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Your gypsy dreams all haunt me. I live to see your dances. Please raise your eyes and want me, please give me all the chances. Your love will kill me, your love will kill me, and you will bear my curse as long as my life will be.
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Claude was born on the island and lived there on the outskirts. The moment he reached that age he was considered old enough to take care of himself his parents had shipped him off to school, an all boy school. Claude felt lucky to be able to attend this exclusive school and busied himself with his studies. He craved knowledge and did his best to learn whatever his mind could consume, from book after book and language after language Claude still craved to know more. It was when he turned 18 years old he heard of a plague that swept across his village, worried for the health of his parents Claude left school on holiday to check up on them and offer them whatever medical help he could. Upon reaching his childhood home he was met with the bodies of his parents, it was clear the plague had hit them hard. Feeling frightened and alone, Claude had in mind to give his parents a proper burial and return to school, that is when he heard the cry of a baby. In the next room over from his parents, Claude found his old crib and inside was a crying red faced baby; his little brother Jehan. It was at that moment that Claude decided to drop out of school to raise his brother up and give him the life he was sure his parents would have wanted for him. With no place to go that was safe, the two orphan brothers were taken in by a church; Notre Dame. {which was named oddly after the very same cathedral in Paris, France.} Righteous Claude was ever more drawn like a son of Notre Dame, not like his profligate brother, Jehan who�d have none of Notre Dame. Despite how his brother turned out, Claude loved him more than anything in the world and tried to set him right, alas he could only watch on in despair and alarm as Jehan grew more wild and defied and defiled the laws of Notre Dame. It was on the night of Claude�s 36th birthday that Jehan came to him with a gift, a gypsy from a local tavern. Afraid for his brother and refusing to lie for him again, Claude refused the gypsy and scolded his brother for his idiocy in bringing her to the church. While trying to usher his brother and his mistress out of the church, Father Dupin found them. Refusing to lie, Claude told Dupin the truth which resulted in Jehan being expelled from the church. Claude did not hear from his brother for several years after that. Claude acesentend uncommonly fast through the ranks of Notre Dame, until he was named Archdeacon at last. It was then he received a letter from his little brother, instructing him to meet him at a local tavern. What Claude found in that tavern ripped his heart into shreds, Jehan had come down with the Pox. Claude had tried to urge Jehan back to Notre Dame to heal him of his illness, but it was too late for him and Jehan no interest in returning to that place once more. The true reason Claude was called here was something unexpected for the archdeacon, a baby. His nephew. The child�s mother had died from the pox three months earlier, and with his father dying there was no one to look after the child. Uncovering the child�s face Claude was disgusted to see it�s twisted features, it was then Jehan exhaled his last breath. Claude had half a mind to drown the child, assuming it to be some sort of curse but he thought better of it. This child was Jehan�s son, their blood. This child was now Claude�s cross to bare. He might not have saved his brother, but he could save this...child. It was then Claude gave the child a cruel name, Quasimodo. A name that means half-formed. From that point on, Claude withdrew from his title of archdeacon the title he worked so hard to achieve. He took the child with him and raised him up as his own, taking on the job of a doctor. He kept the child locked away from the world, while he wasn�t working he homeschooled the child. It was then while working at the asylum Claude had met his downfall; the demon temptress that set his soul afire. It was then his personality began to form into that of a psychotic madman, it was her fault. Not his. God had made the Devil so much stronger than a man.

Basic Information
Claude Frollo (Self explanatory)
Cla-ude Fro-lo (Self explanatory)
Nickname/Alias Claude Folie. Dom Claude. Dr. Folie.
Meaning In French the meaning of the name Claude is: From the Roman clan name Claudius, derived from the latin meaning lame. Folie in French means Insanity. .br> Origin It was given to him by his mother and father.
Title Dom Claude Frollo. Dr. Claude Folie.
Pet Name Brother dear. {Given to him by Jehan.}
ID Number None.
Signature None.
Gender Male.
Gender Role Masculine.
Orientation Straight.
Real Age 40-50s.
Age Appearance He looks in his late fifties.
Birthday Unknown.
Deathday Unknown.
Birthplace Paris, France.
Astrological Sign Unknown.
Zodiac Sign Unknown.
Species Human.
Ethnicity Parisian.
Blood Type Unknown.
Preferred Hand Ambidextrous
Facial Type Sharp.
Eye Color Blue.
Hair Color Black/Gray.
Hairstyle Short.
Skin TonePale.
Complexion Pale.
Makeup None.
Body Type Lean and lanky.
Build Toned.
Height 6'3".
Weight (In pounds)
Cup Size None.
Facial Hair Stubble.
Shoe Size Unknown.
Birthmarks/scars He has scars all over, most of which self inflicted. The worst being the ones on his chest and back.
Distinguishing Features Hooked nose.
Health Healthy.
EnergyA lot.
Memory Very well, perhaps a bit warped.
Senses Very well.
Allergies Unknown.
Handicaps None.
Medication None.
Phobias Gynophobia. {Fear of women.} Enochlophobia. {Fear of crowds.}
Addictions Esmeralda.
Mental Disorders Anxiety disorder. Masochism. Obsessive Compluslive Disorder. Brief Psychotic Disorder.


