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"The things I do for love."
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I think it passing odd that I am loved by one for kindness I never did, and reviled by so many for my finest act.
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The things I do for love.

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Novella/ Multi para Dark AU.


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By what right, does the wolf judge the lion?

Jaime is a born warrior, and most of his skills lie in the area of martial expertise. He has little interest in politics and court intrigue; by his own admission, Jaime only feels truly alive when fighting or making love. Jaime has the quintessential Lannister look, with bright green eyes and golden hair. He is considered to be extremely handsome, his tall frame complemented with comely features and "a smile that cut like a knife"; Jon Snow thinks to himself that Jaime is "what a king should look like". He dresses in white, like any member of the Kingsguard when on duty, but he also wears his family colors and distinctive armor of his own: gold-plated, with a lion's-head helm at other times. Early in the series, Jaime comes across as arrogant, amoral, and dishonorable, behavioural traits similar to his sister twin Cersei. However, he is changed by his imprisonment and prolonged exposure to Brienne's stubborn adherence to a code of honour. He sees his adversity as a blank page for him to write a new history, jokingly thinking to himself he might become Gold Hand the Good and noting "this is what justice feels like" even when doling it out to men in Lannister colours. Because he has done reprehensible acts he has such a bad reputation, everything he says is usually cast in the worst possible light. An offhand joke is taken as a grave threat by others, just because it is spoken by the Kingslayer. And as for honor, Jaime took his Kingsguard vows, but when they conflict, he chooses a course of action and follows it to its conclusion, no matter the consequence. Early Years Jaime is the eldest son of Lady Joanna and Lord Tywin Lannister, who is the head of House Lannister, the richest man in the Seven Kingdoms and the lord of the Westerlands. Jaime and his older twin sister Cersei were inseparable in their early childhood, even going so far as to experiment together in a sexual manner at a young age. During one of these encounters, they were caught by a servant who informed their mother. Jaime's bedchamber was immediately moved to the other side of the castle, and both twins were told never to do anything like that ever again. At age nine, he lost his mother, who died giving birth to Tyrion. Even though Tyrion is a malformed dwarf, Jaime seems to have treated him with kindness and respect unlike Cersei and Tywin. At the age of eleven, Jaime was sent to Crakehall to squire for old Lord Sumner Crakehall alongside Merrett Frey. Two years later, while still a squire, he won his first tourney melee. Raised to Knighthood At the age of fifteen, Jaime participated in the campaign against the Kingswood Brotherhood, during which he saved Lord Crakehall from Big Belly Ben and crossed swords with the psychotic Smiling Knight. He was knighted on the battlefield by Ser Arthur Dayne. On his return to Casterly Rock, he stopped in King's Landing to visit his sister, from whom he had been separated for years. It was there that Cersei told him that Lord Tywin intended to marry him to Lysa Tully, second daughter of Lord Hoster Tully of Riverrun. Cersei suggested that Jaime become a member of the Kingsguard instead, replacing the recently deceased Ser Harlan Grandison, to be close to her and free himself of the unwanted marriage to Lysa. After a night of passionate sex, he gave his consent to Cersei's plan, although they both expected that their father would be opposed to it. She made the necessary arrangements over the next month and Jaime received news in Casterly Rock that he had been chosen for the Kingsguard. A moon's turn later, Jaime was raised to the Kingsguard by Lord Commander Ser Gerold Hightower in a ceremony during the Tourney at Harrenhal, making him the youngest knight ever to be raised to the order. That night, however, King Aerys soured the honor by sending him back to King's Landing to guard Queen Rhaella and Prince Viserys, depriving him of the chance to participate in Lord Whent's tourney. Jaime realized then that the King had only chosen him for the Kingsguard