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Sometimes the maddest stories are the truest ones.
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Thats the thing about power it cant be so fleeting.

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Treats are for people not prepared to act.

In Agrabah, Jafar is looked after by an abusive blacksmith, after being left orphaned of mother and denied by his father, the Sultan. Jafar is mistreated by the blacksmith, who both phyisically and verbally attacks him. The young man is one day captivated by a powerful sorceress, Amara, and that night he sneaks into her property and convinces her to teach him the arts of dark magic, so that he may one day seek revenge on the father that forsaked him. Amara takes him under her wing, and the years pass and Jafar grows into an adult, but Amara doesn't age one day. They become lovers, and she shares with her apt pupil her plans to change the rules of magic by gathering the three genies of their realm. Together, they start working towards their goal, whatever it takes, but eventually Jafar betrays Amara, once he realizes he's close to the finishing line and doesn't need her anymore. He gives her a potion that strips her of her magical essence, and transforms her into a serpent, which he then makes his staff out of. Some time later, Jafar visits a merchant, having noticed all the good fortune that has come his way recently, such as that he earns very little income but his home is very well acquainted, that he has a garden of fresh vegetables out back and two camels outside where most men in the market place can barely afford either. The merchant tries to argue that he has merely been very fortunate and Jafar comments that he has everything a man could possibly wish for, suggesting that he has perhaps met someone who can grant them. Pretending that his good fortune merely comes from family investments, the merchant makes his way into a back room, telling Jafar that he wants to turn off his stove, when in actuality he wishes to alert his genie, Cyrus, that the man with the serpent staff is there, referring to Jafar. Cyrus, worried, tells the man to leave, but instead, the merchant wishes for Cyrus to be gone; to be as far away as possible. Jafar bursts into the backroom, outraged that he was unable to steel Cyrus, and the genie's bottle is meanwhile transported to Wonderland with him in it, resting in the foot of the hedges of the maze. A young girl by the name of Alice is led to Wonderland by the powerful White Rabbit, and when she finally comes home after her adventures in that wondrous place, her father is surprised to find her back, alive and well, as he thought she'd died, claiming she'd been gone a long time. Alice's stories about Wonderland fail to be bought by the people around her, and a psych professional even claims that she's lying and perhaps unstable. Alice, determined to prove the truth, returns to Wonderland as a young woman to bring evidence of her stay there, and meets a genie by the name of Cyrus, who grants her three wishes. Alice and Cyrus share many adventures in Wonderland and fall in love, eventually leading to him proposing to her. However, their proposal is cut short when the villainous Red Queen - who is in cahoots with the equally nefarious Jafar - shows up and throws Cyrus into the Boiling Sea. Alice believes he's fallen to his death, but in truth he lands on Jafar's magic carpet, all part of a plan he and the Queen came up with. Jafar then traps Cyrus in a giant cage in his palace, up in the clouds that soar over Wonderland.

Legal Information
NAME: Jafar
ALIASES: Aamir Bishara/ Dr. Sheffield
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Wonderland/ Storybrooke

Physical Details
WEIGHT: unknown
SCARS: He has many in various places from his childhood.

Family Ties
MOTHER: Ulima (Deceased)
FATHER: Sultan (Deceased)
SISTER(S): None.
BROTHER(S): Mirza (Half brother/ Deceased)
Other Family: None


Traits: Sadistic, power hungry, intelligent, impatient, greedy.
Disorders: Sadistic, power hungry.
Addictions: Power, Getting what he wants.
Likes: Reading, Ana, power, being feared, getting his way.
Dislikes: Losing, and things not going to plan.
Quirks: None.

OCCUPATION: Mayors Advisor
JOB DESCRIPTION: He assists the mayor in her daily work.
EMPLOYER: Regina Mills (Perviously) Mary Margret Nolan (Currently)
STRENGTHS: Intelligences.

Sometimes the maddest stories are the truest ones.


