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Let Live MCRP

Apr 1st 2020 01:58

Lucas paused for a moment, body in mid-movement as he looked her over. All the racy bits were covered, but Lucas knew what she looked like under all those bubbles. He smirked. "You're beautiful, baby, but that's not what I'm interested in right now. Talk to me in a few minutes, though." He went to lean up against the sink. He loosened his tie and undid the top button of his shirt. "Today, after the meeting with the council, I went back to my office to find this woman waiting for me. She was sitting on my desk, which caught my attention right off the bat." Lucas pulled out the photo, but didn't show it yet. "She said she had information for me... and it's not good." he sighed. "She says that the dark baptism wasn't enough. That whoever was in your head is still coming for you." It was a big concern to him, and everyone around them. Whoever it was, they were strong people. "We have to find out who this person is. I have connections, but..." 
Let Live MCRP

Apr 1st 2020 01:49

Malcolm watched Octavian carefully as he picked out books to read. It didn't even seem to matter what the subject was, or the genre. All he knew was that it was a book with a story, or information and Octavian was going to eat it all up. Malcolm watched with fondness. It felt like he'd never left when he saw little things like that. His eyes wandered all over Octavian, memorizing every little thing he could. The shape of his nose, the slight upward tilt of his lips-- it was the smallest smile, but it made Malcolm's heart sieze. He continued to watch him until he felt his eyes growing heavy again, his instincts telling him it was safe to sleep now. Finally, Malcolm fell asleep in the chair, head pillowed on the glass window. 
Let Live MCRP

Mar 31st 2020 18:04

For some reason, Malcolm began to panic. As much as he hated these small interactions, he didn't want Octavian to go either. Malcolm sat up again and called softly, "Wait," he turned his body toward Octavian, ready to get up. "If you... If you want... you could stay up here and read. It does get kind of lonely being here all by myself." Malcolm knew this was wrong, and he shouldn't be trying to coax Tavy to spend more time with him... But Malcolm, despite all the hurt, had missed his mate terribly. And just because Malcolm wanted him to stay, didn't mean that Octavian would want to. "Sorry. That's odd, isn't it? Never mind." He had just wanted him near... and he was so tired that he wasn't making any sense. 
Let Live MCRP

Mar 31st 2020 17:59

Lucas didn't know what to make of all this, so he pocketed the picture and decided to head back to his room. Mayra should be done with her lessons for the day, and he had to tell her about the strange encounter with the odd woman. And the boy in the picture... There was something oddly familiar about him, and yet... not. He had this look about him... if he didn't know any better, he could say he looked like Mayra. But that was impossible, wasn't it? Lucas made it to the room and opened the door without care. When he closed it, he could smell shampoo and hear a bath running. He couldn't wait till she was out. "Mayra, I have to tell you about the weirdest thing..." he opened the door to the bathroom, steam hitting him in the face. Through it, he could see Mayra, deep in bubbles and looking relaxed. 
Let Live MCRP

Mar 31st 2020 17:55

"For once in my life, yes..." said Katherine, standing on her tip-toes to meet him for the kiss. She was being greedy, she knew that... but William gave her a feeling that was indescribable. They danced for a while longer, William spinning Katherine around the kitchen as she laughed in joy. It was such a simple thing, but it brightened her day, and his. Katherine was trying to catch her breath as Will pulled her in and asked her such a serious question. Katherine melted completely and took his face in her hands. "...I've never felt the things I'm feeling for you. Just standing here with you... I feel like I've found the pieces I was missing to become whole." she whispered softly to him. "It must be fate... It has to be." 
Let Live MCRP

Mar 31st 2020 03:13

Malcolm couldn't help the very small smile at that. Octavian was a true biblophile. "It's good to read all different types of things... it helps broaden your horizon's, gives you knowledge." Octavian had to be the most well read young person ever. He was willing to bet that he'd already read half the books in this library. Malcolm's eyes were heavy as he looked over at Octavian. It was like his body was telling him to shut down now, because his mate was here. Like nothing bad could happen with Octavian next to him. He rubbed his eyes agressively. "Sorry, I'm not one for conversation lately. I haven't been getting much sleep, so it's hard for me to really converse properly..."
Let Live MCRP

Mar 31st 2020 03:05

"Ow!" Lucas cried out, hand flying to the back of his head. There was a bump already forming. "What the hell-- who the hell do you think you are?! Hitting a prince!" Lucas was so outraged, but embarrassed, that he began to stutter. It was a cute habit he thought he'd kicked. He was still raging, telling off the demon woman named Lucille until she flicked a photo in his direction. It was a boy, no older than maybe 6 or 7. He had tan skin and dark features. He was adorable, but he had no idea who he was. "Why is this important?" Lucas didn't understand how this had any connection to his mate. 
Let Live MCRP

Mar 31st 2020 02:51

Katherine knew that she hadn't seen that side of him, but even so... she couldn't imagine herself loving him any less. Somehow, in such a short time, William had wormed his way into her heart, and there he would stay forever. There was something her father used to say to her when he talked about falling in love. 'We Gray's, we have gypsy in us. And when we fall in love, we love all but once.' Katherine knew that William was her one. She didn't know how, but she knew. "I think I would like another spin around the kitchen," she said softly to him, then stood on her tip toes. "And maybe... a kiss or two?" 
Let Live MCRP

Mar 31st 2020 02:43

Malcolm should have known Octavian would take that as an invitation to come and join him, even though it was not. "Yes," he answered quietly. "I love to read. Haven't done much of that in the recent months..." or years, to be exact. Since he'd been with Damara, nearly two years had passed and he'd not been allowed access to books. "I find comfort in being around objects that are older than even I." he leaned back in his chair, taking another drag of his cancer stick. Not that a demon could get cancer. It was helping to keep the shakes away. Malcolm chanced a glance over at Octavian, and found him much closer than he would have liked. Malcolm shifted his body just slightly, so if he had to make an escape, he could. "I'm sure you'd much rather be reading, not talking to an old man like me."
Let Live MCRP

Mar 31st 2020 02:38

Lucas spun around at that, now focused on the woman in front of him. How did she know all these personal things about him? Not to mention... how would this person-- Lucille-- know anything about someone coming after Mayra? "...Who is coming for her?" He asked, eyes blazing. "How did you come by this information? Is it someone you know?" He then paused for a moment, looking at her warily. "...Why are you letting me know about this? Most would want someone royal, or close to it, out of the way. I must say, this is rather unusual."
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