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About me:
Hal Jordan was born into a military family. His father, Martin Jordan, flew in the war and, during Hal's childhood, was occupied as a test pilot for Ferris Aircraft. Hal had an especially close bond with his father, both of them sharing a love of flying (Hal often skipping school to watch his father fly). Martin was killed during a test-flight gone awry, with both Hal and Carol Ferris watching. As a result, Hal's mother forbade him from frequenting air fields or having anything whatsoever to do with the world of aviation which had taken her husband. In accordance with this ultimatum, Hal promised not to join the Air Force. At the age of 18, however, Hal joined the Air Force anyway, and was considered one of the best young pilots. His first combat deployment was in the Korean War. Years later when Hal's mother was dying, Hal planned on visiting her. However, his brother Jack said his mom had no interest in seeing her son. Knowing that the reason his mother refused to see him was due to his being in the Air Force, he enacted a plan to get discharged as quickly as possible- punching his commanding officer. He was summarily dishonorably discharged and went immediately see his mother, but she passed away just before he arrived at the hospital. In brightest day, in Blackest night....... Much later, while testing a flight simulator, an energy field surrounded him and took him to Abin Sur, a member of the Green Lantern Corps, an intergalactic peace keeping force, who patrolled sector 2814. On the verge of death, Abin Sur, with his power ring, sought out the most worthy successor on Earth. The ring actually found two Earthlings, Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner. Hal happened to be closer to the crash site so he was chosen. Despite some character flaws, Hal Jordan was given the power ring and its power battery. He journeyed to the planet Oa, home world of the Green Lantern Corps, and trained with Sinestro, a Corps member that would later become one of Hal's deadliest enemies. He became the Green Lantern of Sector 2814 (the location of Earth) and formed many relationships among the superhero community. Hal is considered the greatest Green Lantern of them all. Creation Hal Jordan's Debut With the insistence of the then DC editor, Julius Schwartz to bring in a new science fiction age of comics and to revamp the superhero genre, Hal Jordan was the Silver Age Green Lantern created by John Broome and Gil Kane. He first appeared in Showcase #22 (October 1959). His first appearance signaled the reboot of characters away from the magic and supernatural based stories of the Golden Age and replaced them with science fiction based stories. Along with the newly reimagined Atom, Flash and Hawkman, this was a landmark moment which many consider to be the beginning of the Silver Age at DC Comics. Gone was the magic based Green Lantern of Alan Scott, and now came Hal Jordan, wielder of a ring of alien origins, part of an intergalactic police force protecting the universe. Character Evolution After meeting and befriending Green Arrow, Hal Jordan became more socially conscious, seeking to help ordinary people. After this, Hal Jordan was exiled into deep space. The most important personal relationship which Hal has is that with Carol Ferris. As the inheritor of the family business at Ferris Air, she is his boss, and over time the childhood friends grew to love each other. As she was possessed by the Star Sapphire, it also fell to him to rescue her from its grips. As she now has control over the Star Sapphire she now acts as a hero occasionally alongside him, and while the two seek to be in a relationship, their past history together of betrayal often comes back to haunt them. During Emerald Dawn, Hal Jordan's origin story was retold. It explains how Hal Jordan obtained the ring after Abin Sur's death. Emerald Dawn II shows Hal going to jail for driving under the influence and later Hal and Sinestro start their 90 day lesson. Hal would go on to be possessed by Parallax, and turn evil. He would later do some good, such as healing John Stewart, bringing Green Arrow back to life and sacrificing himself to stop the Sun-Eater, and reignite the sun. After Hal dies stopping the sun-eater, he becomes the Spectre. Hal would later regain his life, and return as the Green Lantern. Major Story Arcs Green Lantern/Green Arrow Hal and Ollie In the 70's Hal was spreading himself thin, dealing with the Guardians' galactic problems and the close-to-home problems on earth. Hal went on a road trip with fellow hero, Green Arrow, whose personality couldn't be more different then Hal's. Hal even settled for a time in Evergreen City, Washington. It was during that time the Guardians assigned a back-up Green Lantern to sector 2814 named John Stewart and also depowered Hal's ring. After Guy Gardner's presumed death, Hal met and fell in love with psychic Kari Limbo, however once Guy returned from the dead Kari left Hal at the altar to take care of the comatose Gardner, and Hal went back to Ferris Aircraft. Tales of the Green Lantern The Tales of The Green Lantern is a 3 issue volume. It follows the battle between Krona and Hal Jordan. The tales start of with the calling of all the 3000 Green lantern that still survive, by the Guardians. When the Lanterns are re-united they learn that their universe is at unrest. We then follow the battle between Hal's Heroes and Krona's minions. The last issue we see that Krona had been recharged by Nekron, the king of the Dead, we see Hal's personal battle Nekron, and an exciting ending, where Abin Sur helps Hal to escape death. At the end of this ordeal Hal is promoted by the Guardians and asked to join them. Ganthet's tale The guardian Ganthet requests Hal to stop the guardian Dawlikispopok from changing time with a time machine. During the early years of Oa the scientist Krona used a time machine to see the beginning of time and created the Anti-Monitor. Hal battles Dawly and beats him. The guardians then reveal a secret to Hal. Emerald Twilight For further details: Emerald Twilight Jordan's hometown, Coast City, was destroyed by the Cyborg Superman and the alien warlord Mongul in order to turn it into something called Engine City, a replacement for Warworld. Hal attempted to restore the city, but the Guardians of the Corps refused to give Hal more power. Consumed with fear, Hal was left vulnerable to Parallax, the spirit embodiment of fear. Hal, under the influence of Parallax, lost his senses and murdered other Corps members, including: Tomar-Tu, Boodikka, KE'Hann, Laira, Graf Toren, Kreon and Jack T. Chance, claiming their power rings as his own. Hal with the rings of other Lanterns He sent them off in space and they became The Lost Lanterns. Hal even went on to reluctantly kill Kilowog. He reached Oa where he battled Sinestro (who was let free by the guardians). The battle ended with Hal's victory by snapping his neck and led to the death of Sinestro (for a time). Then he proceeded to kill off all the Guardians except for Ganthet who had retrieved Hal's ring and went on to Earth to find Kyle Rayner. Hal then absorbed the emerald energies of the central power battery and destroying the battery along with the entire Green Lantern Corps. Hal became the villain known as Parallax. Zero Hour Parallax is responsible for starting the crisis known as Zero Hour. This was an attempt of him to rewrite history the way he thought it should be. Parallax fought against many of his former allies, including the newest Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner. His power proved so great that he was even able to knock out Superman with one devastating blow. With the help of Waverider, the heroes of Earth successfully recreated the Universe with a few differences compared to the way it was before Parallax destroyed it. Rebirth of Green Lantern Rebirth of the Green Lantern For further details: Green Lantern: Rebirth In 2005, Hal Jordan returned from the dead in the miniseries "Green Lantern: Rebirth" During this story it is revealed that the name "Parallax" came from an ancient yellow symbiote. Parallax was a creature that instilled great fear in entire civilizations, which made him stronger. Because of the menace Parallax represented, the Guardians imprisoned Parallax within the Central Power Battery on Oa. The imprisonment of Parallax was the reason behind the so called "yellow impurity" that made the Green Lanterns vulnerable to the color yellow. When Sinestro was also imprisoned in the Power Battery, he woke Parallax and they started an elaborate plan against the Guardians and the Green Lantern Corps. Parallax searched for a proper host in the Green Lantern Corps to infect, and he chose Hal Jordan of Earth. After finding his objective, Parallax entered Hal's ring and stayed there without being noticed. When Coast City was destroyed by Cyborg Superman and Mongul, the control of Parallax over Hal Jordan heavily increased, making him insane. It was also revealed that Sinestro never died and that it was only a illusion created by Sinestro to finally break the will of Hal Jordan and drive him completely over the edge. When Hal destroyed the Central Power Battery and killed the Guardians (except Ganthet) he accidentally let Parallax escape at his full power. This was the explanation to the lack of Kyle's ring vulnerability against the color yellow. This story concludes when - thanks to the Spectre, Ganthet, Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardner, John Stewart and Kilowog - Hal returns from the death again as a Green Lantern without any influence of the Spectre or Parallax. After the events of Rebirth, Hal moved to Coast City which was being reconstructed. He also became a captain in the Air Force of the United States. He also starts to rebuild his friendship with Batman who finally accepts that Hal is a hero once again. Infinite Crisis For further details: Infinite Crisis In Infinite Crisis, Hal is one of the heroes that Batman asked to defeat and destroy the OMACS and their leader Brother Eye. Hal is also seen fighting alongside the other heroes against the Society of Super Villains during the battle of Metropolis. Later with other heroes capable of breathing in space he saves Guy Gardner from being killed by Superboy-Prime. After that the Green Lanterns trap the defeated Superboy-Prime and imprison him in a artificial red sun. After this Guy mentioned that they lost a total of 32 Green Lanterns and that name of dead soldier hadn't happened since but before he finishes, he is interrupted by Hal saying that he knows when was the last time that happened (Referring to the days that Hal went mad and started killing the other Green Lanterns that tried to stop him). Revenge Of The Green Lanterns Hal has another flashback where he is a P.O.W. He then goes to Edwards Air Force Base. Him Rocket man and Cowgirl are awarded the P.O.W medal when all of a sudden a ship crashes when Hal sees whats inside it he finds out that its Tomar-Tu. Green Lantern Hal brings Tomar's body to Oa. They later find out that Tomar wants to kill Hal. while at the cafeteria Hal and Guy Gardner have a fight with other members of the corps. Killowog and Sallak breaks up the fight Hal later has a meeting with the guardians and asks if he can venture into sector 3601 They deny his request but he goes anyway. He teams with Lantern Guy Gardner and they go to Sector 3601. They later then arrive at their destination. They are later then attacked by Manhunters. They escape and find all the Lost Lanterns. They then encounter Cyborg Superman. Hal is currently knocked out and Guy tries to combat Cyborg Superman. The Lanterns later break free they then fall into a cave.They then find many bodies of Green Lanterns. Kreon then gets hits at the back. The Man-hunters attack them but the Man-hunters are later then destroyed. Hal and Arisia then tag team to fight Cyborg Superman. They then blow up the planet and Hal and the other Lanterns escape. Back on Oa, Hal rebuilds his relationship with the Lost Lanterns. Wanted Later, after he became a Green Lantern again, Hal Jordan finds himself in Checynya and was shot down and became a P.O.W. [Prisoner Of War]. He and his friends Shane Sellers and Jillian Pearlmen were tortured for four months, they later escape and get rescued. Later when he meets with his fellow JLA members, Green Arrow said to him what he said every night in that cell "you should've kept the ring on". Hal then finds out that General Stone sent Cowgirl [Jillian Pearlmen] another round against them alone. Hal then leaves the room and goes to his locker. He then recites his oath and leaves the building. Hal then flies to Russia where the Rocket Red Brigade detect him and plan to attack them. Hal finds Cowgirl's fighter jet and bombs the terrorist base. He then sends out some search probes that don't find her yet. Suddenly, the terrorists are killed in a series of green explosions and Hal turns to find the Global Guardians, who are responsible for the attack (later revealed to be under mental control). At the end of the 1st issue an alien is hiring several bounty hunters to find Hal and gives them his ring. The second issue starts inside Space Sector 3601,a Guardian flies through the debris of a destructive battle. The Guardian then brings the Cyborg Superman who has only half of his face. The Guardian then says "Hank Henshaw.Also known as the Cyborg-Superman and Highmaster Of The Murdering Man-hunters". He and the other Guardians of the Universe are going to question him about the 52. At the next page Hal is being thrown into a tree by the Tasmanian Devil. When Hal was on the floor after taking a kick from Freedom Beast, Crimson Fox said " Why fight when we can love ". He then punches her and is furthering his search. Then the two aliens who mind control the Global Guardians,the aliens blast Hal with a neuron net which freezes him. Somewhere in Southern California Loragg tells Amon Sur that they have to kill Hal to get his ring but Amon says that the ring will seek another replacement, Loragg then says it will be Amon but Amon says it will be someone else. The next page takes place in England where a woman becomes Star Sapphire. Then Cowgirl is being brought by the terrorist. Cowgirl then escapes out of the car and runs. Hal is then being brought to the bounty hunters ship the bounty hunters get shot. Hal then is free and fights off the Rocket Reds then the Justice League comes to bring Hal home. Generations of Lanterns Later in the series Hal gets rescued by the Justice League of America and Alan Scott. While the Justice League of America take out most of the Rocket Red Brigade, Hal goes to find Cowgirl. Then one of his search probes finds her. Hal then rushes to find the injured Cowgirl underwater. Hal then makes an army of soldiers who beat down one of the terrorist. Hal brings Cowgirl to a hospital he made from his ring. Cowgirl finds out that Hal is Green Lantern. He gets shot by some tranquilizers by bounty hunters however the bounty hunters get killed by Hunger Dog another bounty hunter who wanted to capture Hal. He is brought to the California desert to an alien who looks like Abin Sur and turns out to be his son Amon Sur. The next issue starts off with Batman arresting some goons while Martian Manhunter is reading the Global Guardians. After arresting the thugs Batman leaves the building and then hears a voice. It is a Sinestro Power Ring looking for a worthy wielder for the sector Batman rejects it and the ring seeks another one. Later somewhere in Southern California Hal finds out that Amon Sur was Abin Sur's son. Hal tries to blast Amon but finds out that his power ring is out of energy. Amon then tells why he repels a hatred against the Corps. That his father left before finding out that his mother was pregnant. Later some Green Lanterns came to inform him and his mother about his death. Amon tells how he battled Kyle Rayner but failed to obtain his ring but in their next confrontation his head was blown off. Now he is after Hal's ring. Amon then asks where he buried his father's body. He then blasts the grave opened. He finds that his fathers body is nothing but ashes