which made many people very uncomfortable. She had always admired Severus for dealing with it and answering all of her questions with as much honesty as he could muster – she knew that she still did not have the full truth. She often wondered if his father beat him… something which she would never ask him about. After a moment or so she turned to him, “That’s rather sad. I’m not sure what I would do if I couldn’t decorate my space,” she said softly. “But I can’t put up any Hogwarts stuff either, or my muggle family would ask questions, you know.”

She just watched him as he approached her and tucked his schoolbooks under his bed, biting down on her lower lip as she thought of how stressful it must be to live in his house, walking around eggshells all the time. It was probably one of the reasons why the two of them had always gotten along so well – they both knew what it was like to walk on eggshells around people in their own homes who despised magic and wanted all trace of it invisible to their eye. “It’s quite a lovely poster, and Alice Cooper makes great music,” she nodded, sitting herself down on the bed next to him, turning so that the two of them were facing each other.

After he answered her question with a smile she turned again, admiring his outdated furniture and the tiny space that he called his own. She was now imagining him being in this house day in and day out, immediately understanding why he always wanted to meet up at her house, or the park, or literally anywhere else. “Thank you for letting me come over today, Sev. I know this isn’t easy,” she gave him a warm smile, resting her hand on his shoulder. “And I promise nothing could ever make me stop being your friend,” she said, meaning it in that moment. Nothing about his home life could make her denounce their friendship. Lily knew all too well that where you come from isn’t always what (or who) you are. “And your mum’s beef stew smells delicious. That’s one of my favorite dinner meals.”

𝔩𝔦𝔬𝔫 𝔥𝔢𝔞𝔯𝔱,

Aug 8th 2018 00:27


Lily Evans was rather pleased with the way this visit was going, despite the fact that she knew she was walking on eggshells and that the whole situation was rather tense. Knowing what she knew about Sev’s father, she was constantly worried about what might happen between him and Sev and his mum. This is why she was taking everything that Eileen was saying to her to heart, giving her a friendly grin, “Thank you. I suppose I will… try,” she said humbly, never wanting to become arrogant. Anyway, it was hard to feel very confident in your talents in a world where you were not wanted no matter where you went.

Then she followed Severus towards his room, keeping her hand in his and holding her breath as they crossed through doorways and a hallway to reach his bedroom. She tried not to think about how dark, gloomy and derelict his house was. She felt bad that this was the type of home he had to come home to, but then again, this was probably one of the reasons that they got along so well – both of them came from homes that were not very welcoming. When he opened his door she grinned, stepping inside as she was free of the grip of his hand.

“Nice poster, Sev, but no Slytherin pride?” she commented half-jokingly, walking right up to the poster of Alice Copper and admiring it. Then she turned her attention to see what else he had, touching the stack of Hogwarts books on his dresser and tilting her head to the side at the sight of his very dully colored bedsheets. She worried deeply about her friend and his home life, but she did not want to ruin their friendship by making comments or asking questions about it that could upset him. “You’re way cooler than me, you know. All I’ve got is books and paper cut outs of flowers on my wall,” she laughed a little, plopping right down on his bed. “Are you doing alright, you know, about me being here?”

𝔩𝔦𝔬𝔫 𝔥𝔢𝔞𝔯𝔱,

Aug 4th 2018 03:31


As Lily was hugging Severus’ mother she felt a sense of warmth and acceptance from her, although the woman did seem a bit hesitant and taken aback. She wondered vaguely what his mother would think of her today, as she cared more about Eileen’s impression of her than Sev’s father’s. She knew that his father was a bit of a sourpuss and didn’t like many people or things, and she was just hoping that nothing terrible would happen so that Severus wouldn’t end up in trouble. The last thing she would want to do would be to cause something that would make her best friend have to endure more suffering. “Thank you very much,” she said kindly to his mum as they de-tangled from their hug and she went to sit at the table with Severus.

Then when she vaguely noticed his mother glancing into the other room, her head tilted slightly. Perhaps she shouldn’t talk about anything wizardly, she thought, although she wanted so badly to have a chance to sit down with Sev’s mum and ask her about her knack for potions. She supposed that just eating her food would give her a taste of her knack for brewing, as cooking was just another form of potion making after all. She gave a polite nod to his mother and said softly, “Your food smells delicious, by the way. Thank you for cooking for me,” in an attempt to deflect from the conversation about potions.

