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Serenity De'Warrenne.
Name: Serenity Ari Catalena de�Warrenne
Alias: Serenity Akatsuki
DOB: Autumnal Equinox
Race: Human
Origin: Aristocratic Father (High Society)/Gypsy Mother(Group Leader/Queen)
Oblivion: Alternative World
Language: English (slight British accent)
Human Appearance: 27-30, lightly bronzed colored skin
Status: N/A
Hair: Golden Brown
Eyes: Silvery Teal
Weapon: Gate of Gales, Long- Blade, Fan with bladed edges Skills: Swordsmanship, Alchemy, Hand-to-hand combat, battle tactics
Occupation: Wanderer/Traveler
Likes: Tea, Wandering, Reading, Expanding her knowledge, keeping up with her leather bound journal.
Dislikes: Rape, Superiority, Hypocrites, Liars, Indecisiveness
Strengths: Hand-to-hand combat, using her wind abilities (her element ability cannot kill another human only a demon), swordsmanship, compromising, making trades and deals.
Weaknesses: Allergic to Lyrium, elemental powers cannot kill other humans (for now), falling for promising words, giving into putting people first, people who get overly sexual with her (rape/harassment). Being too peaceful and caring at times. Her father.

Daughter to Aram Astolat de'Warrenne & Trinity Catalena le Fay she was born to a highly honored aristocrat and a gypsy queen. Her father Aram is one of the wealthist men next to any of the lords of reigning territories. He is also a strong mage who dabbles in and out of the practices of blood mages. However with permission and his work for the religious forces and the lords of territories he has been granted a life of freedom as well as a high honored title within society. His gifts have been deemed highly powerful, which have given other mages, templars, and other creatures such as demons and other humans problems over his rank in society as well as power. Even though he is a mage himself, he believes that mages who don't meet a certain standard of power should be killed, believing only those who are the best should be allowed to carry magic and no one else, and that that power should be used to maintain order.

The previous king who reigned over a specific territory considered Aram his best friend and most trusted knight. After the king discovered a very secretive gypsy clan in a rarely traveled wilderness, he went off to capture these gypsies who didn't even deal with other gypsies or pirates, as if they were their own culture. Some of the gypsies escaped however the leader, and to the gypsies their queen, Trinity Catalena le Fay was captured.

To protect her gypsy lover Trinity handed over all her belongings and titles. The king granted her mercy and also gave her to Aram as a gift. Aram and Trinity eventually did fall in love with each other, though the two never admitted it to each other or anyone else. The only woman Aram had shown any feelings to in an act of betrayal tried to kill herself with his unborn child. He stopped her, but when his daughter was born he couldn't stop Trinity from killing herself.

Believing it was a sin to carry a blood mage's child, and a child with such a mixed background, she felt her daughter wouldn't find a place to belong in the world. She had cursed her daughter which would make her unable to kill another human being with her magic and cursed her so that any enhancements used to cause her power to increase would be harmful to her, especially lyrium. The curse would leave her daughter to only be able to use her magic at certain times, not consistently like any other mage, and only to protect herself or those around her. This also angered Aram, and thus left Aram feeling as if his daughter would never get to her full potential. After Trinity's death he made a vow to undo the curse she had placed on their daughter.


Serenity grew up living in palace walls. Aram still served the king and as his right hand he was required to live alongside him. The king gave Serenity the best scholars within the castle to act as her teachers and tutors. However because of her mixed origin, she was not allowed to interact with anyone other than the king, her father, her maids, and tutors within the castle. However on several occasions she was allowed to venture out from her palace suite to the gardens as long as she was accompanied by two guards to watch over her but not to speak to her.

Aram still angered by Trinity�s curse, tried to make up for it by teaching Serenity how to fight from a very young age. If she couldn�t use magic the way he could, he�d be damned if she didn�t fight like him on a physical level. This constantly resulted in her getting beaten in order to prove a point and make her have a drive to become stronger. She had learned several arts by the time she was 12 which in several people�s beliefs was when she was of age.


One night while the king and her father were away, a few gypsies who were the remaining followers of Trinity had snuck into the castle. Taking Serenity with promises of giving her the life her mother would have wanted her to have, a life of freedom. She didn�t know any better, thoughts of leaving and no longer having to be beaten in order be stronger, not having to be listening to pointless stories and having the education of the elite shoved down upon her seemed like a better option. Though she discovered these gypsies wanted to make a point to start an uprising to use her when she was older to turn against her father and the future lords and religious groups.

In enlisting the help of two former elite assassins, they had pushed her into the same world her father had tried to put her in. This time the assassins who took her in, forced her to learn even more battle tactics, tried to force her to wield what she could of her suppressed power. Though her mother�s curse had remained strong. The assassins had come to find that lyrium was the equivalent of poison to her body. It was pretty much a violent allergic reactions to the very drug itself. Thus after the first few encounters with lyrium she had had, they had not forced it upon her thereafter. They had prepared her to have a complete grasp and control over what power she could wield. But to the two assassins, they couldn�t see her as a true mage, just a woman who could wield a sword quite well. A decade later after teaching her the more dark arts, teaching her different versions of alchemy, and giving her the lessons of an assassin, they had left her, leaving her with a message to never stop traveling. That stopping was not an option and neither was getting caught.