and bones. Amon who is angry blasts Hal, but Hunger Dog blocks it. Hunger Dog then reveals to be John Stewart. John, who continues to fight gets hit by a yellow beam of light. It is a yellow power ring and it has come to find a worthy successor and that is Amon. While trying to kill Hal the ring teleports him to Qward. Near the end of the comic book Hal brings Abin Sur's body to Ungara and writes something on his tombstone. Once it said Abin Sur hero of Ungara now it says Abin Sur Hero of Ungara and father Hal then returns to Edwards, which is being reconstructed. At the end of the story, it shows a picture of Star Sapphire going to Coast City. They later forge the Sapphires into rings. Hal then finds out that Carol had a divorce. Mystery of the Star Sapphire Carol Ferris is flying her plane when the Star Sapphire possesses her once more. She then attacks Hal and Cowgirl at a bar. Hal powers up his ring and becomes Green Lantern. Hal eventually removes the Sapphire from Carol and the Sapphire then possess Cowgirl. Cowgirl then chases Hal and Carol through Coast City; at the same time, Carol explains the origins of the Zamarons and the violet light of love. They later crash into the honeymoon hotel.Hal then makes Carol a costume. Carol then fights Cowgirl and they are then attacked by the Zamarons. The Zamarons later tell Hal that he has to choose between Cowgirl and Carol Ferris. He then kisses one of the Zamarons and the Star Sapphire possesses that Zamaron. She later becomes corrupt and they retreat to Zamaron. 52 For further details: 52 Hal and John were involved in the first fight against the heroes of China. Saying that the Green Lanterns couldn't help since they were born in U.S.A and that they didn't have authorization to intervene in the problems of China. Hal is also seen along Green Arrow and Metamorpho as the reinforcements for Elongated Man to know if he should believe that they could bring his wife, Sue Dibny back from the death. In One Year Later, after the event of Infinite Crisis, the DC Universe skipped one year of ongoing continuity. Hal discovers that the members of the Green Lantern Corps he killed as Parallax are indeed alive, so along with Guy Gardner he goes on a quest to save them from Cyborg Superman. This is known as the Revenge of the Green Lanterns. Justice League Hal became one of the members of the new Justice League of America in the One Year Later storyline. After being a member for some time, he decides to give John Stewart his place in the Justice League in order to take care of his other responsibilities as a Green Lantern. Sinestro Corps War Hal vs Sinestro For further details: Sinestro Corps War Jordan's greatest enemy, Sinestro, starts building an army with yellow power rings that chose as their wielders people who can instill great fear. Just after that he attacks Oa when Hal and the Green Lanterns of Earth (among others) were waiting to talk to the Guardians of the Universe. After a full attack against Oa a great amount of Green Lanterns die and Sinestro releases both Cyborg Superman and Superboy-Prime. He is also able to kidnap Kyle Rayner and take the symbiote out of him. After instilling great fear in the heart of Kyle, he fuses him with Parallax. After the attack Hal along with Guy Gardner and John Stewart try to reach Qward and save Kyle. However after trying to charge their power rings, wakes up in Qward without Guy and John, and outnumbered by Sinestro, the new Parallax and an army of members of the Sinestro Corps. After Hal failed to try to save Kyle of the Parallax influence, he tries to flee the planet. Just when he was going to be defeated, he is saved by "The Lost Lanterns". The Green Lanterns go underground and split into two teams, the first one to save John and Guy and the other one to rescue Ion. Hal, Graf Toren and Tomar-Re are encountered by the keeper of the book of Parallax, Lyssa Drak by causing an explosion when John and Guy got free. As his power rings were reaching 0.0, he was saved by John Stewart and Guy Gardner. Hal then says, "I need a weapon, or weapons." Hal then wields a group of Sinestro's yellow rings. He and the remaining Lost Lanterns make it out of Qward. As the Sinestro Corps uses their attack plan the Guardians use their Last Resort and authorize lethal force against the Sinestro Corps. The mission is a success and the Green Lantern of Earth returned to their planet, just to find out that the Sinestro Corps never wanted to take control of Oa, their real objective was always Earth. Hal saves his family before Parallax (Kyle Rayner) can kill them. During the confrontation Parallax also absorbs Hal and became even more powerful. While Hal is inside Parallax, he helps Kyle to get rid of the influences of Parallax. After being freed from the evil influence, Ganthet and Sayd appear and trap Parallax inside the batteries of the four Green Lanterns of Earth. Hal and Kyle go back to Coast City and use Hal's ring to warn everyone there to evacuate the city. Hal's family refuses to leave, just like everyone else in the city. The people of Coast City start setting green lights in their houses to prove their support to the protector of Coast City, Green Lantern, thus making Coast City to be known to the world as the "City Without Fear". During the last battle against Sinestro, Hal realizes that Sinestro always wanted that the Guardians of the Universe to sanction the use of lethal force. Sinestro uses the Manhunters to absorb the energy from the rings of both Hal and Kyle. After they are being attacked by Sinestro, Hal uses the head of a Manhunter to also absorb the energy from the ring of Sinestro. Him and Kyle battle Sinestro in a hand to hand fight jumping into a unfinished building. While the other Green Lanterns destroy the Sinestro Corps battery it explodes; Anti-Monitor, Cyborg Superman, and his army of of Manhunters are caught in the explosion. Hal and Kyle defeat Sinestro. Secret Origins The birth of a legend It starts off with Hal Jordan having a flashback when his dad dies. Then it's Hal's 18th birthday; he runs away and wakes up in front of an U.S Armed Force recruiting service desk. With his friends to a bar this is his first confrontation with John Stewart. Soon after that Hal's brother Jim tells him that their mom is dying and the only way Hal could see her was if he was no longer in the Air Force. Hal later punches Major Stone [later General] to get himself discharged. However his mother died on his way to the hospital. Somewhere in space Abin Sur is interrogating the Five Inversions. Abin Sur has imprisoned Atrocitus on a ship. He then contacts Sinestro and tells him about his actions. Meanwhile on Earth, Hal finds out Ken Arden [a former friend of Hal's dad] is selling his company to Ferris. While in space Atrocitus escapes from imprisonment. Abin Sur's ship crashes and the ring finds a replacement Hal Jordan. Soon Hal is having trouble mastering his new powers. Hal has earned his badge as a Green Lantern. Sinestro is contacted by Ganthet to train Hal more. Later Hector Hammond is exposed to the energy from a meteorite. Hal Jordan takes a flight in a newly constructed jet. Sinestro gives Jordan his ring and blows up the jet they get into a short fight. Sinestro then fixes his jet and Jordan flew away. When he lands Hector Hammond pays him a visit. Sinestro rescues Hal and Carol. Hal brings Sinestro to where he buried Abin Sur. Sinestro then tells him how Abin was his master. Later a message in Hal's ring unlocks, showing Sinestro about the Massacre of 666. Sinestro asks if Abin Sur was the only one in the ship. William Hand (a.k.a Black Hand) is attacked by Atrocitus. Sinestro and Jordan save Hand right on time. However they run out of power. They defeat Atrocitus. Hal then comes to Carol Ferris's house; he then finds out how when his father died, causing him great emotional distress. As soon as he has released his anger Sinestro says to him "For beings, like us overcoming fear is what we do best, but when it comes to regret, loss even Green Lanterns struggle with those." Then Hal and Sinestro are contacted by the Guardians. They then