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Courted With Deceit And Pomegranate Seeds.  (8  photos)
He takes her in his arms. He wants to say "I love you, nothing can hurt you." But he thinks, that is a lie, so he says in the end "You're dead, nothing can hurt you." Which seems to him, a more promising beginning, more true.
Down In The Gloom, My Kingdom Built On Other People's Doom.  (9  photos)
"My friendship with Death has left me emotionally bereft I should've let you fall in love with me. Down here in the gloom My kingdom built on other people's doom Please don't be afraid Justice is the only claim I make You make me into some terrible monstrous demon If you could see, the love that's inside of me."
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Hades was born over 2,000 years ago in the Mortal Realm, specifically in the region of Sicily. Born as Aidoneus, he is the eldest son of the Titans, Rhea and Cronus. A prophecy was foretold that the young god would become a threat to the Titans; as such, Cronus sought to get rid of his son before that time came, though he allowed his wife, Rhea, to spend at least 5-6 years with him before that time came. Aidoneus was very close with his mother and had also encountered the Goddess of the Night, Nyx, who was especially fond of him. On his sixth birthday, Cronus decided that it was time to deal with him. Rhea hid her son and tried distracting Cronus in an attempt to protect Aidoneus, but the Titan was not fooled and found the boy immediately. Without any hesitation, he captured his son, and devoured him whole. At some point later on in life, Aidoneus escaped from his father, though he experience was deeply traumatic for him, to the point he would suffer nightmares of that day in adulthood. Before the war against the Titans, a now-older Aidoneus was badly injured, and was apparently left in the care of Metis. It was around that time Aidoneus first met Hera, who back then was shy, and not used to being away form her sisters for long. Hera was tasked by Metis to help tend to the wounded god's injuries. Scared at first, the young goddess then approached to injured god and spoke to him. As she helped Aidoneus with his bandages, she then spoke to him, acknowledging that he had been alone for 13 years, as told by Zeus. While in pain, the injured god gently caressed her face. Smiling at him, she moved towards him to kiss Aidoneus, the two having fell in love, with a relationship forming between them. Eventually, he became a member of the 6 Traitors Dynasty, including his younger brothers, Poseidon and Zeus, and the three goddesses, Hera, Demeter and Hestia. After the war, Aidoneus and Hera's relationship came to an end, evidently due to the actions of Zeus, who liked Hera and was jealous of their relationship. There are implications that this was also the reason why Aidoneus was assigned to ruling the Underworld by his brother. Even so, Aidoneus and Hera apparently still held feelings for each other, even after the latter married Zeus. Around the time he became ruler of the Underworld, Aidoneus adopted Cerberus, then a young puppy, who gave him company during his time there.

Basic Information
Hades (Self explanatory)
Hay-Des (Self explanatory)
Nickname/Alias God of the Dead|God of Wealth|Aidoneus.
Meaning God of the Dead .
Origin It was given to him by his mother and father.
Title God of the Dead
Pet Name Aidoneus|Blue Boy.
ID Number None.
Signature None.
Gender Male.
Gender Role Masculine.
Orientation Straight.
Real Age2000+
Age Appearance He looks in his thirties.
Birthday Unknown.
Deathday Unknown.
Birthplace Greece.
Astrological Sign Unknown.
Zodiac Sign Unknown.
Species God.
Ethnicity Greek
Blood Type Unknown.
Preferred Hand Ambidextrous
Facial Type Sharp.
Eye Color Red.
Hair Color White.
Hairstyle Short.
Skin Tone Blue.
Complexion Dark.
Makeup None.
Body Type Lean and heavily-muscled man.
Build Muscular.
Height 6'3".
Weight (In pounds)
Cup Size None.
Facial Hair None.
Shoe Size Unknown.
Birthmarks/scars He has scars all over from various battles.
Distinguishing Features His eyes.
Health Healthy.
EnergyA lot.
Memory Very well, unless he's been drinking.
Senses Very good.
Allergies Unknown.
Handicaps PTSD.
Medication None.
Phobias Unknown.
Addictions Persephone.
Mental DisordersUnknown.

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May 19th 2020 14:50

Image result for elena gilbert edit gif
Hello and thank you for adding! 
I would love to 
get a storyline/connection going with you ^^
I play Kore/Persephone just a she is in Lore Olympys  I look forward to writing with you in the near future!

Feb 14th 2019 00:12

Since it's going to be V - Day shortly. I propose we do a V - Day inspired sl.
Perhaps they share like an anniversary where they go on ferris wheels and disguise themselves as humans. etc?
Something sorta "The Notebook" like.