as a slight against Lord Tywin, of whom Aerys was insanely jealous, to rob him of his heir. Furthermore, the plan failed to bring Jaime and Cersei closer together, as they had intended. Lord Tywin, furious at the turn of events, used a pretext to resign as Hand and returned with Cersei to Casterly Rock. Jaime remained at court, guarding the King. Kingsguard During Jaime's time in the Kingsguard, Aerys's growing insanity and attendant cruelty became more and more apparent, and Jaime found himself conflicted and troubled by many of the King's actions. One night, he and Ser Jon Darry stood guard outside Queen Rhaella's bedchamber while Aerys raped and ravaged her. Jaime commented to Darry that they were sworn to protect the Queen as well, to which Darry replied "We are, but not from him." He had a similar reaction to the execution of Brandon and Lord Rickard Stark, and was reminded by Ser Gerold Hightower that he swore a vow to guard the king, not to judge him. Jaime coped with much of Aerys's cruelty by "going away inside", advice he would later pass on to Brienne, when Vargo Hoat's men were considering raping her, and to his son, Tommen when the boy is upset by the smell of Tywin rotting. He genuinely believes this advice, as a way to deal with a harsh reality and making an appalling task tolerable. As Robert's Rebellion grew, Aerys refused to let Jaime join the royal army, instead keeping him in King's Landing to be used as a potential hostage against Lord Tywin, who had yet to choose a side in the conflict. Aerys appointed several Hands throughout the war, but never invited Tywin to take up his old office. Eventually Jaime was the only White Cloak in the capital. After the Battle of the Bells, it became apparent to Aerys that the rebellion might be successful and that King's Landing might be lost. Aerys devised a plan with the help of his chief pyromancers that involved placing caches of wildfire all throughout the city. The plan was to burn the entire city to the ground rather than lose it to Robert. His new Hand, Lord Qarlton Chelsted, who had been elevated to the position after the exile of both previous Hands (Lord Owen Merryweather and Jon Connington), confronted Aerys about his plan, removing his chain of office in protest and flinging it to the floor. For that, Aerys burned him alive, and raised his favorite pyromancer Rossart to the Handship. All the while, Jaime guarded the King, blankly observing the details of his plan and keeping his secrets. When Prince Rhaegar left the Red Keep to face the rebels on the Trident, Jaime begged Rhaegar to take him along and let Ser Barristan Selmy or Ser Jon Darry protect the king for once. Rhaegar refused the suggestion, admitting that King Aerys wanted to keep Jaime close as he was afraid of Tywin Lannister more than anyone else. However, Rhaegar promised an angry and disappointed Jaime that changes would be made when he returned from the battlefield. But Rhaegar was killed in the Battle of the Trident and the defeat of his army all but decided the outcome of the war in favour of a rebel victory. Aerys had his pregnant queen and son Viserys Targaryen sent to Dragonstone. The Kingslayer After the Trident, Lord Tywin at last roused himself from Casterly Rock and called his banners. His main concerns were that his son was in King Aerys' hand and that the king, facing defeat, might kill Jaime just out of spite, as well as that Jaime himself could do something rash. The Lannister armies marched to the gates of King's Landing, pleading for entry. Though Varys called Lord Tywin a traitor, King Aerys listened to Grand Maester Pycelle, who told him that Lord Tywin had come to his defense, and heeded his advice to open the gates to Lord Tywin and his army. Once inside, Tywin betrayed Aerys and began the Sack of King's Landing. As the sole Kingsguard knight remaining in King's Landing, the defense of the Red Keep became Jaime's responsibility. Knowing that he didn't stand a chance to defend the castle, he sent a messenger to the King, asking for leave to make terms with the attackers. The messenger came back with the King's order that Jaime should bring him Lord Tywin's head to prove that he is no traitor. The messenger also informed him that Rossart was with the King, leading Jaime to believe that Aerys was about to command the destruction of the city. Jaime went to the throne room. On the way, he came across Rossart, who was dressed as a common soldier and hurrying to a postern gate. Jaime attacked him, and