demand an explanation from them. Sinestro tells them how one of them has taken a name Ganhet. They manage to get out of trouble. Hal then tries to affect yellow with his ring. Sinestro then returns Atrocitus to his crucifix on Ysmault. Atrocitus then tells him that Korugar will fall to chaos and a bloody coup will take over. At the end Hal tells Jim that he is Green Lantern. Origins & Omens of Green Lantern Hal as a Red Lantern Hal Jordan meets Saint Walker. Saint Walker, who is the first of the Blue Lanterns, tries to persuade Hal to abandon the Green Lantern Corps and become a Blue Lantern. Saint Walker brought Hal to the Blue Lantern planet of Odym. He showed him the Blue Lantern battery and Hal also saw the leaders of the Blue Lantern Corps. They were none other than Ganthet and Sayd who were former members of the Guardians of the Universe who started the Green Lantern Corps. Hal and Saint Walker watched as Ganthet and Sayd were about to initiate a new member to the Corps. Warth then was made into the second member of the Blue Lantern Corps. Saint Walker mentioned to Hal that the initiation took a very long time to be completed as Ganthet and Sayd would have to judge them and see if they are truly worthy to be a Blue Lantern. Warth and Saint Walker were then sent on a mission to save Sinestro from the Red Lanterns and to recruit him to the Blue Lantern Corps. On their way there, Hal noticed that his power levels were above maximum and they explained that the rings of a Blue Lantern charged the rings of a Green Lantern. As they passed a planet on the way, its sun in the process of imminent supernova. Jordan attempted to call for backup but was unable to because of the interference of Warth and Saint Walker's rings. Warth and Saint Walker combined their power and were able to heal the sun and reverse its aging. Saint Walker then explained what their ultimate purpose was for him. That purpose was to lead the Blue Lantern Corps. No...More....Corruption Hal went ahead of Saint Walker and Warth and finally got to the planet where Sinestro was being kept captive by the Red Lanterns. Hal found Sinestro and was ambushed by Red Lanterns. As they fought, Hal's energy levels severely dropped. Hal saw that one of the Red Lanterns that ambushed him was none other than Laira who was a friend to Hal when they were both members of the Green Lantern Corps. Hal was tied up and held captive along with Sinestro. The Sinestro Corps then arrived to save Sinestro from the Red Lanterns. As the two Corps fought each other, Warth and Saint Walker then arrived. They freed Hal and charged up his ring again. The Blue Lanterns meant no harm and told Sinestro to call off his followers. Saint walker was then attacked by Atrocitus, leader of the Red Lanterns. Laira then attacked Hal and had him on the ground. Sinestro took action and killed Laira before she hurt Hal. Hal then was angry because Sinestro killed his friend and then Hal released all his anger and hatred towards Sinestro. Hal was about to kill Sinestro when the unexpected happened. Hal was chosen to become a Red Lantern and was then corrupted by the ring. Hal was now a Red Lantern and fought the Blue Lanterns and the Sinestro Corps. As the Blue Lanterns rely on the power of a Green Lantern to keep their power levels, Saint Walker and Warth had all their energy drained from their rings as there was no Green Lantern in sight. Saint Walker was able to put a Blue ring on Hal Jordan's finger and Hal was no longer corrupted by the Red ring. Hal then became a Blue Lantern and a Green Lantern at the same time. Hal defeated the Red Lanterns and they left Ysmault. Hal's love, Carol Ferris was recruited to become a servant of love, a member of the Violet Lanterns. Agent Orange For further details: Agent Orange Hal returns to Odym, home-world of the Blue Lanterns, with Saint Walker and Warth. Hal tries removing the Blue power ring he now wields, but he is unable to remove it. Hal and the Blue Lanterns argue about Hal not having any hope. Hal tries to locate Ganthet and Sayd using his ring, but they cannot be located. Ganthet and Sayd then appear to Hal and the two Blue Lanterns. They tell them that Hal is meant to lead the Blue Lanterns, not as a Blue Lantern, but as a Green Lantern. Walker is then provided a new power ring as his is now with Hal. He then leaves Odym in order to find Sinestro. The Blue Lanterns stay behind in Odym as they are to continue recruiting new members to their Corps. They also have another mission which is to locate those who wield the Indigo light. As Hal goes to find Sinestro, he is sent back to Oa to meet with the Guardians. The Guardians try removing the Blue ring from Hal's finger but they are unable to do so. Hal tries to explain to them that Ganthet and Sayd are not enemies and their real enemies were the Red Lanterns. John then interrupts the Guardians as another colour Lantern has been encountered. Larfleeze then appeared as he and a message for the Guardians. They took something from him and he says that he will descend his Corps on their Green Lanterns. The Guardians then say that it is about time they joined the war themselves. In Oa, The Guardians added a fourth law to the Book of Oa. That rule was that the Vega System was no longer outside the Green Lantern Corps' jurisdiction. Meanwhile, Gretti decides that he must return home to sector 2828. Hal, along with the Guardians and the Green Lanterns then go on their way to arrest those criminals in the Vega System. Hal explains that the Guardians couldn't remove the blue ring from his hand and that they wanted to see the power of the ring in battle. Thousands of felons were currently present in the Vega System. However, their main target wasn't the felons, but Larfleeze. Hal, the Lanterns and the Guardians then land on Sector 2828 where they see Gretti. The Guardians then try connecting to Larfleeze who is currently in Gretti's homeworld. Controllers then spawn around them and a battle begins. During the fight, Gretti is killed and then becomes an Orange Lantern, serving Agent Orange. Hal then gets dragged underground by an orange light. Underground, he sees none other than Larfleeze who was waiting for Hal. He sees the blue ring of Hal and tells Hal that he wants it. Hal is still trapped underground. He can smell Larfleeze and he knows that he's there, but he can't see him. Hal Jordan was still spared as it was still feeding Hal fighting Larfleeze time for Larfleeze at that moment. He talks to Hal and tells him about him being the owner of the Orange Lanterns. He says that he was tasted a green ring already before, but he has never tasted one as sweet as the blue ring Hal wields on his finger. The ring asks Larfleeze what he hopes for and he says that he hopes for many desirables and one is a blue ring of his own. Hal then attacks Larfleeze once the blue light had blinded him. Meanwhile, the Guardians and other Green Lanterns fight against other Orange Lantern constructs. John Stewart holds his own against several but is taken down by one of them. When it seems as if he's about to be defeated, Fatality, a Violet Lantern, comes in and helps him. Larfleeze and Hal keep fighting until Larfleeze finally apprehends him. Hal offers him a deal. He said he'd trade his blue ring in exchange for words. Hal wanted to know how Larfleeze became Agent Orange and how he met the Guardians. Larfleeze then started telling Hal about his origins story. Now, he wants to take the blue ring from Hal to complete the deal. However, Hal can't take it off and Larfleeze takes action. He forms a giant sword from his constructs and chops off Hal's arm. He then takes the ring and puts it on his finger. The ring then welcomed Larfleeze to the Blue Lantern Corps. Larfleeze sees that now he's a member of the Blue Lanterns. However, it was all just an illusion created by Hal's ring in order to defend itself. Larfleeze gets angered and attacks Hal again. This time though, Hal uses the same strategy that Larfleeze has been using and Hal creates constructs of the members of the Green Lantern Corps. Another illusion is made as John Stewart and