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PUÐÐIN' (Semi-Hiatus)

Feb 8th 2018 17:52

This isn't an interrogation, it's called an introduction.

My name is Esme Motshan and I am a nurse within the Asylum. I have to be honest, I didn't expect to be working within stone walls. But I find myself perfectly comfortable.

I remember nothing of my life prior to being cursed to the island. However, I do know that I might have been poor at one point being as I find great obsession in miniscule items though maintain a selflessness and do my best to hide the obsession. being a nurse, I shine through my patients no matter how dangerous they may be. I tend to them with an open mind and constantly ginger heart.

The warmth of my smile (or so I've been told) is rumored to calm even the most violent of behavior - but what happens when that smile becomes my worst nightmare? My beauty and grace are not overlooked by the doctor I am to shadow, a man once known as Claude. In my silent observations I tend to avoid him as much as possible only to find that he lurks far more than just within the abyss of my mind. And I can't help but wonder...will he become my undoing?

Apr 4th 2017 10:43

Panic glanced up at the man in the doorway before looking back down at the child. "Well once she is discharged from the hospital with a clean bill of health typically most children come live with my family for a few days. I don't believe in orphanages. I believe children deserve to be around family. It also helps them adapt to new homes quicker. Most times there are foster families but right now none are available." She smiled down at the child. "My children love when others come to live in the home."

"We might be a family of demons but I don't want my children to go through what I went through. I teach them kindness. They are not allowed to use their powers unless they are in extreme distress. They understand that people are fragile and that instead of hurting them we should protect them." The triplets were very good children. The schools always reported nice things about her children. "My fiance has stopped using his abilities completely. We escaped Hades and his hold he had on us so now we strive to help others." She bit her lip, Hades forced them to do horrible things.

"Protecting people is a bit like our penance for the wrong we were forced to do." Panic could remember sometimes returning to the Underworld and crying into the arms of Pain due to what they did. The hardest times were when she was forced to take the soul of a child. But if they didn't obey they would be torn apart for centuries, time was different in the Underworld a century was five times the amount a normal century was on earth. Panic had endured it twice for not taking the soul of a child, it had been horrible. She had been torn apart piece by piece day in and day out. She could not die, her body would reform and it would begin again.


Feb 21st 2017 12:09

"Trick you? Oh no. By telling you that I was once a mortal?" Her eyes narrowed slightly and she took a step forward. "Let me tell you a story." Her footsteps brought her in front of the man. She looked him dead in the eyes before taking another step as she circled the man. "Once upon a time. There was a woman by the name of Encaterina, she was not much to look at and nothing much in terms of potential. She was born into the lowest class before slavery. Her father despised her for reasons little Encaterina did not understand. But her father had been unfaithful, made love to a goddess. But that wasn't a small child's fault. She was left on the doorstep of her father's home much like the hero Hercules. The woman of the house fell in love with the child which lay on the doorstep. The child did not cry. She wore a necklace that told her name. Encaterina, the Greek name for innocence."

She had circled the man twice now pausing in front of him. "Encaterina grew up unloved after the woman of the house passed on. She was offered a deal to bring her love and peace. But she didn't realize who she made the deal with. She signed away her soul with hope her life would change for the better. But silly little loop holes always get in the way don't they. Little Encaterina was burned at the stake and thus began her life in the Underworld. Where her life didn't get better. No. She was abused and tormented every day for centuries. What would you do Claude? Would you not give in? Would you bare the abuse of centuries day in day out to the point where you were unsure when a new day began? Tell me now how I try to trick you. When instead I offer you a reason why."

Panic took a step away from the man. "Had Encaterina been shown kindness in her life perhaps we wouldn't be meeting at all. She could have been happy, had a good life and died as she was supposed to. Instead she protects those who cannot protect themselves. Yes, I stole a soul. But I saved another one. Saving the one will always be more important than allowing scum to torment the innocent. We all have flaws Claude, I use mine to at least attempt to do something positive." She looked at him once more before walking past him into the hallways of the hospital. Some of the staff had grown accustomed to her and allowed her to do her work. It was astonishing that Claude Frollo was just now discovering her.

