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31 years old
Bronx, New York
United States

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February 21 2019

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Cocoa Bean

Oct 17th 2018 19:45

It was five am and Chloe was laying in bed like she always does since she couldn't sleep well. A lot was going through her mind and she needed to clear her mind so she decided to get up and put her gym clothes on. She grabbed her keys and wallet and then went walked down the stairs and grabbed her shoes and sit down on the couch and put them on. She then got up and walked over towards the door and open the door and closed it behind her locking it. She then started to run since that always help her clear things from her mind.

She ran around for hours until she looked up and saw sun coming out which means it was morning and she needed to get some breakfast. She looked around as she saw mystic grill so she ran over and open the door and walked inside. She saw an empty table and walked over and sat down grabbing the menu to see what she can order since she was starving from running around. Waiter came over and asked if she wanted anything to drink so she smiled "ill have water with lemon please" she looked at him and he wrote it down and walked away. She continued looking at her menu.

Oct 6th 2018 12:13

That's right I'm Lewis, Simon Lewis.
I'm a Daylighter, a Vampire who can not be hurt by the sun.
Thank you for accepting the request, i would love to get something
going with you. If you wish to discuss send me a message or
comment and i will be happy to answer any questions you
may have for me.

Little Tinkerbell

Jul 24th 2018 14:35

Hello, I will try and keep this short but, first of all I'd like to thank you for requesting me or accepting my friendship.
Now onto the possibly long bit, I feel I don't need to introduce myself as I am the only Goddess in the WWE and everyone knows my name.
.I play Alexa both as a heel and face depending on the storyline we work out.�
I normally write para and up, I always try to match whatever length is sent to me, as that gives a good length story.
I love how I said this wouldn't be long and its ended up being massively long.
I hope to hear from you soon! Don't be scared I won't be mean, I'm a sweetie out of rp.
Alexa ♥
Authority Champion Colby

Mar 11th 2018 21:46


Feb 13th 2018 00:40

Doing great

Feb 11th 2018 20:13

How are you doing

Feb 10th 2018 20:58

Hey Alanna
BT Baelfire *T*

Jan 9th 2018 04:28

*bae smiles at her* so Alanna how may I help you
BT Baelfire *T*

Jan 8th 2018 23:15

Nice to meet you I'm baelfire but some call me Bae
BT Baelfire *T*

Jan 8th 2018 21:45

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