Fatality reunite during the battle. John later realizes that it was all just an illusion. Hal and Larfleeze continue fighting when the Guardians come in and interrupt. Hal gets an idea that he can separate the Orange Battery from Larfleeze so that he could beat him. Hal manages to get hold of it as the Guardians distracted Larfleeze. Hal then started to glow an orange light as he was about to join the Orange Lantern Corps. Before he truly became a part of the corps, Larfleeze attacked him and took back his battery. Larfleeze just gets pissed off and his power levels were at a very high level. He attacked the Lanterns and Hal. The blue ring asked Hal what he hoped for and Hal said that he hoped for the ring to stop asking him that. The ring sensed sincerity and decided to listen to Hal. His power levels started to drop and eventually the ring left him and went off to find a new replacement. The Guardians then decide to talk to Larfleeze and set a deal with him. Hal and the rest of the Lanterns get sent outside to let them talk. They agreed that Larfleeze would no longer cause them conflict but the Guardians also told Larfleeze where he could get a blue ring of his own. In Odym, Ganthet, Sayd and the rest of the Blue Lanterns see an orange light coming their way, headed by Larfleeze. Blackest Night For further details: Blackest Night William Hand starts hearing the voices of the dead calling his name. He sees his life flash back to when he first became the Black Hand. It also showed how he got the rod when Hal Jordan and Sinestro, who was still a Green Lantern, were on earth to arrest Atrocitus. He's possessed and ends up killing his family and himself as well with the rod he found when he first became the Black Hand. William is dead and Scar appears over his dead body. She says that William is ready and she gives his body a black ring. William rises with the power of the black ring and the dead which officially begins the Blackest Night. It's memorial day for all the dead heroes on earth. The people, heroes, and even the villains visit the graves of those who have passed away. Hal, with the rest of the Green Lanterns of Sector 2814, flies to the memorial and are cheered on by the crowd. They remember their loved ones who have passed away. The different heroes who have passed are all being honored around the world. Alfred also visits the grave of Bruce Wayne but is shocked as someone dug up his grave and took his skull. He contacts Hal who at the time was in the headquarters of the Justice League of America along with Barry Allen. Hal shows the Barry where they kept the remains of those who have also passed away. Barry asks Hal to show him more and to show him everyone else who has died while he was gone. Throughout all the sectors, the different corps wage war on each other which fulfills the War of Light. The Guardians watch over the war from Oa. They decide to tell all Green Lanterns to retreat. Scar says however, that they will not receive the call for retreat and she attacks her fellow Guardians. She bites and rips off the heart of one of the Guardians and traps the rest of the Guardians where they are. Meanwhile, the black rings have been released and fly to the graves of those who have passed away. All the remains and bodies of the dead are then told to rise and they did, but this time, as Black Lanterns. Hal and Barry Hal and Barry go to Gotham to check the grave site of Bruce. They try thinking who could have dug up the grave and who could have known that Bruce was Batman. As they talk to each other, a dark image flies their way. It was the Martian Manhunter who now is a Black Lantern. He says that Hal and Barry should both be dead and that they shouldn't be back. J'onn attacks the two heroes and forces them to retreat. They escape for the moment but J'onn continues his rage and destroys a building. Hal and Barry still continue to run but Barry sees J'onn and attacks him. He beats on J'onn but as it turns out, Barry was just seeing things and it was actually Hal he was attacking. Commissioner Gordon sets off the bat-signal in order to get some help in Gotham. Hal, however, comes crashing through the signal. Hal talks to him and to Barbara for a bit while Barry fights J'onn. He traps J'onn in a sewer mixed with different flammable chemicals. Hal comes flying in and drops a police car on the chemicals which causes a huge explosion. Barry keeps the flame from spreading around by running around J'onn and he creates somewhat a giant furnace. The two heroes think that J'onn is now defeated as fire was his weakness. They plan on moving his body back to Mars to let him rest in peace. However, J'onn comes out of the rubble along with several other Black Lanterns. Ex-Green Lantern on Sector 2814 and the man who gave Hal his ring, Abin Sur, also rises as a Black Lantern. Meanwhile, more rings go across the universe and raise more Black Lanterns. Sinestro also gets freed from his "cell" in Zamaron during a fight between the Star Sapphires and the Sinestro Corps. Sinestro confronts Carrol and questions her on why she became a Star Sapphire and she says that she's there for Hal. Carrol gets captured by the Sinestro Corps but her captors are immediately killed by a group of Black Lanterns, lead by Abin Sur, who confront Carrol and Sinestro. Hal and Barry continue to fend off a group of Black Lanterns. Hal is targeted by both Hawkman and Hawkgirl. Hal and Barry try everything they can to stop this since their enemies couldn't be killed. They tried running away and Barry even tries removing the ring of Firestorm. As Hal and Hawkman continue to fight, Ray Palmer emerges from inside his black ring. He tells Hal that their ring is nothing like the ring he carries on his finger. They continue to try escaping until they are finally caught by the group of Black Lanterns. But before anything could happen, they are save by two Indigo Lanterns and are brought to the JLA base. One of them reveals that she is Indigo-1, leader of the Indigo tribe. She tells them about the beginning of the universe. The time when the universe was still ruled by darkness. Until there was light which fought the darkness. Out of the fight came the different groups of the emotional spectrum. She tells them about all the different colours in the emotional spectrum and their purposes. She tells Hal that they have come to him in order to replicate the white light of creation by merging with the other corps to put a stop to the Blackest Night. She knows that Hal has strong connections to the most powerful members of the other five remaining corps. Hall and Barry talk again about what they should do. But then, they are attacked again by the same group of Black Lanterns. The Indigo Lanterns then transport themselves and Hal away from the danger, leaving the others behind. Hal and the two Indigo Lanterns are transported to Zamaron. They meet both Sinestro and Carol Ferris there during their own fight against Black Lanterns. Hal and Carol talk about her decision to become a Star Sapphire once again while they continue to fend off Black Lanterns. Hal also teaches them how to destroy a Black Lantern by sanitizing their rings with their light. Indigo-1 then transports Hal, Carol, and Sinestro out of Zamaron and to Korugar. Sinestro quickly attacks Indigo-1 as they left the other members of his corps behind. She tells him why she transported them there, for Sinestro to confront and defeat Mongul. Sinestro has a tough time and it seems like he's about to be beaten by Mongul until he takes control of his yellow rings, which he created himself. He traps Mongul without killing him so that he would not reincarnate as a Black Lantern, but he tells him that once the war is over, he will kill Mongul personally. Sinestro is in control of his corps once again and they start to give praise to him. Suddenly, a black ship crashes and Abin and Arin Sur both emerge from it as Black Lanterns. On Ysmault, Atrocitus is attacked as well and has his heart ripped out by a Black Lantern. Hal and Sinestro defend themselves against the two new Black Lanterns. Sinestro and Arin continue to