As Panic walked down the hall she nodded at some of the staff, "Ah how are you today my dear?" She smiled and the staff member greeted her, "Hello Miss Panic. I'm doing well." Panic continued to walk curious to see if the man of religion would chase after her. She entered another room. It was the room of the child. She smiled happily up at Panic. Panic walked to her bedside gently sitting next to the child. "Miss Panic, I drew you a picture." The little one happily handed her a picture drawn with crayons. Panic gently brushed the girls hair behind her ear. "It's beautiful little one." This girl reminded Panic of her daughter, Salem.

The little girl looked up at her, "Is he gone Miss Panic?" The little one was referring to her father. Panic nodded. The girl let out what seemed to be a sigh of relief, "I never have to be hit again?" Panic carefully took the girl into her arms, "Never as long as you live. I will never let that happen to you Rose." The little girl name Rose smiled closing her eyes, "Thank you Miss Panic." Panic's heart felt heavy, the fact this child had endured the torment hurt her. She ran her fingers over the girls hair rocking her, "Of course little one." She whispered, "Of course."


Jan 26th 2017 10:37

"I have no power here, yet, you just witnessed me extracting the soul of this man. The soul belongs in Tautrusus. That's where I am trying to send it. I've been doing this longer than you have been born. This form is deceiving I know but it's true." She pursed her lips slightly, "Of course, you don't have to believe me. Many people have different religions, they all have similar roots though. I've watched the rise and falls of Empires, I watched Christianity take hold over the humans of this planet, I've watched people burned, and wars raged in the name of religion. It takes a deep hold which I recognize and that's fine."

She smiled ever so slightly, "If I was truly evil would I be speaking to you now? If I was truly evil wouldn't I have just killed you for interrupting my duty to the Lord of the Dead? I have not. It's not your time, the Fates haven't cut your string yet. Obviously there's more you have to do on this earth." She glanced back to the man who's soul was to go to the Lord of the Dead, "But of course, you don't have to listen to me." Panic shrugged.

"You do realize I was mortal once correct? I had a name, Encaterina. I had a family. I lived a lie with a man I thought was my father but truly wasn't. I was lost from the heavens. Traded my soul for a chance at happiness. I was burned at the stake by the man I thought was my father all because he couldn't afford bread. He hated me the moment I left the womb of my mother because he realized I wasn't his. I lost my god half when I made a deal, a deal I was too young to make. I'm still paying the price. I died alone, unloved. So when a parent doesn't care for their child, I save the child the pain an misery and take the parent out of the equation. I find them a loving home. I've had zero complaints so far. Each parent receives two warnings to better the life of their child before I intervene. Their strings are cut by the Fates and I take my action and for the children who suffer I get them the justice I never received."


Jan 12th 2017 18:47

Panic could see the tension radiating off the man, the tense jaw and clenched fists. Had she hit a nerve? He took a step closer. What a brave man, how honorable to step to a demon and challenge her. She thought to herself her eyes watching him closely, "No right? I have all the right. You speak of your god but there are many gods. My collection fulfills the needs of the God of the Underworld."

Her eyes sparkled just slightly with amusement upon the mention of a higher power, "Now what do you make of a child of the Gods? Of course in your religion you are all children of God I suppose. But you also have Jesus who is considered the first son of God. Is he not?" A small smirk played at her lips, "If that logic is true then in translation into the religion of my ancestors when I was human I would have been the equivalent to your Jesus Christ. I'm the daughter of the Lord of the Sea thus making me half divine in my time as mortal. So please enlighten me as to why I do not have a right."

Panic was becoming very curious about the man before her. Her eyes narrowed but she got the feeling that Claude did actually care for his nephew Quasimodo. She never heard a complaint about anything in regards to the boy, but no one really saw him much either. It was curious. Little boys tended to wander but this one must respect his uncle very much if he followed his rules so closely. "Keep your care of the boy up." It was a simple request, something she said to many parents.

"You think I am so wrong. But we are from very different times and different beliefs. The Fates are on my side in matters of death." She raised a brow. "Keeping the man from his child will do no good. He will find her again. The man was warned numerous times, I do not steal without a warning. But you know nothing of the hurt a parent can inflict." She slipped allowing a fragment of her awful mortal existence slip. It was part of the reason she did steal from horrible parents. It was partly her way of extracting her revenge on the father who turned out to not be her father at all.


Dec 17th 2016 10:52

"You there, demon! You're not welcome here!"