while Rossart tried to defend himself, he stood no chance against the experienced knight, who gutted Rossart without mercy. Jaime then slipped into the throne room through the king's door, finding Aerys alone pacing through the room. When the King saw the blood on Jaime's sword, he demanded to know whether it was Lord Tywin's, renewing his command that Jaime should bring him his father's head, otherwise Jaime would burn with all the other traitors. He told Jaime that Rossart was on his way to give the enemies a warm welcome, asking again whose blood was on Jaime's sword. Jaime answered that it was Rossart's. The King became scared, his mouth dropping open in shock. Aerys lost control of his bowels, soiling himself. He turned and ran towards the Iron Throne. Jaime seized Aerys and hauled him bodily off the steps. The Mad King squealed like a pig as Jaime killed him with a single slash across the throat, thereby preventing him from giving the command to burn the city to some other pyromancer. Lord Tywin's men, led by Ser Elys Westerling and Lord Roland Crakehall, burst into the throne room in time to see Jaime killing the King, forestalling any chance for Jaime to steal away and let someone else claim responsibility. Jaime told them to advise all who were still fighting that the King was dead and to spare anyone who yielded. Lord Crakehall then asked whether a new king should be proclaimed as well, indicating that it could be Lord Tywin or Robert Baratheon or that even a new Targaryen king could be installed. Jaime mused for a moment on the possibility of choosing Viserys Targaryen or Rhaegar's son Aegon as the new king with Lord Tywin as his Hand, but, realising that both boys shared the same blood as Aerys and thus the same propensity for madness, Jaime declared to Crakehall that it was all the same to him. He then seated himself on the Iron Throne, waiting to see who would come to claim it. He was found sitting there when Lord Eddard Stark rode into the hall with his men to claim the throne for Robert Baratheon. In the following days, Jaime secretly hunted down and killed the two other pyromancers involved in Aerys' plan, Belis and Garigus. Although Eddard Stark urged Robert to strip him of the white cloak, arguing that Jaime should at the very least be made to join the Night's Watch, Robert listened to Jon Arryn instead and Jaime was pardoned by King Robert I and, along with Ser Barristan Selmy, continued to serve in the Kingsguard. Robert also gave him the name Kingslayer. Though reviled by the realm for his betrayal, Jaime considers the slaying of Aerys to be his finest act. His true motivation for killing King Aerys remains unknown to the masses. Under King Robert Though his sister Cersei was wed to Robert and made Queen, she and Jaime renewed their illicit relationship and continued it throughout Robert's reign. In the following years, Cersei would give birth to three children: Joffrey, Myrcella, and Tommen. Though believed by the realm to be Robert's children, Jaime is the father of all three, and all three resemble their real parents. One day, Jaime and his brother Tyrion, 13 years of age at the time, while on a nightly ride from Lannisport to Casterly Rock, saved a 14-year-old girl called Tysha who was followed by outlaws. While Jaime pursued the men, Tyrion took the girl to an inn. The two ended up sleeping together, the first time for both. Tyrion fell in love and secretly married the orphaned daughter of a crofter. However, Lord Tywin learned about this and decided to sabotage the marriage of his son to a lowborn girl. He instructed Jaime to lie to Tyrion that he had staged the whole affair, including the outlaws, because he had thought his brother finally needed a woman. Jaime was further ordered to tell Tyrion that Tysha was in fact a whore, for whom Jaime had paid double because she was still a maiden. Lord Tywin advised Jaime that all Tysha wanted was the gold of the Lannisters, which made her no better than a whore, so it wouldn't even be a lie, predicting that Tyrion would thank his brother later in life. Jaime did as bid. Later, Lord Tywin, to teach his younger son a lesson, brought Tysha in and had his guards rape and pay her in Tyrion's presence, forcing Tyrion himself to go last. The experience traumatized Tyrion and determined his cynical opinion about love and his hatred for his father. Jaime never told Tyrion the truth and later considered his role in ending his brother's marriage the sole instance when he was unkind to Tyrion.