fight as they talk about the love they once had. Hal and Abin are left to fight each other and Abin continues to insult Hal. Hal seemingly kills Abin, but he heals himself instantly. Indigo-1 and Carrol Ferris come to aid Sienstro and Hal. Together, the four lanterns use their combined mights and they defeat the two Black Lanterns. They start to talk about who to go to next. Hal wants to go to Saint Walker first because they know that he can be trusted. Atrocitus seems to be the one the rest want to go after, though. They decide to go to Odym and talk to Saint Walker instead. When they arrived in Odym, they were caught in the war between the lanterns of blue and orange. Suddenly, the Orange Lanterns just disappear. Meanwhile, on Okaara, Larfleeze is shown running for his life and pleading for help as he is chased by a group of Black Lanterns. The Black Lanterns are slaughtered by none other than Atrocitus, who remains as a Red Lantern, whose heart was replaced by his rage. Atrocitus tells Larfleeze that he wants his power battery. New Guardians As Atrocitus and Larfleeze fight, they also get attacked by the slaves of Larfleeze's corps who are now Black Lanterns. They fend off the lanterns while fighting each other until Hal Jordan and the rest of the lanterns from the different spectrum of light come to aid them. They ask Atrocitus and Larfleeze to join them in order to put an end to the Blackest Night. Larfleeze agrees to join as long as he gets a Guardian of his own when it's all done and Sayd agrees to be his Guardian. Atrocitus also agrees to join after fighting them and talking to Saint Walker. They go to Space Sector 666, the planet Ryut, home of Atrocitus, after the power levels of the Black Lantern Corps reached 100%. The Black Battery was nowhere to be found and they all set-off to where it has been moved, Earth. Barry Allen fends off the risen dead in Coast City, where the battery has been moved. Before Black Hand could lay his hands on him, Wally West and a group of the heroes of Earth arrive to help them. They tell Barry about how Dove produces the White Light that fends off the Black Lanterns. Wally, Barry, and Bart see the Guardians being held captive. They try to free them all, but Scar gets in their way. The team of lanterns then arrive just in time to stop Scar's attack. After Scar is destroyed by their combined might, they go after the black battery. They attack it, but their attacks don't do anything to the battery. A ring then flies to the skull that Black Hand was holding and Bruce Wayne rises as a Black Lantern. Everyone sees Bruce in his new form and more rings come flying towards the heroes. Nekron then orders several of the heroes to die and become Black Lanterns as well. Nekron says that Bruce has now served his purpose and he destroys him and puts him back to rest. Superman, Wonder Woman, Ice, Bart Allen, Animal Man, Super-boy, Donna Troy and Green Arrow all have become Black Lanterns and Nekron makes one more order, and that is for Barry Allen and Hal Jordan to die. The Black Rings continue to chase after the two heroes. They figure out that the rings can also turn those who have died. but are now alive, into Black Lanterns as well. Hal holds on to Barry as he outruns the Black Rings chasing them. Barry runs two seconds into the future to get the rings to stop chasing them. john Stewart warns them that all the Black Lanterns are heading to the Earth. Ganthet then reveals a secret of the power rings. He duplicates Hal's ring and wears it on his finger. He does the same to the rings of the other members that were there. The ring duplicates can only last for a day, however. The rings get new recruits to aid the team of Lanterns in the war of Light. A Blue Ring latches on Barry Allen's finger, an Orange ring on Lex Luthor's finger, a Yellow Ring on the Scarecrow's finger, an Indigo Ring on Ray Palmer's finger, a Red Ring on Mera's finger and a Violet Ring on Wonder Woman's finger which destroys the Black Ring she had on her. While defending Coast City, the Lanterns encountered a Black Lantern Spectre and are overwhelmed by the powerful foe, threatening Hal into almost becoming a Black Lantern himself. Remembering when he was possessed by the Spectre, Hal remembered Parallax is the one thing that the Spirit of Retribution fears most and allows himself to be possessed by the fear entity once more in order to stop him. Soon after, the fear entity is taken from Hal by an unknown force. During the fight against Nekron, the Entity is summoned and attacked by Nekron. Hal soon realizes that the Entity is like Parallax and Ion and goes toward the Entity but is stopped by Sinestro. Sinestro then dives into the Entity and emerges as a white lantern. Sinestro's ego proved to be his downfall, as he could not fully command the Entity's power and Nekron forcibly separated them. Hal realized that even though Nekron allowed his resurrection along with the other heroes transformed into Black Lanterns, it was they who made the choice to live again. This enabled Hal to join with the Entity and transform himself and the other heroes converted by Nekron into the White Lantern Corps. They then used their collective power to restore Black Hand to life, severing his connection to Nekron, leading to his defeat. Brightest Day/ The New Guardians For further details: Brightest Day After the events of Blackest Night, Hal Jordan, Sinestro, and the other corps create a intergalactic truce after the clean up of Coast City. Later Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner go to Mars to visit the recently risen J'ohn J'onzz to follow up on him and bring gifts (Oreos and Milk) and talk about how J'ohn is going to make Mars "live again". Afterward back on Earth, Hal and Carol are at a Air Force bar reminiscing over old times sharing how hard it is talk about the past at a table. The two ("Highball" and "Sapphire") later decide to fly in Ferris jet planes when suddenly Sinestro collides with both Hal and Carol (similar to Secret Origins). Sinestro disobeyed the truce in less than 24 hours but after a few "harsh" words Sinestro tells Hal that he has found the White Lantern entity and "it's asking for you." The new Guardians On arrival at the scene where the White Lantern is stationed (Silver City, New Mexico), Sinestro explains how after the entity dissipated into the sky coalescing itself back together. Hal then finds out the truth that Sinestro couldn't lift the lantern himself and tries to lift it unsuccessfully. Carol then refers the lantern as "The Sword in the Stone" and needs it's "King Arthur" to lift it. Carol then decides to attempt to lift it too. When she too fails Hal assist her, but Sinestro afraid the power would go to Hal and Carol, him included tries to lift the lantern. Suddenly the lantern activates in a white blast showing the life connections of the resurrected and says "HELP ME LIVE!". Getting up from the blast Hal and the others see the "dead" forms of the resurrected. The White Lantern speaks to them again saying "FIND THEM" showing the entities. Hal then says "Where are they?". It responds when Hal grabs onto it "Atrocitus will help". The 3 are transported to New York where below in the sub-way system Atrocitus has "tried" to save people. During a conversation, Carol senses love in Atrocitus heart and he is outraged. A fight is taken outside when suddenly Lobo appears grabbing Hal's neck by chains. Atrocitus, Sinestro, and Carol help Hal battle Lobo. All of a sudden, the fight ends quickly because Lobo flees. Hal suspects that something is wrong because he states that fighting Lobo is usually hard and he noticed that Lobo looked "bored" when they were fighting him. Guardian Along his journey with the Green Lantern Corps, Hal is awarded for his loyalty, he was promoted to a Guardian shortly after defeated Nekron, the lord of the underworld, and also after he banished Krona the rebellion for the second time, Hal was Abin Sur's Predecessor, after he took the ring of Sur, he has contributed to the Corps more than any other. He has always been seen as the leader of The Green Lantern Corps. War of