In Storybrooke Jafar is known as Aamir Bishara he is an adviser to the mayor in Storybrooke. He is the one who makes all of Reginas meetings and go over all her paper work before it is filed or sent out to where it needs to be. Aamir is a very kind and caring man, which is rather apposite from his true self, he is very honest, and very patient but he also has a thing for serpents which is why his home is filled with pictures, and serpent themed items.

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Jun 13th 2019 15:37

Welcome to wonderland
Well my wonderland
Allow me to introduce myself
The name is JJ hatter
Son of Jefferson Hatter
Little brother to Grace. 
I would love to get a story line going
Whenever you have the time
I am coming back from a hiatus and decided to start fresh with storyline comments
So if we are already discussing ignore this
Also if we are already writing ignore this to
Unless you want to come up with a second story line, I would be game for that to
If we are not discussing and or writing we should!
After all who doesn't love a good adventure

Jan 10th 2018 11:12

I know how people feel about intros, so I'll keep this short and sweet.

The name is Bishop Thompson, but you may also know me as theCheshire Cat. Yes, the same one from Wonderland. My life is a bit of a complicated mess right now, but I play both WonderlandandOUAT style rps. What this means is that I play both the cat and human. I know, right!?

I'm in search of some major roles such as;
Red Queen, Alice Liddell, and Mad Hatter

While my Storyline is not even remotely close to that of OUAT, I am highly adaptable and can/will make changes. I'm a literate novelist, I've been around for about seven years now. I'm also seeking someoriginalroles that are key to my storyline if interested.

Feel free to message me for discussing, bantering, or whatever the case may be.

Discord: Doctor Thompson#3822


PS: I can also cross over into pretty much any verse you request; including comics. ♥
νιℓℓαinous qυeen

Mar 8th 2017 12:44

Well maybe we can
do something of Regina coming to your land then always StoryBrooke
νιℓℓαinous qυeen

Jan 18th 2017 11:13

Welcome to my page.
Thanks so much for the add
request. I do hope we become friends and maybe have some
good stories going. I don't want to be a number i understand its highlyimpossibleto get
to everyone but i try and temp to do so so please don't feel shy about talking to me,my bark is worst then my bite.
Have a lovely day/evening/night hope to hear from you soon

Storybrooke Barista™

Apr 26th 2015 02:32

Sabine did not do with her feelings. She Loved her family after all they had given her life But She also felt lonely and unloved because of whatthey did. She understood that they did the same thing for Emma and that Emma probably dealt with worse being the savior and all But She felt asthoughit was worse for her, this had been why she felt like she was going dark "I intend on doing just that, mainly by what you are teaching me" She said once again nodding her head.

"I've heard of her" she answered nodding her head "I read the book when I was back home in Fairy tale land, it was one of my Aunt Gizelle's Favorites. I didn't really like it as much as she did and I didn't take it for a grain of Salt. Most of the time when I read books I take them as fiction" She offered nodding once again.

"GREAT!!" She said emphatically "I have been wanting to learn for quite some time and I've always been a good Pupil, Even in School.. All My Teachers love me" She sighed as she thought of one of her teachers "Well Most of them anyway" She said shrugging.

Storybrooke Barista™

Apr 12th 2015 02:54

Sabine shook her head as she looked at Jafar "I don't think I'm Dirt I'm just.. Well I think they still see me as that tiny infant baby I'm supposed to have been" She frowned "I'm sorry that Your Family hurt you like that, Maybe that is why we are always the way we are, Our families just don't care"

"The books are never the same way as they are in Reality" she offered with a chuckle "My Parents story is much different then that of reality" She sighed a bit and added "My Aunt Regina is not as evil in Reality as she is in the books"

"GREAT!!" She beamed doing even more magic then before "Can you teach me more, Can we do this all night long?" She offered, she knew at some point her parents would come looking for her but she just didn't care.

