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Characters: Luthien Tinuviel, Elven Twilight Maiden
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About me:
Who I'd like to meet:

How did I Awaken from Death's Slumber?

Note: I would love to explore a twist to her story and write with a Celegorm or Thranduil if possible

I multi-para / all Tolkien verses and crossovers

The tale of Luthien Tinuviel had been an ancient one. Often sang by minstrels and told to children for bedtime stories, there were many versions of it. Some say upon her 2nd and mortal death, the Valar took pity on she and her love Beren, so they were placed in the skies as stars for all to see.

Where Arwen had been likened to the Evening Star, Luthien had been the Dawn Star of the Elves. Her famed beauty and bravery had since been long gone only remembered in these songs and legends. She had been the first one to unite the race of elves with that of mortal men. The Elves never recovered from her death, since she alone of their race had left the world, they had lost who they treasured most, forever.

But was it forever? On a beautiful starry clear night when a minstrel was singing the beautiful tale of Luthien Tinuviel called "The Lay of Leithian" a little elven girl asked him, "Do they fall in love and be together forever and ever?" "Ah little one, you must listen to find out. The answer is yes and no. Luthien forsook her place in the Halls of Mandos to be with her true love, Beren. We know not of what happens to mortals in whatever unknown fate awaits them outside the Circles of the World. But it is said in some legends that the Valor, still moved by Luthien's song and her situation, made them stars in the heavens for all to see to be together forever and ever."

Just as the minstrel told the children of this, there was a flash of great light in the sky as two stars fell streaking across the heavens in the night sky. In two directions they went. One of which landed on the beach of a nearby lake. The other star seemed to land somewhere near Gondor. The white flower niphredil began to bloom around the crowd just as it had when Luthien had been born, though it was winter. Everyone was in awe and wondered if perhaps this was the best minstrel ever to tell the tale that even flowers would bloom in winter just as it had for Luthien when she had walked Middle Earth.

What magic had summoned Luthien from her blissful existence in the heavens with Beren? It would seem an unknown evil had summoned Luthien from beyond death in attempt to summon the Silmiril that had been cast into the heavens. But something had gone wrong. Not only was Luthian summoned but there was great confusion with Luthien's memories. She could not remember things in order as they had happened and some were very difficult to grasp at all.

The Silmiril beheld great power but only one of pure heart could hold it without going mad. Luthien had this pure heart and had at one time worn it around her graceful neck embedded in the Nauglamr. Was the Silmaril calling to her? Yes, she was to guard it from evil who sought to posses it. She yearned for it, feeling a great pain in her heart for Beren who she could not even remember, but also to have the Silmiril safely in her possession.

Crests and Emblems:

Luthien Tinuviel is the only person known to have had two distinct heraldic devices; both are based on patterns with flowers. The first one, shows the white niphredil that grew at her birth (it has been described as similar to a delicate snowdrop). The second device of Luthien, depicted on the left, probably holds an elanor in the centre. The stars in this device echo those found in her father device. At a first glance it is hard to tell if there are any "points" that reach the rim, but it seems like they would be no more than four in both devices. In the first device they point in the compass directions northeast, northwest, southeast and southwest. In the second, the only thing similar to "points" are the white flowers that each symbolizes one point. This would give her the correct status as a princess of Doriath.
Luthien Tinuviel {FOS} ~ Elven Twilight Maiden

The tale of Beren and Luthien was later mirrored by Aragorn and Arwen.
Both tales brought humans and elves together

My Protector & Guardian...

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When I fell from the heavens, great evil pursued me. My dear friend Legolas vowed to protect and guard me from harm and all evil. I am eternally grateful for his friendship and valor.
FACTS about me
NAME: Luthien Tinuviel
AGE: Ageless
FAMILY: Queen Melian, King Thingol, my guardian and loyal friend Legolas
PERSONALITY: Brave, Caring, Compassionate, Carefree, has great Integrity
LIKES: Loves music and to dance in the twilight. She also loves to sing. Her voice is so beautiful that it literally heals people. At one time when she and Beren had perished, she sang a song of such beauty and sadness that the Valor took pity on her and let her and Beren return to the land of the living as mortals.
STATUS: Single

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