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Dean Winchester Multi LI "My name is Dean Winchester. I'm an Aquarius. I enjoy sunsets, long walks on the beach and frisky women. And I did not kill anyone." Please for the love of God! No one liners and no novellas!

40 years old
Lawrence, Kansas
United States

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October 16 2019

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Dean is 26 years old when the series begins and has been allowed by John to hunt by himself. In the first episode, Dean goes to Sam, whom he hasn't seen for a few years, and asks for help finding John, who has gone missing. The pair are initially unsuccessful, and at the end of the first episode, Sam's girlfriend Jessica Moore dies the same way their mother did. Sam joins Dean on the road, hunting various supernatural creatures, tracking down their father and searching for the culprit behind the deaths of their mother and Jessica. After eventually reuniting with their father and coming into possession of the Colt, they prepare to strike back against the Demon, a powerful demon with yellow eyes known as Azazel. Failing to kill him, they are rammed into by a semitruck, sending Dean into a coma. Flatlining, Dean dies but is saved from death at the last second when John makes a deal with the Demon to save his life. After John's soul is taken by the Demon to Hell, Sam and Dean start hunting the Demon, who eventually kidnaps Sam. In a turn of events, Sam is stabbed and killed, forcing Dean to make a deal to save his brother's life. Given a year on life, Dean and Sam are unable to stop the Demon from opening a gate to Hell and freeing Lilith. However, their father escapes as well and gives them the chance they need to kill the Yellow Eyed Demon. While trying to cope with his impending death and make the best of his final year, Dean begins to start hunting the freed Demons. Meeting a seemingly helpful demon Ruby, Dean learns that he too may become a demon himself if he burns in Hell too long. Learning Lilith to have taken the throne of Hell from Azazel and to hold Dean's life contract in her hands, the brothers eventually confront her. Unable to kill her, Dean is mauled to death by Hellhounds and his soul is dragged to Hell. There Lilith orders a demon called Alastair, the same demon whom Azazel had torture John, brutalize Dean. After spending three months dead, equating to thirty years in Hell, Dean finally joins Alastair in torturing souls. On the road to becoming a demon, Dean awakens from his grave after spending four months in hell, reunites with family and meets the angel Castiel who is revealed to have resurrected Dean. Struggling with almost having had become a demon and trying to get Sam to try to quit drinking demon blood, Dean meets the Demon again when sent back in time by Castiel. Eventually learning that if one of the Demon's Special Children, of whom Sam is the only one left, kill Lilith the Apocalypse will start, Dean arrives moments too late to stop Lucifer from breaking free. Later learning of his role as the vessel for the Archangel Michael and Sam's role as Lucifer's vessel, the brothers meet the King of Crossroads Crowley and fight against the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse to defeat Lucifer. Learning from Death how to trap Lucifer, Sam eventually becomes the devil's vessel, but his strong bond with Dean helps him fall into Lucifer's Cage with Michael. Quitting hunting and moving in with an ex-girlfriend Lisa, Dean begins to move onto a normal life but is thrust back into hunting when attacked by a Djinn and mysteriously saved by Sam. Shocked to learn of his brother and maternal grandfather's resurrections, Dean is placed even more on edge when Sam acts cold, ruthlessly and lets Dean temporarily turn into a vampire. Later learning from Castiel that Sam is lacking a soul, Dean sets out to fix his brother. Getting Sam's soul back through Death, the brothers begin to unravel a conspiracy involving Crowley and Castiel. Defeating Eve, the mother of all monsters, Dean cuts ties with Lisa and learns Castiel to have taken Purgatory's souls to become the most powerful angel alive. Requesting Death's help, Dean is unable to get Castiel to return the souls of Purgatory in time and the Leviathans break free and begin an effort to take over the Earth. After their father figure Bobby is killed by D*ck Roman, the Leviathan leader, they gain an ally through Kevin Tran, a new prophet. With the Word of God, Dean and Castiel kill Roman but are themselves killed in the subsequent explosion and dragged to Purgatory. Surviving in Purgatory with the aid of the vampire Benny and Castiel, Dean and Benny eventually escape. Full of guilt at being unable to rescue Cas, Dean is angered to learn that Sam did not even search for him. Reuniting with Kevin, they find another Word of God that details trials able to close the gates of Hell. Coming to terms with what he did in Purgatory, Dean aids Sam in completing the trials, and along the way they encounter the rogue angel Metatron and the Knight of Hell Abaddon. During this time the brothers are also given the Men of Letters bunker as a headquarters. Joyed that Castiel was able to escape Purgatory as well, Dean is horrified to learn his best friend to have been programmed by the angel Naomi to try and kill him. Capturing Crowley, Dean stops Sam from completing the trials when he learns it will kill his brother. When they begin to head to the hospital, Sam lapses into a coma just as the angels begin to fall down to Earth. Praying for help, Dean learns Metatron to have turned Castiel human and caused the fall. Aided by an angel named Ezekiel, Dean allows him to possess Sam if it means saving his brother. With Ezekiel in Sam, however, Dean is unable to get any help from Castiel and begins to try to find a way to handle Abaddon. Joining up with Metatron, Ezekiel reveals himself to actually be the angel Gadreel and overpowers Dean, preventing him from saving Kevin. Turning to Crowley for help, Dean manages to purge Gadreel from Sam at the cost of their relationship. Growing desperate to defeat Abaddon, Crowley manipulates Dean into accepting the Mark of Cain and aids him in locating the First Blade. Mending his bond with Sam, Dean kills Abaddon and nearly slaughters Gadreel. When finally confronting Metatron, Dean is fatally stabbed and once again dies. His body brought back to the bunker, Dean's reawakens a demon and leaves with Crowley.[10] Enjoying his time as a demon and killing several of Abaddon's loyalists, Dean eventually kills an innocent man called Lester Morris and uses his newfound demon powers to confirm what Crowley told him about Sam. Eventually confronting his brother, Dean is pulled into a fight by a soldier named Cole, allowing Sam to use holy water to imprison his brother. Using the demon cure process to try and turn his brother back, Sam lets his guard down as Dean escapes. With the help of Castiel, however, Dean is cured, but still remains an enhanced human with the Mark of Cain. After eventually growing more and more powerful while losing control, Dean learns from Cain, before killing his ancestor, that there is no viable cure. Death later confirms this by revealing that removing the Mark would unleash the Darkness and offers to remove Dean from society on the condition that he kill Sam. Although he initially agrees, Dean relents and kills Death instead. However, due to Sam's earlier machinations, the Mark is removed and the Darkness is unleashed regardless. With the Darkness unleashed, Dean and Sam set out to try and find the Darkness, but are shaken to learn that the entity they are hunting is essentially God's sister, who was 'sacrificed' so that he could create the world. Manifesting as a woman who comes to call herself Amara, Dean finds himself unable to kill her due to a twisted attraction, but matters become even more complicated when Castiel consents to act the vessel for Lucifer when he becomes convinced that only an archangel has any chance against Amara. This strategy fails- speculated to be due to Lucifer's status as a fallen archangel- but the Winchesters are eventually contacted by the true God, now revealed to be Chuck Surely, the author who wrote the Winchester Gospels, who is able to make peace with Amara and depart. Dean is shocked when he is reunited with his mother, who is brought back to life by Amara as thanks for Dean's actions, but the Winchesters find themselves facing human and supernatural threats when the British branch of the Men of Letters attack the Winchesters to try and take control of America's hunters and Lucifer is left on the run trying to find a new vessel.