The Green Lanterns Hal Jordan teams up with the members of the other lanterns of the emotional spectrum, Sinestro, Atrocitus, Iroque, Carol Ferris, Larfleeze and Saint Walker in order to retrieve the emotional entities that were taken by the renegade guardian, Krona. The lanterns are able to lock onto residual energy left by Krona (who is at this point pursuing the last of the emotional entities, the Predator) - leading them to Ryut. In the meantime, the Guardians of the Universe begin to question the existence of the green lantern corps. With the news that Hal Jordan, infamous amongst the guardians for his repeated insubordination, is now teaming up with the other lantern corps (for reasons unknown to them), the guardians dispatch a group of lanterns, led by Salaak, to bring Hal back to Oa to answer to charges of treason. The Book of the Black On Ryut, the lanterns encounter The Book of the Black - the book of the black lantern corps that foretold the blackest night - just as Abin Sur had stated all those years ago. However, waiting for them there is Lyssa Drak - former keeper of the book of the Sinestro Corps, and now working with Krona to help imprison the lanterns, which is now pulling them into the book as prisoners. Hal and Sinestro attempt to break the hold of the book, but this ultimately proves unsuccessful, and Hal is the only one able to escape imprisonment due to the blast that he and Sinestro had conjured up in the hope of breaking the book's hold. All that remains of the other lanterns are their rings. It is at this time that Salaak's crew arrives to apprehend Hal. The War Begins Back on Oa, Krona returns and attacks the Guardians by releasing the emotional entities onto them to take host of, before restoring Parallax as the impurity into the central battery of the Green Lanterns Corps. With this, Krona is able to take immediate telepathic control of each member of the Green Lanterns Corps except for Kilowog, Kyle Rayner, John Stewart, Ganthet, Guy Gardner, and Hal. This is due to the fact that each of these individuals had previously been possessed by Parallax (during Green Lantern: Rebirth) and were immune to its influence, or at least enjoyed a delayed infection. On Ryut, Salaak's crew is overcome by Krona's influence and proceed to attack Hal. Fortunately, Jordan was able to escape, taken the rings of the imprisoned lanterns with him. Hal and Guy (Kilowog sacrificing himself so that Guy could get help) are later able to meet on the Greenhouse - a Safe House planet in space sector 2000 where the Green Lantern Corps established just in case the security of Oa was breached (after Guy had sent out a distress signal). As Hal and Guy enlighten each other on the events surrounding the corps, before Parallax is slowly able to infect their minds, causing them to fight against themselves - which they later realize and promptly remove their rings. On the Greenhouse, Hal and Guy locate the underground hanger where they find the Interceptor - a spaceship powered by the artificial intelligence unit, Aya, and fly back to Oa. Beware Our Power! Once there, Hal and Guy meet up with Kyle and John (who are now hiding underground, thanks to the intervention of Ganthet that was able to remove their rings as Parallax was infecting their minds). Once safely away from the dangers above, Hal presents the rings of the lanterns that were taken hostage in the Book of the Black. Hal suggests that since they are unable to weld their Green Power Rings in order to escape Krona's influence, they should each wield one of the power rings from the other Corps, as this is their best attempt to rid Oa of Krona's evil-doing. Hal and Guy choose Yellow and Red respectively (from their previous experience with the rings (see Sinestro Corps War and Blackest Night), whilst Kyle and John choose Blue and Indigo respectively. As the Earth Lanterns accept the rings they are attacked by a squadron of Green Lanterns and decide that the best course of action is to locate Ganthet, as he had been the one to help John and Kyle escape from Krona-possessed corps members. The team are later attacked by Mogo, forcing them to abandon Ganthet and flee deeper underground. The Earth lanterns vote that in order to neutralize the threat of Krona, the team needs to locate Oa's Central Power Battery and remove Parallax, thereby removing Krona's mind control over the lanterns - as opposed to John's proposition that Mogo must first be neutralized in order for them to successfully assault the battery. The Earth lanterns later come across an old antique room that was built by the Guardians that none of the lanterns knew about. This place is known as the foundry - the place where the batteries and rings are forged. It is later revealed that Mogo has been sending out 'tainted' rings to search for new recruits, and as a result, create a massive army of Green Lanterns that would bend to every whim of Krona in his quest to destroy the Green Lantern corps. It is at this point that Kyle sides with John and tells the other Lanterns that Mogo has now become their most pressing matter. John then uses his new-found Indigo power set to transport Kyle and himself to Mogo, abandoning Hal and Guy. Hal and Guy, Guardians of the Universe? Hal and Guy later reach Oa's core and then begin blasting through in order to reach the central power battery, but are then attacked by the entity-empowered guardians, and apprehended by Krona and his new-found power set. Krona later reveals to Hal and Guy that he intends to impose a new-universe order whereby the Guardians would be removed from their position, having presided over the universe for billions of years, due to their incapacity to show emotion. Instead, he has bonded Hal and Guy with bandages to prepare them for their roles as the new guardians alongside himself. Hal and Guy later free themselves as Krona suffers a migraine (as well as the rest of the indoctrinated corps members) brought on by John's destruction Mogo - the heart of the Green Lantern Corps. With Krona's constructs now weakened, Hal and Guy break free, and rescue Ganthet - who was also taken captive by the rogue guardian. John and Kyle teleport back to Oa to help Hal and Guy remove Parallax from the Central Power Battery, but find that their combined power alone is not enough to penetrate the casing of the battery. Ganthet suggests that the strongest possibility of breaking the battery is by using the full emotional spectrum on it, which leads to Guy taking the Violet Power Ring in addition to his red lantern ring. As the lanterns and Ganthet blast the central power battery, they are attacked by the Green Lantern Corps. Showdown Ganthet then tells Guy that since he possesses the two extreme emotions of the spectrum, he is their only hope of penetrating the central power battery while the other Earth lanterns and Ganthet hold off the other corps members. Guy succeeds and Parallax is removed from the central power battery - freeing the minds of the other corps members. This allows the Earth lanterns to once again wield their green power rings and take on Krona and the entity-wielding Guardians in a final showdown, whom have just entered the scene. Realising that the only way Hal and Kyle were able to break free from Parallax taking host of their bodies (see Green Lantern: Rebirth, Sinestro Corps War and Blackest Night) was by going through an "emotional exorcism, Hal realizes that since the Guardians have no emotion, the only way to purge their bodies is by contacting the entities - which needs to be done by freeing the lanterns from the The Book of the Black. This is done by Kyle, the artist, drawing the release of the lanterns directly into the book. However, once the lanterns are freed, their rings do not return to them, but instead all go to Krona. Hal Kills Krona With death nearly imminent for Hal, Sinestro attempts to help Hal in face of certain death by attacking Krona without any power ring. Sinestro and Hal are then chained to face execution when a green power ring searches out Sinestro, reinstating him as a Green Lantern. Hal and Sinestro then break free, and Hal