The Alternate Realm:
The Alternate World is Serenity's oblivion or dreamworld. The dreamscape is normally a field of red roses and a twilight or dawn sky. This world is one of nightmares and dreams. Also it is a place for her to hide. This Alternative World allows for her to survive in a mental state if she is unconscious or asleep in any "real" world. It�s a gift she has since she has suppressed power, this protection was a gift so she could not crossover into a demonic or spiritual world, or someone else�s dream world. However if overdosed on lyrium, she can enter the Fade, or another dream world, this would be dangerous since she wouldn�t be able to use even a quarter of her true power, the same power level she has when she�s awake.

Serenity�s Element:
Gate of Gales and Gate of The Dark Wind: A Gate is a door from another dimension where ability and energy can be summoned by a Gate Keeper. To be born special with the ability to summon a gate comes with a heavy price, either the prolonging or suddenness of death, depending on the wielder and the race of the Gate Keeper. The Gate of Gales is considered to be among the most powerful of the Gates, also Gate of the Dark Wind is just as powerful as the Gate of Gales but is the darkest form of it. (Another reason Trinity placed the curse on Serenity, so she could not be able to open a gate fully.)

As a gypsy/high society half-breed she tries her hardest to keep a low profile. To keep silent from the world around her. To be invisible to everyone and everything. Being a ghost comes easily to her, though she finds herself always meeting someone new, and forming a friendship with them. Along the way as a wanderer she finds several towns, cities, villages to stay in for brief amounts of times, and while in these places she works as a performer or offering her services. Her goal is to find a place she can be free and not judge as well as to protect and fight for those who cannot take up for themselves. Occasionally she�ll do assassin work on the side.

Who I'd like to meet:

    More Roleplayers

{ b a n g }

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𝑳𝒊𝒐𝒏 𝒐𝒇 𝑾𝒂𝒓

Jul 3rd 2019 12:46

First and foremost;

Aloha & Mahalo!

Thank you very much for accepting my request, or for sending me one.  


Yes, this is a lengthy pre-scripted introduction.  It’s meant to not only introduce myself but an icebreaker.  This is a quick rundown of what relatively I’m about and my major preferences.  Don’t worry I am flexible, and not immovable like a rock. Plus if I can trust you to fully read, then surely I can believe you are able to write! 

I hope I don't ramble on.

My character is Urijiah Anhur Kāne. 

You can call the writer by my monicker: Simba

DO NOT READ past this point if do NOT write at least try to be literate.

( I do understand we are ALL creative and at times we cannot write a certain length and it’s all about giving back what you’re given, but I do ask for effort )

I am most flexible in terms of genres, but Urijiah consists of themes of mature content; 

Such as Gore, Crime, Sexual content, Unfiltered-explicit-detailed Taboo themes 

( Read carefully )

ALL my writings include story, organized novelty, literacy & detail.  I am not opposed to more casual banter and even drabbles. 


Discord is my preference to have OOC conversations, especially when it comes to discussing a plot. Please, if so, do me the favor of sharing your information ( Discord ID ).  Not as an act of invading your privacy, but as a way to separate OOC and IRL. 


One last note; We are ALL individuals with lives.

We have jobs, god forbid worse. I don’t expect daily back and forth or replies but I do expect communication.  

( Is that asking too much? )

With that being said, I will be most patient as long as there is communication. Too many writers vanish without a trace, or connections tear apart all because of a lack of updating. 

Hope to talk soon,

Remember to spread Peace, Love, Positivity 


Devious Bloodmage

Sep 1st 2018 17:28
Kub Artson

Aug 7th 2018 13:28

Thank you for getting back to me Serenity. No need to apologize for the time, I completely understand. Patience is a virtue that I enjoy having. My preferred genre is any fantasy setting really. I'm not too keen on political structures but I've been immersed enough times to get along with them as elements of the story. Currently Kub is a half-orc soldier that I've gotten three character arcs for. 
Firstly he's a soldier that recently rescued a crown prince to the empire. Sort of a hometown hero, he ventures about serving the empire where he needs. 
The second is he recently witnessed the killing of his shield-brother and blacked out resulting in the death's of almost everyone involved. The empire believes Kub doesn't remember much about the altercation save the poisoned land that he left behind. He's released but itching to leave for the sheer paranoia.
Thirdly he leaves the empire in search of a cure to the corruption that the empire uses to break down people's will and force them to submit.
Kub Artson

Jul 28th 2018 00:17

Thank you so much for accepting the add. Serenity has always been one of my favorite names. My name is Kub Artson and it is a pleasure to meet you. I hope we can get to discussing a storyline or even winging a story, if you've ever got the time. 
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