This is the start
of how it all ends
Legal & Physical
Full Name: Dean Winchester
Nicknames: Deano, Ken Doll, Squirrel, Jerk, Chisel chest, Grasshopper and Idjit
Aliases: Righteous man, Simple man, Womanizer, Ladies man, Not Moose and Deanmon
Date Of Birth: 24th of January, 1979
Place Of Birth: Lawrence, Kansas
Current Residence: In the bunker
Ethnicity: White caucasian
Hair Color: Dirty blonde
Eye Color: Emerald green
Height: 6'1
Weight: 175 lbs
Birthmarks/Scars: A tattoo at the left side of his chest.
Family & Relationships
Mother: Mary Sandra Winchester
Father: John Eric Winchester
Sister(S): None
Brother(S): Samuel Winchester, Adam Milligan (passed away)
Other Family: None
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Multi LI
Current Relationship(S): Multi LI
Past Relationship(S): Cassie and Lisa
Education & Employment
High School Truman high school
College None
Major None
Degree None
Occupation: Hunter
Job Description: Saving people, hunting things, the family business
Employer: None
Skills: Killing the monsters under your bed
Traits: Kind, funny, mischievous, little immature, rock fan, sexually, outgoing, flirty, overprotective, ruthless, aggressive, merciless, laid-back, intelligent, competent, soft spot for children, very sympathetic, taking the guilt, athletic, captivating, charming, confident, dutiful, disciplined, good-natured, helpful, independent, vulnerable, leaderly, loyal, lovable, playful, popular, selfless, unsteady, strong, fatherly, familial, proud, skeptical, stern, tough, demanding, arrogant, mannerless, narcissistic, paranoid, free-spirited, regretful and highly masculine.
Quirks: Loves hunting, his 67 Chevy impala (Baby), obsessive with his brother and the car.
Habits: Bad eating habits, alcohol problems, cursing, loves porn, strippers, his Baby and feeling guilty