Panic paused upon hearing the words. "Well someone finally calls me out for what I am." She halted her soul collection the collection was almost complete. She gently hit the man's cheek, "Don't worry, I'm not finished with you." Her voice was an eerie whisper and she finally turned to look at the man behind her. Her reddish brown hair gracefully falling behind her back while her blue eyes danced with a dangerous fire. A devious grin spread across her lips.

"You can pray all you want, it won't help." Her eyes narrowed trying to place who the man was. She had seen him before but she wasn't really sure where. "But of course I'm welcome." Her voice echoing fake hurt, "I'm the Child Services Worker, I'm here to take care of a very awful parent." She looked back over at the man who laid shaking in fear. "The man isn't innocent, he was warned that if he didn't give a better life to his child then there would be consequences." It finally struck her why she knew him. He was the guardian of Quasimodo. Panic had heard of the child but never actually seen him before. She had files on most of the children and their guardians in Fablefield so she was able to keep track if something happened. But if Quasimodo was under this man's guardianship that meant the man before her was Claude Frollo.

Panic tilted her head eyeing the man before her, "But what about you Claude, I hear you have a child in your care. Should I be making house calls? Or are you taking care of the child well enough." She was being cruel but interrupting her when she was soul collecting tended to put the little demon in a bad mood. Hades also hated it when she was caught and Pain wouldn't let her hear the end of it. Hades would probably be extremely mad at her for extracting a soul within his hospital. It was too close to him. Normally she took most of her souls at the bar she owned, Devil's Poison, no one questioned when someone went missing there but in the hospital it was a bit more obvious.

"There is something troubling you isn't there." She could sense something; she wasn't exactly sure what it was. Guilt? No, he was hiding something, could he be a wolf in sheep's clothing? "I always find out. There's no point in hiding anything."

Panic eyed the cross in his hand curiously; such a thing wouldn't ward her off. She was older than the stories of his God. She was beginning to wonder who exactly started telling people that crosses would ward off demons. It was probably to make people feel safer at night. Once upon a time Panic wouldn't have blamed them for trying to protect themselves. She and Pain had been vicious creatures. They didn't discriminate like they did now. They had been hot tempered and when someone got in the two demons way they ended up soulless. But Pain had given up soul collecting for the most part. Panic now only stole the souls of those who deserved it like awful parents. Hades didn't devour as many souls now but old habits die hard and the Thanatos family didn't complain about it.

She tilted her head to the other side, "So tell me why I should spare this man. A man who has done nothing but harm an innocent. Does your bible not say, 'Matthew 7:12 In everything,treat others as you would want them to treat you, for this fulfills the law and the prophets?' In my view this man is getting what he deserves. So enlighten me Claude as to why I am wrong."

✿Stargazing Flower✿

Dec 5th 2016 04:04

Rapunzel was having a bad day, well several to be honest. She didn't know why or how to explain it but something just didn't feel right. She could feel that there was a chuck on her life missing but for the life of her she couldn't remember what it was that she was supposed to be remembering. As far as she knew she had everything she need her in her home of Fablefield. Maybe it was her dreams that were making her feel this way, dreams of a different life. But that was just crazy talk, worlds or magic and Princesses didn't exist, there was no evil witch here, well just her mother but nothing unusual.

Standing up Rapunzel decided she needed a distraction, something to take her mind off of these thoughts of hers. She grabbed her coat and made her way into town to one of the local bars, Gaston's. It wasn't her usual spot, but she didn't want to be bothered by people she knew tonight. This tavern was very different, very manly and full of wilderness and well heads of poor little creatures. To be honest it kind of made her sick to her stomach, but the room was loud enough to drown her own thoughts and the drinks were strong.

She made her way to the bar and ordered herself something called a Fallen Rose, it was rather tasty actually. She fiddled a little with her brown hair that was finally starting to grow out as she looked at the painting on the walls, she wondered what the painter was thinking the moment he decided to paint such a piece. It was kind of a game of hers, to make up stories actually. She had a lot of games, anything really to past the time, she was pretty good at. She took another drink and looked over at the other people at the bar, wondering what their story was, but mostly when would her life here really begin.


Nov 25th 2016 08:33

Monsters are real
Ghosts are real too
The live inside us
and sometimes they win

It had been a few weeks since Panic had ended up in this strange world. It was a lot to take in. There were these things called cars that transported you places and these weird bricks that you spoke into and another person could hear you. She hadn't decided yet if she liked it here. Her arrival was a bit rough; Hades had found her in a dark alleyway hiding and had tried to devour her soul until he realized who she was. She looked different now, she didn't look like the demon she actually was. Instead she looked normal, but better than she had when she was alive the first time. Perhaps that was why Hades showed Panic mercy.

