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Let Live MCRP

Oct 12th 2019 10:10

Patience watched him go with sadness in her eyes. She hadn’t wanted him to leave, that much was clear. But he hadn’t seemed to want to stay, and so she couldn’t make him. It reminded her of what Charity had told her only a few nights ago in regards to Envy. “He’s a tricky one. Mean, too.” She had said to Patience. “Don’t force your presence on him, never beg anyone to care for you.” Patience wasn’t sure where that had come from, but she thought she knew what it meant. Envy did not care for her the way she cared for him, so perhaps it was better this way. Sighing, Patience turned to head back inside the house. Everyone was in the sitting room, laughing and talking. They turned to smile at her and beckoned Patience to join in, but she was again the odd one out. Everyone was coupled up... and she was alone. 
Let Live MCRP

Oct 12th 2019 10:04

Malcolm was momentarily stunted by Octavian’s actions. The way his eyes had sparkled when taking in the books, how polite he was... and how utterly adorable he looked when he flushed. It was almost too bad that Malcolm had vowed to not go farther than this. “If you must go, then you must. We don’t want Mayra getting angry.” He gave Tavy a small smile, but a very genuine one. “I’ll catch you sometime this week, I’m sure. And we’re still on for Friday at the coffee shop?” Malcolm snapped his fingers and a portal to the demon world opened before them in swirling blue colors. On the other side, you could see the foyer to the palace. “Don’t forget your things. Send your aunt my love.” He handed the painting to Tavy, and as he did, their hands brushed together. He jolted at the shock of pleasant electricity that passed through him. 
Let Live MCRP

Oct 12th 2019 09:59

Humility was not expecting the humans to attack, and this put a damper on her plans. She was not allowed to hurt the humans. They circled her like a caged animal, and this was beginning to make her sweat. Then they jumped her at once and for a second no one could see the tall, pretty blonde beyond the savages. It took a minute, but the girls went flying, Humility knocking them out one by one. Humility was heaving, blood seeping from somewhere on her head and a bite mark on her arm. Dammit! One of them bit her in the scuffle? “That’s low, you filthy demon! Sending humans to do your dirty work. Fight me like a man!”
Let Live MCRP

Oct 12th 2019 09:54

Sloth gripped Diligence’s arms tightly, gasping for air, trying to bring to bring himself back to reality. What the hell was that? He had never been more scared in his life. He let out a dry sob, body heaving forward until his face was resting against Dili’s shoulder. “I was dying. I was dying and making a deal with the devil. He said my laziness... it’s why I’m here. What did I do?” Sloth still didn’t have his human memories. Perhaps those were just some of them? “Who did I hurt to end up like this?”
Let Live MCRP

Oct 12th 2019 01:27

Patience found herself anxious for Envy to get back into the car. Like she couldn’t wait to have him close again, even though he was only a foot away. Finally, when he was sitting beside her, Patience reached out and took hold of his hand again, and began talking about the new motor she was thinking of building from scratch for an old Chevy pickup Envy had. The minute he had brought the truck home, Patience had been in love with it. It was at least a 62, old and red and perfect. “Wanna go with me for some parts tomorrow?” She looked up at him shyly. “I could really use your opinions...” but in reality, she just wanted to be alone with him. 
Let Live MCRP

Oct 12th 2019 01:22

“It’s not hard to learn languages when you’re two thousand years old.” Malcolm shrugged. “I also collect for the sake of collecting. You never know when you might need something.” It was actually quite soothing to watch Octavian walk around Malcolm’s apartment to look through all the books. Malcolm had never met someone who loved to read more than this kid. It was like he was having a personal love affair with Malcolm’s library right about now. “Don’t you know any languages? Surely your fathers have taught you something.” Getting up, Malcolm made his way over to where Octavian was and reached up to father two books on a high shelf . It wasn’t likenOctavian couldn’t get it, as he seemed to be a few inches taller than Malcolm himself, but he wanted to surprise him. “You love Oscar Wilde and D*ckens, right?” He handed the few books he’d grabbed over to Tavy. “Have these. First edition of Dorian Gray and Great expectations.”
Let Live MCRP

Oct 12th 2019 01:15

Humility struggled against Prides grip. The wriggling around was doing her no good. What the hell were his arms made of? “You bastard, get off me!” Humility used her body and Prides grip on her to launched him over her shoulder and flip him onto the concrete below them. Slamming Pride seemed to do no good... perhaps knives good work? As he hit the ground, Humility reached into her dress and produced a throwing knife. She launched it at her target, hand over hand and watched as it soared through the air. The knife hit home, sinking into Prides shoulder. 
Let Live MCRP

Oct 12th 2019 01:10

Sloths dreams were hardly pleasant that night, despite the way he had fallen asleep. There were flashes of red and white. Car tires screeching and a needle laying on the ground. Sloth was tossing and turning in his sleep, something he never did. Heads of sweat formed at his hairline. The dream then flashed to him arriving in hell and accepting Lucifer’s deal. “You deserve this,” said Lucifer in the dream. Your laziness is your downfall.” It then showed a tiny girls face, slack and pale in death. That was when Sloth bolted up with a gasp. 
Let Live MCRP

Oct 12th 2019 01:07

Patience loved to just sit there and watch Envy sometimes. The way he acted was so different from how he sounded. He could throw harsh words at you while helping you change a tire. It was nothing but constant filth coming from his mouth, but Patience found that it was endearing. “Yeah, besides, I don’t want to get in trouble for being out too late.” Patience had a curfew, as she was the baby of the family. As they went to leave, Patience reaches for Envy’s outstretched Hans with a huge smile on her face. Patti intertwined their fingers, pulling him along. “You drive.” She said, tossing him the keys. 
Let Live MCRP

Oct 7th 2019 17:28

Humility grinned sweetly, “No, why, of course not.” And while he was distracted talking himself up, she spun and kicked out. Humility sent Pride flying with a roundhouse kick to the chest. The wall directly behind him that lead out to the street was shattered like paper as he went flying through it. Humility was right on him, flipping his body mid-air and slamming him as hard she could into the concrete. Humility was a particularly skilled fighter, nearly undead rated. The only one who could probably hold her off was her brother Michael. “You will perish at my hand.” A sword materialized in her hands as she stood over him. “Any last words?”
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