Dean Winchester is what you would call a man's man. He has embodied a macho personality since he was young and had to take on the role of father to his younger brother Sam. Rather than talk about his feelings Dean will give a sarcastic comment or blow it off as nothing he couldn't handle, not to worry. A tough guy, he pretends he can take it all while suffering on the inside. Family comes first for Dean and Sam first in that line, he goes above and beyond the title of big brother and even admits to not wanting to disappoint Sam. He does not come off as caring, but he is a man who feels deeply, he just hides that feeling. He is a brash man who has a blunt, cocky way of speaking. Confident in himself outwardly almost at all times and inwardly while he may doubt, Dean Winchester does not give up. He believes in humanity's right to freedom and even though obtaining that costs him what he cares most for in the world, Dean does what needs to be done. He will plan out his attack, if he has the time. But if some one he cares for is in danger and time isn't an option Dean has no issue with rushing in guns blazing and winging it. He treats most women as a good time, fun to talk to, do a little extra on the side but doesn't really let himself get involved, because his life as a hunter doesn't allow him to have a 'normal' life. Over time he goes from not seeming to want that life to thinking that it might not be so bad, but part of this is wishing that things could be different for Sam. Which for Dean it always comes back to, what he could have done to make life better for Sammy, the mistakes he feels he's made. And never will he feel he is not to blame, protecting his brother is his job. One given him to by his father, who Dean is loyal to, to the point of blind faith. He likes to pull pranks, crack jokes, drink beer and in general satisfy the urges he has, when he has them, fighting included. There are a few women who can count as friends or close to Dean and those are women who seem to be able to get through to him on a more intellectual level than other women do. His life as a hunter has left Dean a little more dangerous than your average human, he will kill if he has to, but Dean will not kill a human, although he has killed those who were possessed by Demons and to save Sam he is willing to go to most extremes, though harming children and innocents, humans remains outside of Dean's realm of what's acceptable. He can be a good person to talk to, he knows a lot about life but you have to be to get past that brash outer layer and maybe get lucky to find out that there is some thing a little deeper to him. Dean Winchester is not a man who trusts easily and if some one is a non-human that is even more likely to not happen. A life as a hunter has taught Dean to kill the supernatural before it kills humans, before it harms people. His job is to be a 'hero', even if he doesn't feel like one. He likes his music loud, he loves his car, it's his baby after all. As for music taste, well the man hums Metallica to calm himself, need any thing else be said. He likes his food greasy and fried. His favorites are bacon cheeseburgers, beer and pie, don't forget the pie, he can get angry. Dean can have a temper that sets off quick and explodes like a volcano, he will bellow and lash out any way he can. He does not like to be held captive, especially since his time in hell. And one thing that Dean never tells any one, is he battles a part of himself that was changed in hell, a part of himself that died inside at the things he did and how he can not forgive himself for the sick part of him that enjoyed them, because of what had been done to him.

Other Details

Dean likes his family, brother, women, porn, strippers, Baby, pie, alcohol, rock and heavy metal music, his cheeseburger with extra bacon. He dislikes supernatural creatures, flying, torture and hell, being on bad terms with his brother.

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Im a princess cut from marble, smoother than a storm. And the scars that mark my body, theyre silver and gold, My blood is a flood of rubies, precious stones, It keeps my veins hot, the fire's found a home in me. I move through town, Im quiet like a fight, And my necklace is of rope, I tie it and untie.
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They used to shout my name, now they whisper it.

When the Winchesters went into a psychiatric hospital on Supernatural, they weren't just facing a Wraith, they were facing their own psyches. They may have gone a little cuckoo, but "Sam, Interrupted" was one of the more psychological episodes of Supernatural, exploring the root causes behind Sam and Dean's actions. For Dean, there are two obvious character flaws. The first is his compulsion to save everyone and his willingness to sacrifice himself to do it. The second is the way he copes with that stress: a steady stream of booze and women. Even though the hot shrink was a Wraith-induced hallucination, she helped reveal some of Dean's inner feelings, particularly when it comes to saving people. Dean thinks that he needs to save the world, that no one else can do it, and that his own life doesn't really matter. This is no surprise to fans who've seen him literally sell his own soul to save his brother. The origins of this Hero Complex are fairly obvious to deduce. As a young child, one of his first memories was being told to take Sam out of a burning house and save him while his mother died. John Winchester's frequent absences only continued this pattern, forcing Dean to take complete responsibility for Sam's protection, denying Dean any kind of a childhood. Ever since, Dean has been conditioned to ignore his own needs and safety for the sake of others. How does Dean deal with this? Sex and alcohol. Just look at "Sam, Interrupted." The very first thing Dean hallucinates is a sexy woman whose job is to talk to him. During their first conversation, he also reveals that he only sleeps three or four hours every few nights and that he has somewhere around 50 drinks per week. The steady stream of sleep deprivation, booze and sex helps to numb the pain, to dull Dean's senses to that he can get through the day. There's no way anyone can possibly enjoy being the sacrificial savior of humanity, but since Dean doesn't think he is allowed to stop, he has to resort to flirting and drinking to lessen the pain. When you actually explore Dean's psychology, what you're left with isn't a classic hero, a mythic figure incapable of fault. Much like the hallucinatory shrink did, Dean is someone to feel sorry for. He has the hardest job in the world and he can't get out of it. He really does have the weight of the world on his shoulders.
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