Storybrooke Barista™

Apr 5th 2015 03:01

Sabine nodded as she looked at him "I do agree with you, I mean Honestly I Don't think they care about me as much as Emma, They worry about her magic I don't think they much care for me and mine" She shook her head and looked at him again "Like I said they don't care"

Sabine had heard a great many stories about Jafar, How Danger he was. Hell she often Read in her Book Aladdin that He was the Villain but right now He didn't seem like one at all "I understand" she nodded smiling "I mean You don't seem so bad"

She shrugged as she worked another Magic Spell "Why Thank you" She smiled once again quite proud of what she was doing "I suppose it's just Built in me"

Storybrooke Barista™

Mar 22nd 2015 02:34

Sabine nodded asshelooked at Jafar "You are not the first to say that to me" she offeredwith a shrug as she added "though I must admitseeing as it's my Sister who has told me Idon'tthink she realizes its Dark Magic I exude" she shook her head and laughed a bit as she continued "I find it amusing that everyone is so worried about Emma having the DarkestPotentialWhen It's me theyshouldworry about"

She listened intently to his words, She knew he was lying but only due to the fact that Her parents had told her the difference between Light and Dark Magic, They of course had been explaining all of it to her due to Emma not herself she snickered a bit as she pondered "if only they knew" She smiled as she spoke "I think My Family deems it worse then it really is" She offered.

She continued to do what the book had taught her, smiling brightly as she noticed just how easily she could do the Magic it asked of her. At First it started off easy such as getting a Purple Fire Ball to appear from her hand but with time she knew it would progress to something more evil, more sinister , Possibly she may become more Evil then the Queen herself.

Storybrooke Barista™

Mar 8th 2015 04:11

Sabine nodded as she looked at him "yes, and seeing as I'm technically a baby Patience might be a bit harder on me but I will do my best, I don't want to rush things when I know it will take time, I can't wait to be taught how amazing my Magic might be" she offered as she stared at her teacher.

She nodded again as she spoke "I thought that might be the case, or rather I assumed, I want to learn Dark Magic though, I do believe it is because that is what is stronger with in me, I have a bigger will to go Dark then I am with Light" She shook her head and stammered "II..I'm not worried" She easily lied.

"Yes. I Think so" She offered as she took the book and the words on them. She absorbed them by closing her eyes and simply visualizing what they had said, She did hope this technic would work and perhaps she'd soon create a fire.


Mar 6th 2015 04:44

occ: using her birth name since we are doing it in the Enchanted forest lol

Haven, that was the name her mother had called her when she was born but now it carried sad memories with it because Cora killed her mother. She had found out about her powers in this way though and for some reason she had a feeling that it was what cora had wanted all along but then again with her one could never be too sure.

She had found out that the evil queen was her half sister and that shocked her even now. She had kept on the move since her mother's death for fear that Cora might find her again. Her mother had been a good witch and so she had magic as well and that was also strange to her since she had never used magic before.

Haven found a place she thought that no one would be watching and sighed as she looked at the trees and put out her hand making a small rose show up with a bright white light. she then smiled to this and looked around hearing foot steps coming her way and was hoping that it wasn't the evil queen's men since she wasn't in the mood for a fight, though she had her sword by her side and her bow with the arrows on her back.

she waited to see who it was and still held the flower figuring out her own magic and the things she could do. She was a huntress and a warrior and so she knew how to get herself food when needed and how to protect herself with the sword since she had travelled all over the place and met many people along the way.

Haven had also learned dark magic but she rarely used it seeing how it changed her sister and even Cora herself and Haven was not willing to become that way. She used magic only to see what she can do though she hoped the Dark One wouldn't find her since she really did not want to deal with him at the moment if she had the choice.

She then looked to the side once more hearing foot steps and a twig braking. this made her on her guard and she was ready for anything since she knew of the dangers this forest held seeing how she had gown up in these woods and knew them very well.

She then looked around seeing a lamp fall from a cart and so she went over to look at it. She then smiled when she knew what it was not that she needed a Geni but still she was curious if it was a good Geni or one of the darker ones since she had come across both types before. She then rubbed the lamp and waited to see what would happen.
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