Legal Information
NAME: Jaime Lannister
NICKNAMES: Kingslayer, Man without honor, cripple, golden lion.
PLACE OF BIRTH: Casterly Rock

Physical Details
HEIGHT: 6'2"
WEIGHT: unknown
SCARS: Many scars.

Family Ties
MOTHER: Joanna Lannister (deceased.)
FATHER: Tywin Lannister (Deceased.)
SISTER(S): Cersei Lannister
BROTHER(S): Tyrion Lannister.
Other Family: Joffrey (Son) Tommen (Son) Myrcella (Daughter)


Traits: Sarcastic, arrogant, charming, brave, disdainful, blunt.
Addictions: His sister, sword play,
Likes: His sister, sword play, keeping his oath.
Dislikes: Being seen as a cripple, breaking his oath.
Quirks: unknown.

OCCUPATION: Lord Commander of the Kingsguard
STRENGTHS: Sword play.
WEAKNESSES: His lack of hand.

There are no men like me only me.

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𝗐𝗂𝗇𝗍𝖾𝗋'𝗌 𝗊𝗎𝖾𝖾𝗇

Jan 5th 2020 16:12

winter's queen
When the snows fall, and the white winds blow; the lone wolf dies. But the pack survives. I am Sansa Stark of Winterfell. I have always been a Stark, and I will remain one forever. My skin has turned to porcelain, to ivory, to steel; but I made broken look beautiful. I charge we are all here for the same reasons. And I certainly hope we can achieve some peace in this gathering. I would very much like to get to know you. I am curious in expanding my regional knowledge of those in the lands. I cannot rely on stories anymore. So, I send this raven with my most heartfell wish we might become allies. You would benefit from a friend in the North.

Sansa Stark.
The North remembers, the North will always remember.
𝕭𝐫𝐢𝐝𝐞 𝐨𝐟 𝕱𝐢𝐫𝐞

Apr 21st 2019 01:29

Fire is a fickle thing.

When tended with care it fills a hearth with warmth and necessity. The flames lick below a pot filled to the brim of food to be divided amongst a family. The sound of the crackling wood becomes a soothing feeling within a child that is being rocked within his mother's arms. However, when misused in the selfish nature of men, through fire and blood, it becomes the inferno of the shattered hopes and dreams. It consumes within a simple moment. The raging flames destroy everything in its wake. The anger and destruction leaving ashes falling as though it were blackened snow. The flaming red marks on skin.

Leaning back against the warm stone, the warmth seeped passed the thin layer of her blue tunic. Violet eyes watched with a love and tenderness that only a mother could bear as Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion flew back and forth through the clouds. They were the exception to fire. For her dragons were fire made flesh. An embodiment of the sweet calming nature of flames and the raging inferno of death. Like every child they had their flaws. They were only learning right from wrong at present but that made no difference. They were still children. Creatures of the old Valyria yes, but children all the same.

My children.

“What are you thinking about, Khaleesi?” Jorah's low voice broke her concentration from her children.

Turning her head slightly, the silver platinum locks caressing her cheeks fell before her eyes. Brushing back a strand and tucking it behind her ear she hummed softly “My dragons.” A small smile forming at the last word.

Jorah lifted his eyes to the sky briefly before returning to lock with her own. “Are you worried for them?”

“No. Yes.” Her voice spoke with that melodic tone as a sigh escaped her lips. “We faced warlocks. Masters who made, women, and children slaves.” Her eyes watched as Drogon slowly lowered himself to the ground. “None could take my children from me. No one ever will.” The steel in her tone leaving room for arguments.

No one.

{ continued here if you are interested: ❖ FIREBORNE || drabble #1 }

• • • ❖ • • •

Did I just send you a little snippet of my writing to get you intrigued enough to write with me... why yes, darling. I 100% did.

My name is Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen,First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea,Breaker of Chains, andMother of Dragons.

[ Thank god for Missandei for being the amazing human she is and reading my 3 lines of titles for me! ]

But no— while i am shamelessly seeking a writing opportunity with you, the point is I wish to create a worth-wild storyline with you that is filled adventure, mystique, maybe even a modern au world. That has magic and legend with some dragons slipped in between. I hope you agree and if you do you can shoot me a message. I have a discord if that is easier for you and would be more than happy to share that your way if you wish. Let me know darling, and if not I hope you enjoy a short bit of my writing.

—The writer behind Dany.


Apr 11th 2019 21:02

You are very welcome. Yes I would

Apr 2nd 2019 13:04

Maya Stark

Mar 31st 2019 22:23

Winterfell was always a home to the Starks Maya knew that well enough because of all the history lessons her mother had her take, but Maya herself was never the ladt type like Sansa and when their younger siblings were born she was always protective of them more than most. 

