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"The things I do for love."
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I think it passing odd that I am loved by one for kindness I never did, and reviled by so many for my finest act.
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The things I do for love.

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By what right, does the wolf judge the lion?

Jaime is a born warrior, and most of his skills lie in the area of martial expertise. He has little interest in politics and court intrigue; by his own admission, Jaime only feels truly alive when fighting or making love. Jaime has the quintessential Lannister look, with bright green eyes and golden hair. He is considered to be extremely handsome, his tall frame complemented with comely features and "a smile that cut like a knife"; Jon Snow thinks to himself that Jaime is "what a king should look like". He dresses in white, like any member of the Kingsguard when on duty, but he also wears his family colors and distinctive armor of his own: gold-plated, with a lion's-head helm at other times. Early in the series, Jaime comes across as arrogant, amoral, and dishonorable, behavioural traits similar to his sister twin Cersei. However, he is changed by his imprisonment and prolonged exposure to Brienne's stubborn adherence to a code of honour. He sees his adversity as a blank page for him to write a new history, jokingly thinking to himself he might become Gold Hand the Good and noting "this is what justice feels like" even when doling it out to men in Lannister colours. Because he has done reprehensible acts he has such a bad reputation, everything he says is usually cast in the worst possible light. An offhand joke is taken as a grave threat by others, just because it is spoken by the Kingslayer. And as for honor, Jaime took his Kingsguard vows, but when they conflict, he chooses a course of action and follows it to its conclusion, no matter the consequence. Early Years Jaime is the eldest son of Lady Joanna and Lord Tywin Lannister, who is the head of House Lannister, the richest man in the Seven Kingdoms and the lord of the Westerlands. Jaime and his older twin sister Cersei were inseparable in their early childhood, even going so far as to experiment together in a sexual manner at a young age. During one of these encounters, they were caught by a servant who informed their mother. Jaime's bedchamber was immediately moved to the other side of the castle, and both twins were told never to do anything like that ever again. At age nine, he lost his mother, who died giving birth to Tyrion. Even though Tyrion is a malformed dwarf, Jaime seems to have treated him with kindness and respect unlike Cersei and Tywin. At the age of eleven, Jaime was sent to Crakehall to squire for old Lord Sumner Crakehall alongside Merrett Frey. Two years later, while still a squire, he won his first tourney melee. Raised to Knighthood At the age of fifteen, Jaime participated in the campaign against the Kingswood Brotherhood, during which he saved Lord Crakehall from Big Belly Ben and crossed swords with the psychotic Smiling Knight. He was knighted on the battlefield by Ser Arthur Dayne. On his return to Casterly Rock, he stopped in King's Landing to visit his sister, from whom he had been separated for years. It was there that Cersei told him that Lord Tywin intended to marry him to Lysa Tully, second daughter of Lord Hoster Tully of Riverrun. Cersei suggested that Jaime become a member of the Kingsguard instead, replacing the recently deceased Ser Harlan Grandison, to be close to her and free himself of the unwanted marriage to Lysa. After a night of passionate sex, he gave his consent to Cersei's plan, although they both expected that their father would be opposed to it. She made the necessary arrangements over the next month and Jaime received news in Casterly Rock that he had been chosen for the Kingsguard. A moon's turn later, Jaime was raised to the Kingsguard by Lord Commander Ser Gerold Hightower in a ceremony during the Tourney at Harrenhal, making him the youngest knight ever to be raised to the order. That night, however, King Aerys soured the honor by sending him back to King's Landing to guard Queen Rhaella and Prince Viserys, depriving him of the chance to participate in Lord Whent's tourney. Jaime realized then that the King had only chosen him for the Kingsguard as a slight against Lord Tywin, of whom Aerys was insanely jealous, to rob him of his heir. Furthermore, the plan failed to bring Jaime and Cersei closer together, as they had intended. Lord Tywin, furious at the turn of events, used a pretext to resign as Hand and returned with Cersei to Casterly Rock. Jaime remained at court, guarding the King. Kingsguard During Jaime's time in the Kingsguard, Aerys's growing insanity and attendant cruelty became more and more apparent, and Jaime found himself conflicted and troubled by many of the King's actions. One night, he and Ser Jon Darry stood guard outside Queen Rhaella's bedchamber while Aerys raped and ravaged her. Jaime commented to Darry that they were sworn to protect the Queen as well, to which Darry replied "We are, but not from him." He had a similar reaction to the execution of Brandon and Lord Rickard Stark, and was reminded by Ser Gerold Hightower that he swore a vow to guard the king, not to judge him. Jaime coped with much of Aerys's cruelty by "going away inside", advice he would later pass on to Brienne, when Vargo Hoat's men were considering raping her, and to his son, Tommen when the boy is upset by the smell of Tywin rotting. He genuinely believes this advice, as a way to deal with a harsh reality and making an appalling task tolerable. As Robert's Rebellion grew, Aerys refused to let Jaime join the royal army, instead keeping him in King's Landing to be used as a potential hostage against Lord Tywin, who had yet to choose a side in the conflict. Aerys appointed several Hands throughout the war, but never invited Tywin to take up his old office. Eventually Jaime was the only White Cloak in the capital. After the Battle of the Bells, it became apparent to Aerys that the rebellion might be successful and that King's Landing might be lost. Aerys devised a plan with the help of his chief pyromancers that involved placing caches of wildfire all throughout the city. The plan was to burn the entire city to the ground rather than lose it to Robert. His new Hand, Lord Qarlton Chelsted, who had been elevated to the position after the exile of both previous Hands (Lord Owen Merryweather and Jon Connington), confronted Aerys about his plan, removing his chain of office in protest and flinging it to the floor. For