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Let Live MCRP

36 minutes ago

"I... did?" asked Cynthia, frowning. The last thing she remembered was Michael coming toward her and feeling so relieved. She didn't remember killing anyone. But, regardless... her family was safe. Her love was safe and so was her baby. She caressed her sore stomach and thanked her lucky stars that nothing had happened to him or her. Cynthia reached out to touch Michael's cheek, whispering how much she loved him. Cynthia was then surrounded by hugs and affection from her family. Abel, her little brother, wanted to sit with her, and so she took him in her arms and cooed as he nuzzled into her. This was all she'd wanted. 
Let Live MCRP

41 minutes ago

Mika was filled with pride. That meant she had done a damn good job and she was ready to do it again. "Here." she reached into the side table drawer and got out a condom packet. She ripped it with her teeth and took the condom out herself to roll onto him. "Mm, nice and slow this time?" she asked, wrapping her arms around him once the condom was on. Mika felt like she could get addicted to Rebel. Was this how all mates felt about each other? 
Let Live MCRP

44 minutes ago

That accent was back, and it made Lucas' mouth go dry whenever she used it on him. He flushed and looked away. "I just thought we could figure this out and not have to worry about what this means. I could get your work to the school with no problem's. I'm not going anyhow..." Lucas didn't want to face Alex just yet, if he was going to be there. He still felt horrible. Lucas then looked back at Mayra and looked her over. "I wonder what kind of wings you'll have." he whispered. "They'll be beautiufl, regardless..."
Let Live MCRP

47 minutes ago

Malcolm chuckled softly as he laid down beside him. "Mm, not today, darling. I don't think your ready to handle all that..." Malcolm leaned down to brush a soft kiss against his lips. He had to admit, it was a bit uncomfortable laying like this, turned on and hard, but he didn't mind too much. "First time, ever, hm? You've never tried to... touch yourself? What did you do with all that pent up frustration? I'm sure you've been attracted to people before."
Let Live MCRP

52 minutes ago

"Michael..." Cynthia sighed, leaning into his gentle touch and feeling all the pain melt away with that alone. "Where am I...? A hospital?" she looked around and finally noticed who the people in the room were. Her parents, grandparent's... brothers and sister, uncles, aunts and cousins. "Everyone's here... And you're not... not fighting?" Cynthia was completely blown away. But then she remembered a more concerning matter. Her hands flew to her stomach. "T-The baby... Is the little one okay? Is it hurt?" she asked Michael desperately, panicking.
Let Live MCRP

57 minutes ago

That information gave Mika pause. So... he had to feed from her just as she had to feed from him. This seemed to brighten her up. Mika looked over at him slyly, a small smile gracing her face. She turned to him, wrapping her arms around his neck and hooking a leg over his hip. "So... anytime? Does that mean we can go for round 2?" she asked softly. Mika was surprised by how much she wanted him again. She was a little afraid that she might never get enough and they might be stuck in this bed forever. 
Let Live MCRP

1 hour ago

Lucas had probably gone too far with the massage and stopped immediately when he saw how flushed she was. But, he kept his hands there, rubbing circles into her back and spine. Her skin was so smooth, he marveled at it. "It's not like the Exorcist, my love." he whispered, chuckling. "You are not possessed. Changes like this don't come from possession, and if you were possessed, I would have sensed it a long time ago." But it was best they get her checked out immediately. "Go ahead and get dressed, and I'll take you down to Hell. Though, you might not be going to school today."
Let Live MCRP

1 hour ago

Malcolm happily swallowed his seed, down to the quick. There was not a drop left when he was done sucking Octavian dry. "Mm..." he let go of his c*ck with a pop and licked his lips like Malcolm just had dessert. "You taste really good..." he slithered back up his body, laying kisses anywhere he could. He stopped at Octavian's chest and licked each of his nipples, wondering if they were sore from how hard he'd tugged them. "How was that, hm? Good?"
Let Live MCRP

1 hour ago

Other's filed in after the immediate family, still worn and tired from the war, but they were here for her. And for once... no one was at each other's throats. They all even smiled at Michael and asked how he was holding up. They sat like that for a long time, talking over Cynthia as Chastity, Mika, Rebel and Light took turn's babying Thia. Eventually, the voices were too much and began to break through Cynthia's heavy sleep. She slowly awoke to a room full of people and groaned at the stiffness in her muscles.
Let Live MCRP

1 hour ago

Mika flushed, unused to this. "I guess I'm just used to having it one way, so... when I lost it there for a moment and came back to reality... " She hadn't believed she could act such a way. That she could lose control like that and feel endless pleasure. "I hope that wasn't too weird... Because it felt good in the moment..." she hid her face in his chest. Mika wrapped her arms around him, bringing them flush together once more. The skin on skin contact made her almost want to purr. There was something about it with Rebel... 
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