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[Batman ROLEPLAYER since 5/6/08 Myspace] "And forever shall I love and adore him... This with my life, I do promise."

33 years old
Gouverneur, New York
United States

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Characters: Venus Ducard, Venus Finchem
Verses: Batman, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, DC comics, Marvel
Playbys: Keira Knightley
Length: Multi Para, Para
Genre: Action, Comic, Crime, Drama, Heroes/Villains, Romance,
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Venus Ducard, known then as Venus Finchem was creative and independent at a very young age, since childhood she was on her own to live and to let live with only her younger brother Richardo to look after. This lone family connection with her sibling was all she really had to go by in the way of family love and friendship and she did her best to watch over him. Since being orphaned when she was thirteen Venus loved painting, it was a way to express her feelings of loneliness since she couldn't find words for it.

Ignored by most and not caring to acknowledge others Venus felt happier when alone, the only people she cared to be with was her brother who could understand her moods and quiet moments. She soon began her career as an artist at the age of 18 and by the time she was 22 her success grew to great popularity in the elegant world of art, she was a bookworm and was if not in her apartment at the library around the corner. Her favorite way to pass the time every day was to read, mostly mysteries and fantasy.

One night Venus was coming home from the library and was kidnapped by a man who hoped to hold her for ransom, knowing her fame in her art. That's when she met a man of great standing and power in Gotham City, being saved from the hostage situation which had lasted a week. His name was Henri Ducard (also known as Ra's Al Ghul) and soon she fell in love with him, one snowy night at the Temple on the China mountains they finally confessed their feelings for one another. A week later in her little library they became engaged and were married a few days after at the Temple. They now have twin children; Richard and Kimberly, whom she will defend by any means.


I am not nor do I claim to be anyone in the photos presented on this page. I am not associated with them or anyone connected to Batman, I only own what is not canon to the story lines.


Who I'd like to meet:

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