Robb was always out there in battles and when he was home they would spar together and she liked that. She knew of Jon of course and yet she never trated him any different than any of her other siblings because no matter what he was of their blood. 

She acted like the lady when she needed to but in many ways she wa a snake in the grass just waiting for the right time to strike her enemies down. She had been there when Jamie pushed Bran off the tower but she had been hidden in the shadows and wasn;t fast enough to catch him. 

When Ned decided to take Arya and Sansa to King's landing with him she came too of course her Dire wolf joined them because they never parted and because at the moment Shadow was still a pup in many ways and so she wasn't at full size yet so she wouldn't get in anyone's way. 

Maya knew that Arya was getting lessons in sword fighting and it made her smile,mostly because she too was apart of that class at times and she liked it that way. She knew that Sansa was taken by Joffrey and for the life of her she couldn't understand what it was her sister saw in that little monster but still Maya would be there to protect him from her if needed...king or not. 

Maya was now in a room that most didn't use anymore and she smiled to herself seeing the targets that were there and she took out her black featherd arrows and shot at them never missing her target and after that she took out her blade bladed sword and trained herself as if she was fighting a real person with movements that she learned from Arya's teacher but also those she tought herself based on the fighting skills she watched the different knights using. 

Maya was having fun doing so and when she heard foot steps coming her way she put her sword back in it's sheath and the arrows in the bag she had created for it and the bow and Shadow growled slightly standing by her side, though she was in a black dress at the moment, one that her motjer had made for her and she waited to see who it was that was coming and if they saw what she had been doing.


Mar 14th 2017 22:47

"Ah, well thank you very much anyways. I am sure that I can find my way around. Oh, wait, someone is coming. . ." Xena had hoped that he would have been of more help. There was a good sign, since he didn't immediately call for guards to haul her away. The fact that she was hiding in the outside courtyard should have been enough evidence that she wasn't there for moral reasons. She hadn't heard of the name he had mentioned before. She didn't even know that these lands had belonged to anyone. Before she would be able to question him any further, a woman approached. She glanced at the note and nodded. Apparently, she had been sent there to meet with the warrior. Surely, this woman was a spy who was going to receive some sort of payment in return for leading the warrior through the maze of the castle. Unfortunately, the way she placed one hand on Xena's forearm and the other on that of the man who held the note, gave Xena reason to believe that she thought he was involved in the commencing heist. The tapestry that the woman had disappeared behind remained slightly ajar. She shrugged her shoulders, then began to follow along behind her.

Mar 10th 2017 04:40

Adventure, it was surely a thing that Xena wanted more in her life. Amphipolis was always her home, born and raised but all her life she lived in the same village. Everyone knew one another in town but nothing new ever occurred. Ever since she was a child, Xena would visit the blacksmith forge in town in order to do what other women did not; learn all she could about weapons and armor. Sparring seemed to be some sort of taboo and a woman seen learning about such things was deemed 'dangerous' and people began to think it would mess with their minds and that women in this time and age had no business of doing such a thing. Xena was a rare creature as it is. Not only did she not care what everyone around her thought and stayed true to he beliefs - expanding your mind and gaining knowledge is the key to success - and those words she stood by; thus she decided to become a warrior and assist her mother Cyrene in benefiting the townsfolk.

On this cool evening, Xena had worn her iron fittings, which covered her usual brown tunic and familiar leather skirts. A matching cowl was used to pin up her raven locks. Placing her cowl around her shoulders so she could get a better view of the surroundings, she then gripped the reigns of her horse whose name was 'Argo'. The reigns and bit were unnecessary, considering they had a special bond and trusted one another completely. Once she was on the horse, holding the reigns, she spurred Argo in the higher shackles to signal that they were ready to go. Xena wanted to head off and get information on the other side of the city for the first annual fighting convention that was to take place. It was commanded by the royal court of Delphi, one she may or may not have attempted to burn to the ground in the past.

