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"You can't kill what's already dead....or am I even dead to begin with?" SPN/Open verse. Slight maturity warning. Crossovers welcomed. No group pages or request a roles.

29 years old
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About me:
Name: Daniel DeLaCruz
Birthday: December 21, 1987
Weight: 235 lbs
Orientation: Straight
Gender: Male
Martial Status: Taken
Significant other: Victoria Matsu
Family: Maria DeLaCruz(Deceased), Unknown Father(Rumored to be alive)
Love interests: None
Race: Metahuman(Dragonkin descendant)
Occupation: Photographer/Cold Case Agent. Does occasional work for the FBI on the paranormal.
Element: Fire
Weapons: Daniel owns a .357 Desert Eagle Revolver which was recently modified into a .50 Caliber revolver. He also owns a .45 Broken Butterfly Magnum which belonged to his late God Father. The Butterfly has the initials R.S on the handle with the Desert Eagle bearing Daniel's own initials on the gun.
Personality: Daniel's personality is displayed as someone who's initially naive to the world. He does possess some awareness of what's going on around him. He usually tends to keep to himself but tries to be friendly to people whom he can trust. Due to Daniel possessing the blue flame, it's rare for him to make friends without people freaking out.
Likes: Daniel's likes vary from video games, to rock music and even the occasional photo shoots he's often assigned to. He likes his primary profession as a detective due to solving the odd cold case. In the food department, Daniel will almost always be seen with Italian food. Other than Italian, he seems to also enjoy Grape fruits and Mangos but despises coconuts. His taste in women varies on the personality.
Dislikes: His own powers and abilities. He also has an antagonism with the LAPd. His views on the organization are compared to a bull seeing the color red. He dislikes his own strengths due to not being able to control them properly.
Abilities: The blue flame grants him the following abilities: Immortality, Health regeneration, Pyrokinesis, Healing, and Superhuman durability. His normal abilities are: Master lockpicker, Expert at Tae-Kwon-Do, ability to sense his surroundings for enemies.


Daniel was born with an unknown power sleeping inside him. It originally came from his mother who also bared this power. Immediately after he was born, his mother was diagnosed with cancer. He mostly lived his life without a care in the world until his sixteenth birthday when his mom's body was found burned to the bone. That was when he felt himself burning up and before he knew it, he was at his godfather's house being explained that he was a being called a "Guardian". A guardian is basically a human immortal that's supposed to keep watch and regulate the vampire population. Instead of being a vampire hunter, Daniel took his godfather's profession and became a cop. He couldn't finish the education due to vampires attacking his city for the power of the immortal flame inside of him. Daniel left the town to protect it and hunted vampires since then.

Who I'd like to meet:

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