Then she blushed, “Talents? I wouldn’t say I have talents…” she trailed off, embarrassed. Lily had always been a humble girl and had had problems accepting compliments. She did not think of herself as talented but as hard-working, constantly working harder than others to achieve her goals and get the top grades. But she admired her best friend for speaking so highly of her, and she turned to him with a light smile when he took her hand. She just nodded at his question, “Sure. I would love to finally see your room and the posters you told me about,” she said happily, lifting herself up out of her seat as she held onto his hand and allowed him to lead her.

𝔩𝔦𝔬𝔫 𝔥𝔢𝔞𝔯𝔱,

Jul 31st 2018 03:15


Lily could see that Severus was being critical of his own appearance as he looked down at himself when she complimented him – a habit that she noticed he couldn’t seem to break, no matter how often she offered him compliments and praise. It was clear that he was an incredibly insecure person and she worried a lot about that, wishing that he could be carefree and without worry or shame over the state of his life or his appearance. “I mean it, Sev!” she said as the two of them walked past his father and she tried not to look at him for too long, worried about him having one of the outbursts Severus had told her about in the past. One of the few things she knew about his family was that his father was unpleasant.

But all of these thoughts evaporated from her mind when she saw his mum looking at her with a sweet and strained smile, stepping right up to her and giving her a welcoming hug after she spoke. Lily was without shame and full of compassion for everyone, always wanting to accept them and show them how comfortable and safe she felt in their presence. “Well, thank you for everything, Mrs. Snape! I am happy that I am finally able to come and have a meal with you,” she said earnestly, giving the woman a smile before she moved to sit at the small table off to the side of their kitchen. It was a cramped space, but the sight of food being cooked and Severus with her was comforting.

She swung her feet a little in the seat as his mother continued cooking, biting on her lower lip slightly as she kept sneaking glances over at Severus to see how he was holding up. But then she gave her full attention to his mum when she began speaking again, nodding, “ Sev has told me a lot about you too, I hear you are great at potions,” she added, complementing the woman with a small smile, then looking over at Severus. “I like to brew potions too. It’s very fun, and since I’m a muggleborn, it makes me feel like a real witch,” she confessed in confidence, speaking in a low voice.

𝔩𝔦𝔬𝔫 𝔥𝔢𝔞𝔯𝔱,

Jul 30th 2018 00:41


As Lily Evans stood in the doorway waiting for Severus to open the door she began to examine the plants and shrubbery that were surrounding the house, noticing how a lot of it seemed unkempt and would extend in ways that blocked windows. She wondered silently if his house would be as unwelcoming and sad on the inside, but didn’t have very much time to think about it as Severus quickly opened the door at the sound of her knocking. “Hello, Sev,” she gave him a kind smile, nervously tucking some of her red hair behind her ear.

At his compliment she looked at him gratefully, fiddling with her fingers as she stood there in a fancy dress, trying to make the best impression she could on his family. The two of them had been best friends for so many years now that she didn’t want things to go wrong, or for his parents not to like her, or for their friendship to end because of something. But his compliment took her out of her insecurity and she gave him a warm smile, “You look nice too, Sev. And I can smell the food already, it smells great,” she said, almost in a rush. Her nervousness caused her to be chatty, but she knew that Severus was far more nervous than she could ever be about this experience.

As she stepped over the threshold she thought of all of the times that Severus had warned her about his home and spoken ill of it, and she tried to keep all of that in her mind so she wouldn’t get her hopes up. She looked around to notice the fading paint, lack of color, and overall grumpy vibe of his home and said nothing. “Hello Mr. Snape,” she said kindly to his father as he sat there watching television, taking his grumbled response as an acknowledgement and a greeting. But then she smiled even more widely as the two of them reached the kitchen where his mother was, stirring away at the food on the stove for their dinner. “Hello Mrs. Snape,” she said kindly, brightening up slightly at the prospect of chatting with Severus’ mother, whom he was very close with. “What are you making? Do you need any help?”

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