Within the woods, it was dark. The branches of the trees above her would shield the sun or moon from shinning too much to illuminate the area. It was starting to get dark but Xena enjoyed the quiet even in a place such as this. It reminded her of a book she had read, it was a little creepy but also intriguing that a man whom would return headless riding a horse into the night. Chuckling quietly to herself, she knew this wouldn't actually happen and she had no reason to worry, yet something in the air just did not feel right. Looking around, her ears would catch a ruffling sound. Could it be wolves? If so, maybe she should pick up the pace before things got too dangerous with a scared Argo in tow. It would all go horribly wrong if she were to fall at the mercy of the wolves.


Mar 3rd 2017 03:43

Xena had been hiding in the stables for what seemed like an eternity. Her descent into madness had began earlier that day when a man in the market-square had pressed a small piece of parchment into her hand, along with a satchel of gold coins. Glancing over the note revealed that she had been chosen by a mysterious group of marauders to eliminate a cursed member of the royal family. Little did she know how incorrect this description was, but the money was something she needed if she was ever to return home to the small Grecian town of Amphipolis. Her mother would have been charged with maintaining their small farm for the better part of a week now and Xena didn't want to dwell on the state it must be in. Her mother was smart and capable, but she was also elderly and her hands were mangled with age. That was why she had left home in the first place, to find some cure that would help her mother feel less pain in her digits. A scuffle with a guard had found her running for her life and hiding away in the seedier parts of town. Thinking about this, she nearly didn't notice when the man first emerged from the grand doors of the hall which had been locked when she first arrived.

The scent of hay was becoming surprisingly nauseating to her senses. The only comfort she found from the unpleasant scents and the bitter cold that hung in the air came in the form of the soft whinnies of the horses. The one she was crouched beside was all white, which reminded her fondly of her trusty stallion known as Argo, who had been killed in the battle that had caused her name to be known around the world, save for this town apparently. Watching the man, she felt envious as she watched him sip from the goblet. The rich smell of alcohol wasn't one she had experienced in a few days and she longed to taste mead or ale or any of the lavish drinks they must have served inside the Stark estate. When he moved to go back inside, she moved with him. Her form disappeared behind a stone pillar. When she heard his voice, Xena sighed softly.

"Please. . .Allow me the briefest chance to explain." She began hastily and looked into his eyes. His features were colored with warmth and he looked a bit too innocent compared to the likes of the people she had had the displeasure to meet so far. The note was balled up in her dominant hand but she extended it out to him. Some of the writing was smeared, thanks to the humid cold from outside. "I have been sent to look for someone and I very much fear what will happen to me if I don't find them. All I need is a few minutes to look around and then you can throw me in the dungeons or whatever it is you would like to do with me. . ."
♕kiss of thorns. [Tester]

Jun 14th 2014 07:48

"Father wants to see me?" Her violet eyes stared up at her older brother in shock. She tore her gaze from her brother to look across the table at her Septa, who smiled over at her encouragingly. They were in the middle of a sewing lesson when Viserys had burst in, a wide smile on his lips and a feverish look in his eyes. It was not often that Daenerys was invited to sup with her father. Only on her name day and the anniversary of the day Robert's Rebellion was crushed, and at the celebratory feasts that were held so rarely as of late in the Red Keep. It was her brother Rhaegar, who treated her as a daughter. He was more her father than the king of the seven kingdoms had ever been. It was fitting, considering that one day soon he would be king and responsible for her. It was he would decide who she would wed, if her father was taken by the gods as soon as she was told he would be. His health was beginning to fail him and preparations for his death were being performed. Was that why he wished to see her? To say goodbye? Tears filled her eyes at the thought, but she quickly blinked them away. Viserys did not look upon tears kindly.

"Yes," Viserys snapped, his grin curving into an angry scowl. She wasn't quick enough. He'd seen her tears. His hand wrapped tightly around her forearm and he yanked her out of the chair. She bit the inside of her cheek to keep herself from crying out. Her septa leapt out of her chair, but said nothing. Years ago, she would have scolded him, but Viserys was a man now. His glare terrified her. He'd always been cruel to her, for as long as she could remember. Their mother had died bringing her into the world and he'd never forgiven her for it. "The king has requested your presence and he shall have it. You will be the perfect princess, and pay our father the respect the greatest king Westeros has ever known is owed. Can do you that for me? You don't want to wake the dragon, do you?" His eyes narrowed at her.