He had taken her back to his home so she could adjust to this world. It was strange to see Hades be kind to her. For centuries she had grown used to being Hades punching bag and delivery girl. While he was kind and didn't beat her she still did collect the souls for Hades to devour. But she had also gotten a job as a bartender at one of the local bars. The owner had been nice enough to also let Panic turn one of the back rooms of the bar into an art studio. She had also gotten a job as a Child Services Worker which aided in her soul collection. She had taken it upon herself to typically steal the souls of deadbeat parents freeing the child in question or causing the other parent free which in turn led them to treating their child better.

It was this reason she was at the hospital today. A father had been drinking and decided it would be a good idea to drive his little girl to the park. But they never made it. They had smashed into a pole on the way there, both of them in critical condition. It angered Panic that she even had to deal with this. A parent was supposed to protect their child not place them in critical condition of the hospital. Panic had already spoken to this parent before which also did not help the situation. But Panic also felt bad for the girl, her father had been awful when she was alive too. He had let her burn at the stake for witchcraft because it meant he wouldn't have another mouth to feed. When she died she became a demon due to selling her soul to Hades previously in an attempt to better hers and her family's life. It had back fired of course. But it had turned her into a soul collector. Back then she was extremely vicious and vengeful but Hades eventually broke her spirit by beating her and torturing her. It eventually led to the creation of Pain. But the little girl in the hospital didn't have someone like Pain to protect her and therefore it was up to Panic to protect her.

As she pushed open the doors of the hospital a few staff members took a few steps back knowing what she was capable of. She wore all black as normal her clothes clinging to her sides. The tighter fit helped if she ever had to go into battle. She wasn't able to carry her twin swords through town which was rather unfortunate but she did carry several throwing knives hidden on her person. The woman at the front desk looked up as Panic approached. Quickly without the prompting of Panic the woman told her what she needed to know.

Panic then made her way to the elevator pushing the button to the third floor. Her nose burned a bit, she hated the smell of the hospital, part of her wanted to vomit. She shook her head as the elevator dinged and its doors slid open. The heel of her boots clicked as she walked down the hall until she arrived at the room of the deadbeat parent. He was awake. Good.

She took a few steps in and she could hear the man starting to make a fuss. She quietly closed the door before turning back to the man. " Ralph. I warned you about this. You knew this would happen if you didn't shape up." She slowly continued to take steps toward the bed. Panic knew he couldn't run and she grinned. A tear ran down the man's check and Panic's hands cradled his face as she wiped away the tear. "There, there. You already knew this was going to happen. You know you aren't worth a damn thing." The man was shaking now, "Is it going to hurt?" Panic's eyes danced with amusement, "You know, that's an interesting question. I get to decide how much pain you feel and I promise you it will hurt as much as that beautiful little girl hurt. You will know her pain." Her hands tightened around his face and her lips moved close to his face as she began to suck the soul away. She didn't devour the souls though instead they made their way into the bag she wore on her hip. The man screamed for a minute before falling silent as Panic continued to extract his soul.

Pixie Devil

Nov 8th 2016 00:59

Patience's was never a strong suit for Tinkerbell, in fact she had very little. So you could imagine how hard it would be for her waking up in a strange place full of people she didn't know. Things were different here, things felt wrong. She knew instantly this wasn't her home, but she had no idea how to get back there. The "locals" seemed just as lost as she was in fact most of them couldn't even remember who they were or where they were from. This was strange even for Tink, she wanted to yell and scream at them, she wanted to make someone talk but deep down she knew it would do no good. Home was lost, but lucky for Tink finding lost things was her specialty.

Survival was what mattered now and getting the hell out of this place. First things first was she needed to find Hook, together they could come up with a plan, together they would make it through. Tink spread out her wings and tried her best to fly but something happened halfway through, she fell. "Are you f***ing kidding me?!?" She yelled when her butt hit the ground. How on earth could she not fly? That made no sense to her, flying was like breathing to a pixie. She needed it to survive.

Tink was hating this place more and more with each passing breath and was about ready to yell at the first person she saw. Yes, Tink had a temper but this place seemed to bring it out more easily, it was like all her emotions were magnified. This wasn't good, having a pissed off pixie around wouldn't do anyone any favors and without Hook around to calm her down who knew what could happen. Getting off her butt Tink brushed the dirt off her dress and made her way to look for her pirate. She would figure everything else out after that. She just hopped she found him first.
Pixie Devil

Nov 7th 2016 23:02

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