that, Aerys burned him alive, and raised his favorite pyromancer Rossart to the Handship. All the while, Jaime guarded the King, blankly observing the details of his plan and keeping his secrets. When Prince Rhaegar left the Red Keep to face the rebels on the Trident, Jaime begged Rhaegar to take him along and let Ser Barristan Selmy or Ser Jon Darry protect the king for once. Rhaegar refused the suggestion, admitting that King Aerys wanted to keep Jaime close as he was afraid of Tywin Lannister more than anyone else. However, Rhaegar promised an angry and disappointed Jaime that changes would be made when he returned from the battlefield. But Rhaegar was killed in the Battle of the Trident and the defeat of his army all but decided the outcome of the war in favour of a rebel victory. Aerys had his pregnant queen and son Viserys Targaryen sent to Dragonstone. The Kingslayer After the Trident, Lord Tywin at last roused himself from Casterly Rock and called his banners. His main concerns were that his son was in King Aerys' hand and that the king, facing defeat, might kill Jaime just out of spite, as well as that Jaime himself could do something rash. The Lannister armies marched to the gates of King's Landing, pleading for entry. Though Varys called Lord Tywin a traitor, King Aerys listened to Grand Maester Pycelle, who told him that Lord Tywin had come to his defense, and heeded his advice to open the gates to Lord Tywin and his army. Once inside, Tywin betrayed Aerys and began the Sack of King's Landing. As the sole Kingsguard knight remaining in King's Landing, the defense of the Red Keep became Jaime's responsibility. Knowing that he didn't stand a chance to defend the castle, he sent a messenger to the King, asking for leave to make terms with the attackers. The messenger came back with the King's order that Jaime should bring him Lord Tywin's head to prove that he is no traitor. The messenger also informed him that Rossart was with the King, leading Jaime to believe that Aerys was about to command the destruction of the city. Jaime went to the throne room. On the way, he came across Rossart, who was dressed as a common soldier and hurrying to a postern gate. Jaime attacked him, and while Rossart tried to defend himself, he stood no chance against the experienced knight, who gutted Rossart without mercy. Jaime then slipped into the throne room through the king's door, finding Aerys alone pacing through the room. When the King saw the blood on Jaime's sword, he demanded to know whether it was Lord Tywin's, renewing his command that Jaime should bring him his father's head, otherwise Jaime would burn with all the other traitors. He told Jaime that Rossart was on his way to give the enemies a warm welcome, asking again whose blood was on Jaime's sword. Jaime answered that it was Rossart's. The King became scared, his mouth dropping open in shock. Aerys lost control of his bowels, soiling himself. He turned and ran towards the Iron Throne. Jaime seized Aerys and hauled him bodily off the steps. The Mad King squealed like a pig as Jaime killed him with a single slash across the throat, thereby preventing him from giving the command to burn the city to some other pyromancer. Lord Tywin's men, led by Ser Elys Westerling and Lord Roland Crakehall, burst into the throne room in time to see Jaime killing the King, forestalling any chance for Jaime to steal away and let someone else claim responsibility. Jaime told them to advise all who were still fighting that the King was dead and to spare anyone who yielded. Lord Crakehall then asked whether a new king should be proclaimed as well, indicating that it could be Lord Tywin or Robert Baratheon or that even a new Targaryen king could be installed. Jaime mused for a moment on the possibility of choosing Viserys Targaryen or Rhaegar's son Aegon as the new king with Lord Tywin as his Hand, but, realising that both boys shared the same blood as Aerys and thus the same propensity for madness, Jaime declared to Crakehall that it was all the same to him. He then seated himself on the Iron Throne, waiting to see who would come to claim it. He was found sitting there when Lord Eddard Stark rode into the hall with his men to claim the throne for Robert Baratheon. In the following days, Jaime secretly hunted down and killed the two other pyromancers involved in Aerys' plan, Belis and Garigus. Although Eddard Stark urged Robert to strip him of the white cloak, arguing that Jaime should at the very least be made to join the Night's Watch, Robert listened to Jon Arryn instead and Jaime was pardoned by King Robert I and, along with Ser Barristan Selmy, continued to serve in the Kingsguard. Robert also gave him the name Kingslayer. Though reviled by the realm for his betrayal, Jaime considers the slaying of Aerys to be his finest act. His true motivation for killing King Aerys remains unknown to the masses. Under King Robert Though his sister Cersei was wed to Robert and made Queen, she and Jaime renewed their illicit relationship and continued it throughout Robert's reign. In the following years, Cersei would give birth to three children: Joffrey, Myrcella, and Tommen. Though believed by the realm to be Robert's children, Jaime is the father of all three, and all three resemble their real parents. One day, Jaime and his brother Tyrion, 13 years of age at the time, while on a nightly ride from Lannisport to Casterly Rock, saved a 14-year-old girl called Tysha who was followed by outlaws. While Jaime pursued the men, Tyrion took the girl to an inn. The two ended up sleeping together, the first time for both. Tyrion fell in love and secretly married the orphaned daughter of a crofter. However, Lord Tywin learned about this and decided to sabotage the marriage of his son to a lowborn girl. He instructed Jaime to lie to Tyrion that he had staged the whole affair, including the outlaws, because he had thought his brother finally needed a woman. Jaime was further ordered to tell Tyrion that Tysha was in fact a whore, for whom Jaime had paid double because she was still a maiden. Lord Tywin advised Jaime that all Tysha wanted was the gold of the Lannisters, which made her no better than a whore, so it wouldn't even be a lie, predicting that Tyrion would thank his brother later in life. Jaime did as bid. Later, Lord Tywin, to teach his younger son a lesson, brought Tysha in and had his guards rape and pay her in Tyrion's presence, forcing Tyrion himself to go last. The experience traumatized Tyrion and determined his cynical opinion about love and his hatred for his father. Jaime never told Tyrion the truth and later considered his role in ending his brother's marriage the sole instance when he was unkind to Tyrion.