then charges Krona, using all of his willpower to kill Krona with an explosive blast. The entities are then freed themselves from the guardians, and the rings return to their previous owners, except for the Sinestro Corps Ring which has gone on to find a replacement for Sinestro and his home space sector, 1417. Hal, however, encourages Sinestro to remove the ring from himself before more tensions arise, but before anything happens, the Guardians now speak. Lantern no more! The Guardians, now free, decide that in light of the present circumstances (the destruction of Mogo, the re-emergence of Sinestro as Green Lantern corps member), the past acts of insubordination and transgression against the Guardians, and for having the willpower to kill a guardian (an ability thought to be impossible by any corps member), to expel Hal Jordan as a member of the Green Lantern corps, stripping him of his ring and sending him to Earth, despite the protests by Ganthet and Saint Walker. New 52 Sinestro Sinestro refusing to turn Hal's ring back on After Hal Jordan lost his ring, he finds himself empty: unable to pay his (overdue) rent, and being arrested after mistaking a the filming of a movie for an actual crime. After a misunderstanding with Carol (after he asks her to co-sign the lease on his car, when she was expecting him to propose to her), he is left to walk home in the rain to his apartment, where he finds out he is being evicted. Sinestro is waiting for him, claiming that if he wants to return to being a Green Lantern, he must do everything he says. Sinestro then forges Hal a new ring, made from his own ring - claiming that he is giving Hal another chance to do his duty as a Green Lantern - or at least Sinestro's perception of what being a Green Lantern Corps member means. Hal tries to attack Sinestro, but it has no effect. Sinestro then reveals that he made it and that it has all the abilities of a Green Lantern ring but it is unable to harm Sinestro and has the ability to turn it off at anytime. Mission: Liberate Korugar Sinestro explains that he gave him the ring because he needs help freeing his home world, Korugar, from the corps he created. The Sinestro Corps had perverted Sinestro's ideal of order and had gone on to enslave his planet. Hal reluctantly agrees to help. They arrive at Korugar and Sinestro develops a plan. They'll wait till sun down, and Sinestro will attack to distract his corps members while Hal takes a lantern to the Yellow Power Battery. But the plan goes wrong when Sinestro sees a woman named Arsona attack a Corps member. He rushes into to save her and Hal heads toward the power battery. Once Hal enters the power battery, it refuses to acknowledge him as he is not Sinestro and spits him out along with his Lantern. Sinestro and Hal are both captured by the Sinestro Corps and imprisoned. After being tortured by his former Corpsmen, Sinestro is placed within a cell with survivors of Korugar, to whom Sinestro grants each a copied ring, much like the one he gave Hal. These new temporary Green Lanterns escape their cell and defeat the Sinestro Corps members. Sinestro apologizes to the people for what he has done, however Arsona does not forgive him and tells him to leave, which he does along with the now imprisoned Sinestro Corps and the Yellow Power Battery. Sinestro explains to Hal that their pact is complete and takes off for Oa, hurling Hal back to Earth where the ring he is wearing runs out of power once and for all, and Hal and Carol rekindle their relationship. As Sinestro arrives back on Oa, the Guardians discuss replacing the Green Lanterns and freeing the First Lantern to lead the Third Army. Sinestro however, heads for the planet Oguro, where he confronts Starstorm, a former foe of his, and forces him to help find Lyssa Drak. The two quickly find her and they fight, with Lyssa still empowered by the Yellow Light of Fear. It is revealed she possesses the Book of the Black, and as they fight Sinestro has a vision of the Guardians plans given to him by the book. Eventually he overcomes Lyssa's powers, defeating her and flying off world, leaving Starstorm behind stating that he is no Hal Jordan. The Secret of the Indigo Tribe After freeing Korugar from the Sinestro Corps, Hal is enjoying life once again with Carol, however once again Sinestro appears and forces the Green Ring to slip on Hal's finger. Sinestro threatens to kill Carol if he does to come with him, but Hal punches him and they begin to fight. At this point the Indigo Tribe arrive on Earth and capture Sinestro for his crimes against the universe, but as they begin to teleport Hal flies directly at them, disappearing with the Tribe. Hal meets Natromo Hal awakes in a cell on the planet Nok, home of the Indigo Tribe, and is greeted by Black Hand who is now one of them. The two discuss Sinestro, who is being tortured by the Indigo Tribe, and Hal uses the opportunity to trick Black Hand into channelling the Green Light of Will and recharges his ring, ultimately escaping the cell. While on the run Hal discovers a statue of his predecessor, Abin Sur and is ambushed by the newest member of the Indigo Tribe, Sinestro. He manages to escape once again, into the Forbidden Jungles finding Natromo, who explains to Hal the origin of the Indigo Tribe, and that he and Abin Sur created them. Natromo continues to explain that the Indigo Tribe consists of the galaxy's most wanted criminals and was meant as an army for Abin Sur, to lead during the Blackest Night and then against the Guardians of the Universe who shall instigate The End of the Corps. Hal informs Natromo that Abin is dead, and with this news destroys the Indigo Power Battery. Natromo flees and Sinestro is freed from the Indigo Ring, however so is every other Indigo Lantern and they begin to pursue him and Hal. While Sinestro fights, Hal manages to track down Natromo and tells him of his own connection with Abin Sur. Natromo agrees to rebuild the Indigo Battery, however it fails and he explains without a spark of Indigo light he will not be able to reignite it. Iroque (Indigo-1) appears and states that Natromo must rebuild the Battery as she knows what she has done in the past and feels sadness for what she did to Abin Sur's daughter. This spark of emotion helps Natromo rebuild the Indigo Battery and all the Indigo Tribe come online at once, including Sinestro. The Revenge of Black Hand With the Indigo Tribe restored to power, they release Sinestro and he returns to his Green Lantern form. Hal informs Sinestro that both their rings have been recharged, however Natromo changed how the two rings were previously bonded and Hal's ring now does whatever he will's it to do, including affecting Sinestro. The two Green Lanterns and the Indigo Tribe go looking for Black Hand where all they find is his blood on the rocks where he died along with traces of black goo, which Hal points out made up the Black Lanterns. Meanwhile, the newly resurrected Black Hand is back on Earth and reanimates his dead family. The Guardians gather, tracking Sinestro's ring stating that it is somewhere within Sector 2814, in Empty Space where a planet (Nok) appears to be hidden. They then realize his signal has suddenly disappeared and then reappeared in Sector 1417, suggesting he has arrived back home on Korugar. With the help of Indigo-1, the Green Lanterns appear beneath the surface of the planet, with Indigo-1 quickly departing after she states she believes that the Indigo Light can save the Guardians. Hal and Sinestro continue through the cavernous space, eventually reaching Sinestro's underground lair, within which he keeps the Book of the Black. When the book is opened it transports both through space, revealing a vision of the coming war with the Guardians, and makes them appear in front of Black Hand and his undead family. Rise of the Third Army During the events of the third army Hal and Sinestro were trapped inside the negative zone with still 'one foot in the living' and while there they met to their suprise Tomar-re, who has no chance of coming back to the land
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