νιℓℓαinous qυeen

Feb 22nd 2017 12:04

I would love to know.
νιℓℓαinous qυeen

Jan 18th 2017 12:00

Welcome to my page.
Thanks so much for the add
request. I do hope we become friends and maybe have some
good stories going. I don't want to be a number i understand its highlyimpossibleto get
to everyone but i try and temp to do so so please don't feel shy about talking to me,my bark is worst then my bite.
Have a lovely day/evening/night hope to hear from you soon

ᗰalicious ᗰayor

Jun 9th 2016 01:46

Ah ok well then you're not who I thought you were.
Anyway I'll send a starter soon. :)
ᗰalicious ᗰayor

Jun 8th 2016 01:25

Do you play Hans and a whole bunch of other roles?
ᗰalicious ᗰayor

Jun 7th 2016 06:05

Great, now who should start? Sorry I wanted to switch to comments.
ᴍɪsᴀɴᴛʜʀᴏᴘɪᴄ (H)

Dec 21st 2014 04:17

The felines ears perked up at their words as she glared down at the two devil spawns. Oh she could just chop them up right now and eat them. However, her ears slightly fluttered higher as a chill went through her. Hearing a new yet sudden tone, she hopped forth and dropped the two as she found herself slowly looking up at the tall figure with her sapphire hues. He was a tall one alright, and not only that, the very description that her family always told her about the lord of the dead was quite true. Very accurate. It kind made the feline excited at the very thought, like a little fan girl or such. However, keeping herself content, and shivered lightly as she took a step back.


Was all she could say at the moment. Surely for not only being out and about without her family knowing, being here in the realm of Hades didn't help much either. She raised her hands and rubbed her temples lightly which trailed up to her feline ears to relax her to get actual words out.

"Mew.... I-I did not know I was suppose to be invited. I have been here every Thursday for the past few years to play with Fluffy.... Gomen..."

She grumbled her last few words as her hues averted downward as her ears slanted back some. She knew deep inside if she were to dare go up against a high authority such as Hades himself, mother and father would not be pleased, and even worse, they can be punished alongside the rest of the family for her own actions. She kept herself at a content level, although rather guilt filled her expression. Boy was she dead.
ᴍɪsᴀɴᴛʜʀᴏᴘɪᴄ (H)

Nov 20th 2014 16:13

Rather walking with the two in her arms, despite their bickering of how she just simply handled them with ease, her grip on them tightened as she phased and found herself upon the steps near the docks. Her ears flattened some and look forth, walking up the very steps up to the destination, her heels clicked lightly with each step until she walked through the door, looking around some.

"Mew... am I even going the right way guys?"

She stammered some, soon looking down at the two devilish beings in her arms. Her tail however would sway left to right, soon to phase once more, finding herself in the very room she was suppose to be, bad pat about it was she appeared directly infront of Hades, however phasing away.

"Mew... little devils, is this the room now?"
ᴍɪsᴀɴᴛʜʀᴏᴘɪᴄ (H)

Nov 17th 2014 19:08

Rather enjoying the company with the 3 headed hound, the feline like female would giggle and held her usual mischievous smile upon her expression. It was rare to see such feline in a rather happy dandy mood, including the very things that was going on with the reaper life and the very essence of bein the Cheshire Cat. things were bad in Wonderland/Underland. And the very thought of the realms that she kept balanced was a whole different story. With a sway of her tail, the felines ears perked by a sudden tone, soon turning around to find both Pain and Panic before her. Turning away from the canine, lightly petting one of the heads, she knelt down on one knee and looked at the very devilish beings before her. It was quite rare to see them around, including when the oh so 'majesty' wasn't with them. The felines sapphire hues shifted to a more crystal neon blue color, looking at the two with a small pleasant smile, a form of curiosity swept over her expression, hearing their very words as she replied.

"Meow? the oh so majesty wants to see me? How odd.... w-well I am not even suppose to be here..."

The felines ears drooped some, already remembering her parents very words of going out of bounds of where she could and could not go. And sure as hell the realm of the undead wasn't in the 'inbounds' list, more like the place you should never go to, alongside Neverland, Mtn. Olympus and a few she could not remember off hand. The thought intrigued her, but again, it could mean she could be ended on spot. With a final pat, she turned and hugged the hounds heads for one last time, until swooping both Pain and Panic into her arms and began to make her way to the throne room, with the help of the two in her arms, since she has never been this far in within the realm of the ol underworld god.
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