Legal Information
NAME: Jaime Lannister
NICKNAMES: Kingslayer, Man without honor, cripple, golden lion.
PLACE OF BIRTH: Casterly Rock

Physical Details
HEIGHT: 6'2"
WEIGHT: unknown
SCARS: Many scars.

Family Ties
MOTHER: Joanna Lannister (deceased.)
FATHER: Tywin Lannister (Deceased.)
SISTER(S): Cersei Lannister
BROTHER(S): Tyrion Lannister.
Other Family: Joffrey (Son) Tommen (Son) Myrcella (Daughter)


Traits: Sarcastic, arrogant, charming, brave, disdainful, blunt.
Addictions: His sister, sword play,
Likes: His sister, sword play, keeping his oath.
Dislikes: Being seen as a cripple, breaking his oath.
Quirks: unknown.

OCCUPATION: Lord Commander of the Kingsguard
STRENGTHS: Sword play.
WEAKNESSES: His lack of hand.

There are no men like me only me.

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Wonderful! Did you  have  any  ideas  for  a  plot?

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"Another mortal stands before me. Before a son
of Daenerys Targaryen, perhaps another 
loyal servant or perhaps another foe?
It matters not to me. Kneel before me
human so that I may greet you 

Thank you kindly for making this opportunity of 
friendship possible. I would love nothing more than
to discuss a potential plot with you but until then I hope
all is well :)

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Still Has Claws

May 13th 2019 14:04

All right dear I will get something out to you soon. ♥
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May 6th 2019 21:14

If you'd like I can start us off. :) 
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May 2nd 2019 10:58

I was thinking like their teen years. 
How do you feel about that? 
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May 1st 2019 11:57

Hehehe! :) 
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So yes you rp with me over on my Sansa account. { Red Wolf } 

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Haha I know what you mean. 
I am soooo beyond over here because I spend most times on my Sansa account. xD 
But I would love to start it off for us. 
Would you like it in comments or messages? 
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Great! I am glad! 
Who shall start off on our rp? 
Either way is fine by me :) 
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I am soooo sorry for the lateness love. 
I have been so busy with work lately! 
Hope you'd still like to do the storyline with me. :) 
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