"Nno," she whimpered out, shrinking under his stare.

Her brother released her and went to the cupboard where her gowns were held. He sorted through them, nodding at some and shaking his head at others. Finally, when he found the one that he was looking for, he pulled it out and tossed it at her. "Help her change," he commanded her septa, "And then join us in the banquet hall."

When the door slammed behind Viserys, the tension left her small frame. Daenerys was small for her age of thirteen. One day soon, suitors would flock to King's Landing, requesting her hand in marriage. Viserys threatened her with that fact at every chance he could. Her terror amused him so. Silently, she allowed her septa to dress her. This wasn't normally her duty, but the older woman knew what a comfort she had become to the young princess and did it without complaint or question. Her silver hair was brushed until it shone. Normally she would twist it into one of the intricate hairstyles the other noble ladies of King's Landing wore, but her father loved her hair and often said it reminded him of her mother. It pleased him greatly when she wore it down like this.

"Thank you," she told her Septa, a smile curving her pretty pink lips.

"Go on now, princess. Your father does not like to be kept waiting."

Daenerys didn't need to be told twice. She slipped out of the door and into the familiar hallway. Guards lined the walls, but none of them were meant to protect her specifically. She was not an heir to the throne and therefore, she was of little importance, another fact that Viserys never hesitated to remind her of. He was third in line to the throne; though Daenerys knew he would not make a good king, not like Rhaegar was going too. Memories of her childhood flashed through her mind and she had to resist the urge to skip down the hallway as she had many times before. That would no longer be permitted. She was a woman now and had to act like a proper lady. The walk to the banquet hall was a long one, but she didn't mind. It was a beautiful day, despite the heat. Everyone around her whispered that winter was coming, truly coming. Dany had never known winter, but she feared it. Everyone's heard the stories. When she arrived at the set of doors that would take her to the banquet hall, a pair of guards pulled them open for her. She took a deep breath and straightened her spine before stepping into the large room.

The first thing that her eyes took in was the sight of the table with the feast piled high on top of it, with her father sitting at the head of the table and her brother Rhaegar sitting at his right, his wife Elia and her children at his opposite side. The place at his left was empty. It couldn't be reserved for her could it? Next was the army of kingsguard that lined the walls of the room, as they had the hallways outside. Her father was becoming increasingly paranoid every day since the rebellion, Rhaegar had told her when she'd asked him why his guard consisted of so many.

"Hello Ser Jaime," she said with another smile. He was the captain of her father's kingsguard. His was a familiar face. He'd always been kind to her. Everyone had heard the rumors about him and his twin sister Cersei, but she paid no mind to them.

"Ah, so you've met," her father's old, rasping voice immediately claimed her attention. Of course she knew the captain of his kingsguard, how could she not? In a panic, she lowered herself into a curtsy. "Rise, my daughter." She did. "I am pleased you are acquainted with your new guard," he said, gesturing towards Ser Jaime.

"My guard?" She echoed, confused. Why would her father assign the captain of the kingsguard to protect her, when his place was at the side of the king?

"It has been decided that in a few years' time, you will wed Prince Aegon. One day, you will be queen of Westeros. Yes. You are in need of a guard," her father explained, the cold smile that she'd learned to associate him with curving his lips. Of course. Of course Aegon, her nephew would become her husband. How could she have expected any differently?

Daenerys couldn't help but to note that Rhaegar refused to raise his eyes from his empty plate to look at her and neither would Aegon. Despite her overwhelming dread, she forced another smile to curve her lips. She'd known this day was coming. She was finally betrothed. "I thank you, father. It is truly an honor." It didn't look like he cared about her gratitude very much. He tapped the seat of the chair behind him and then turned back to Rhaegar to resume the discussion they'd been having before she walked in. She didn't feel right about walking away without thanking her new guard. Was it an insult to him, to be commanded to protect a little girl? She turned toward him and looked up at him with wide eyes. "Thank you, Ser. I thank the gods for blessing me with a warrior such as yourself to be my protector."
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